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Delighted to see the Heirloom by Match residential development of the historic former Dalgety Woolstores at Fremantle’s Queen Victoria Street. It was the first time in years this morning that there was no scaffolding around it.

What a beautiful iconic entry statement to our city it is!

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The WGV Baugruppen demonstration project at the former Kim Beazley School site in White Gum Valley is well underway.

The innovative sustainable medium density residential site in Fremantle will be using renewable green energy and aims to create an affordable community.

I took a couple of photos there on Wednesday to show a bit of the progress of the development.

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A WA Joint Development Assessment Panel this morning rejected the application by the Yolk Property Group for a very boring eight-storey apartment development at 52 Adelaide Street, Fremantle, on the former Spotlight site.

The panel of five member which included Councillors Rachel Pemberton and Andrew Sullivan rejected the proposal by 4-1. Surprisingly only Councillor Sullivan believed the project should be approved and that is very disappointing.

The Yolk group can now apply for a ruling of the State Administrative Tribunal, so we’ll know the outcome of that in a few months, if they take that road.

For me the eight-storey height in that location was not a big issue although I believe it should be capped at seven storey along Adelaide Street, but the proposed building was ugly and mediocre and not at all sympathetic to the unique Freo character.

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I had another look at the five-storey proposal for 18-22 Adelaide Street at Fremantle’s Kings Square at yesterday’s information session and walked out appalled at the laziness of the architects who have not even tried to show respect for the surrounding heritage.

They propose set-back square boxes above the old two-storey facade, when a tiny design change could have created more suitable vertical lines and make it into a building that shows at least a little bit of sympathy and reference to Fremantle’s character and heritage.

Five storeys is of course far too high as the building should not be higher than the facade of the beautiful heritage building to the west of it.


I also had a walk around the almost completed controversial Atwell Arcade development and believe it blends in sufficiently as it has a softness about it and angles away from the High Street mall.

Fremantle is in a challenging time where a lot of development is happening and more applications for very substantial and high buildings are in the pipeline, so we need to find a compromise on what is acceptable for our city and viable for developers, but ugly, boring and mediocre is not on, and neither is inappropriate height in certain locations. If developers need more height they will have to move to the east of the CBD, not in the centre, and definitely not in the West End either.



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Great facade of a building in Henry Street, Fremantle. How easy it is to fall in love with Freo!

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Workers having a smoko on the YOLK Property group residential building site on the corner of Pakenham and Bannister streets yesterday. The building is near completion so more people living in the inner city of Fremantle soon.

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Everyone who regularly reads this Freo’s View blog knows that I have been vigorously scrutinising what is happening at Fremantle Council for many years and that I have been outraged at times with my criticism when things are not done properly or not done at all, but I sometimes shake my head when I read the ridiculous negativity on social media about our Council and Elected Members.

According to some comments Freo Council is following a Greens doctrine and according to those critics the Greens are socialists. However, Fremantle Council is strongly supportive of the capitalist idea of investment and development in our city, so that is not very socialist. How can that specific criticism of Council make sense to anyone?

Those same critics also say Fremantle should be more supportive of its retailers. It is doing that by encouraging residential, office and tourist development, but those who say Council is not doing enough to support our retailers are also against higher density and infill. To be financially successful and sustainable retail needs high footfall and that means many more people living and working in the CBD and visiting it.

No new retailers, especially major ones, will open shop in Fremantle unless they know that the numbers will add up and that means many more people walking the streets of the CBD seven days a week and not just on weekends.

People complain about Freo City not doing enough and demand better and more services and want to get more free parking and reduced parking fees, without supporting a substantial increase in residents and offices. They also do not want to pay higher rates or for the city to sell off assets, so how is the City going to pay for services that are more expensive every year when it does not create more income?

I believe the community should be part of the solutions and work closer with council, and I do realise it takes two to tango. We need more respectful communication from both sides and Elected Members not ignoring community input. We need better transparency and accountability, but we also need a community that stops the often silly conspiracy attacks on Council. It is all about respect and to stop the political point scoring that too often happens. Fremantle is a very good city that can become a whole lot better when we work together on improving it.

Development is essential to make Freo grow and prosper but it needs to be very good development that reflects on the character of our city. It can be done, as I have been shown at the Elders building in Cliff Street where the Mediterranean Shipping Company will move into later this year.

North Fremantle architect Murray Slavin took me around this morning and it is a stunning new building full of natural light, while the former Elders building has been restored to its old glory. It is a tranquil environment to work in and looks great from street level as well.

It will also bring 160 new office workers to the West End and that will no doubt be good for local cafes and retailers.

For Fremantle to move forward it will need to grow. The status quo is not sustainable and that’s why I believe the ‘socialist’ building boom will be good for Freo in the long run.

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Here another look at the beautiful former Elders building on the corner of Cliff and Phillimore streets in the west end of Fremantle.

The building now belongs to the Mediterranean Shipping Company together with the brand new modern one next to it, and should open in the next few months, attracting over a hundred office workers to that part of town.

MSA needs to be congratulated for spending so much money on restoring the heritage building back to all its glory and for embracing the daring design of the new building by North Fremantle Murray Slavin Architects!

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synagogue development

I am not at all sure what is going on with the former Synagogue development next to Fremantle Oval. They started renovating the old building and did a good job by the look of it, and worked on the new short-term tourist accommodation units, but suddenly stopped because of heritage issues.

Work was halted for about a year and now a new development application has been lodged with the City of Fremantle for a new three-storey hotel at the back of the former synagogue.

Is someone playing hard ball here?

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