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Posted in fremantle, mental halth, murder by freoview on December 17, 2014

The stabbing death of Fremantle mother Joan Hendry on Monday night in Stevens Street, White Gum Valley is reverberating throughout the Fremantle community because it involves highly-regarded Freo personalities. Ms Hendry was allegedly stabbed by her 19 year old son Gabe Lang after she had tried to get help for her son’s mental health problems at the Alma Street clinic and Emergency Department of Fremantle Hospital.

Joan Hendry was the partner of REPLANTS owner Bruce Abbott and the former partner of Fibonacci Centre‘s Robby Lang with whom she had her children Gabe and Rosie. Bruce and Rosie were also hurt in the attack and went to hospital with stab wounds to the hands. Gabe Lang also stabbed himself and is in hospital, according to media reports. Forensic police was still at the house this morning and some flowers had been left on the footpath.

There was a silent wake at REPLANTS on Wray Avenue last night.

My heart goes out to all involved. The incident yet again shows that mental health problems can be higly unpredictable and that there needs to be after-hour care available for those who are concerned about relatives or friends.

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