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It hear that former Fremantle Mayor Peter Tagliaferri believes that I am not the right person to represent City Ward because I live in Beaconsfield.

Silly me thought Beacy was still part of the City of Fremantle and that Councillors are responsible for the entire city.

It is true I have lived in Beacy for just over two years, and before that I lived in White Gum Valley for two years, but prior to that I lived for over two years in one of the old Pilot’s Cottages next to the Roundhouse, and before that one year in Beacy again. To be fully transparent, I lived for 8 months in Forrest Street and four weeks in Hilton as well.

My Freo history began in 1991 when I separated from my partner of twenty years and bought a house in Bolton Place, just on the other side of the City Ward boundary, but sold that in 1995 when I travelled for eight months throughout Australia. On my return in early 1996 I rented a townhouse for 10 years at 5 Swanbourne Street (City Ward), and when the Croatian landlords wanted to renovate and sell I moved around the corner to Bellevue Terrace(City Ward) where I lived for over two years.

After a one year stint in Mount Claremont with my gorgeous Sri Lankan lover Indira I returned to Freo and lived in Forrest Street, then Beacy again, then came Captain’s Lane at Arthur Head, White Gum Valley and now back in Beacy.

The first thing I do every day is to drive onto the South Mole early in the morning and then I have coffee in one of the inner city cafes.

I walk the streets of Fremantle from the Roundhouse to the Fremantle Arts Centre, from the port to South Beach, and daily communicate with residents and business owners, hence my substantial awareness of what goes on in our city.

Ward parochialism is very strange to bring up for a former Mayor, but it must mean he has found nothing more substantial to attack me on.


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Well, it will be anyone’s bet who will win the race for Fremantle CITY WARD at the October local government election.

It’s bigger than Ben Hur, and more like the massive field at Melbourne Cup.

So far five candidates have put their hat in the ring, and that means that a few dozen votes might be the decider when the votes are counted on October 21.

That makes it even more important to vote. It could just be you, your family, friends and neighbours who’ll get me over the line!!


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I am such a softy! I am quite emotional to announce that I have nominated for CITY WARD for the Fremantle local government election today.

I am a truly independent candidate, who is not a member of a political party or community group. (I am a volunteer tourguide at the Roundhouse).

Criticism that I am the Mayor’s mouthpiece, on a promise by him to get a seat on council, or that I am a council bugle are quite ridiculous, as Brad Pettit’s team is supporting Linda Wayman.

Pettitt’s close friend and campaign advisor Brian Smith was on the weekend doing letterbox drops for their preferred candidate. He would not do that if it was not supported by his mate the Mayor.

I am in nobody’s camp and call it as I see it. I did not nominate for council to get cosy with the administration or elected members, but to do the very best for Fremantle, as I have already done for very many years.

Please send this on to your City Ward friends and business owners who trade in the CBD.


Roel Loopers


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It must be election time, the cynic in me thinks, because the good news stories coming from the City of Fremantle are abundant.

This week we read that the vast majority of residents love to live in Freo, according to a CoF survey, and yesterday a media release came out about the City of Fremantle planting 500 more trees in streets and parks and 1,000 in bushland.

This, the blurb tells us, is in addition to the 20,000 plants and shrubs planted across Fremantle in parks and reserves:

The City’s urban forest plan forms part of its Greening Fremantle: Strategy 2020.

The strategy aims to progressively increase tree planting across the City to achieve at least 20 per cent canopy coverage.

To achieve this, the City has an ongoing tree planting and revegetation program and is integrating new trees into road and path upgrades where possible.

The City now even has a public relations officer, so stay tuned for a lot more good news between now and October 21.

Under the Local Government act the elected members can not direct the administration, so we will just naively have to believe that the marketing department is doing this all on their own accord. I just noticed some pigs flying over Beacy, as I am writing this. ; >)


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Candidate Forums


The Fremantle community is always good at organising election candidate forums, where voters can listen to those who want to represent them on council and ask questions during the Q&A.

So write the dates down in your diaries, or record them in any of your electronic devices.

The big mayoral one between Mayor Brad Pettitt and candidate Ra Stewart is on Tuesday October 3 at 6.30 pm at Tannock Hall of the University of Notre Dame, at Cliff Street, opposite the Fremantle Herald.

East Ward candidates will have their forum on September 19, Beaconsfield/Hilton candidates on September 20, City Ward is on September 28 and South and North Wards are yet to be determined.

I will update you as we go when I got starting times, but most of them will probably be from 6 pm.


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I am never ever late for anything, so it is rather embarrassing that I assumed the speeches at the BRAD FOR FREO campaign launch on Saturday would be held around 6 pm, as the event was from 4-8 pm. However when I arrived at 5.20 the official part was all but over and the place so packed that I had to take photos first.

It means I can’t tell you a thing about the welcome to country by Ingrid Cummins, the introduction speech by Griffith Longley, or what Brad the dad Pettitt said. But I was told that Griff Longley said that the Fremantle Mayor was not about ego, but about a man with a vision for what Fremantle should be and that he was proud to have Brad Pettitt as his Mayor.

The vibes in the packed to the rafters room at The Local hotel in South Fremantle were so great and full of positive energy, and felt very Freo, so that everyone had a smile on their face.

I bumped into heaps of people I know, and I actually remembered some names, which I wrote down to share with my Freo’s View readers.

If you are not mentioned it means I did not notice you, or forgot to take note of it, so my apologies!

Sighted by the first time late in his life Loopy were: former Labor MP Melissa Parke, former deputy Freo Mayor Dave Coggin, Freo Councillor Hannah Fitzhardinge with daughter and mum Jenny, Councillor Jon Strachan and partner Cathy Hall, Councillor Rachel Pemberton, former Councillor Tim Grey-Smith, South Freo Candidate Liam Carter, Kim Dravnieks and Kate Kelly of Roe 8 fame , Paul Gamblin with wife Tracy and daughter Charlotte, the America’s Cup hero John Longley, designer John Douglas and his wife, Ellen Health GP Kathrine, developer Bruce Moriarty, former Greens Senator Scott Ludlam, architect Kieran Wong, marketing angel Sarah Langley, photographer Alma Sahran with her Flying Fallafels husband Ali, Brad Pettitt’s friend Brian Mitchell, former Fremantle Society president and former Freo Councillor Henty Farrar with his Notre Dame uni librarian daughter Sophie, artist Tim Burns, Jason Townsend, Paul and Pat Winnacott, Paper Bird children’s bookshop owner Jennifer Jackson, Deputy Mayor of East Fremantle Michael McPhail, Curtin Uni professor Peter Newman, and many, many more.

And of course the Mayor’s partner Emma was there with their beautiful daughter Aoife, who wore a DAD FOR FREO shirt.

I promise that if I am still alive at the next election campaign I’ll be on time. ; >(

Roel Loopers


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Brad Campaign


A reminder for those who want to support the BRAD FOR FREO mayoral election campaign that there is a fundraising launch at THE LOCAL hotel in South Fremantle today Saturday September 2 from 4-8 pm.

Tickets are $ 39/$ 29 and that is also covering the cost for entertainment. Carus Thompson will be performing and DJs from Koi Child as well. And according to the invitation there will be a very special guest.

Bar and kitchen are open, so why not have an early Father’s Day celebration with Mayor Brad Pettitt, who will celebrate his first Father’s Day tomorrow, after the birth of his daughter Aoife two weeks ago.

The start of the Kings Square Project yesterday is also a reason to have a party, so come along!


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Brad slogan


It comes as no surprise that Fremantle Mayor Brad Pettitt will be trying for another four- year term at the October 19 local government election, as announced in the Fremantle Herald today.

Well, I actually had he scoop last Tuesday, when the Pettitt for Mayor campaign accidentally went live on Facebook, but I deleted my post on Freo’s View after Brad called me and said he wanted to enjoy his maternity leave with gorgeous baby daughter Aoife, before announcing it.

I hope the fact that Brad Pettitt started his campaign on the birthday of my beautiful late father Nico will be a good omen for him.

There is no doubt that the last four years have often been controversial, and Fremantle Council have been accused of being Greens and socialists, but one cannot deny the economic achievements of encouraging unprecedented development in the CBD, which will set Fremantle on the right course for the future, in my opinion.

I have had and still have my doubts about the One Planet priorities, when council should have been more focussed on other matters, but I strongly believe the glass is half full for Freo and that we are growing, so that our traders will benefit soon from more people living and working in the inner city, and more visitors being able to stay here in new tourist accommodation.

I had serious issues in the past with Brad Pettitt, and what I considered to be his stubborn ego, but he has grown into a strong leader, who is willing to compromise, listen, take advise, and change his mind when better outcomes can be achieved.

The City of Fremantle does need to improve though and do all the basic small things better, and the Mayor and Councillors need to demand that from the CEO. Fremantle City  also needs to strongly improve the way it communicates with the community, as far too many people remain uninformed about what goes on at council.

Why for example does the weekly full page in the Fremantle Herald not report all the Council decisions made every week? Just a three liner per agenda item, that people can follow up on line in the minutes of Council and committee meetings. That is very simple and straight forward communication.

Fremante is on the right track and needs Elected Members who understand local government process.


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Good morning Freo!

I had this thought overnight, and am as surprised as you are that I can still remember it in the morning. ; >)

There is no need to swap Brad for Ra as Mayor, because we already have both of them. B-RA-D


Have a brilliant day in one of the most loveliest places on the planet!

Roel Loopers

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According to Fremantle Society president John Dowson City Ward candidate Michael Finn has withdrawn from the race, which will leave only Claudia Green and Linda Wayman as hopefuls to replace retiring member Simon Naber.

In his usual ranting negativity the FS president  tells his members that FS does not support Claudia Green, and that the Mayor has encouraged Wayman to stand. He supposedly heard the latter from Councillor Andrew Sullivan.

Mister president also accuses Fremantle Council of having caused damage to Freo’s heritage.

Dowson also accuses social media and “keyboard warriors” for Finn’s withdrawal, but I have seen very little negativity about Finn, but for the fact that he lives in Cottesloe.


Roel Loopers

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