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storm 3


The girls at the PLC-Perth Ladies College are raised the tough way. The wet and cold weather today did not stop them from hopping on the train to Fremantle, where they also visited the historic Roundhouse.

They are looking at the fresh water well here.

and two more wet weather photos from Arthur’s Head.

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Is the TAB really a good location for one of the homeless donation collection boxes, City of Fremantle?

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Silverleaf the developers of the Fremantle Atwell Arcade appear to be favouring retailers with an H in their name.

At the Cantonment Street entrance to the new arcade Hemp, Hype and Hush have all opened shop, so go and support the local businesses.

Hype sells groovy shoes, Hemp good clothes and Hush great coffee!

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I just watched a very fascinating Q&A on ABC TV about innovation. Since innovation is a bit of the new black and has replaced placemaking, I wonder if the City of Fremantle would be interested in inviting Emergent Solutions CEO Holly Ransom for a public talk or forum.

The City has expressed it would like an innovation organisation to take up the former FTI space at the old Boys School and ENKEL has been given a long lease for the Naval Stores at Cantonment Hill, so why not get someone with real international know-how to inform us all what can be done to support innovation groups and individuals. Holly Ransom has been dealing with the world leaders in innovation technology Israel and Silicon Valley for years.

Wyatt Roy, the Federal Assistant Minister for Innovation, told Q&A that the Federal government is very keen for local governments and state governments to play a leading role in providing innovation hubs, so come on Freo, let’s be a leader in something I know very little about but am very keen to learn more about.

By the way, Holly Ransom is a really good down to earth speaker, so she won’t baffle us all with geek speak.

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Fremantle Council never stops surprising me, so the news report on Channel Nine this Sunday with Councillor Rachel Pemberton, who quite clearly is on the election campaign, announcing the City of Fremantle might implement a percentage for lightrail on parking fees as early as next year, was yet another indication of a lack of reality.

I love lightrail but there is something rather green-as in naive-about the idea. One also has to question why a junior Councillor would announce such a huge project on national televison when it has not even yet been to any of the Council committees. I suppose it is a case for Pemberton of just  getting her face in the media, no matter the lack of substance, and people in City Ward might actually vote for her at the October 17 local government elections.

I quite like Rachel and she is a pretty good performer in Council chamber, but she has not explained why people parking in Fremantle, and  hence Freo ratepayers, would want to fund lightrail to Cockburn and Fiona Stanley Hospital.

I suggested on Mayor Brad Pettitt’s blog a few weeks ago that if he believed there is so much support for lightrail he might want to start crowd funding, as least that would mean those Fremantle ratepayers who want to pay for it can elect to do so, and it might attract funding from far and wide and not only tiny Freo.

Lightrail and all public transport is a numbers game and the Fremantle area needs far more residents before any state government or private operator would invest in it. For Freo that is at least 15 to 20 years away still.

Public transport infrastructure is a state government responsibility and for a small council like Fremantle to want to do it on its own is naive to the extreme, even more so when there never appears to be enough money for basic maintenance of COF properties and important parks like the Esplanade.

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ROEL FOR FREO! Truly Independent.


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Hippy Roel

I thought you could all do with a bit of a smile before the extreme seriousness of a football game called The Derby.

This is a photo of a very young Roel Loopers, when I worked as a press photographer in Nuremberg, West Germany in the 1970s. How life has changed!

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Nice to wake up to sunshine after another night of rain in Fremantle, so I went for a walk around town and took some rain photos.

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We live in a world of awards for just about everything and many of them are pretty irrelevant and meaningless because of the lack of research done. Some awards simply tick a few boxes and for example take Local Government’s submissions as a fact, instead of checking out the reality.

The McCusker Centre for Action on Alcohol Awards appears to belong to the latter because the City of Fremantle has been nominated as a finalist For it’s no tolerance approach to anti-social behaviour at events and its promotion of a small bar culture and liquor reform in the area.

It is clear the McCusker Foundation does not know that on the same evening Fremantle Council signed off on its alcohol policy it also approved the establishment of a new tavern and live music venue for up to 1,500 patrons at J Shed on historic Arthur Head, and is in the process of approving a micro-brewery at the former Energy Museum, just around the corner from St Patrick’s that deals with people with drug and alcohol related problems.

If my memory is correct, in times of the biggest community turmoil about Council ignoring community consultation, the City of Fremantle received an award for its excellent community consultation process.

It might all sound great on paper and in a one-eyed submissions by COF officers, but unfortunately the reality is a whole different ball game. As I pointed out here recently the Fremantle Accord on responsible service of alcohol is just another lip service with many pubs now offering happy hours and cheaper drinks, with the National Hotel even having two a day, one during lunchtime hours.

For the City of Fremantle to receive an award, or even be a finalist, in the McCusker alcohol award it would need to do a whole lot better, and not be hypocritical by ignoring its own alcohol policy.

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Overcast weather always makes me a bit morose, emotional and contemplative, so I went back to some of my old writing in what once was meant to become a book. 50,000 words later the book has not eventuated, and probably never will, but I want to share these thoughts with you and see what reaction it creates.

What precisely are our values and morals, and do they mean the same for us? Are values for individuals, groups, communities? I believe we often do things to please others so that they like us, but that is then conditional liking/loving. Only if we do what they expect of us are we judged as being nice, good, likeable. I see that as a large part of the problem. Instead of sticking to our own values (if we know what they are) we adopt the ones other people set for us, be that politicians, friends or colleagues .

 Society likes sameness but feels challenged to accept individuality. Individuals are judged as not being normal. They are strange, unpredictable, scary even. Once people can place one into certain drawers it is fine. It makes them feel safe. I believe that is also why people don’t stand up and speak out about social injustices, etc. It would make them stand out from the norm, the crowd. It is much easier to hide in a crowd by being one of them.

 The result is that we all lose, because to move forward and improve society needs individuals who are brave enough to be different, and who might be abused for daring to be different. By not generating difference we create mediocrity and a lazy, complacent, greedy and selfish society where dog eats dog, where not many care about others. Combine that with ignorance and we have a breeding ground for one-eyed, narrow-minded bigots, zealots, extremists, fundamentalists and fascists. This is where the real danger lies. Add to that governments that want to take our liberties away by pretending that it is in our best interest-homeland security- and for our own safety.

 An American presidents once said something along the lines that it is dangerous and possibly counter productive to give away liberties for perceived temporary security. But that is what governments all over the world have been doing. All that on the back of thousands of decent, non violent muslims who now have to live with racism and rejection, often in the western countries where they were born. (Once governments create a common enemy people will live in fear and will embrace radical changes to their liberty).

 Moral values and obligations to others don’t seem to exist. We don’t respect religions other than our own. The other religions are the common enemy. They are wrong, not we, and the God we believe in is better than their God anyway.

 Governments love this us and them thinking as it gives them more power to control all of us and it allows them to keep taking away liberties from us. I keep asking myself on what values this is based.

 Instead of a WE society we live in a ME society. Me, me, me, it’s always only about me. I believe the basic values are respect for other people and their beliefs, and a desire to care for and share with our fellow human beings, and being an active and positive part of the community and the exciting global village we live in. Now that must make me positively mad in the eyes of many. No wonder some call me Loopy. ; > )

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writing holiday letters

We are more used to people using the free Fremantle WiFi for laptops and tablets at Kings Square than writing letters, but this tourist spent quite a bit of time writing a very long letter there this Sunday Mother’s Day morning. Maybe a travel report to the family at home?

Roel Loopers

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