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Now that staff of the Department of Communities have started to move into the Sirona Capital  FOMO buildings at Kings Square the fencing has been removed and one can wander around the courtyard between the south and north campuses.

It feels quite nice in there and there are some benches where one can enjoy a take away coffee from Parlapa in William Street, while watching the construction of Fremantle’s new Walyalup Civic Centre.

There are trees and plenty of shade, but adhere to the social distancing rules!

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Fremantle Council will send a recommendation of approval to the Joint Development Assessment Panel(JDAP), after elected members on Wednesday evening approved the planning application for the Woolstores hotel and police station development by Silverleaf Investments.

The police station part of the development is still speculative at this point of time, as the State Government has put a purpose built new Fremantle police station out for tender, and other sites are being considered as well.

A new hotel just east of Kings Square in a run down part of Freo would be an enormous improvement, and the developers also want to put a childcare centre in the building.

It’s now up to JDAP to approve it, and hopefully the State Government will come on board and signs off on the new police station.

It feels nice to have good news in these awful times!

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Walyalup 1

Walyalup 2


The new Fremantle Walyalup Civic Center is going to be very  impressive by the look of it.

I love watching the construction of the building, which was designed by Freo-based Kerry Hill Architects.


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shutters 2


Life goes on, and must go on, so a photo of the very nice balcony shutters at the brand-new The Social apartments in Freo’s Henry Street, where the Workers Club used to be.

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The LITTLE LANE development by the Yolk property group in Adelaide Street is reaching its next stage with the external demolition of the former Spotlight building starting today.

The eight-storey residential building will have a food court at ground level in the Westgate Mall, and it will make a huge positive difference to that run down part of Fremantle.

On Wednesday Fremantle Council will decide on the development application by Silverleaf Investments for a hotel at the Woolstores shopping centre site, which will need JDAP approval.

Good things are still happening in Fremantle, we’ll just have to get past that bloody Covid-19 pandemic period and all together rebuilt Fremantle’s hospitality industry and all those affected by the restrictions the virus has enforced upon us.

Stay well!


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Live streaming of Fremantle Council meetings was suggested at the annual Electors Meeting a couple of weeks ago, and the present coronavirus pandemic crisis makes a good point of introducing that sooner rather than later.

Social distancing and social isolation common sense means that most of us won’t attend council meetings any more, including this keen blogger.

Premier Mark McGowan said this morning he expects the regulations to be in place for at least six months, which is quite staggering, and will kill many businesses, and it will demand a dramatic change in how we socialise.

I would have liked to go to this Wednesday’s Council meeting and even address the elected members to express my support for the Woolstores hotel development by Silverleaf Investments, but it would be unwise to do so, as at 71 years of age I am in the high risk category and that not only means at a high risk of getting Covid-19, but should I have it, of spreading it.

We all need to adapt and local councils need to remain accountable and transparent and give the community a change to observe proceedings, so how fast can we get live streaming of council meetings?

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The latest proposal for the development of the Woolstores shopping centre site will go before Fremantle Council this Wednesday. The plans have been altered again and now include the six retail properties along Queen Street.

While Police Minister Michelle Roberts announced three weeks ago, after police vehicles had been set on fire in Fremantle, that a purpose built new police station was planned, she would not reveal the location, but this proposal shows it would be within this development in an area of the city that needs more police presence, so it will be a welcome move for our community.

Approval is sought for the partial demolition of the southern portion of the existing Woolstores Shopping Centre buildingat No.28 Cantonment Street, Fremantle, the demolition of the six commercial tenancies at 20 Elder Place and the construction of a six (6) storey with basement Mixed use development including Shop,Liquor Store,Office, Restaurant, Civic Use (Police Station), Public Car Park, Childcare premises and Hotel uses. 

Specifically, the development includes the following:Reducing the size of the existing Coles Supermarket from 4,300sqm to 3,200sqm.The development of a 209.3m2Liquor Store adjacent to the Coles Supermarket.

The inclusion of a basement accommodating building services and 159 car parking bays.•A six (6) storeybuilding along the Queen Street frontage including:

Ground level retail tenancies (1107.5m2), a restaurant (105m2), an office (199m2), an office lift lobby and a hotel foyer (396.1m2).

A Childcare premises to the first floor accessed via Cantonment Street(743.3m2building with 703.3m2yard).

First level office tenancies (1322.5m2in total) and hotel amenities (conference rooms, pool deck, balcony); and 141 hotel rooms over levels 2to5.

A five (5) storey police station building (Civic Use) accessed from Elder Place and Cantonment Street to include:

Ground level amenities, lobby, and workshop in addition to 8 visitor car parking bays, 10 car parking bays, bus, caravan, prisoner van, and truck parking.

Car parking for 113 cars on the first floor.o7081m2of police office over levels 3 to 5.

The majority of the existing public car park to the north of the site is to be retained, with modifications to the layout to accommodate the new police building.

The existing shops adjacent to the northern carpark are proposed to be changed to a 192.5m2 Restaurant use with outdoor seating provided within the subject site.

The proposal includes a brick, metal and glass five (5) storey building to the southern portion of the existing Woolstores shopping centre intended to contain the proposed Civic Use (Police Station) and a six (6) storey glass and metal building above a brick podium. The six storey building is surrounded by angled fins.

The $ 15 million development proposal needs to be approved by the state’s JDAP, so Fremantle Council can only recommend it to JDAP for approval.which I hope they will do.

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East Village 1


There is currently just the one interesting residential building at the East Village development on the corner of Montreal and Knutsford Street, but it will be Western Australia’s most sustainable development, according to the sign.

Already there is a charge ‘pump’ for electric cars on the site, but I wonder why this development is not embracing more high density and medium rise living, which would be very suitable in that location.

Around the corner there is very little action yet on the High Street Upgrade Project, so that is going ahead rather slower than I expected.

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FOMO art


The artwork Sirona Capital put at the FOMO buildings on Kings Square is very disappointing. It is boring, bland and uninspiring.

The Fremantle Kings Square Redevelopment Project is all about the modernisation of our city square and the revitalisation of the inner city. The public art should be colourful and soaring into the sky, but instead we have a work that is of the kind local councils used to put in their parks and gardens in the 1980s.

This artwork does not suit and support the rejuvenation of the inner city. Disappointing!

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At my vulnerable age I might as well take the before the coronavirus terminates me, so here is proof that the Kings Square business plan has numerous holes.

Photos don’t lie.  ; >)

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