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Posted in ceo, city of fremantle, local government by freoview on September 21, 2015

While campaigning for the Fremantle Council election I have been asked by members of the community what the process is to select and appoint the next Chief Executive Officer for the City of Fremantle, so I asked the present CEO Graeme McKenzie, who will only retire in June next year. Here is his response:

The Council is responsible for the appointment of the CEO – it is the only appointment the Council can make.  The process that is being undertaken is as follows:
A Working Group has been formed that consists of the Mayor, Deputy Mayor, and Councillors Coggin, Thompson and Pemberton.  They will oversee the process and work with the recruitment consultant (Lester Blades) to get to a short list.  I’m not personally involved in the recruitment, but I understand that the group will conduct first round interviews of shortlisted applicants to get to a final shortlist of 2 or 3 that will then be required to present to the full Council.  The full Council will then select the preferred applicant.  In terms of timing, the appointment should be completed in December with the new CEO commencing around April/May next year.  Given that I don’t actually finish until 1 July there will be a reasonable period for transition and transfer of corporate knowledge.

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