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In this shop in Fremantle’s Market Street YOUR on camera, so maybe they should also have a SAIL 70% off everything. ; >)

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I often noticed the puzzled or annoyed expression of people who try to buy parking tickets in Fremantle. I have heard many times that the credit card facility does not work or is hard to navigate, so how many people does it take to pay for parking in good old Freo?

The text on the machines is also small and hard to read, and of course it’s only in English. Any ideas how we can improve this and make it easier?

I would love to see the City of Fremantle recognise more that we are a destination for international visitors and install multi-lingual wayfinding signs, or interactive ones that on touch will display the language the foreign visitors speak. I would also like the hospitality industry to supply multi-lingual menus, or even better a tablet with the flag ikons of countries so that patrons can read the main menu in Japanese, Chinese, etc.

At the Roundhouse one of the most appreciated services is the translations we have in many languages. It is a basic service to international tourists, so if a volunteer organisation can do it surely professionals and governments can do something similar

Roel Loopers

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