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School holidays are coming up, so parents will be keen to find things to do in Fremantle with their children, so take note of these two events!

On Saturday it is PIRATE DAY at the lovely Duyfken replica sailing ship from 11 am to 4pm. It is at berth behind Little Creatures in the Fishing Boat Harbour.

It’s one of your last chances to visit the ship in Freo as it will be sailing up the Swan River and be at berth at Elizabeth Quay in Perth for several months.

On Sunday the Growers Green Farmers Market has something very special on for the kids. There will be sheep shearing at Farmer Damian’s animal touch farm, something not to be missed!


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I got a sneak preview of the new Cantonment Hill playground the City of Fremantle is building, when I followed a young family through an open fence yesterday. The tiny girl was probably the first one who used the slide. A historic moment!

It is a large area and it is starting to look very good, so it will be a fantastic new destination for families.

The views are pretty good as well as one can look down to the port and Swan River and the Rainbow sculpture.

I have been told that there is daily vandalism at the site, but thankfully there were no signs of that on Sunday.


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It’s going to be a very RAINBOW Saturday in Fremantle this weekend, with the launch of the children’s book Flame the Rainbow Flamingo at the Paperbird bookshop in Henry Street.

The book was written by Denise Heydon and illustrated by Jane Gates.

It’s on at 10.00am on the 9th September. 

After that wander over to Pioneer Park for the Rainbow Concert in support of marriage equality, that starts at 1pm.

Plenty of time in between to have coffee and breakfast at one of Freo’s lovely West End cafes!


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CH 1


The children’s playground at Fremantle’s Cantonment Hill is progressing well and due for completion by the end of August.

Contractors have started to install play equipment today. Just a shame though about the faux limestone walls on such and important and expensive project.


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In 2015, Nola Formentin sold everything she owned in Fremantle and moved to Malawi in SE Africa. After an initial six months volunteering with an NGO, she was offered a job teaching music, swimming, art and environmental issues at a primary school near the city of Blantyre.

Nola now ants to raise money for Malawi at the Musicians for Malawi concert to be held at Victoria Hall on Saturday 5 August. Doors open 7pm and the night is run by The Fly By Night Musicians Club.

Headlining the evening will be Opera Australia’s Baritone Jose Carbo accompanied by David Wickham, supported by local opera singers Alexandra Bak, Jenna Robertson, Kelly Robertson, Helen Brown and Alessia Pintabona. The night then turns contemporary, with upcoming singer/songwriter Synaed Roche and The David Hyams Trio. Then finally, local country blues band The Suntones will have everyone dancing the night out! All artists are donating their time and talents for the evening. There will even be food available at the club. All proceeds go to Nola’s causes.

There are many NGOs around Blantyre in the south of Malawi. Nola has visited some that have touched her heart and she hopes to find donations to help them on their way. These include Morning Star JS Ministries, a locally run organisation that provides a safe and caring place for young men to gather and learn life skills.

They run a soccer team and need funding for uniforms and equipment, as well as rent for the clubhouse. The Jacaranda Foundation is an incredible school run solely for children affected by HIV/AIDS and has fostered some amazing talent both musically and artistically, sending students to summer schools in USA and Europe. The Fatima Centre is a small orphanage run by a retired English couple, fostering 25 orphans from their local village.

All these organisations are run entirely on donations and Nola would like to invite you to help her raise money to support these wonderful schools, which in turn will help educate and nurture these special children.


Tickets are available at or phone 9430 5208

Musicians for Malawi
Saturday 5 August
Doors open 7pm
Fly By Night Musicians Club
Victoria Hall 179 High St Fremantle


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Parents have been complaining about all that rain during the school holidays, so with the weather back to Freo fantastic I wanted to see how busy the Winterworld ice skating n Fremantle was this morning.

I took a few wide-angle shots to show the crowd and when I turned around two police officers looked at me inquisitively, so I took my sunnies off and said hello.

Once I crossed over to the Esplanade Hotel side I noticed they were behind me and I hear “excuse me sir”

The officers wanted to know why I was taking photos, and while it is my lawful right to take pictures of anyone in a public open space, I explained I published a Fremantle blog, gave them my business card, even let them look at the few photos I had taken, and explained I was very well known in Freo, even by the head of police media who is a mate of mine, but they still wanted to see my drivers license.

I absolutely accept that the officers have a job to do, but I find it extremely offensive that an old man with a camera is automatically classified as a potential deviant paedophile, and questioned.

There were plenty of people taking photos with mobile phones, but I stood out with a professional DSLR Nikon. Would a child abuser really be that obvious and stupid?

I adore children and believe they are sacred. Anyone who interferes with a child should be shot as far as I am concerned, but it is not right to target professional photographers just because they are male and over 50.

I have great respect for police officers and the often awful job they have to do, but I feel quite insulted right now.

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The delightful PAPER BIRD Children’s Books & Arts shop in Fremantle’s Henry Street is putting up a very special puppet show with mini workshop for children between the age of 3 and 7 years old.

The puppet show will be performed by the Five Elements Theatre.

It is on Monday July 10 from 10 am till 1 pm and ticket door sales are $ 25.00.

The shop is next to the Moores Building arts centre at 42 Henry Street and good coffee and food next door at the Moore&Moore cafe that also shares a nature playground with Paper Bird.

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Circus WA


School holiday has started and my mother used to call it a circus when all five kids were home, so why not get your children to join the circus in Fremantle.

CIRCUS WA has school holiday workshops in the big top at Princess May Park, so contact them for details: or 0435 374 492

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circus wa


Bad luck for Fremantle Circus WA in their new home at Princess May Park. The big top tent blew up in the first storm of the winter season on Wednesday night and now they are doing urgent repairs on it.

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The Fremantle WINTERWORLD skate season is on again at the Esplanade from this Saturday June 24 to July 16, so make sure to take the kids there for a day of fun and sore bottoms.

It is in the Italian Club carpark just metres away from the Esplanade Youth Plaza, so if the weather remains as sunny as it it the two combined make a perfect day out for families.

There will be food stalls, a bar, mulled wine, so a great celebration of winter and the Freo lifestyle.

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