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I received information from Silverleaf Investments director Gerard O’Brien who assured me that the Coles supermarket will stay at the Fremantle Woolstores.

It will only close for 14 months during part of the development, so that is good news.

Now could we have a pop-up supermarket somewhere in the CBD during that period? Is the space Woolworths occupied in the Adelaide Plaza still available, Sirona Capital?

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The Fremantle grapevine is abuzz with the rumour that Coles will be leaving the Woolstores shopping centre and that staff have been told the supermarket chain won’t be part of the new hotel, retail, child care and police station development by Silverleaf Investments, that still needs planning approval by JDAP.

It would be a pretty big shock for Fremantle if there were no longer a supermarket in the CBD, but I am quietly confident that with all the development happening and in the pipeline in Freo another chain like IGA or Woolworths will find the Woolstores option an attractive opportunity.

Roel Loopers

UPDATE at 1.50pm:

The rumours are only partly correct as Coles will only close doors during the development, but return when the new building is finished, which will still leave the CBD without a supermarket for at least two years.



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I love a good game of cricket, so might spend a bit of time at Fremantle’s Stevens Reserve at Swanbourne Street this weekend. The future stars of Australian cricket will be on display there when the 2019-20 Cricket Australia Under 19 National Championships come to Stevens Reserve.

New South Wales Country will take on the Northern Territory on Sunday 8 December, while the combatants in a second game on Monday 9 December will be determined by results throughout the tournament.

A reserve day on Tuesday 10 December has also been pencilled in case of bad weather.

Players in the current Australian test squad like Pat Cummins, Mitchell Starc and Travis Head all used the Under 19 championships as an important stepping stone in their careers.

To help in preparing for the championships and to protect the playing surface during the event dogs at Stevens Reserve will be required to be kept on a lead from 7pm on Friday 6 December until the close of play on Monday 9 December.

In the unlikely event that the reserve day is required due to bad weather dogs will also be required to be on lead on Tuesday 10 December.

For more information about the Under 19 National Championships visit the Nationalchamps website.


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Fire Ants!


Fire ants nests found on Fremantle Ports property have alerted authorities and they need the support of the Fremantle community to immediately report any sightings of fire ants. There are also a few restrictions, see below.

To support response efforts and prevent any potential spread of the pest, a Quarantine Area Notice has been put in place for parts of Fremantle, restricting the movement of a range of host materials including soil, potted plants, mulch, hay, manure and turf outside of this area.

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My hope that the Fremantle Hilton Doubletree hotel might be starting soon might well be premature, as I assumed the development application by the SKS Group is merely a modification and not an all new plan.

Unfortunately I have been advised by the City of Fremantle’s Planning Department that the application is a new one, and should it be approved by JDAP next year SKS would have to commence the development only within four years, and that is a very long way away for a development that is very significant for Fremantle.

SKD have been delaying the construction of the building reportedly because of de-watering problems on the Point Street site, where they wanted to have two basement carpark levels, but this new application would now give them the scope to delay by another four years, which would be extremely disappointing.

One can only hope that contractual arrangements with the Hilton hotel group will have a completion date for the hotel that is sooner, rather than much later. Time will tell.

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Cycling Without Age, an international not-for-profit organisation that allows elderly and less mobile people to experience an outdoor ride on trishaw e-bikes piloted by volunteer cyclists, has launched in Fremantle.

The social enterprise was partially funded by the City of Fremantle’s Arts and Community Grants program and received $5000 earlier this year to help get it off the ground.

City of Fremantle Director of Community Development Michelle Brennand said Cycling Without Age encouraged ageing in a positive context and built bridges between generations.

Cycling Without Age was established in Denmark in 2012, and is represented in 42 countries around the world today.

Cycling Without Age are piloted trishaw rides that follow two routes and are  entirely free for passengers.

They depart Monday to Friday from South Beach and cycle to South Fremantle Power Station and back, and on weekends they are at Bathers Beach cycling to B Shed and the South Mole.

Volunteer pilot cyclist act as a channel for passengers telling stories and many of the older passengers talk about their memories of the area.

Cycling Without Age’s Fremantle chapter is currently recruiting volunteer cyclists, who will be trained to pilot the trishaw.

They are also raising funds for a second trishaw. While the first trishaw was funded by a bequest and a City of Fremantle community grant, CWA are now seeking smaller donations and sponsorships from local businesses and care providers to expand this  community service.

For more information, visit To book a ride, call 0448 447 223 or email

Cycling Without Age is also offering trial rides at the City’s International Day of People with Disability and International Volunteer Day event at The Meeting Place on 5 December. Book here to register your attendance.


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Now that the year is coming to an end I want to reflect a little bit about life in general, and I want to make the statement that I love almost everything about life.

I love nature, music, theatre, culture, history, art, books, good food and cooking, wine, animals, coffee and cafes, etc. and I am totally in love with Fremantle, but what I love about life most is people.

While none of us is perfect, people make the planet the very special place it is, with all our opinionated righteousness, with our willingness to care and share, and with our efforts to make the world a better place for future generations, and yes, we fail at that quite often.

We love, disappoint and are disappointed, we fail and succeed, and hopefully we succeed more often than we fail. Not trying to make a positive difference is not an option, even when one’s opinion is often criticised aggressively on social media.

We are all different, and we all have different tastes, solutions and opinions, but no one has all the answers and solutions, so we need to learn to respectfully disagree, instead of defamation, insults and name-calling.

Our cynicism about politicians is often warranted, because politics appear to be mainly about power, rather than about good governance. Only this morning on Twitter I got so frustrated about politicians from all parties engaging in silly point-scoring and blaming others, instead of engaging in positive dialogue and collaboration in the best interest of Australia.

I adore people, although I have been deeply hurt a few times, and I have no doubt I have also hurt people, but I am absolutely convinced that most people around the world, no matter what their culture or religion is, are good people, and good people together can make planet Earth and even more brilliant place to live on!

Smile at strangers, hug the ones you know and tell them they are special, keep an open mind about everything, accept change, and don’t fear those who are different.

Wishing you all a very happy and healthy 2020. It is going to be a very big year of change for Freo.

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Waiting for the development of the Fremantle Hilton Doubletree hotel by the SKS Group has been like the theatre play Waiting for Godot, where two people wait for Godot but he never turns up, so it is a huge Christmas present for Fremantle that the SKS Group now appear to be serious about the development with new plans submitted to Fremantle Council.

It is for a seven-storey, 168 hotel rooms, 45 residential apartments, five shops, two commercial units, a bar and a restaurant on the Point Street carpark site.

A public information session about the proposal will be held on 9 January 2020 from 5:30-6pm at the City of Fremantle’s administration offices at Fremantle Oval, 70 Parry Street, Fremantle.

The plans and associated documents are available on the City of Fremantle’s My Say Freo website or can be viewed during business hours at the City’s customer service desk at Fremantle Oval.

The deadline for public submissions is 14 January 2020.

The plans will then be considered by the Fremantle Council’s Planning Committee before being referred to the Joint Development Assessment Panel for a final decision.

The Doubletree by Hilton proposal is just one of many hotel developments in the pipeline for Fremantle.

The City is also assessing a new application to redevelop the Woolstores shopping centre, which includes a 141-room hotel along with new commercial office space, retail outlets, police station, and a child care centre.

Work is currently underway to convert a row of the historic Warders Cottages on Henderson Street into a boutique 11-room hotel with a new indoor and outdoor bar and dining area nestled between the rear of the cottages and the Fremantle Markets.

Plans have also been approved to transform Fremantle’s state heritage-listed Police and Courthouse complex into a hotel and restaurant precinct.

For more information and to have your say on the Point Street proposal visit the My Say Freo website.



The Westport Taskforce has just released their latest report about the options for a probable new container port near Kwinana, so I copied and paste it for you all:


Changes to Westport’s shortlist

Westport announced its shortlist of five port options in August 2019. The shortlist, which was the result of the first multi-criteria analysis (MCA-1) on the long-list, consisted of three stand-alone Kwinana options and two shared Fremantle/Kwinana options.

After the release of Westport Beacon 7: Westport’s shortlist, the order and cataloguing of the options (which are now A-E) was subsequently changed for the purposes of MCA-2 and to allow the options to be re-assessed with a clean slate regardless of how they were ranked in MCA-1.

Since then, the Westport Taskforce has gathered information to enable a deeper understanding of how each option performs against the MCA-2 criteria.As work for the MCA-2 got underway, it became evident that two sub-options (Option D2 and Option E2) were required to allow separate assessment of a staged transition from the shared port options (Options D and E) to a stand-alone port in Kwinana. The transition Options D2 and E2 did not form part of MCA-1, but have now been added to the shortlist to enable investigations into infrastructure staging, timing and cost implications.

The addition of the two transition options highlights the complexity of Westport’s work and how the project has remained flexible to adapt to new inputs as required. This ensures that the best outcome can be achieved.The revised shortlist of options assessed in MCA-2 are summarised in Table 1 below. Options A to E are all end-state options, while Options D2 and E2 are transition options that both lead to Option B as the end-state.

Table 1: Summary of shortlist options assessed in MCA-2OptionDescription Operation

Option A KwinanaCockburn Sound North (vicinity Rowley Road) narrow island port with intermodal operations at Latitude 32End-state

Option B KwinanaCockburn Sound South (vicinity Anketell Road) conventional land-backed portEnd-state

Option C KwinanaCockburn Sound South (vicinity Anketell Road)conventional island portEnd-state

Option D Fremantle and Kwinana. Unmodified Fremantle Port shared with Cockburn Sound South (vicinity Anketell Road) medium conventional land-backed portEnd-state

Option D2 Fremantle and Kwinana. Unmodified Fremantle Port shared with Cockburn Sound South (vicinity Anketell Road) medium land-backed port transitioning to Cockburn Sound South (vicinity Anketell Road) land-backed port (Option B)Transition to Option B

Option E Fremantle and Kwinana. Slightly modified Fremantle Port shared with Cockburn Sound South (vicinity Anketell Road) medium conventional land-backed port with Blue HighwayEnd-state

Option E2 Fremantle and Kwinana. Slightly modified Fremantle Port shared with Cockburn Sound South (vicinity Anketell Road) medium land-backed port with Blue Highway, transitioning to Cockburn Sound South (vicinity Anketell Road) land-backed port (Option B)Transition to Option B


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Santa Claus and his helpers are back in Freo spreading Christmas cheer and paying for shoppers’ parking.

The big guy from the North Pole will be visiting car parks and businesses in the city centre on Mondays through to Thursdays, handing out lollies to the kids and paying for parking, from now right up until Christmas Eve.

For tips on Santa’s whereabouts and updates on the latest sightings, check out the City of Fremantle Facebook page.

If you see Santa and his elf grab a selfie and tag the City of Fremantle.

Along with free parking Santa, the City of Fremantle’s Christmas shopping initiative to provide two-hour free parking at all of its off-street car parks has kicked off today.

The free parking offer will run until Boxing Day and be available Monday to Thursday from 9am-4pm via the City of Fremantle’s PayStay mobile parking app.

To take advantage of the free parking offer all people need to do is download the PayStay app and activate their parking sessions via the app.

It is no longer a requirement to pre-load credit to use PayStay. People who download the app and register for the first time using a postcode in the Perth metro area will have their minimum credit balance and minimum top-up amount automatically set to zero.

People who have already registered with PayStay can login to their account on the website or the app and set their minimum balances to zero.

The PayStay app can be downloaded from the Apple App Store or Google Play, or by visiting the PayStay website.

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