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The forecast for today is 24 degrees and sunny so get out and about and (re)discover beautiful Fremantle.

Start at the Growers Green Farmers Markets at Fremantle College in Beaconsfield, open from 8am till midday.

Then have coffee at one of our delightful cafes, before checking out Open Day at Notre Dame University in the historic West End.

While there you can re-acquaint yourself with the Felice Varine yellow artwork along High Street, as a lot of people did yesterday.

And then it’s just about time for lunch or an afternoon drink at our inner city Bathers Beach, or at 1pm watch the firing of the cannon behind the Roundhouse, and visit the amazing Glen Cowans underwater photography gallery next to the old jail.

Freo is never boring!

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Nighthoops Aug 22


NIGHT HOOPS is having a very special event in Fremantle this coming Wednesday August 22 at the Hilton PCYC.

Come play a game of basketball and other games with Fremantle Dockers players between 4.30-6pm and enjoy a sausage sizzle as well.

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August 22. Shaun Tan bookweek


The Literature Centre at the Old Fremantle Hospital is celebrating Book Week next week and will open its galleries to the public on Wednesday August 22 from 4-8pm.

There will be children’s and young adults books and  book art for sale as well.

The centre is near the corner of Hampton Road and Knutsford Street.

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Arcs D'Ellipse


This is one of the last blog posts I am publishing about the removal issues with the Felice Varini yellow Arcs D’Ellipse artwork in Fremantle’s High Street, until the City of Fremantle has appointed a contractor and let us know the final costs of it.

But with all the negativity at the end of the artwork’s life I want to point out something we should not forget and underestimate in all of this.

There is absolutely no doubt from the many days that I was in the far West End-that is every day of the year-that there was a significant increase in visitors to Arthur’s Head, who were queueing up on the steps to get photos of the great optical illusion.

The expressions of delighted surprise when they ‘discovered’ the artwork were a real joy to watch and business owners nearby noticed a definite increase in visitors, as did the Roundhouse.

The promotion and marketing value of tens of thousands of photos being shared on social media of Freo’s historic High Street are immeasurable and something you just can not achieve with most tourism campaigns.

The High Tide Biennale that was under the umbrella of the Fremantle Festival added a new and very creative dimension to the tired festival and I can’t wait for next year to see what they come up with.

Yes, it is disappointing that there are serious issues with the removal of the artwork, but that is now being professionally addressed by the City of Fremantle. It is a very expensive inconvenience, but not a disaster. Fremantle is not falling apart, we did not have an earthquake like the poor people of Lombok, but we had an outstanding artwork by an internationally renowned artist that put us on the map as a progressive and creative city.  Let’s keep it in perspective!

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Here the media release by the City of Fremantle regarding the yellow art work removal in High Street:

Arc d’Ellipses removal goes to tender

A commitment to taking a ‘building by building’ approach to ensure safe and careful removal of the Arcs d’Ellipses artwork has prompted the City of Fremantle to undertake a formal tender process.

Internationally renowned artist Felice Varini used yellow-painted foil to create a striking optical illusion along High Street, Fremantle, as part of last year’s High Tide festival. After extending the artwork’s tenure on the back of its strong public acclaim, the City is currently working through the process to remove the foil.

Quotes were sought recently from a number of contractors but following review and evaluation the City has determined it will not accept any of these.

Instead, a more structured scope of works will be developed and a dedicated project manager assigned to work with building owners to create bespoke plans that consider the specific needs of each building.

Director Infrastructure and Projects Graham Tattersall said the City was committed to getting the artwork removed and buildings restored to their pre-installation condition in the most effective and sensitive way.

“Our priority is to ensure the foil comes off without impact on the buildings and so it’s important we are able to define and manage the most suitable and appropriate solution that considers each building’s individual characteristics,” he said.

“While the proposals we received in the initial request for quote were helpful in giving us a clearer picture of what is required, we were also concerned about the wide range of approaches, work methodologies and prices submitted – all of which were above the legislated threshold for councils to call for public tenders.

“On reflection, we felt the scope was probably too broad, and posed potential ambiguity and risks for contractors. We believe it’s best we take a ‘building by building’ approach that considers the varying conditions of the various facades, the different surfaces – and ensures the right solution for each situation.

“We appreciate the level of interest in the issue and our primary focus is to do this properly. We thank building owners for their understanding and patience and will work closely with them to ensure we get this right.”

Mr Tattersall said the City would ensure that building owners are kept briefed through the procurement and delivery process.

“We will continue to provide community updates as the project progresses,” he said


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Fremantle Professor Peter Newman was awarded the WA Premier’s Award of Scientist of the Year 2018 on Wednesday night.

Newman heads the Curtin University of Sustainable Policy-CUSP and is renowned as a sustainable cities advocate. He also strongly opposed the Roe 8 and Perth Freight Link.

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Fremantle creatives who want to improve their exposure and show their work to a large number of people now have the opportunity to rent at peppercorn rent! one of seven shops in the CBD that FREO NOW is making available in collaboration with the property owners. Three of the shop fronts are in the High Street Mall.

Contact: if you are keen to step into the retail adventure.

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There will be a lot of disappointed people who were too late yesterday to secure a ticket for the very first TEDx Fremantle event on September 16. The event, in the Drilhall of Notre Dame University, sold out in 40 minutes although the ticket price was a high $ 65.00!

Events organisers said they will try to do a live streaming into another venue, but that is just not the same.

I am disappointed that I won’t be able to report about the event here on Freo’s View because I too was too late to buy a ticket. ;>(

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If you like a sneak preview of the Defence Housing LIV Apartments at Fremantle’s Queen Victoria and Quarry Streets you can do that this Saturday from 1.30-4pm.

The stunning artwork by Rick Vermey alone is worth the trip, and it will be interesting also to see what the rest of the piazza that connects the two streets looks like.

And if you are looking to move into an apartment that is walking distance from the Fremantle train station with bus stop right in front of the building, go and have a look.

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A Fremantle building owner in historic High Street informed me late last evening that he had received a letter from City of Fremantle Director Infrastructure and Project Delivery, and acting CEO Graham Tattersall to let him know that the City had not accepted any of the quotes for the removal and make good of the Felice Varini yellow artwork Arcs D’Ellipse and that it would now go to a public tender process.

This delay will most likely mean that the removal and repaint won’t all be completed this year as the City would not want cherrypickers in historic High Street and the loss of parking bays during the Christmas shopping period.

A senior officer told me on Thursday that the quotes had been “all over the place” and that some where open ended because the cleaning and painting companies just did not know how much work would be involved. The officer suggested that more testing, on different buildings, might be required. He was adamant that the City wanted to get it absolutely right and hence the responsibility for the process was moved away from the arts officers and Community Development Department, because it was not their expertise. That makes a lot of sense to me.

The High Street building owner suggested that the public tender was necessary because the City’s own policy demands a public tender process for work over $ 150,000, so he assumed all the quotes/estimates had come in over that amount.

I also got a call from the City’s media officer late afternoon yesterday who said the City would send out a media release sometime today, but I am elsewhere occupied so won’t be able to deal with that till late this afternoon. Stay tuned!

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