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Spare Parts


Now this is an interesting new idea by Fremantle’s Spare  Parts Puppet Theatre. Their world premiere production, Tom Vickers and the Extraordinary Adventure of his Missing Sock starts next weekend, but not at the Short Street theatre but at the beautiful old  WA Shipwrecks Museum!

Step back in time as you enter an adventurous journey where you choose your own path and become an active participant in the show! You’ll receive a passport to guide you on your travel, however you’ll need to use all of your senses to find the elusive missing sock!! Book now:


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I want to keep you all updated about the asbestos scare at the former Fremantle Workers Club in Henry Street, so here the media release from the City of Fremantle:

The demolition of the former Workers Club on Henry Street in Fremantle will remain suspended after testing revealed asbestos was present on the site.

The City of Fremantle ordered the suspension of the works yesterday following community concerns about the demolition practices on the site and its proximity to the Lance Holt Primary School.

Testing conducted yesterday showed there was no asbestos present in samples of dust and materials taken from the school.

However, City of Fremantle Chief Executive Officer Phillip St John said testing of samples taken from the demolition site showed some asbestos was present.

“We took four solid samples of rubble from the site, of which two were positive for asbestos and two were negative. Soil samples from the site were also negative,” Mr St John said.

“The demolition permit issued to the developers by the City of Fremantle includes specific conditions around dust suppression and the safe removal of asbestos.

“Work on the site will remain suspended until the City is satisfied those conditions are being met.”

The material is contained to the site and poses no risk to the general public.


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Late yesterday afternoon the test results by ENVIROLAB came back that the soil at the Fremantle Workers Club in Henry Street contains asbestos.

Earlier in the day the City of Fremantle notified residents that no asbestos had been found in samples from the Lance Holt School which is opposite the former club.

It is advisable for parents who drop off their children on foot or bike today to enter Henry Street from Phillimore Street so that they don’t have to walk past the development site. Better to be sure than to be sorry!

It is remarkable that the developers, who have shown documentation that they did asbestos checks in January, have not taken more care and that the asbestos was only discovered now because the community went public on social media with it. Everyone knows that older buildings in Fremantle are very likely to contain asbestos, so why not take extreme care, especially opposite a primary school, and double check.

Questions we would like to see answered: Why were soil samples not taken before? How much of the soil has been disturbed and for how long? Will the City of Fremantle take legal action against the developers?

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Hey mums and dads and girls and boys next week’s WOYLIE FESTIVAL is not something to be missed!

This Aboriginal Australian Kids Story Festival is going to be something very special that will be fun and very educational.

Story telling, music, art, dance will be on at the Moores building in Henry Street for a week, including the long Easter weekend, so plenty of days to join in.

Among those who will tell their stories are Noel Nannup, Kim Scott, Theresa Walley, Kerry-Ann Winmar, Ambelin Kwaymullina, Sally Morgan, Josie Boyle, Gregg Dreise and Dub Leffer.

There will be activities, displays, books, language and writing qorkshops and much more.

The Woylie Festiva idea was initiated by Jennifer Jackson of the lovely Paper Bird Children’s Bookshop next to the Moores building.

For more details:


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This old lady quietly knitting in the hustle and bustle of the Freo Cappuccino Strip today created a little oasis. She was selling little baby shoes and other things.

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The FPOL-Finance, Policy, Operations and Legislation Committee of the City of Fremantle met in North Fremantle last evening.

The Dog Exercise and Prohibited Area Policy item on the agenda attracted many speakers who walk their dog in Frederick Samson Park and who were not at all happy with the proposed restrictions, with one of them saying that council was barking up the wrong tree.

Councillor Rachel Pemberton, who has a very cute little dog herself, said that maybe the policy was heavy handed. There are Bush Forever sites that allow dogs on a leash and we need more clarity on how we handle the bush and how we handle the walkers, with or without a dog, she said.

It was decided that a site visit by some Councilors and workshopping was needed before the Elected Members could make a proper decision, and the item was deferred.

The lease of the Evan Davies building upper level above the Dome cafe for bar and restaurant will have to be confirmed by full council. Mayor Brad Pettitt said he had expected a more cultural kind of outcome, but was assured by Director Tom Griffiths that live music events were planned.

The request for special parking permits for residents of the Warders Cottages is also still unresolved with Councillors being worried about setting a precedent for future residential development which does not supply parking, so officers will need to consider all the implications first.

The idea is that residents could be offered a yearly parking permit for CoF carparks at 50% discount.

It is probably prudent to check how much commercial carparks like Queensgate are charging annually for long-term parking, and also to consider if small business owners in Fremantle should also be offered the same courtesy, because quite a few of them park their car all day while they are attending their shop.

It is disturbing to hear from one Warders Cottage resident, who contacted me, that the State Heritage Office in a letter to prospective buyers of the cottages had suggested that the City of Fremantle might supply them with parking permits,

Just before the FPOL meeting was the Library Committee meeting, so interesting to hear that the Toy Library has now been made available to Cockburn and Melville residents as well.

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I want to be a kid again after last evening seeing the draft concept plans for the Fremantle Kings Square play space FREOTOPIA children’s playground at a community forum in the Townhall.

This Fremantle themed playground will be so good that it will become a tourist attraction in its own right, with sound and light features that will even make it an evening destination to visit as a special treat for our beautiful Freo children.

The theme is about containers, port cranes, ships, bridges, rail tracks, water, cottages and jetty, with some of the lighting and sound activated by those using the play space, while soft light will light up the trees.


Kings Square will also have a St John’s church garden and an urban forest will be created by relocating the plane trees, while jacarandas will line the perimeter of the square.

Adelaide Street between Queen and William streets will become a shared space street while the verdict is still out if to open Newman Court for vehicle traffic from east to west, which I think is a bad idea.

Probuild, the builders contracted by Sirona Capital for the construction of the Kings Square project, are busy building new black hoardings and gate signs have been placed around the construction site.

I am really excited and optimistic about Freo’s future. It’s a shame I am too old to use the new playground and that I might not see all the planned development realised, but that’s life.

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make a wish


I met these lovely young people in the Fremantle Woolstores shopping centre this morning where they were on duty to sign up new members for the very worthwhile MAKE A WISH foundation.

Say hello to Tilly and Aidan when you walk by and support the good cause!

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Little Green Bear


There is a lovely event at the No4  LITTLE SPACE studio of Fremantle’s J SHED at Bathers Beach this Sunday from 1-4pm.

Enter from Fleet Street or walk through the Whalers Tunnel.

Join January and February as they embark on an epic adventure that takes them to strange new places and introduces them to wonderful new friends. Will they ever find December… or will their friend be lost forever?

Fremantle Author and Illustrator Chrissy Haywood of Little Green Bear Publishing invites you to an afternoon of community fun at the J-shed in Fremantle. We are celebrating the long-awaited arrival of “Finding Summer’ (a delightful tale of friendship and adventure) and we would love for you to join us!

Bring your picnic blanket and come and hang-out with us for an afternoon of celebrating shared literacy. There will be free kids activities, rock painting (as part of the WA ROCKS hide-and-seek craze), an art display of how the book was developed and a reading by the Author. And for those who need a quick cool off, the beach is right next door to the venue.

Little Green Bear Publishing have organised a free seed planting workshop with Lara from Plants For Friends and we’ll be expecting a visit from our mates at Coco Lycious to provide us with delicious, vegan ice-creams to top off the summer fun!



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cosy mm courtyard


There is still a bit of rain around, but it is pretty warm, so no excuse to not enjoy one of Fremantle’s lovely cafes.

This is the cosy courtyard of the Moore&Moore cafe in Henry Street, that also has a children’s playground, and it is next to the Paper Bird children’s book shop, so the perfect destination during school holiday.


…and rain drops in my little backyard.

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