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I took these photos of Fremantle heritage buildings today. They are a bit different from the norm.

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FATA MORGANA is a new art show at the Fremantle PS Art Space in Pakenham Street with an installation by Zora Avila and work by Basel exchange artist Gerd Handschin.

Go check it out and have a coffee and meal at the nice Studio 37 cafe there!!

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monk 1 monk 2


The MONK Brewery on the Cappuccino Strip is applying for a change in license from restaurant to tavern, and I wonder if Fremantle Council will use their alcohol policy to reject the proposal or allow yet another venue in central Fremantle which main target is to sell as much alcohol as possible. Contrary to a restaurant license a tavern license does not require patrons to eat a meal while having a drink.

South Terrace already has the Norfolk, Sail&Anchor and Newport hotels, plus Benny’s Bar, two nightclubs and other licensed premises. Just down the road is the National Hotel and around the corner are the Strange Company and Whisper bars plus the Holy Smoke small bar in Collie Street, and also the Esplanade Hotel with two bars.

The negative anti-social impact of alcohol on society is without debate, and while no one should be a wowser about drinking, I believe the City of Fremantle does have a responsibility to look after the general public, even on Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights.

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Scaffolding his finally come down at the Fremantle Maritime Museum, so I went to take some photos of my favourite modern Freo building.

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daring future


I like the optimistic message of the graffiti on this temporary wall in the Fremantle High Street mall, so when Freo identity and artist Horatio B. Birdbath walked by I had to ask him to pose for me.

Horatio is well-known for his detailed artwork on the wall behind Gino’s in market street and some columns at Kings Square.

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I feel a bit reflective today, so what better way to lift my morose mood than to self indulge in some arty photography at the Fremantle Fishing Boat Harbour.

The round window at the Bathers Beach House helped create delightful distortions.

It won’t be everybody’s cup of tea, but presto, that’s art and c’est la vie!

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There is a sweet lovely addition to the Fremantle retail and hospitality industry with GABRIEL CHOCOLATE opening a new cafe and retail outlet in Essex Street just two doors away from the Whisper wine bar.

Gabriel has been operating in Margaret River for over five years so should be known by many lover of chocolate.

Go and say hello and buy some presents for the people you love.

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fun with the freo fishers


The sun is out so a nice start of the week. Enjoy it and appreciate how special it is to live in Fremantle.

I need a bit of sunshine after the dull and uninspiring leaders debate between Turnbull and Shorten. Decided to switch the TV off after 40 minutes of repetitiveness and realising none of them has a real vision for Australia.

These kids were enjoying the great Greg James sculptures in the Fishing Boat Harbour yesterday.

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The Sunday Times reports today that WA Premier Colin Barnett, who is also the new Minister for Tourism, has indicated the promotions for WA should be focussing on Perth and not on the natural beauty of our state.

The Premier told the ST that Brand Perth should be our selling point focus, not beaches and the rugged Kimberley. The Premier believes that is what Asian tourists want.

Strange then that the national tourist body only recently said that Chinese tourists want a country/outback experience, and 95 per cent of visitors to the Fremantle Roundhouse I talk to have expressed that they find Perth dull and much like other big cities but that they love the heritage of Fremantle, Ningaloo Reef, the outback, Margaret River, Albany and the rugged coastline.

On that note I wonder if/what the City of Fremantle is doing in regard to offering package deals for the Street Art Festival to attract interstate and overseas visitors. This is a great free three day festival that deserves package deals with tourism operators and airlines. We could for example have a night performance in the Fremantle Arts Centre only for those who arrive here on a package deal for the SAF.

Reading the number of visitors the VIVID light festival in Sydney attracts, I believe Freo could step up a little in that regard as well and not just rely on large numbers of visitors from the suburbs on the long Easter weekend.

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The highly controversial proposal to develop Studio 1 at J Shed into a tavern and live music venue goes to the Planning Committee of the City of Fremantle this Wednesday for alterations and additions to the original, and approved, plans.

Council can only make recommendations to the WA Planning Committee under delegated authority and is not the decision-making  authority.

The major point for me is that Sunset Events applies for a venue for 850 patrons and up to 1,500 for live outdoor concerts, the latter is up 50% of the 1.000 patrons Fremantle Council approved. While the lease with the City will stipulate the number of patrons allowed it is an indication that Sunset will try to increase the number of patrons once the new tavern is open.

The concerts at J Shed so far have received criticism from residents in the West End, from artists in the neighbouring studios and from the Roundhouse volunteer tourguides. Noise and anti-social behaviour were the main issues but also the stinking portaloos left there for weeks and overflowing large skip bins. The day-time sound checks have also interrupted weddings and the traditional cannon firing ceremony which are held above J Shed and are part of the Roundhouse operations, but little respect has been shown for the oldest public building in Western Australia and people having their most special ceremony.

Fremantle Ports have expressed they are against the development and might not grant access for delivery vehicles along Fleet Street, which would leave access to the venue very much in limbo as the alternatives suggested by City of Fremantle officers are ludicrous and worst case scenario ‘solutions’

The officers suggest four alternative route for deliveries to the venue. One would see vehicles deliver near Kidogo and from there goods would be put on trollies or forklifts along the pedestrian tourist path to J Shed. Option two is to do deliveries through the Whalers Tunnel, which is highly frequented by tourists to historic Arthur Head and large groups of school children. Option three is to build a new road to the north of Fleet Street but that would require to also build a very expensive new roundabout at the Cliff/Phillimore/Fleet Street intersection. Option four would see trucks drive up Mrs Trivett Lane where a lift would be installed to take the goods down to J Shed level. That would interfere with the operation and parking for the Roundhouse volunteer tourguides and the artists up there.  Anyone who believes that trucks that deliver temporary fences and stages would not drive straight up to the venue, but would lower them from Mrs Trivett Lane must be living in lala land, as it is not practical and would be very time consuming.

Fremantle Council made a huge mistake granting Sunset Events the license to operate a tavern and live music venue for 21 years and it will be up to future councils to try to clean up the mess and deal with all the problems the venue will be creating for nearby residents and long-term artists at J Shed.

There is only one more option for the community to stop the development and that is protesting to the Liquor Licensing Board that the venue is the wrong kind of activation for the significant historic area. That is the last hope for common sense.

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