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Youth Network


Fifteen young people have come together to form the City of Fremantle’s new Fremantle Youth Network. I assume this replaces the Fremantle Youth Council of which little was heard since it was established.

It is nice to see that Fremantle again shows leadership with the majority of the Youth Network members being female, but there is the token bloke somewhere hidden among them

Young people with a connection to Fremantle through their home, school or work were invited to apply and have their say on youth community issues.

The inaugural group, comprising members aged between 12-19 years from Fremantle College, John Curtin College of the Arts, Notre Dame University, Curtin University and other schools outside Fremantle, held their first meeting on 25 March.

City of Fremantle Community Development Director Fiona Hodges said the Fremantle Youth Network would play an important role in facilitating consultation between Council and young people in the community.

“I applaud the group’s members for their willingness and enthusiasm to take part in this community process and help inform the City on youth perspectives,” Ms Hodges said.

“The City is committed to listening and reflecting on their feedback, and collaborating to create a more connected youth community.”


With WA Youth Week (13-20 April) looming, the Fremantle Youth Network has hit the ground running and immersed itself in one of the biggest events the City hosts for young people.

The EYP Festival 5.0, held on Sunday 14 April, is the City’s official event during Youth Week and celebrates the Esplanade Youth Plaza’s fifth birthday.

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The City of Fremantle and Town of East Fremantle have started secret negotiations about a possible amalgamation of the two local councils.

East Fremantle residents rejected the proposed amalgamation during the Colin Barnett government local government reform process, which failed.

East Freo residents only succeeded stopping the merger because people in favour of it also voted, and hence they reached the required 50% of eligible voters minimum. Had pro amalgamation people not voted the merger would have gone ahead.

I hear that East Freo Deputy Mayor Michael McPhail, who was pro merger from the beginning, initiated the secret talks.

This is very interesting news and would make a lot of sense in my opinion, so let’s hope both councils can agree on the details.

It is timely also to receive a media release from the City of Fremantle today that Fremantle will create its own time zone and introduce daylight saving time next summer

Mayor Brad Pettitt said

Fremantle changing the time within its municipal boundaries to daylight savings time will reduce the time difference to two hours and give our businesses a competitive advantage compared to their counterparts around WA.”

 Mayor Pettitt acknowledged the decision may generate some controversy as people will need to adjust to Freo Time as they come and go. But he was confident the benefits would far outweigh any potential inconvenience.

 Residents and visitors alike will have longer evenings to enjoy our great beaches, café and bars,” he said.

 Digital screens will display Freo Time on all major entry points into Fremantle while the City’s parking officers will also assist people to adjust their watches. Clocks displayed in public places will be adjusted to Freo Time.

Bob Dylan was right many decades ago that the times they are changing.

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traffic bridge


Elections are like Christmas where the anticipation of what voters and communities will get out of it is high, but when we are all quite cynical if the promises all parties make will ever be realised, and if Father Christmas in the form of ScoMo or Shorto will actually deliver.

Is the promise by the Labor and Liberal parties of a new traffic bridge in Fremantle one of their core promises set in stone or is it just yet another sweetener to soften us up and vote for a particular party?

Should a new traffic bridge even be contemplated before we see the recommendations and outcome of the Westport Taskforce investigations into Western Australian ports and how freight should be handled? Is a new traffic bridge needed should a new port be built at Kwinana or would it be a waste of money?

The Libs and Labs have both promised $ 115 million for a new train traffic bridge, with the Libs throwing in a new pedestrian bridge as well for that money.

I noticed though that the pedestrian bridge is indicated as being to the east of the traffic bridge and that is a bit of a shame as uninterrupted views to the port would be magnificent and a tourist attraction if not obscured by the traffic bridge, so either put the pedestrian bridge to the west of the traffic bridge or make the traffic bridge lower or higher than the pedestrian bridge.

Anyway, it is unlikely to happen in my lifetime unfortunately, so my Christmas present this year will be the opening of FOMO at Kings Square. At least that is tangible and does not rely on promises from unreliable politicians.

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Harmony Day


It is HARMONY DAY today, so let’s make a start and make Australia that tolerant and change-embracing country again.

Let us all stop politicians from using race, religion and culture for fear mongering and political gain and tell them we are better than that.

We live in a peaceful multicultural society and should not fear new migrants or claim they take jobs away from those who have lived here longer.

The contributions migrants have made to Australia is enormous. The Ghan, Indian Pacific railway lines and other major projects would not have been built without the Afghan camel caravans. Muslims have lived in Australia peacefully since the 1830s!

We live in a good country full of freedom and opportunities and we should by now have enough self-esteem to no longer fear those who come from foreign countries. Hatred, racism and ignorance are the enemies, not different cultures and religions.

Today is a day to smile and look back at our achievements and how all of us together made Australia the great country it is!

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There is a lot of hypocrisy gong on in the mainstream media and from politicians in the wake of the white supremacist terrorist attack on two Christchurch mosques.

Everyone is jumping on the bandwagon to play the blame game about irresponsible social media without taken responsibility for their own contributions.

Mainstream media has moved so far right that it is not funny, with the West Australian newspaper becoming the mouthpiece for the Liberal/National Federal government and right-wing  columns by  Andrew Bolt, Paul Murray, Gemma Tognini and others.

Federal politicians have been engaging in fear mongering about Muslims and refugees, while the ultimate hypocrites must be Sunrise which puts Pauline Hanson on a weekly panel to sprout her racist nonsense, but suddenly attack her for those views after the Christchurch massacre.

There is no doubt though that social media has created a terribly negative community conversation that spreads hatred, ignorance, racism, innuendo, conspiracy and name-calling and where all respect for people with a different view point has disappeared, and that also happens on a local level here in Fremantle.

I want to believe that Australia is better than that! I want to believe that we are still the fair-go and tolerant multicultural country, where every law abiding person from all over the world can make a new home and where we welcome those who need a safe haven away from war, violence and abuse.

But we all need to be more aware of what we are writing on social media and try not to engage so dismissively and angrily when we don’t agree with posts of others, and the mainstream media needs to start to be more considerate and respectful as well and understand how damaging sensationalist reporting can be to individuals. The Jesse Hogan story of the Fremantle Dockers is such a case. This young man does have a mental health issue and he does not need to be humiliated in the media for that. Leave him alone and let him heal!

We should all take a lesson from New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern. What empathy and compassion, what dignity, strength and integrity, and what outstanding leadership!

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Local Government Minister David Templeman has announced that he wants to introduce online inductions for local council candidates before the October election this year.

Newly Elected Members would also be required to attend further training within a year of being elected.

I think this is a very good idea, because very many of local council candidates have little or no knowledge about local government process.

The one question I will be asking council candidates in Fremantle during the October election forums this year is how many Council and Council Committee meetings they attended this year.

Those who are not prepared to do that basic home work won’t be getting my vote and should not receive any from the community either. Just criticising the present Council is not a good election platform, especially if one does not understand how local government works.

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There will be a very interesting panel discussion about climate change at the Fremantle National Hotel on this coming Wednesday, March 6 from 6.30pm.

While our politicians quarrel and procrastinate about global warming, scientists all over the world believe the future of planet earth is under serious threat and immediate action is required.

“Humanity is changing the Earth in ways never seen before. The oceans are acidifying, the climate is changing, and world is awash in plastic. Scientists are telling us that we have pushed the Earth into an entirely new state, one dominated by human activity. 
Welcome to the Anthropocene: the era of humankind.
If we have the power to shape the deep future of the Earth and all living things upon it, then how should we think, act and feel in this decisive moment?

Come explore the science of human-caused planetary change from some of Western Australia’s leading scientific voices. Here, we reveal the science of our extraordinary planetary ecological crisis, and ask how science can be used to deliver a better world. Panel presentation and public Q&A.”

The panel members will be Prof. Petra Tschakert from UWA, Dr Bill Hare of Cimate Analysis, Dr Joe Fontaine of Curtin University and Dr Neville Ellis of UWA.

There is also a staircase photo exhibition about climate change at the National Hotel until May 20, so go and have a look and attend the panel discussion.

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Huge news for Fremantle’s Notre Dame University with their Vice-Chancellor Celia Hammond resigning immediately to try to win the seat of Curtin for the Liberal party in the Federal election in a few month and replace Julie Bishop. It will have to be seen if the Curtin branch will elect Mrs Hammond as their preferred candidate.

Celia Hammond was going to finish in October this year at NDA anyway as she wanted a change, but her immediate resignation from the very popular university will come as a shock to them.

Over the years that I have had contact with Celia Hammond I have found her a delightful and down to earth person who is very much liked by staff and students, so she would be a formidable candidate for the Liberal party in the safe seat of Curtin.

Mrs Hammond is a lawyer and daughter of WA Chief District Court Judge Kevin Hammond and will leave very big shoes to fill at Notre Dame. She was 21 years at Notre Dame, and 11 of those years as Vice-Chancellor.

While I am not a fan of Liberal party politics and even less of many of its leaders I am a big fan of Celia Hammond and wish her all the best. She will make a great politician.

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The Annual General Electors Meeting of the City of Fremantle is on this evening at the Townhall from 6pm, so come along if you have any issues with the Elected Members or administration, or if you just want to thank them for doing a difficult job pretty well.

Residents and property owners of Fremantle can put motions forward and vote on them so make sure to have an ID on you.

On that note, Fremantle President John Dowson has emailed the members of the group more fake news. This time under the headline Are Your Highly Paid Councillors Doing Their Job?

Dowson writes “Are you getting value from your councillor? Besides getting $500 a week for attending meetings etc, councillors pay themselves to run those meetings, from a little pot of honey worth $60,000 a year.”

But Dowson’s assertions are wrong! I double checked with the City of Fremantle Director of City Business Glen Dougal and he tells me that the Mayor receives $ 88.000 annually plus $ 47.000 meeting allowance and Councillors get just over $ 30,000 a year plus approximately $ 3,000 for IT and communication allowance.

The payment Councillors receive is for much more than just attending Council meetings. They work very hard and are out and about all the time and meeting members of the community. It is a thankless task that does not get paid anywhere well enough in my opinion. And of course Councillors don’t pay themselves. That is done by the administration as it would be highly inappropriate for Elected Members to make payments.

I’ll see you at the AGEM this eve!

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The first of this year’s Politics in the Pub events by the Fremantle Network will this evening debate the topic if the date of Australia Day should be changed.

This is becoming a yearly issue around Australia Day when conservative politicians engage in point scoring about it and conservative voters express dismay that there are even thoughts about moving Australia Day away from January 26 to another date.

Those who are supportive of changing the date point out that many of our indigenous Australians consider the day to be Invasion Day, so we should be more considerate and celebrate Australia on a different day.

Come along to The Local hotel in South Fremantle at 6.30pm this evening January 29 and respectfully express your views.

The bar and kitchen will be open, so have a meal and a cold drink while debating this important issue.

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