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Fremantle NOTRE DAME UNIVERSITY has appointed Dr Gervase Chaney as the new Dean of Medicine.

Dr Chaney graduated with a Bachelor of Medicine from the University of Western Australia in 1990 and became a Fellow of the Royal Australian College of Physicians in 1998. Dr Chaney has been a practicing consultant paediatrician since 1999, working predominantly at Perth’s sole tertiary paediatric hospital, Princess Margaret Hospital for Children (PMH). Working initially in the Emergency Department, he moved into a General Paediatric position in 2004.

Dr Chaney has served in numerous leadership and management roles throughout his career at PMH. From 1999 – 2006, he was the Director of Postgraduate Medical Education. From 2006 – 2011 he was Director, Clinical Planning and Reform and from 2009 – 2015, the Clinical (Medical lead), New Perth Children’s Hospital Project. In 2015, Dr Chaney was appointed the Executive Director of PMH and in 2016 was appointed Executive Director Commissioning Perth Children’s Hospital.

In addition to his clinical and leadership roles at PMH, Dr Chaney has undertaken significant National and State leadership roles in health, most significantly as President of the Paediatrics and Child Health Division of the Royal Australasian College of Physicians, and has been an active member of numerous volunteer and charitable committees and boards.

Dr Chaney has been involved with the Notre Dame Medical School since its planning days, serving on the original curriculum committee and has been involved with the clinical teaching of medical students since the School opened in 2006.


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Hello boys and girls, this is your uncle Roelie, the regular provider of fake Freo news, the new council spin doctor(sorry Jason and Paul!), and the election campaign manager for Bradman for the Entire Universe and Beyond, according to a Fakebook page.

Uncle Roelie went to the Fremantle Townhall to check out the displays about the Kings Square Project development. Not that he really needed it, because he has been involved in it from the very first start and community consultation.

Your old senile uncle, who can’t get his facts right, met the Sirona Capital managing director Matthew McNeilly at the first walk around the area to look at connectivity, sightlines, etc. and went to every Kings Square session after that, including the citizenship jury.

But unlike others, I believe it is not good to be ingnorant, and that one should be informed and have the facts before one makes comments, so hence my visit to the beautiful Townhall to see if I could update my knowledge.

Mayor Brad Pettitt and Sirona’s Matthew McNeilly were there, and I saw Councillor Jon Strachan and his partner Cathy Hall, and Beacy election candidate Fedele Camarda was also there, as was developer Bruce Moriarty.

A comment I read, claiming that this Council had not achieved much in the last eight years is not based on facts, yet again. Fremantle has got unprecedented development happening and in the pipeline, that we have not seen in the port city in forty years.

If the Barnett State Government had earlier committed to the Department of Housing moving to Fremantle, the Kings Square development could have been ready by now.

But boys and girls, it’s always easier to blame council rather than dealing with facts. As for Uncle Roelie, he’ll be at the Fremantle Council ordinary meeting tonight to make sure he knows what he’s talking about.

Good night boys and girls. Sleep well!


Roel Loopers



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rainbow flag


There is a big pro marriage equality rally under the Fremantle Rainbow sculpture on Friday at 5 pm, and Fremantle Council is flying the rainbow flag high as well.

Love is not sexist or gender bias. People who love each other should be able to marry, and it does not matter if they are same sex couples.

Voting YES matters a lot to very many people who want to commit themselves to their partner.


Roel Loopers


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Fremantle mayoral candidate Ra Stewart does not want to engage with this blog, probably because she is too worried about getting informed criticism. Instead she copies blog posts on her FB page and then claims I create fake news, which is defamatory.

By doing it this way she ensures her supporters can write nasty rubbish about me, instead of she getting critical comments on Freo’s View.  It’s the coward’s way of communication.

This from her page:

Not only did Freo’s View announce Dr Brad Pettitt was running for Mayor before he did by a good 3 days, but they also seem to be a fan of creating and distributing fake news. Are they the Council’s bugle?

My position on Australia Day is that the current Council did not consult with the community as a whole.
” Ms Stewart said while she was happy to have the conversation, the council’s decision to move the celebrations had lacked consultation.”

Both the West Australian and Fremantle Herald have reported that Ra Stewart had said she would change Australia Day events back to the original date, so no fake news at all.

A comment by a South Freo uninformed fool claims that I am on a promise from the Mayor and Councillors. He made that claim some years ago as well stating that the Mayor had promised me a seat on Council. The ignoramus does not even understand the democratic process and that none of the Elected Mmbers have the power to put me on Council.

Ra Stewart, you are the one putting incorrect accusations on your Facebook page, and your ego can’t handle it when I correct you.  Get your facts right, do your homework, and I’ll have nothing to criticise you for.  That’s probably too much to ask.

I indeed announced Brad Pettitt’s campaign three days before he officially did, because it had been accidentally posted on Facebook, and I noticed it in my lead. The Mayor asked me to delete it, which I subsequently did, so what is the conspiracy bullshit about Ra?

I explained that in detail on this blog, but Ms Stewart ignores that because it does not suit her agenda.


Roel Loopers


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nf 4


It is such a delight to find a community garden in an urban environment, as is the case in North Fremantle.

The garden, together with a few scarecrows, is next to the North Fremantle Bowling Club, so go and have a look one day.

There are some great cafes and restaurants in the lovely North Freo hub, so go north across the bridges this weekend for breakfast!


Roel Loopers



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ccb 1


Good to see the extension to the Char Char Bull restaurant in Fremantle’s Fishing Boat Harbour is nearing completion.

The new Piazza has been ready for over two months but the work at CCB means the public car park is still not open to the public.

It is a little disappointing that the new building did not copy the saw-tooth roof of Cicerello’s next door, as it looks like a cheap add-on unfortunately.

But with some interesting furniture and good interior design they might still pull it off. I hope so!

With the new Han’s opening last week there is only one more spot to be filled; the forlorn looking former Mussel Bar.


Roel Loopers


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Kings Square


If you want to know more about the Fremantle KINGS SQUARE PROJECT head to the Townhall on Wednesday-tomorrow!

From 11 am to 2 pm there will be information boards inside the atrium to have a look at and I assume there will be people there you can have a chat with.

The Visitor Centre will be relocated during the construction of the new Civic Centre and will be in front of the Townhall close to the High Street Mall.


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I noticed this on Facebook, so check out the page for Hamilton Hill Community Group.

It’s a great project that deserves to be supported!

Hi Hamilton Hill!
We are working on some public art, which will incorporate images of our suburb’s architectural heritage!

And we need your help:
Send us an image of a house in Hamilton Hill that best captures the heritage or aspirations of houses in our suburb. It could be old, new, traditional, modern, big or small.
It could be your own house or any other house in Hamilton Hill you admire.

We need your suggestions by next Monday, 28th August! Contact:
Happy snapping!


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The popular FALLS FESTIVAL, that was held at Kings Square in January this year, will be back again on January 6 and 7, 2018, but this time in the Fremantle Oval Precinct.

It will take over the oval, historic sites, Parry Street and some car parks, and it will have a pass-out policy, so that people attending the festival can roam around Freo and support local traders.

The FALLS FESTIVAL line-up is great:

Flume/ Fleet Foxes / Run The Jewels / The Kooks / Glass Animals/ Peking Duk / Angus & Julia Stone / Foster The People / Liam Gallagher / Vince Staples / Jungle / Dune Rats / The Smith Street Band / D.R.A.M / Daryl Braithwaite / Everything Everything / Allday / The Jungle Giants / Thundamentals / Methyl Ethel / Slumberjack / D.D Dumbo / Anna Lunoe / DZ Deathrays / Confidence Man / Julia Jacklin / Bad//Dreems / Cosmo’s Midnight / Winston Surfshirt / Luca Brasi / Alex Lahey / Camp Cope / Flint Eastwood / Ecca Vandal / Dave / Total Giovanni

Friends of Falls pre-sales commence at 9am local time Thursday 24 August.
Optus Perks pre-sales commence at 9am local time Friday 25 August.
General Sales commence 9am local time Tuesday 29 August.

To receive updates, become a subscriber –

I love the idea of using Parry Street, and acknowledge that it might affect traffic and parking in the area, but it will be great for the creative activation of the area, and a good sign of things to come when the planned Fremantle Oval Project is finished.

Freo is on the move in a very positive way!


Roel Loopers


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The Fremantle Network event about art in Fremantle at the National Hotel was yet again a very informative community session. Tom Mueller of PS Art Space in Pakenham Street and Robby Lang of the Fibonacci Centre in Blinco Street spoke about their art hubs.

Mueller said it was special to operate out of a federation style brick and iron heritage building, built in 1907. To financially support their arts program PSAS had to diversify through private functions such as weddings, birthday parties, corporate functions, etc. This allowed them to plan their art exhibitions two years ahead.

Small art businesses needed to be adaptive and PSAS tried to make their shows all about giving people a voice, and an honest and emotional response to art, Mueller said.

It is all about the conservation with the community and being open to change, and about creating something in the big warehouse space of the building.

There are 36 studios upstairs with practising artists, but also an architect, and there is the Studio 37 cafe on the ground floor as well.

PSAS had host the Fashion Collective and Hidden Treasures music festival.

Robby Lang of The Fib said that creative people don’t like to work for someone else, and that’s why he started the arts incubator 15 years ago in a run-down warehouse in an industrial area.

People are looking for a different way to exist and keep out of the rat race, and artists look at the cracks in society.

The Fib has art studios, but also a central space for exhibitions and functions, and a cafe.

Lang said it was all about giving people the opportunity to do their own things, and it was not purely about art. It is an environment where people can hang out, express themselves, and feel safe.

You have to be massively flexible and open to what people want to do within the space of the Fib. Micro management only limits your own imagination.

The industrial area he started The Fib in 15 years ago has now changed and there are a lot of creative businesses in the surrounding streets. It probably needs its own branding as an arts precinct, Robby Lang said.

Fremantle is brave enough to take chances and make changes and that is good, as nobody looks back in history where people played it safe. Fremantle has the opportunity to embrace things that are a bit scary and new.

The Fib has been a fantastic journey but a financial disaster, he laughed.

The next project is a movable creative container space for makers and sellers, but council regulations often made it difficult to get innovative things off the ground.

During the public discussion Tom Mueller said that the age of entitlement for artists is over and that relying on public funding was not on anymore. Artists can’t rest on their laurels.

J Shed sculptor Greg James said that an art space is primarily where people create art, and it is not a tourist destination, but the license he has with the City of Fremantle requires him to be open to the public 20 hours a week and that interrupted the work flow and productivity.

I agree that Fremantle Council needs to revisit the Bathers Beach Arts Precinct and be clear about what it wants to achieve. An arts hub of makers is not going to greatly activate the area, and if the City wants to create a Freo Montmartre it needs to come up with more innovative ideas for the area.

Robby Lang said it was important for artists to take chances and that an alternative culture needs to happen in Fremantle.

It was a really interesting couple of hours with two very good and likeable speakers!

Roel Loopers

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