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Tired of your boring white bathroom basin, or in the process of renovating or building a new house?

Go check out the gorgeous colourful basins at the Zinongo Gallery on Lefroy Road in Beaconsfield and meet the charming potter Njalikwa Zongwe.

Njalikwa creates many more things than basins, so go and have a browse this weekend!

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pub 1

pub 4


There is a lot of activity all over Fremantle where the hospitality venues are getting ready for the near normal that will be in place from midnight tonight.

They are all expecting large crowds to come to Freo and enjoy a cold drink and a meal on a warm winter day.

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Duyfken 1


My daily loitering with intent paid off late this morning when I came across the replacing of a mast at the Duyfken replica at the Sardine Wharf in Fremantle’s Fishing Boat Harbour.

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Gypsy Tapas


The very Freo mobile barista at Gypsy Tapas in Queen Street might no longer be needed when we are going to near normal stage from midnight tonight where hospitality venues are allowed to have 100 customers, and the bigger ones up to 300 if they can create separate areas.

The National Hotel will have live music all weekend, Char Char  and Cicerello’s are open again and Kailis in the Fishing Boat Harbour will also re-open from tomorrow.

Little Creatures announced that as soon as they have found solutions to keep staff and patrons safe and can adhere to the Covid-19 social distancing requirements they will also reopen.

I am expecting, and hoping for, a very busy weekend in Fremantle, one that our traders have been hanging out for for months, so be patient when there is more traffic on the road, parking spots harder to find and a lot of people walking around.

When visiting pubs be aware that only table service will be available, so it might take a wee bit longer to get a drink or a meal, but after waiting for so long that should not be an issue. Staff will try their very best to be fast and efficient, so relax, chill, be nice and enjoy the moment, and remember that the pandemic is not over by a long shot, so keep your distance, wash your hands!

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I received some updates from the Pipes for Fremantle project by the Water Corporation, which is happening all over the Fremantle CBD.

At the moment they are replacing the pipes between Market Street and Henry Street along High Street. From there they will be doing Henry Street to Little High Street and the details will be announced before July 17.

Work in Essex Street will be done between late July and late August.

In Leake and Cantonment streets they will be working from mid August to late September.

They will then be in Nairn Street from early to late September, and in Norfolk Street from early October till early November.

There are some traffic delays and road closures in Market Street, High Street and Pakenham Street currently, so best to avoid the area and drive through Cliff Street.

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Slip Street


Slip Street at Fremantle Port is one of my favourite little streets in town.  I believe it has huge potential to one day become a real attraction with bars, restaurants, etc. once TAFE moves on and the development of Victoria Quay becomes a reality.

The old buildings are getting a facelift by replacing the corrugated walls and roofs and it already looks a whole lot better.

Slip Street is a great backdrop for wedding photos and family portraits.

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As always the debate about council rates being raised or not rising in Fremantle has become political, with both sides of the argument saying the other side is wrong, so what is really happening?

Is Fremantle Council, as reported in the Fremantle Herald last week, raising rates by 10% or is there no rise in rates revenue?

The simple question here for me is do property owners pay more in rates this coming financial year than they did last year? Do they who paid e.g. $ 2,000 in rates last time, have to pay $ 2,200 this time?

To make the debate more factual and apolitical I copy the comment from Ian Kerr, who does not live in Fremantle, but who was a Councillor at the City of Vincent for 14 years:

Because the Valuer-General has revised GRV down in a falling property market, City of Fremantle needs to increase the rate in dollar by 10% in order to maintain the same level of rate revenue in total. Overall, ratepayers will pay the the same amount as previously.
As always in such revaluations, some values will have been adjusted by more than others, so some people will find they are paying less and others (especially those that have made improvements to their property) will pay more. This is always difficult to explain to ratepayers (as I know from 14 years on Vincent Council) but Council has no say in this – and the Valuer General is required, by law, to undertake a revaluation every three years.

I hope Ian Kerr’s comments clarify the issue.

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I bumped into Ruth and Nigel Goodman of Bitches Brew framers, printers and artspace in High Street, and Ruth came up with this great idea to get activity going and bring shoppers back into Fremantle.

She suggested we should do a Christmas in July, with street stalls selling hot chocolate, mulled wine, window displays, Father Christmas, etc. and I believe that should be supported by the City of Fremantle and Chamber of Commerce, who could coordinate and promote the event, maybe on a weekend, starting Friday night?

Let’s get out there and support our local traders, now that we are getting a semblance of normality back!

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KS 1

KS 2

KS 3


Sirona Capital is adding some definition at street level of the Henderson Street carpark, with the installation of windows, and that looks a lot better than the black hoardings.

At The Walyalup Civic Centre detailed work has started on the main Kings Square entrance and brickwork. Personally I can’t wait for our new council building to open later this year.

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Here a very welcome message from Jim Cathcart, the director of the Fremantle Arts Centre:

“I am pleased to let you know Fremantle Arts Centre re-opens to the public on Monday 15 June.

In the galleries we are presenting Revealed 2020: New and Emerging WA Aboriginal Artists and Tim Leura Tjapaltjarri in WA: Hunter Dreaming. Both exhibitions will run until Sunday 26 July.

Our shop FOUND and reception also re-open on Monday 15 June, while Canvas Café and FAC’s beautiful grounds are already open. Meanwhile, FOUND online is open for business 24/7 at

In relation to FAC’s courses, we will present a July Kids’ School Holiday Program, with a full Term 3 Adults’ Program to follow. The classes, dates and booking information will be announced as they become available.

From Mon 15 June – Tue 30 June we will be open 10am–4pm, 7 days.

We will, of course, be implementing all the necessary public health protocols and social distancing measures that have become common over the past few months.

I look forward to seeing you soon, back at FAC.”

– Jim Cathcart, Director

To read Jim’s full statement visit

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