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Fremantle Mayor Brad Pettitt will be nominating for the Greens upper house for the Southmetro state seat, but that will now have to go to the party’s very rigorous preselection process, and it will have to be seen if other members nominate or if Pettitt is the only nominee.

I have no idea how long that process by the Greens will be, but if Pettitt wins the preselection he will probably have to stand down as Fremantle Mayor well before the October 2021 local government election, so might that mean a by-election for Freo?

Time will tell.

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Fremantle will have four new Councillors after the count of votes this evening for the Local Government Election 2019, with Jon Strachan the only one of the three sitting members losing his seat for South Fremantle .

There were some close calls, the closest one in Beaconsfield where the difference was just 32 votes.

Here all the results:

HILTON: Frank Mofflin 571, Lynn McLaren 372, Tony Miosic 326

EAST: Su Groome 801. Michelle Cunningham 383

SOUTH: Marija Vujcic 937, Jon Strachan 849

CITY: Rachel Pemberton 680, John Dowson 588, Julie Morgan 357

NORTH: Bryn Jones 826, Steve Woods 507

BEACONSFIELD: Geoff Graham 531, Gemma Hohnen 499, Chris Jenkins 351

My apologies for posting the results so late but a very officious gent played it by his own rules and even disallowed the media from taking photos or using mobile phones. It was the slowest vote count I have ever been part of.

My sincere thanks to all the candidates who stepped up and wanted to represent their community. You are all special people!

Returned postal votes in Fremantle were 35.45% with close to 300 ballot papers handed in at the Townhall on Saturday in addition to that.

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If you have not voted for the Fremantle local government election yet, today Tuesday is the last day for your postal vote, but you can still drop off your ballot paper at Fremantle Council at Fremantle Oval until Friday 5pm and at the Fremantle Townhall on Saturday till 6pm.

Up until today only 28.82% of eligible voters have returned their vote for the Fremantle Council election and that is disappointing-as always.

South Ward is leading voters’ participation with 33.51% while East Ward is the lowest with only 24.20% of voters returner their vote.


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With only ten days to go until the local government election votes will be counted on October 19 the low participation in Fremantle is very disappointing so far, so people get off your lazy arses, instead of complaining throughout the year!

East Ward has had a voter participation of only 14.65%, City Ward 19.65%, South Ward is second best with 21.02% and North Ward is second last with only 16.28% of voters having returned their ballot paper.

Hilton tops it with 20.04% and Beaconsfield is also low with only 17.96% of voter participation up till the close of business today.

It really is not good enough to whinge about and criticise our council when the vast majority of people can’t even bother to do a postal vote. We should be better than that and more engaged with local politics, Freo!

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Nothing irritates me more than political candidates making statements and accusations based on ignorance, which again is often based on pure laziness because they refuse to inform themselves.

Such is the case with Michelle Cunningham, the candidate for East Ward of Fremantle Council at this year’s local government elections.

Fist I read on Facebook, on the South Ward Precinct page, that Cunningham had heard that precincts carefully groom political candidates. If she attended precinct meetings she would know better. It is also insulting to say this because the precinct convenors give their time to the community to organise meetings and events and liaise with City staff and councillors.

Then Cunningham accuses the City of Fremantle of doing noting about the Fremantle Public Golf Course, that will be affected by the widening of High Street for the High Street Upgrade Project freight improvements by Mainroads WA.

It is public knowledge and was reported in the media and here on Freo’s View that the City has appointed a design team with a golf course designer and architect to redesign the golf course so that it won’t lose two holes.

As also reported here yesterday the coming FPOL Committee of Fremantle Council will this Wednesday consider a project for a new clubhouse and cafe on the edge of the public golf course and Booyembara Park.

My suggestion to Michelle Cunningham is that before she shoots off at the mouth she actually takes the time to inform herself, because she is just looking very stupid by making these ignorant comments. She does not look like a very good option for a new councillor for East Ward in my books.

For Cunningham’s information here the facts:

The proposed collocation of the building provides the City with numerous potential benefits, these include:

  •   design and construction cost efficiencies
  •   shared services
  •   shared amenities
  •   increased capacity and activation
  •   improved passive security
  •   shared car parking
  •   reduced operating costs.


In reaching agreement to proceed with MRWA and key stakeholders, the City has committed to ensuring a suitable replacement community facility and the provision of a remediated Fremantle Public Golf Course with similar facilities and functionality, these include:

 A 9 hole golf course
 Minimum par 34
 Maximised course length
 Similar sized driving range facility (including an equivalent number of bays)  Comparable practice facilities including putting green
 Similar size / function of clubhouse facility
 Full irrigation system
 Minimal tree removal – offset by new tree planting
 Safety compliance
 Suitable car parking and access
 Minimal impacts on Booyeembara Park.

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In a fortnight today voted will be counted for the Western Australian local government elections, so have YOU voted for Freo yet?

Fremantle Council will change after October 19 because three sitting members have not nominated, so they can’t be re-elected.

Don’t be complacent and think that your vote does not matter much because it does! There notoriously is a small voter participation at local council elections and only a handful of votes can make the difference which of the candidates wins the election and gets a seat on Fremantle Council, so VOTE!

Local councils make crucial decisions for their local communities so it is real and tangible grassroots democracy where you are consulted and have a say in the future of your city and suburb.

Grab your ballot paper this weekend, tick a box, sign the declaration, stick it in the reply paid envelope and put it in a mail box.

Good luck to all the candidates and thank you for nominating and stepping up!

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The ballot papers for the local government election have now been arriving, so make sure to tick a box, sign and put it in a return envelope and in the mail box.

It is a simple procedure that makes a whole lot of difference, so take advantage of this important democratic right and vote!

Your vote will help decide who will represent the Fremantle community on our council, so it is very important that everyone participates, no matter which candidate you prefer.

The election is on October 19 when votes will be counted in the Townhall from 6pm.

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I find the election poster of Marija Vucjic for Fremantle South Ward rather confusing. What is the message of the photo and the symbolism of the sledge hammer?

Does Marija want to wreck Fremantle should she be elected on Council?

Strange. Very strange campaigning indeed, and not the kind of message I, as a South Ward voter, makes me want to vote for her.

Marija is locking horns with sitting member Jon Strachan, so with only two candidates in South Ward she and Jon have a 50% chance.

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The Fremantle local government election is on October 19 and two wards are having a candidate forum tonight.

At 6.30 South Ward will meet at The Local hotel where people can ask questions to sitting member Jon Strachan and his opponent Maria Vujcic.

At the same time City Ward can come and listen to what their candidates have to say at Tannock Hall in Cliff Street, opposite the Fremantle Herald.

Come and listen to incumbent Rachel Pemberton and her opponents Julie Morgan and John Dowson’s plans for the future of Fremantle.

This election will definitely see three new Councillors for Hilton, Beaconsfield and East Ward, so Fremantle Council will change.


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Local government election candidate events are always interesting because the community is divided on many issues, but the packed room at The Local hotel showed that Fremantle people are passionate about their city.

The Trumpian quote of the night for me came from candidate Michelle Cunningham who told the crowd that she is a scientist and is not worried about climate change, because it really is very slow. Yep, that might well be, but we were talking about the future of Fremantle, with one public speaker warning that our heritage buildings would be two metres under water because of climate change and the rising oceans.

Chris Jenkins said he wanted a free public transport zone in and around Fremantle so people could come to Freo for free. I wonder if the State Government will be happy to fund that.

Gemma Hohnen wants more informal recreation for the community to connect, while Julie Morgan wants a seniors and disability shopping card and council to focus on local issues. Rachel Pemberton wants the community to have a say and to prioritise projects council wants to undertake, which would create genuine decision-making by the community.

Su Groome mentioned the Newcaste model of revitalising the inner city and that new buildings should be true to Fremantle’s character.

Lynn McLaren wants us to be able to take our bikes into buses, and pointed out that the community needs to target the decision makers if it wants change and improvement, e.g not much use yelling at council when it is a State decision.

Jon Strachan wants to embrace smart technology and said the Fremantle Hospital looks very sad.

John Dowson called to simplify the parking system and that the perception of parking issues is enough to discourage people from coming to Fremantle. Too many car parks have gone, what is the next one?

Bryn Jones hopes to get some 5,000 people living in a one kilometre radius of the Townhall.

Maria Vujcic said that if elected she will listen to the people and formulate policy from that. It does not matter what I think, it is about the community. South Beach looks tired and needs a generational upgrade.

Public speakers bemoaned antisocial behaviour and crime in Fremantle, but there was some passion when several said we needed to bring the sense of community back and work together across the divides.

There were no places were people on low income could meet for free and that creates isolation.

John Dowson said Council and the community need to lobby State Government that the planned new police station would be built in Fremantle, and Mayor Brad Pettitt said that police numbers were not the issue for Fremantle, but that not enough officers were actually on the beat.

Marija Vujcic said that council was low resolution consultation and she was not happy about the planned solar farm and the speedhumps in South Fremantle.

One public speaker called for the community to work together and “make Fremantle suicide free!”

Moderator Rob Delves called for the planting of many more trees so that cyclists could ride in the shade.

Another public speaker said that there are too many divided passionate voices and that we don’t work together. He said there was lack of new ideas at the meeting and that Fremantle is going through a revolutionary retail change.

It was great to see many younger people at an election event, so I finish with what one of them aid. “Community is a collective. We can all work together.”

It was a surprisingly positive evening that did not have the council bashing arguments from the previous elections. Yes indeed, we might not all agree, but this is a great community that should be able to work together despite our differences. Go Freo!

Roel Loopers

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