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I just could not get in the groove this year, so my apologies for the inadequate photos of the Fremantle International Street Arts Festival, which really do not show the excellence of the traditional Easter long weekend event.

The City was packed with visitors from all over Perth, WA, Australia and from overseas, so I hope that many traders did get a benefit from it!

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Easter is a time of contemplation, and even more so for me this year because I have hardly been able to participate in the Fremantle Street Arts Festival due to sciatica and hay fever medication, which when combined made me feel like a zombie today.

But I was thinking how lucky JC, the one from the Bible, was that red tape and nanny-state did not exist when he was resurrected, because it would probably not be allowed in our modern and very restrictive times.

As a forward-looking and future-focused person I have of course started to plan my own resurrection, but red tape has made it extremely frustrating.

I admit that the Fremantle Planning Department in the past have issued warnings about the demolition by neglect of my own heritage body, but surely they could be a bit more flexible when it comes to my resurrection.

My planning/resurrection application for a slim 210cm body with great film star looks was considered to be unrealistic and the additional discretionary height-up from 175cm- was rejected because there was no evidence that my new looks would be anywhere near as good as the architect’s plans suggested. Dare I mention that there was also  extremely strong community opposition to my resurrection. There was even a petition with 57,000 signatures, which shows not even the people in mediocre Cockburn and Melville like me!

I did go to JDAP and SAT but they too believed my resurrection was of no great benefit to the Fremantle community. It’s a shame, because now you will all be missing out on another long weekend after Loopy is a goner. 😡😍 😴😲 😇 😳

I hope you had a brilliant long weekend in Freo!

Roel Loopers

PS:  I was raised a Protestant and was Christened, so absolutely no intention to be disrespectful to the believers! It’s just a bit of lighthearted fun. Relax.


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The WA State Government today announced they will be spending $ 230 million on replacing the ailing Fremantle Traffic Bridge. Work is planned to start within three years.

This comes timely after Westport Taskforce chair Nicole Lockwood recently stated that it looks like the best location for a new port will be at Kwinana, once Fremantle Ports reaches capacity, and that is still 15-20 years away according to experts.

There has been a strong reduction in freight on road and an increase of freight on rail since the latter was subsidised by the State Government, but there are still many days where the port is near empty.

Nicole Lockwood said that environmental concerns for a Kwinana Port could be dealt with by modern construction of a wharf on pylons, rather than a full concrete development that would do more damage to Cockburn Sound.

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road 1

road 2


Traffic ‘improvements’ no one wanted have started in South Fremantle at the Hampton Road and Scott Street intersection. Right-hand turns are now permanently disallowed there.

The right-turn ban out of the shopping centre car park at Scott Street remains and that is also nonsensical because it means all cars going north need to exit at Lloyd Street where most of the issues are, but the exit there will somehow be improved as part of this expensive and useless exercise by the City of Fremantle.

Improving the crosswalk for students and parents of the Beaconsfield Primary School and local users was the aim of the extensive community consultation, but a handful of Councillors decided they knew better than the locals, their own staff and Mainroads experts and decided to do it their way.

I use the intersection several times a day on foot and in the car, so I am very familiar with the issues.

What a shame their is no higher authority to go to to get this stupidity overruled.

This and other matters will be discussed tomorrow, Tuesday April 23 at the South Fremantle Precinct meeting at The Local from 6.30pm.

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Anzac Day


This year’s Fremantle Anzac Day dawn service at Monument Hull will be different when the Ode of Remembrance will be recited in Noongar language for the first time ever.

The Ode of Remembrance was written in 1914 and recounted at every Anzac Day service around the country.

 Last year Noongar Elder Professor Len Collard from the Australian Research Council and The University of Western Australia’s School of Indigenous Studies translated the Ode into Noongar language,”

Fremantle Mayor Brad Pettitt said that it will be a significant occasion for Fremantle, and that it furthers the City’s commitment for cultural inclusivity and respecting Aboriginal history and people.

The Dawn Service at Fremantle War Memorial commences at 5.50am, with a second service at North Fremantle’s Fallen Soldiers Memorial Park at 9am.

To assist people attending the Dawn Service, the City has organised designated free parking at Beach Street carparks (CP12A and CP12B) and John Curtin College of the Arts’ carpark (90 Ellen Street) until 12pm.

There will be a free shuttle bus service running from Beach Street and John Curtin College of the Arts to Monument Hill between 5-6am and 6.30-7.30am.

Fremantle’s Anzac Day program – Thursday 25 April 2019
• 5.50 – 6.30am: Dawn Service, Fremantle War Memorial, Monument Hill, Knutsford Street
• 9 – 9.30am: North Fremantle Service, Fallen Soldier Memorial, corner Queen Victoria Street and Harvest Road
• 10.15 – 10.45am: Anzac Day March, Esplanade Reserve, Marine Terrace and surrounds
• 10.45 – 11.30am: Closing Ceremony, Esplanade Reserve, Marine Terrace

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Here just a few impressions of what Fremantle looks like during the Street Arts Festival. I did my back so could not stay on, but will shoot some more pics the next two days

Hundreds of people were wandering around the Cappuccino Strip well before noon, so not really sure why the performances there only start at 1pm, but a few lucky ones knew the entertainment did start on the Esplanade at 12.

Really good vibe around town, happy people and happy smiling children, and the sun was shining.

Come and enjoy the fun. It is on all day Sunday and Monday from midday!

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heritage 1

heritage 2


There has been so much talk over the last couple of months about the preservation of Fremantle heritage and the need to stabilise Arthur’s Head and preserve the Roundhouse that these two old photos I noticed at Sandrino’s yesterday made me feel a bit nostalgic.

The old Tram building facade in High Street is still standing and is now home to the lovely Chalkys cafe. Unfortunately a previous council allowed the horrendously ugly No 1 High Street building to be built which is an eyesore when one looks down on it from the Roundhouse.

Victoria Quay is still a feature for Freo but the old sheds have been neglected badly and Fremantle Ports really does need to do some urgent preservation work on the A and C sheds.

There are other heritage photos on display outside Sandrino’s so go and have a look-and a pizza!

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Start portrait shooting, Freo and beyond! The great Fremantle International Portrait Prize biennial is on again this year in early May and it is open to all!

The very popular event attracted over 1,500 entries last time and the judges expect to have to go through even more stunning portrait photography entries this year.

The not-for-profit event has raised $ 55,000 for a good cause so far and this year will donate to The Kai Eardly Fund and Arthritis&Osteoporosis WA.

There are $ 20,000 in prizes to be won so check out the Facebook page for more information.

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Good to see that it is relatively busy in Fremantle with quite a few people around.

The Fremantle Markets are open and many of the Cappuccino strip cafes and eateries, so no need to stay at home.

Easter is the time where we are supposed to eat fish and where the price for fish always increases, so there were plenty of people on the North Mole this morning trying to catch their own Easter dinner.

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weather one

weather 2


No signs of major storm damage in Fremantle. A few broken branches along Riverside Drive in East Freo and along Point Walter Road but that’s it. At present the sun is even shining in Beaconsfield, so I might not need the heater today after all.

Some THIS IS FREMANTLE banners at South Terrace got loose but not ripped.

I hear people say the new Destination Marketing banners are supportive of Alzheimer sufferers as they now always know they are in Freo, but my theory is that Fremantle Council has, as always, been leading the way and future focused.

In case those ‘pesky Chinese or North Koreans’ jam the satellites and all GPS systems break down people who drive or ride into our gorgeous port city will just have the Eureka moment- AAAAH, we are in Fremantle. 😇

There could be some nice rainbows today. Go and have a look!

Roel Loopers

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