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It had been surprisingly cool after the hot weekend, with the strong sea breeze creating quite a chill when one walks around.

I took a few Fremantle Port photos around 1pm on Wednesday while I was almost being blown off the South Mole.

It was a rare sight to see the tugs ‘dancing’ bow to bow.

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yellow art


The City of Fremantle has reacted to the ‘exclusive’ in the West Australian earlier this week about the removal issues with the yellow artwork along High Street, so I’ll publish that unedited below:

“The work program for the removal of the artwork and its timing were developed in consultation with the building owners. Works started on 2 January at the Round House end of High Street. Works to numbers 1, 2, 4a and 4 will be complete by 23 January. We will then move to number 6 and work our way up the north side of High Street and back down the other side. Work is currently programmed until mid-March.

A photographic/measured survey has been carried out on each building and the method being applied and area of the works was agreed with each owner prior to commencement. The remediation works not only address the areas that were covered by the yellow foil, but entire ‘panels’ of buildings, so that work does not appear as ‘patching’ but a more complete remediation to ensure an acceptable blended finish.

Step 1 is removal of the yellow foil. Foil is removed by abrasive action. This is similar to normal prep work which might be carried out prior to painting. The contractor is using a couple of different methods. For painted render, painted brickwork, timber frames and metal window bars, removal is through the use of a hand-held grinder fitted with a silicon carbide stripping disk. For more intricate areas such as tuck pointed brickwork and decorative scrolls, a hand-held scraper is used.

Step 2 is preparation. In addition to removing any small remaining pieces of foil (from step 1), the team are filling, carrying out minor repairs, scraping off loose paint, sanding and washing down the building. After that, if any additional cracks are uncovered as part of the wash-down they are also filled and sanded.

Step 3 is painting. Samples of the existing paintwork are taken and matched. A high quality paint is being used.

The approved budget for the removal of the artwork project is $211,000.

The majority of owners have been entirely happy with the process. Owners and tenants are being kept well informed. City officers are on-site daily to ensure works are progressing as agreed. As each building is completed, the City will meet with the owner to ensure they are satisfied with the work that has been done.

The contractor is doing an extremely good job and is very thorough. Officers will continue to actively engage with the contractor throughout the project and are very confident the project will provide a quality outcome. Officers also continue to liaise with representatives of the Heritage Council, who are happy with both the progress, the extent and the quality of the preparation and repainting works.

One property owner has initiated legal proceedings against the City, which the City will defend vigorously.

While the difficulties with removing the artwork – and the additional costs – are unfortunate, they should not overshadow the fact that the artwork was a great success which attracted thousands of people to the West End and contributed to their favourable impression of Fremantle.”


In fairness I need to add that former Fremantle Mayor Peter Tagliaferri claims that he did not give the City permission to use the building he owns at 7 High Street for the public artwork, so if Tagliaferri’s claim is correct the City trespassed and engaged in property vandalism, but the court will rule no doubt on that as well in due course.


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The first Politics in the Pub of 2019 by the Fremantle Network will deal with a very controversial topic. Should We Change the Date of Australia Day?

It is happening straight after the Australia Day long weekend on Tuesday the 29th at The Local hotel in South Fremantle.

Proceedings start at 7pm and all are welcome. The bar and kitchen will be open!

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HUB NIGHTS ON HENRY at Fremantle’s Moore&Moore cafe sounds like a great idea, so I hope it will get a lot of support from the local community, artists and musicians.

A great new experience where local musicians and artists showcase their talents with the community.

Unstructured jam sessions for musicians to play and a space for experts from all forms of art to share their knowledge to eager listeners. 🎤🎼

Join them on the first Thursday of every month at Moore & Moore Cafe
Want to perform or get more details? Get more info by emailing:


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Fremantle Council’s FPOL Committee will this evening decide if it will approve the tender by Astute Trust, trading as Zenien Pty Ltd for the installation of new CCTV cameras in the CBD, and authorise the CEO to discuss the scope of work with the preferred tenderer, to meet the financial limits of the Federal Government Safer Communities grants.

The tender is to:

  • add 25 fixed high definition 360 degree CCTV cameras
  • install 5 fixed Automatic Number Plate Recognition cameras
  • purchase two mobile CCTV trailers
  • install fibre optic within the CBD
  • future expansion to other locations outside the CBD.

The City of Fremantle received a Federal Government grant of $ 928,390 for this project.

That the Finance, Policy, Operations and Legislation committee acting under delegation 1.1:
1. Accepts the tender submitted for tender FCC529/18 by The Trustee for Astuta Trust t/as Zenien Pty Ltd, for the supply and install new CCTV infrastructure and upgrade existing.
2. Approves the Chief Executive Officer to negotiate with The Trustee for Astuta Trust t/as Zenien Pty Ltd on the basis of amendments to the scope of work to deliver the services for the amount of $928,390 (ex GST), as provided for by the Federal Government Safer Communities Grant and any contractual variations, in accordance with Regulation 20 of the Local Government (Functions and General) Regulations 1996.


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kings square


It is interesting to see how the top level addition to the former MYER building at Kings Square makes the building look less bulky.

Probuild are hard at work for Sirona Capital to finish the Kings Square Redevelopment Project by the end of this year.

The new City of Fremantle Civic Centre building should also start soon and be completed by mid next year.

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j shed


The City of Fremantle is seeking applications from groups, organisations or individuals for the use of Unit 1 and 4, J Shed.

Unit 1 and 4, J Shed are located within the Bathers Beach Art Precinct (BBAP) and is ideal as an individual or shared studio space.

BBAP is a dynamic, innovative and authentic art and culture area and applicants will need to showcase how their proposal will benefit the area.

Applications close Friday 1 February 2019.

On-site viewings

By appointment only on:

  • Wednesday 23 January 3–4pm.
  • Tuesday 29 January 10–11am.


More information

Contact Senior Project Officer Arts & Culture, Mandy Hawkhead on


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Some traders in Fremantle’s popular Wray Avenue claim that the City of Fremantle fails to clean their street regularly.

Calls to send the street sweeper have been ignored they say, while one shop owner sent me a photo of a gutter full with leaves when the City had stated that the street sweeper had been through there.

Down in Beaconsfield a home owner has been asking for a replacement rubbish bin for over ten days but nothing has happened and the damaged bin is still out on the street.

At the same time Fremantle Council has signed off on spending over a million dollars to introduce a third-FOGO– bin.

Maybe best to do the basics first hey!

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The integrity of the West Australian newspaper is on the line with yet again another claim of exclusivity when in fact the article reports absolutely nothing new.

It has been well known in Fremantle for months that former Mayor Peter Tagliaferri has taken a writ out against the City of Fremantle and wants $ 50,000 to repair and repaint the facade of his building on the corner of High and Cliff streets for the removal of the yellow foil of the Felice Varini artwork.

But that has not stopped the only daily newspaper in Perth from claiming today that the article is exclusive. Bull….!

In the meantime painters are working hard to remedy the damage and the first three buildings they have almost done look pretty good to a layman like me.

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clouds 1

clouds 2


Interesting clouds over Fremantle this morning and a chance of a shower tomorrow, according to BOM.

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