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If you are a fan of Hip Hop music the Fremantle Arts Centre is the place to be this afternoon when WAM Hip Hop artist of the year Hyclass&Premiss perform in the courtyard with a full jazz band.

Supporting act is the electro-pop duo Priscilla.

The free concert is on from 2-4pm and the cafe, bar and pizza bar will all be open to cater for your needs.

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Good to read that WA Local Government Minister David Templeman wants local Councillors to get a proper induction. New members would have to complete thorough training for the new job to learn the Local Government Act and financial literacy.

I have expressed my dismay in the past that people nominate to become local Councillors without ever having attended council or council committee meetings. I can not understand at all why people would not do their basic homework on local government before they nominate to manage our cities.

Templeman told the Sunday Times that there have been new Councillors in the past who did find out on the job that it was nothing like they expected, presumably because they did not go to council meetings or read the often very extensive agendas on line before nominating.

It is also a very good initiative by the WA Government that they want to put new legislation in place where they can sack individual council members and do not have to sack all elected members because there are some duds on council.

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While Fremantle is eagerly awaiting the completion of the Kings Square project and the new Civic Centre the Town of East Fremantle councillors and staff have just returned to the Townhall there after 14 months of renovating the old building.

The renovation involved the removal of all previous office infrastructure i.e. floor coverings, fittings, partitions, bench tops etc. and included structural improvements, disabled access inclusion and an upgrade to all utilities.  The building was stripped of all services, electrical and mechanical and the plumbing has been replaced.

The aim  of the renovation is to provide a better use of the office space, an opportunity for community meetings, a more functional and contemporary reception and front counter, as well as getting the most out of one of the Town’s most beautiful buildings.

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Although the City of Fremantle put out a media release yesterday correcting the non-factual report in the West Australian about Fremantle Council wanting to introduce non-alcohol sections in pubs, the newspaper continues today spreading the fake news.

Inside Cover states on page 2 that this needs to be monitored, while the letters to the editors page published a letter by a Leeming man who blames the lefty, greeny, loopy Freo council for the nonsense.

Fact is that Fremantle Council, at the initiative of Deputy Mayor Ingrid Waltham, has asked officers to investigate how Freo City can ensure that there won’t be too many taverns in the CBD, after the applications for new taverns at the Warders Cottages hotel, the Police and Justice complex, both in Henderson Street, the Manning building and the Woolstores shopping centre development.

This is actually not all that new as Fremantle Council also looked at more diversity in shopping a few years ago and how it could control more cafes opening.

So to set the facts straight, there are no plans for restricted non-alcohol areas in pubs in Fremantle, but Council does not want the CBD to just be a boozers’ paradise that will impact on the family amenity and public safety.

It is time the West Australian corrected the nonsense they published!


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Today is Fremantle Council election day!

If you have not lodged your ballot paper yet you can still do so in the Fremantle Townhall between 8am and 6pm.

It will be a close election, so your vote really does count as candidates could win with just a handful of votes more than their opponents.

Counting will take place straight after 6 pm and the results should be known by 8pm.

Local musicians will be in front of the Townhall from 11am to 2 pm and there is a sausage sizzle, so come and say hello to the candidates and their supporters!

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The Labor party is trying to hold on to the Fremantle Council seat of Beaconsfield that has become available now that former Deputy Mayor Josh Wilson resigned to contest the Federal seat of Fremantle. Hannah Fitzhardinge, a former advisor to WA Premier Geoff Gallop has put her hand up to sit next to Labor’s Councillor Dave Hume.

The by-election will be held probably in September at a date yet to be announced by the Electoral Commission.

Fitzhardinge told the Fremantle Herald that Fremantle Council does not have gender balance, which also applies to most local councils and State and Federal governments, and that she wants better pedestrian safety on South Terrace with mural gardens and street beautification. That process is already well under way of course and was only recently addressed by a large South Fremantle Precinct meeting.

Hannah Fitzharding also wants  the relocation of a State department to Freo and attract more State funding, which has been the aim of the City of Fremantle for years.

I am all for more women in power positions everywhere but the gender balance stuff does not cut it for me as I fear it can become tokenism. I believe Hannah can easily win this on her own merits and the voter participation will be very low. She would no doubt be a great addition to Ingrid Waltham and Rachel Pemberton and Fremantle Council, so I wish her the best of luck!

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After nearly three years of trying Fremantle  Kidogo Arthouse owner Joanna Robertson has finally been given the green light by the City’s Strategic Planning and Services Committee to go ahead with submitting a planning approval to build toilets at the heritage listed former Shipswrights Building/ Kerosene Store.

This is not the end of the saga by a long shot because the financial implications will be huge for her as Council is expecting her to also pay for the sewer connection between the Bathers Beach House and Kidogo.

Architect Pul Burnham, who designed Little Creatures and the Clancy’s refurbishments, designed an unobtrusive small dwelling, that is not connected to the old building, on the northern side of the art gallery.

What is most amazing shortsightedness by Council is that they did not consider to engage in a joint venture with Joanna where they could have added much needed public toilets at Bathers Beach. The attraction to Fremantle residents and visitors to go to Bathers Beach will drastically increase but there are no change rooms or toilets and that will mean the private operators in the area will run de facto public toilets and that is unfair to them and unacceptable.

To open a tiny bar for just around 100 people and having to pay the additional costs for the sewer extension could well mean the lovely Kelp Bar will not be revived and that would be a shame and a loss to Fremantle.

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What a delightfully positive article by a mother about the Fremantle skatepark in today’s Fremantle Herald. Do we need a more tangible example that it is a huge success?

No doubt those who complain about the costs to build it and future maintenance costs will find a negative angle, but I think it is just great that the Esplanade Youth Plaza has been embraced by most in the community.

It is a great and very respectful place for young people to hang out, for families to connect and for oldies like me to admire the acrobatic skill of the skaters, BMXers and scooter riders.

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I wonder how many people have the same experience. A friend at Kellow Place received three identical letter from the City of Fremantle advising her about the plans for Stevens Reserve and the highrise development there. The carbon-free sustainability city wasting paper and postage because someone, again, has messed up at COF.

When will it stop, When will the CEO take charge and start kicking butt.

Some people obviously are not doing their jobs properly because there is no leadership, or performance criteria to keep the job. Who cares when the salary is deposited in the bank account every fortnight. Why strive for perfection when she’ll be right will just do fine.

Dare I mention the bin at the Round House was overflowing with booze bottles again today.

Yep, I know I am a pain in the arse, but I am only the messenger who tries to clean up the mess COF is creating.

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The first sitting of the all new City of Fremantle Special Projects Committee was a rather strange one that made me wonder why it was public. This was more a brain-storming session between councillors, officers and CODA consultant Kieran Wong, with the Director of Planning and Development Services Phil St John sometimes rallying the subdued group like an AFL footy coach, to stay focused and come up with big picture thinking, concepts and vision. “We want to put together a vision of your ideas”

I understand council wants to be seen to be transparent and inclusive but this committee could well be held in-camera rather than public and only three people plus me were in the gallery with not even the local newspapers bothering to turn up.

The other strange thing is that the committee was there to talk about the Activity Centre Vision Plan,but although it is mentioned in the agenda that the consultant for Visioning 2029 had documented the workshops, no report was tabled or attached and the lengthy and costly community process was not mentioned. That to me is putting the cart before the horse. Why start another visioning project when we have not even evaluated the one we did last year?

Should two-way traffic everywhere, or in the West End, be considered and what would that mean? First of all it would mean a substantial loss of parking bays to the detriment of the businesses in the area, as Councillor Simon Naber rightly pointed out.

There was also the suggestion to make future new parking only available on the periphery and discourage private vehicle traffic through the CBD because we only want people driving in the CBD who have that as their destination. That however would not work by forcing people to park on the periphery who have the CBD as their shopping/business/entertainment destination. That needs a lot of rethinking.

The reactivation of the Passenger Terminal came up, but with Fremantle Ports having recently spend millions on refurbishing it, I doubt it will become a public space any time soon.

There is hope for Arthur Head with Chair Rachel Pemberton mentioning the “anticipated boardwalk” there. Bring it on asap!

The strangely low-energy meeting talked about connectivity, sightlines, connection through the convict establishment, and having more events at Fremantle Oval to take the stress off the heavily-used Esplanade. The latter is a good idea and the oval might even be suitable as an occasional outdoor live music area for Sunset Events when they take over the Artillery Drill Hall from the Fly by Night.

Share, or naked, streets were obviously also on the agenda as that is one of the buzzwords around the western world and placemaking fraternity, and I am all for it as long as it is done sensibly and not to the detriment of local businesses.

Of course more and better bicycle links were discussed, and preferred transit corridors, as was a lightrail loop, a fast transit bus to the airport, and CAT bus connection from North to East Freo.

What did not come up and should be part of any strategic plan for Fremante is to find alternative off-street parking for Notre Dame University students, because the West End is a no go zone to try to find parking for shoppers and visitors when the students are attending campus. Dare I suggest the corner of Cliff and High for a low-rise creative UNDA carpark, without upsetting all my heritage friends.

Councillor Bill Massie asked why the City spend so much money on bike lanes when only a very small, less than five percent, of the population uses bikes. I think that went straight one ear in one ear out with some of the green pipe dreamers on council, who refuse to be realistic that cars will remain the preferred form of transport for the majority of the population for a very long time.

Lowering vehicle speed is obviously essential if the shared streets idea takes off.

While Bill Massie said we need as many vehicles in the city as possible because businesses are bleeding, Robert Fittock said that business who relied on vehicles should change strategy. I don’t believe the debate should be about vehicles or not vehicles, but how Fremantle can make it fast and easy for people to come to the inner city by all forms of transport and accommodate parking in a walking distance from the shops.

Did I get inspired last eve and did I have the wow feeling of having listened to great ideas, outstanding concepts and something new and fresh? Not at all. There was a lack of creative, out of the box thinking, trodding over old ground and rehashing old placemaking sessions. I had a real sense of deja vu, of having been there before, a council ground hog day. I think the Director would have been pretty disappointed with the lack of substance he will now have to work with.

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