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The community consultation by Main Roads about the Fremantle High Street/Stirling Highway upgrade is starting with the department sending out letters to nearby residents from today.

The proposed upgrade from Carrington Road to Stirling Highway is part of the $ 2.3 billion Road and Rail Infrastructure package which is funded by the state and federal governments.

Key features for the upgrade are a new roundabout at the intersection of High Street and Stirling Highway, a wide median to separate traffic and preserve mature trees, and a single lane service road for residents north of High Street.

The concept design period is expected to take up to six months so that the community will have ample time to comment and be informed.

People can provide feedback by completing a survey online at

Or send an email to<>

Posting to PO Box 6202 EAST PERTH WA 6892 or phoning 138 138

There will be an information display at the City of Fremantle Library from Monday 7 May.

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anzac 1


ANZAC DAY in Fremantle will start tomorrow with the dawn service at Monument Hill at 5.50 am. After that there is a lovely service in North Fremantle at 9am just opposite Mojos.

The ANZAC parade through the streets of Fremantle will start at 10.15am from the Esplanade, where it will also finish with a service. There is even two up!

Some cafes, like the Moore&Moore will be closed, but Chalkys and the Attic are open and so will be many others.

“Bill Renton” Two Up Ring, “Jimmy Paton” Bar, AFL Game on TV, Bouncy Castle and Face Painting for the kids and Sausage Sizzle. The Fremantle City RSL Sub Branch, the second oldest RSL Sub Branch in WA (formed in 1923) is holding an ANZAC Day Commemoration in the Park Event at Esplanade Reserve, Marine Terrace, Fremantle from 11:30am to 16:30pm on ANZAC Day the 25th April 2018.
The event will follow the Fremantle ANZAC Day Parade that will begin at 10:15am in Esplanade Reserve directly adjacent to our ANZAC Day Commemorations in the Park event, which will entail;
• The Freedom (Face Painting) Fairies (for the kids);
• A Bouncy Castle and Wacky Wagon (also for the kids);
• The “Jimmy Paton” Bar;
• The “Bill Renton” Two-Up Ring;
• A Sausage Sizzle, and
• The ANZAC Day AFL game on TV.

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ks 2

ks 1


The latest photos of the Fremantle Kings Square demolition, which is stage one of the redevelopment of our inner city square and hopefully the start of the economic recovery of our city.

If all goes to plan the new buildings and City of Fremantle Civic Centre will open late next year, with Department of Housing staff estimated to move in early 2020 while the FOMO retail concept by Sirona Capital should be up and running in time for Christmas 2019.

It will be a fascinating battle between FOMO and all the shopping centre and Perth’ Forrest Place all trying to get new ideas going that will  change the centres into old town squares and trying to become the heart of the community.

FOMO sounds exciting and Fremantle is a lot more attractive than shopping centres so I’ll back Freo any time.

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Fremantle’s most famous pie cafe CULLEY’S is now open from 7am.

The High Street mall tearooms have been operating for over 80 years and are very popular with Freo locals and visitors, and the kids love the party pies.

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Port shade


Fremantle Ports installed two huge shade umbrellas east of the E Shed markets where the old crane used to stand.

Unfortunately the crane was neglected for so long that they had to demolish it a few years ago, and so another part of our history disappeared.

Not sure at all what the purpose of these umbrellas in that specific location is, so we’ll wait and see.

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Good to see that the Fremantle National Hotel will become even better with a new rooftop bar and 12 luxury hotel rooms on the top floor.

If all goes to plan they will open in September this year.

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The show must go on, so the Fremantle GROWERS GREEN FARMERS MARKET on the lawn of Fremantle College at Lefroy Road is of course open this morning from 8am till midday for great fresh and organic fruit and vegetables, breads, pastries, yummy breakfasts and coffee, etc.

Parkin attended Poppie is all dressed up to cope with the wet weather, so get out there. It’s is invigorating!

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Photo courtesy Growers Green!



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winter 1


Fremantle people stayed at home, maybe even in bed, this wild, wet and wonderful Sunday morning as thunder, lightning and heavy rain visited our old city.

I was the only customer at the normally very busy Chalkys cafe in the West End at 7.30am and was one of only three customers at IGA in South Fremantle at 8.30am.

The photo above is a golden oldie I took last year of the reflection of a tree in a puddle in Phillimore Street with a leaf floating on the water. It symbolises autumn for me.


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The City of Fremantle has released images of what the new library in the new civic centre at the Townhall will look like.

If al goes to plan the civic centre will open late next year when the entire Kings Square Project should be completed.

The Kerry Hill architects design will bring some class to Freo’s city centre.

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It looks like the Fremantle Whalers Tunnel below the historic Roundhouse and the foot/bicycle path along Arthur’s Head will reopen in a couple of weeks.

City of Fremantle officer Daniel Sharp told me that they will shave off the dangerous corner near the retaining wall along the path soon and also build scaffolding to extend the Whalers Tunnel on the beach side, so that any rockfall would not endanger people walking or cycling through the tunnel.

Together with the State Heritage Office Fremantle City is looking for more permanent solutions to the chronic problem of erosion and rockfall danger.

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