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The demolition of the Stan Reilly centre has started, to make space for a public carpark on the site at South Terrace.

City of Fremantle staff will be moving into the former Dockers clubhouse at Fremantle oval mid December, so that the construction of the new civic centre at Kings Square can commence.

Fremantle is in an amazing period of transition and rejuvenation, which will revitalise our city.

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Recent development applications for the City of Fremantle CBD all include alcohol outlets, so Fremantle Council should be very aware of that and not permit too many watering holes in the inner city, as it is contrary to the alcohol policy they implemented three years ago.

There is a tavern proposed in the plans for the Woolstores shopping centre site, a micro-brewery and tavern for the Mannings Building development, a tavern planned for the former Henderson Street Courthouse and a pub for the former Energy Museum development.

The CBD already has the Australia Hotel, Clancy’s, the National, Orient, Newport, Sail&Anchor, Norfolk, the Federal, Little Creatures, Bathers Beach House, the Monk, plus the bars of the Esplanade Hotel.

Top that off with nightclubs and the small bars that have popped up and Freo has more than enough to offer as far as the service of alcohol is concerned. And don’t forget that Sunset Events will be opening a tavern at J Shed and the Drillhall as well.

Pubs in Fremantle survive because of good weekend trade, but are not doing all that well during weekdays, so a significant increase in competition and new taverns opening might jeopardise their future.

No need to be a wowser about this, but we need to be very careful that Fremantle will not become a copy of Northbridge, that struggled for a very long time to get rid of its reputation for drunkenness, violence and anti-social behaviour. We have quite a bit of that already in our port city.

New laws coming before State Parliament will also allow the service of alcohol, without having to order a meal, in restaurants which serve fewer than 120 customers, so that will include many Freo hospitality outlets

Fremantle Council needs to put a ceiling on how many pubs it will allow in the inner city, to make sure there is a diversity on offer and not just a glut of large licensed premises.

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As part of the beautification of the vacant Fremantle Point Street development site a piece of a partly demolished wall was painted yellow and black.

I photographed just a part of the wall and that created an artwork of its own.

There is always beauty in the ordinary!

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High Tide


The festival season has started off with a bang in Fremantle, with the three-week HIGH TIDE Biennale, which finished yesterday, being a very inspiring and welcome addition to the Fremantle Festival.

High Tide gave Fremantle international flair and creativity that we do not often see in our port city.

The Arcs D”Ellipses artwork by Felice Varini in High Street was one of the most admired and photographed public artworks in Freo. I love it!

A big thank you to High Tide curator Tom Mueller of PS Art Space and all the staff, artists and volunteers who made it such a great community spectacle. More please!!


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The announcement by the City of Perth that it will extend next year’s Australia Day celebrations to a four-day long weekend shows that the City of Fremantle is on the right track with its changes to the national holiday.

The scrapping of the fireworks in Fremantle last year was controversial, and unfortunately the debate about it became political and sometimes racist for all the wrong reasons.

Yes, there could have been better community consultation, especially with the business community, but from experience we know that community consultations can drag on forever and not necessarily create the best outcomes. Leadership is about making tough decisions, in the knowledge one will never ever please everyone in the community.

Perth now wants fireworks on New Year’s Eve as well, which I consider a huge waste of money. Why have two firework displays just 26 days apart, or will they also walk away from the Australia Day firework display?

But I would love to see the Fremantle ONE DAY event extended and also have a night feature. Projections, laser show, lit-up floats at Bathers Bay, etc.

I would prefer it if BID spend the business money and energy on creating an evening event, instead of supporting only the Fishing Boat Harbour traders and share the cost of the Australia Day fireworks.

Fact is that most shops were already closed well before the spectators for the fireworks turned up, so there was little benefit for other traders, while the One Day event started in the afternoon when shops are still open.

Fremantle is different from Perth and other cities and I support the consideration for our indigenous people who call Australia Day Invasion Day, so let’s move on together, as other councils around the nation are now also doing.

Historically January 26 means nothing to Western Australia as the Britih had not even settled on this side of the country when the First Fleet arrived in Botany Bay, so the date is only significant to New South Wales.

Like Perth, let’s celebrate Australia over the long weekend, until our politicians change the date to a more appropriate one that does not upset our indigenous friends.

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The Fremantle LIV apartments built by Defence Housing along Queen Victoria and Quarry streets have reached the highest point of the building.

The development should be completed in just over 12 months and will provide a lot of new residential apartments in the inner city.

It is an utter shame that the architecture could and should have been so much better, and that the massive building could have been a inspiring entry statement to our port city.

Boring buildings are not very Freo at all!

It is time the City of Fremantle organised a forum with architects, city planners, the community, etc. to see how we can put better planning rules in place that will ensure better architecture in our city.


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blog or block


As a blogger I know too well how easy it is to let typos slip through when copy reading, so with a bit of Schadenfreude I discovered today that I am not the only one who makes mistakes.

The Fremantle Story advertisement in the Herald today should have read block instead of blog, but unlike this blogger the City staffers don’t have the luxury of  correcting a mistake once it’s gone into print. When I publish a typo, which I do far too often, and notice it I can still change it, which means I only look like an idiot a few times a week.

Check out all the new kids on the Freo blogs and block anyway! ; >)


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City of Fremantle’s Community Safety Team are ramping up after-hours patrols throughout the city centre and surrounding suburbs.

The extra patrols, which start today, will see security guards on the streets until 2am from Wednesday to Saturday each week in addition to the Community Safety Team’s regular daily patrols.

The move responds to feedback in the City’s recent community survey which indicated residents wanted to see a stronger visible safety presence around the City.

The City officers will be working closely with WA Police within central Fremantle and patrolling the suburbs.

The security guards are fitted with body cameras and patrol vehicles have mounted cameras which can all be viewed in our CCTV room.

CoF has also increased the CCTV camera coverage in the Paddy Troy Mall to enhance security and have two new security guards who will work alongside the Community Safety Team.


Daily community safety patrols will continue from 7am to 9pm.

Visit community safety page for more information

Contact the Community Safety Team on 1300 360 666.


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Stage two of the Freo Alternative housing concept is about to start and realising the vision through planning policy.

The first stage of the concept was about generating a shared community vision on the future of housing in Fremantle, and now the City wants to identify how it can change our planning rules to allow for smaller homes in suburban locations, while protecting the things we love about our neighbourhoods..

Through the community consultation process it became clear that eight themes are important to the Fremantle community: housing choice, trees and landscaping, open space, sustainability, community, built form, car movement, and location. 

Fremantle Council would like to hear your thoughts on the proposed planning rules and are holding community sessions in the suburbs.

White Gum Valley | 15 November 2017  4.30 – 6.30pm at Sullivan Hall –  2 Nannine Ave, White Gum Valley.

Fremantle | 16 November 2017  4 – 6pm at Holland Park – Holland Street, Fremantle.

Beaconsfield | 19 November 2017 & 26 November 2017 8am – 12 noon at Growers Green Market – front lawn of South Fremantle Senior High School, Lefroy Road, Beaconsfield.

Hilton | 22 November 2017  4 – 6pm near the entrance to Gilbert’s Fresh – 308 South Street, Hilton.

Samson | 23 November 2017 4.30 – 6.30pm at Samson Recreational Centre – 44 McCombe Ave, Samson.

You can read the proposed planning changes in more detail online and complete the survey by 5.00 pm 2 February 2018.

If you have any questions contact C0F: email: or phone on 9432 9999.

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South Freo calming Nov 2


There have been a lot of negative  comments about the temporary speedhumps between South Street and Douro Road along South Terrace in South Fremantle by those who did not attend any of the community consultation sessions the precinct had organised.

So everyone in South Freo should take note that there is an information session by the City of Fremantle on Thursday November 2 at 5.30 pm at the Meeting Place. 

We want to create a pedestrian-friendly environment that supports street life. Following previous community engagement in 2016, we have prepared a concept plan that involves five key components:

  1. Reduce the width of the road to make it safer for people to cross the street and encourage drivers to slow down in this section.
  2. Replace the temporary speed bumps with a raised platform to slow drivers down.
  3. Surface the road with red asphalt and stencil markings to delineate the section and encourage drivers to slow down.
  4. Widen the footpath to create a bigger pedestrian area and add new paving, street furniture and trees to create a better space for people.
  5. Increase the amount of alfresco space.

The info evening also includes the intersection of Hampton Road and Scott Street that was recently changed.

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