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The Committee for Perth and the RAC have started the first comprehensive year-long traffic study named Get a Move On! and the first survey conducted came up with following findings:

The survey conducted during October and early November of more than 2,000 people found that:
• 71% of people use their car because it’s convenient, 70% because it’s faster
• 64% of drivers are frustrated by congestion
• 65% of train users believe it’s overcrowded, compared to 42% of bus users
• 65% of people use buses because it’s cost efficient, compared to 56% of train users
• Only 48% of bus users found it convenient
• 96% of cyclists and 87% of walkers did it because it provided health benefits
• 59% of cyclists have safety concerns
• 53% of cyclists say there is a lack of cycleways
• The average cost of paying for parking is $9.70 a day
• Light rail is the number one public transport option for middle and inner areas of the CBD

It is interesting that recent reports from the Public Transport Authority have found a dramatic reduction in public transport users in Perth, so no wonder our roads are getting more and more congested. Investing in new roads but not in public transport is short-sighted madness. Don’t take my word for it. It’s the opinion of many international city planners and traffic experts.

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