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Now this will excite Fremantle music fans! The very popular FALLS FESTIVAL has added Fremantle as one of its locations in 2017. The festival is being held at Byron Bay in NSW, Lorne in Victoria and Marion Bay in Tasmania, but next year the acts will also fly to the west and perform in Freo on January 7 and 8 in and around Kings Square.

There will be concerts for up to 500 patrons in St John’s church and the Townhall and performances in the MANY 6100(former Myer) building and on the roof there.

A total of 16,000 tickets will be available for the two days-8,000 per day, so it will be a very substantial addition to the Fremantle festivals and should boost the Freo economy at the start of the year.

The Falls Festival organisers say there will be international and local bands and that they offer “Bunkered basement danceteries, interactive art installations, makers markets and unexpected performance areas.”

This will be big competition for the Blues&Roots festival that is normally held in February and is going to return to the Esplanade next year after the festival was held at Fremantle Park for the last years.

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winter 1

A tree reflected in a big puddle after heavy rain, with a single leave floating on the surface. An arty impression of a winter day in Fremantle.

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More and more wayfinding signs are going up in the Fremantle CBD and I think they look pretty good and impressive. What do you think?

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I know I am a cheeky little man, so excuse my strange sense of humour. I hope the Brazilian style mussels at the Fremantle LAPA restaurant in High Street means more than just that the beards have been removed. ; >)

Not sure what a larger beer pint is, but it probably should read lager and it’s a steal at only $ 7.00!

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Nice historic signs about Fremantle were put up today around the Townhall maintenance site. I love these old photos and it makes the working site much more attractive.

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52 Adelaide Street


Another development proposal in the CBD will no doubt divide the Fremantle community. The Yolk Property Group wants to build an eight-storey, plus basement building at 52 Adelaide Street next to Target. The site was previously earmarked for a seven-storey hotel.

The mixed-use building would house 24 one bedroom, 42 two bedroom, 6 three bedroom apartments plus five retail shops and one office space. Car parking will be in the basement.

The development application states that “The facade of the building references and draws from the facade treatments of Fremantle heritage buildings.” but I fail to make any connection to that when I look at the artist impression.

The site is a real eyesore and is opposite Freo’s highest and ugliest cbd building Johnson Court, so I was hoping for a much more creative design than this run of the mill one. I am all for residential development east of Kings Square but it really needs to be more respectful to Fremantle’s unique character. The height itself does not bother me personally, but it is yet again a very boring building and that is something I do not like and support at all.

While the development proposal will go though community consultation, the planning committee and ordinary council it will probably end up at the state’s development assessment panel for final approval.

Check out the details for yourself here:

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A new smartphone application that will be launched in Fremantle during NAIDOC Week will aim to strengthen connections and awareness of cultural events, days of significance and significant places for Aboriginal people, and improve the level of Aboriginal engagement with local government.

The world-first Trakka mobile app–developed by Indigenous Consulting Group in collaboration with the City of Fremantle–will provide updates on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultural events, dates, significant places and services locally and around Australia. The app has been developed in consultation with the local Aboriginal community including Aboriginal Elders and young people.

The City of Fremantle supported the development of the pilot Trakka application through a $20,000 funding grant. The app will be developed further over coming months to include more information, events and features as well as being made available to other regions in Australia.

The free Trakka app is available for download by searching ‘Trakka’ from Google Play (Android) and the App Store (iPhone) or by visiting

For more information on the City of Fremantle’s Walyalup Aboriginal Cultural Centre, visit


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I just read an article in the Fifth Estate of June 20, 2016 by Hana Jestribek about a forum of property experts that included Fremantle Mayor Brad Pettitt. The forum was about infill and density and is definitely a discussion we in Fremantle should have as the very costly urban sprawl is not sustainable in the long-term.

But I wonder where our Freo Mayor got his facts from when he told the forum that “Density was widely supported by the Fremantle community because the City promised our community design excellence.” Where are the survey figures that show that the Freo community supports density, Brad? I haven’t seen them so please be so kind and post them in a comment to this article.

As for the promise of design excellence, the Fremantle Mayor indeed promised us heritage of the future quality buildings during the Planning Scheme Amendment 49 debate, but not a single multi storey building approved by Fremantle Council is anywhere near excellent, in fact most are very boring and mediocre concrete boxes.

What Fremantle needs is smart infill and density, density hubs spread all over the city but only in appropriate locations, where public transport and shopping is nearby and where people will be less inclined to use their cars. We need density hubs so we can cater for a fast ageing population and for couples without children, in smaller but better apartments that have outstanding sound proofing against internal and external noise. Residential hubs with great public and green spaces around them that are well planned ahead and where public transport is not an after thought.

Buildings approved in recent years by the City of Fremantle and/or the state’s Development Assessment Panels are not outstanding in any way or form and are basically the bland, cheap and fast structures developers love.

That brings me to an article by Guy Keuleman of the University of NSW who warns that modern concrete structures will not even last till the end of this century because of the steel reinforcement-rebar process used.

Keuleman points out that steel is mainly made of iron and that iron rusts, but the process is faster and cheaper because it requires fewer concrete pours, but it ignores more durable processes such as brick and mortar and stainless steel frame constructions. The author writes that developers fail to consider the extended costs of maintenance, repair or replacement, and that there are severe environmental implications as developers ignore low carbon and more environmentally sensitive options.

So let us have a few public forums on urban infill and density in Fremantle, Mayor Brad Pettitt. Let’s find out if the community actually does support density and where it believes infill should happen.

Fremantle is growing and that is good, but we need to develop with extreme sensitivity and restraint and with community consensus. Let’s talk about it! Maybe one of the next Fremantle Network talks could start the discussion.

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tai chi


We all know that WA drivers are not the best, but isn’t it a bit over the top to conduct driving lessons without a car? That’s what this Tai Chi midday session at St George’s Cathedral today looked like for me at first glance from a distance.

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I went to the DUTCH JOURNEYS TO THE WESTERN EDGE  exhibition in the State Library in Perth and highly recommend it to anyone interested in WA’s history or our connection with the Netherlands.

Why report this on a Fremantle blog some might ask, but I believe there are a lot of connections to the Dutch history here in Freo. The wreck of the Dirk Hartog’s ship Batavia is at the Shipwreck Museum and the replicas of the Dutch sailing ships Endeavour, Duyfken and Leeuwin were all built in Fremantle.

The exhibition was curated by Dutch born Nonja Peters who migrated here as a three-year-old child in 1945.

On the train on the way back to Freo I reflected on the ‘stopping the boats’ policy by the Liberal and Labor parties here in Australia when I read at the exhibition that during the second world war 170,000 Dutch people found refuge in Australia, 13,000 of them in WA.

But the Dutch of course fitted in well with the White Australia Policy with their blue eyes and blond hair and were considered to be adaptable, unlike those brown, non-Christians we refuse entry into Australia to at present.

In that context it will be interesting to see how many Brexit ‘refugees’ we will be welcoming in WA without anyone claiming they take jobs away from local people

The Duyfken will be sailing from Fremantle in August to be at Shark Bay on October 25 to celebrate the arrival there of Dirk Hartog 400 years ago in 1616. There will be an exhibition in all the ports she visits; Bunbury, Mandurah, Hillaries, Jurien Bay, Dongara, Geraldton, Denham.

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