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High school teacher Jesse Hutchison has announced that he will be the Greens candidate for the Federal seat of Fremantle at this year’s election in May.

Hutchinson grew up in Fremantle and is the father of two young girls.

I am sure we’ll hear more about Hutchinson’s ideas at the candidates forums in five months time.

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I don’t like Christmas very much because I dislike the hype of frantic shopping, buying too much food, giving often useless presents, and drinking far too much alcohol, as if there is no tomorrow, or a New Year’s party coming up.

What I want from Christmas is for it to be a time of reflection, to see what we can learn from the past year, and how we as individuals can help improve the community we live in.

All I want for Christmas is real leadership from our politicians, and not the childish point- scoring bulling and hypocrisy we are getting from Canberra.

I want for Christmas respectful dialogue about the differences we have in Fremantle, and in WA and Australia, and stop the name-calling, innuendo and conspiracy.

I hope that one day soon people will return to being in the moment with the people they are with, instead of engaging on the internet with those far away, who are probably also in the company of others, who, like me, would enjoy the face to face communication and connection.

For Fremantle I want substantial State and Federal Government investment and the stop to the attitude that Freo is a safe Labor seat, and hence does not require support from Labor and does not warrant support from the Liberals.

What I want for Christmas is much harsher punishment for child abuse and domestic violence because the victims deserve much better protection.

I have given up on wanting peace on earth, because that is not going to happen until the human species is wiped out. We are too stupid to learn from the past and there are still those in power who believe that violence is a solution to the problems in the world.

What I want for Christmas is more communities like Fremantle, where we don’t take ourselves too serious, and where we care and share, and where we habitually blame everything that goes wrong on our local council.

What I want for Christmas is more temporary public artworks, like the yellow Felice Varini one, in Freo, but less problems when removing them.

And what Loopy wants for Christmas is just good health, and that the new interpretive historic displays at the Roundhouse will become a reality next year.

Have a very Happy Christmas everyone and look after those who are vulnerable at this time of the year!

.. and PLEASE, Santa, make Donald Trump disappear!

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The alleged attempts to silence local councillors and stop them from commenting on social media raise serious concerns about our democracy, although Fremantle councillors are very-almost too- restraint in their use of social media to publish facts to combat the often ridiculous and uninformed comments made by members of the public.

While I understand that Mayors should be the official spokespeople for local councils, it should not stop the other elected members from participating in social media. They are after all our local parliament, so gagging them is like denying a state or federal minister from commenting, because the PM and Premiers are the official spokespeople.

Our Fremantle councillors comment now and then on Facebook and Freo Massive but rarely here on Freo’s View, unless it is local government election time and they want another four years, so they us this platform to increase their public profile. It might well be Fremantle Council policy that only the Mayor can comment on this blog.

I believe the Fremantle community would welcome more engagement on social media with their councillors, as it helps transparency and to clarify issues people might not understand or are not well enough informed about. One should not just leave that to the Mayor and the City of Fremantle’s media people.

It is definitely not up to our State Government to dictate how the elected local members communicate with their community and sensor or gag our councillors. We elected them to govern our city and they are accountable to explain to us why and how.

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Roel Loopers


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It is hard to argue that Fremantle Councillors are overpaid and underworked when one reads the agenda for tomorrow’s Ordinary Council meeting. Just have a read of all the items that will come before council and realise how much work there must be involved for the elected members to be across all the issues.

  • Tender for three-bin FOGO collection
  • End of lease for FERN
  • Sustainable Events Policy
  • New lease for South Beach kiosk
  • Northbank foreshore stabilisation
  • WA Cultural Infrastructure Strategy
  • Budget Amendment
  • Rates concession for Norfolk Street property
  • Pedestrian crossings Marine Terrace
  • Toy Library Report
  • Lifelong Learning Report
  • Library contribution by Town of East Fremantle
  • Annual Financial Statement 2017/18
  • Internal Audit Update
  • Authorised Purchasing Policy
  • Information Report October 2018
  • Overdue Debtors Report
  • Kings Square Project Public Realm Update
  • Amendments Local Planning Policy for Hilton
  • Administration Reviews and Update on Licensed premises
  • Monthly Financial Report
  • Schedule of Payment for October
  • Monthly Investment Report
  • Award of Tenders under CEO Delegation

……….plus there are two confidential items on the agenda that will have to be debated after all the above. It looks like it might be a very long sitting.

If you want to witness grassroots local government at work, come to the North Fremantle Community Hall. It starts at 6pm.

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The needed stabilisation of the North Bank foreshore in North Fremantle created the longest debate of the evening at the Fremantle Council FPOL Committee on Wednesday evening.

Questions were asked why the City of Fremantle should spend money on it when clearly the onus had been on the developers at the time, who went into receivership, to build a seawall to protect the residential properties.

Councillors also made it clear that the City would not be able to spend approximately $ 600,000 on this so it was a long way away from the issues being resolved.

Staff were asked why the elected members had not received more information, as they had requested some months ago when the item came before the committee, so the item was deferred and will come back to council in about three months.

Another long debate was about the implementation of a Sustainable Events Policy, which would demand that plastic water bottles, straws, balloons, styrofoam, polystyrene, etc. would no longer been used at Fremantle events.

The High Street/Stirling Highway project will need EPA approval so that will change things a little but the City is still required to remove FERN from Montreal Street and hand over the site to Main Road by the start of February next year.

The preferred builder for the Fremantle Park sports and community home was approved, as were the well overdue two zebra crossings on Marine Terrace, and the extension of the lease for the South Beach kiosk.

Also approved was that Cleanaway will be responsible for the collection of the new FOGO green organic waste collection.

An offer has been made for the sale of 12 Holdsworth Street, but that was a confidential item, so I had to leave the chambers. This is the building where the Fremantle Dental Clinic is in, which offers a great service to those on pension, concession and health cards, who can otherwise not afford to go to a dentist, so the city should lobby State Government that the dental clinic will remain in Fremantle as it is needed here!

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The Is Democracy in Crisis? forum organised by the Fremantle Network and politics students of Notre Dame University was interesting and attracted 60 spectators.

The event was held on Tuesday evening in the Santa Maria lecture theatre of Notre Dame, with panelists Liberal MP Ben Morton, Labor MP Josh Wilson and political journalist Jane Marwick, and facilitator Dr Martin Drum who is a political lecturer at NDA and Chief of Staff to the Vice Chancellor.

The panel agreed that democracy is not in crisis but in a bit of a mess, with Ben Morton saying that democracy should be celebrating different views, and that is has become harder to be an active citizen in our democracy as we need to work harder to keep informed, despite social media.

Jane Marwick said the media largely responded to the left/right focus in politics and that the media is far too cosy with politicians and staff. There is too much focus on personalities, not on conviction and policy. “We should all be skeptical about the media!”

Josh Wilson said that democracy was not in crisis in this part of Australia. “This room is full of people who are active at grassroots democracy.”

But he said tribalism, self-interest and self-engrandising was a problem in Canberra and that the media was focussed on conflict rather than policy.

Jane Marwick said the 24-hour media cycle left little time to fact check and get all sides of the story, but Martin Drum said it was more an opinion cycle than a news cycle.

Longer and fixed-term parliaments should be considered as the three-year term can cause instability, and is in reality only two years and four months.

Jane Marwick said that former Deputy PM John Anderson has said that trust has broken down in all our institutions. She said that meat on the bone does not get reported, only juicy stories.

Josh Wilson said it was not good democracy when the parties ran a war against their own Prime Minister and that Labor had put measures in place to stop that.

Certain journalists are having too much power and are trying to influence the behaviour of politicians. We need more women in parliament and all parties should have a quota for that, that means we need to make parliament a more attractive place to work at and accommodate women and their families better. It should not be either having children or having a career.


I feel disconnected with our political leaders in Canberra. I feel patronised, belittled and talked down to, and told what is good for me by them, instead of being part of the conversation.

Question Time is a disrespectful and childish session of bullying. It is about political point scoring instead of good governance, hence the public’s skepticism and lack of respect for parliament.

I wish federal, and also state parliament, would be as respectful and professional as Fremantle Council, where no personal attacks are made and no political point scoring takes place. We have a mature debate about the topics at hand in Fremantle Council. They don’t always get it it right, but at least they behave like professionals who thoroughly debate all topics, and whose main priority is  not self interest, but looking after the community and good governance.

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There is an interesting political forum on tomorrow night, October 30 at the Santa Maria Theatre of Notre Dame University.

IS DEMOCRACY IN CRISIS? will discuss why voters are cynical about and showing a low level of trust in our political leaders and the system.

Panel members include Labor MP Josh Wilson, Liberal Party MP Ben Morton and political journalist Jane Marwick.

It is on tomorrow from 7-8.30pm at the Santa Maria Theatre, 13 Mouat Street in Freo’s West End.

The free event is organised by the Fremantle Network and NDA politics students.

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A reminder that the Politics in the Pub by the Fremantle Network is on tonight at The Local in South Fremantle from 6.30pm.

Topic of the evening is the question if Fremantle is pedestrian friendly, so it will be interesting to hear suggestions on how we can improve the pedestrian experience and make it safer.

Far too many motorists don’t give way to pedestrians when rounding corners, and only a  few of them stop during busy weekends on the Cappuccino Strip and Marine Terrace to let pedestrians cross. That lack of consideration, and how/if we can improve it needs to be discussed as well.

See you at The Local. It’s a free event, but meals and drinks available at the bar.

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Dorothy Tangney


Seventy-five years ago Dorothy Tangney became the first woman to be elected in federal parliament, but we are still debating gender equality in our parliaments and political parties.

This artwork is in Fremantle’s Norfolk Street on the side of the Norfolk Hotel, so contemplate when you walk or drive by why it is taking so unacceptably long until we have real gender balance in our country.

It’s not just about equal pay but even more so about equal respect!

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Doing a favour for a mate to promote this event, although it’s not in Freo.

The Leeming Spartan Cricket Club offers everyone the opportunity to meet with the Premier of Western Australia, Mark McGowan, at our clubhouse on Friday 12th October 2018 for a business breakfast seminar and ninety-minute question and answer session!

He will be joined by the Member for Jandakot, Yaz Mubarakai MLA for the session, where locals are encouraged to speak with their state representatives about any topic.

Tickets are priced at $100 per person (purchasable by emailing, with tables of between eight and ten also available. All proceeds will go towards the Spartans’ one-hundredth anniversary celebrations!


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