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The line-up for Fremantle’s ONE DAY event on January 27 has been finalised.Talented young Indigenous singer Emily Wurramara, local band The Hunting Birds and indie-pop rockers The Spring Peaks will be joining headliner Montaigne and Adrian Eagle on the Esplanade stage.

20-year-old Wurramara, originally from Groote Eylandt off the coast of the Northern Territory, sings in both English and her first language Anindilyakwa.

She was nominated for the 2018 ARIA Award for Best Blues and Roots Album for her album Milyakburra.

Fremantle folk/rock five-piece The Hunting Birds have appeared at major festivals including Falls Festival Downtown and Bluesfest Byron Bay, plus support slots with folk heavyweights The Lumineers and English singer-songwriter Newton Faulkner. Last year they released their debut EP In Its Nature.

Perth band The Spring Peaks have previously shared a stage with artists including End of Fashion and Birds of Tokyo. Their next single is set to be released in early 2019 which will be the title track of their forthcoming EP.

Headline act Montaigne said she was very proud to be part of One Day.

“I like that there’s an event in the country where we can celebrate Australia without alienating the descendants of its first people,” the Sydney-based singer songwriter said.

WA Music Industry Award winning Noongar singer Gina Williams will return to MC and perform at One Day for the third time, with Dr Richard Walley OAM and Marie Taylor delivering the Welcome to Country for the event.

One Day in Fremantle on 27 January will begin with a smoking ceremony at Bathers Beach at 8am, followed by a host of Aboriginal cultural workshops and activities at Kidogo Arthouse for everyone to enjoy.

At 2pm the focus will shift to the Esplanade Reserve for the One Day concert. In addition to the performers on the main stage there will also be activities, entertainment and food trucks.

For more information visit the One Day in Fremantle page on the City of Fremantle website and Facebook.

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So what is the fuss about again about Australia Day? It was all over the news yesterday but there is very little new in what ScoMo and other politicians said, besides a new dress code for those who receive the citizenship certificate, which is soooooo un-Australian.

Already last year local councils were told by the Federal Government that citizenship ceremonies had to be held on January 26 and the City of Fremantle obliged, but also held the One Day event two days later on Sunday the 28th.

This year again we will have the very good One Day event on Sunday the 27th in Fremantle and the citizenship ceremony at Fremantle Oval on the 26th, and then we have the Australia Day Monday to do whatever we like.

And after we heard all the political stuff about how sacrosanct Australia Day supposedly is, it turned out that the ScoMo government only wants to introduce the changes in 2020, when they are most likely no longer in power. What a waste of time!

And just for the sake of the argument, why isn’t the Australian of the Year announcement on Australia Day, but the day before, and what actually is Australian Citizenship Day on September 17 for?

Personally I am looking forward to being at the citizenship ceremony in Freo because as a migrant myself I know how special and important that is, and I am very much looking forward to the Smoking Ceremony on Bathers Beach at 8am and the all day One Day event on the 28th. There is something for everyone. It is inclusive and it should not offend anyone to celebrate that way together!

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FBH firework


I do know that April Fools Day is still four months away, but what the …. There are people who celebrate Christmas in July, so why should April Fools only be in April, and there is far too little to blog about, so I might as well do what the mainstream media and Donald Trump are so good at and report fake news and hopefully make the New Year start with a smile for you.

Anyway, I had this nightmarish kind of a dream that the progressive Fremantle Council, always keen to lead with innovation, will be changing the date of New Year’s Eve to June 30. Fremantle already changed Australia Day to One Day and celebrates it a day or two after the rest of the nation.

The reasons for it are that those lefties on Council believe that there are already too many celebrations and inebriations around Christmas time and that there are a multitude of events and fireworks to compete with for our small port city.

For those reasons Fremantle Council has already decided that the Fremantle Festival in 2019 will be a winter festival in July, when the rest of greater Perth hibernates. This will link the festival with fireworks and the celebration of the new financial year.

So we will be seeing a return of the Fremantle fireworks, but it won’t be on Australia Day or New Year’s Eve, but on June 30. That will make it far more family friendly, because the sun sets earlier in winter and that means the kiddies can be in bed at a far more appropriate time than when the fireworks are in summer.


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One Day


Sydney-based singer-songwriter Montaigne will be the headline act at the One Day in Fremantle event on January 27, held on the Esplanade from 2-7.30pm.

The 23-year-old won an ARIA award in 2016 for best breakthrough artist following the success of her debut album Glorious Heights, which featured the singles ‘Because I Love You’ and ‘In the Dark’.

The Triple J favourite also featured on the Hilltop Hoods hit ‘1955’.

She recently released a new single ‘For Your Love’ and will be returning to Fremantle in April next year as part of a national tour.

Montaigne will be joined on stage by up-and-coming South Australian soul singer Adrian Eagle, fresh off his European tour supporting the Hilltop Hoods earlier this year.

More artists will be announced in the coming weeks.

The One Day event will start at 8am on Bathers Beach with a Whadjuk Noongar smoking ceremony, followed by Aborignal cultural activities at Kidogo Arthouse all morning.

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Fremantle Society president John Dowson likes to make outrageous claims, as long as they are negative about Fremantle Council, so this alleged statement by former WA Premier Colin Barnett surely must be taken with a grain of salt.

In his latest email message to FS members JD claims that: “Recent controversial decisions of Fremantle Council, particularly relating to Australia Day, and being told that the council still refuses to fly the Australian flag from the Town Hall long after spending $3 million to fix it up, led the former Premier to tell the Fremantle Society this week that : “If I was still Premier, I would put Fremantle Council into Administration.”

So are we really to believe that a state government would put a local government, which has been pro-active in encouraging extensive development and urban infill, into administration just because they don’t fly the Australian flag and don’t celebrate Australia Day on January 26? I doubt that very much!

Dowson also suggested in a recent email to FS members that Fremantle’s new destination marketing should be about telling stories, such as that Prince Phillip was in Fremantle Port for one day during WW II. Yep, that would get thousands of Chinese, Indonesian and Malaysian tourists rushing to Fremantle for sure. OMG!

And have the FS members noticed that their president talks about himself like the Queen? The Fremantle Society met the former premier, the Fremantle Society met David Attenborough, etc. when it was only JD meeting these people?

The AGM of the society was held last night and I fear we’ll be getting another year of unbalanced narrow-minded negativity and anti-change, anti-development and anti-progress messages from its president.

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Nominations for Fremantle’s Citizen of the Year awards are now open.

The City of Fremantle is calling for nominations in four categories: Citizen of the Year; Citizen of the Year – Youth, for people under 25; Citizen of the Year – Senior, for people over 65; and the Active Citizenship award for groups or events.

Fremantle Mayor Brad Pettitt said the awards recognise and reward individuals and organisations that have made a notable contribution during the current year, or those who have given outstanding service over a number of years.

“Every day around Freo I see generous and passionate people sacrificing their time and effort to support our community,” Mayor Pettitt said.

“The Citizen of the Year Awards are a great opportunity to acknowledge that effort and promote all the good work that’s been done.

“It’s really easy to put in a nomination, so if you know someone who deserves to be recognised for their contribution to our society, is an inspiring role model or has shown leadership on an important issue jump online and nominate them for an award.”

Nominees should live or work principally within the City of Fremantle.

Outstanding contribution and community service can include areas such as education, health, fund-raising, charitable and voluntary services, business, sport, arts, the environment, social inclusion or any other area that contributes to the advancement and wellbeing of the community.

Last year youth counsellor and educator Simone Ryan was recognised as the Fremantle Citizen of the Year, while the Street Friends Pop-Up Street Shop won the Active Citizenship Award.

Nominations close on 31 October, with the awards to be presented at the City’s Australia Day citizenship ceremony on 26 January.

For more information or to register a nomination visit the Citizen of the Year Awards page on the Australia Day Council WA website.


I am very proud that I was awarded Citizen of the Year on January 26, 2013, so five years ago. It is very special when one’s community recognises the positive contribution one tries to make for the city we all love.

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Those who missed the Fremantle fireworks on Australia Day will be delighted that the Fishing Boat Harbour traders have organised fireworks on WA DAY, June 3 from 6 pm.

The early 6pm time will be good for families with very young children, so it’s a win win.

The move by Fremantle Council to scrap the fireworks and Australia Day events and replace them with the ONE DAY concert have ben very controversial, but also been followed by other councils in Australia.

Holding fireworks on WA Dy is probably a much better idea and will be a lot less upsetting for our indigenous people, but for me personally I find fireworks a huge waste of money and would rather see a laser and projections show.

Anyway, folks, Fremantle fireworks are back!

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Today March 13 is my personal Australia Day. It is the day I migrated to Australia and arrived in Sydney 36 years ago in 1982.

The promised start at a Sydney newspaper did not eventuate because we happened to arrive when Australia was in a recession, so slogging as kitchenhand, cook and waiter was the start of my Aussie life.

Trying to deal with the culture shock and learning to understand cricket, Aussie Rules and rugby was harder than learning to accept cask wine, blue skies and sunshine.

Looking back it is amazing how much I have achieved in a country where I knew nobody. Coming to Perth in September 1985 and starting my own corporate/industrial photography business without having the support of friends or family, or having the right private school tie, was probably more youthful naivety than sound planning.

But from the very start I felt a real love for this country, even more so in Western Australia and especially Fremantle. When I first drove through the Pilbarra and Kimberley I had a real sense of home coming and that I belonged, and Freo has always been like that for me.

Even in my darkest hours I have never regretted I migrated to Australia and I have always felt a commitment that I need to make a positive contribution to my community and leave Freo an even better place than it is for future generations, when my time is up sooner than later.

I have met so many great people and have made really good friends. I love the Freo passion and that we are all so bloody opinionated, and I love it that most of us don’t take themselves too serious.

Thanks for having me, Freo!

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I hear that one of the reasons for the scaled-down Noongar Smoking Ceremony yesterday was because of several elders pulling out of the event at the last minute in protest of Neville Collard’s support in the West Australian for not changing the date of Australia Day.

Elder Ben Taylor who was going to be involved in the ceremony called Mayor Brad Pettitt on Saturday to say it was not okay to have someone conducting the ceremony who was agains changing the date, but Taylor was told that the Mayor did not want to make it political. But it is political of course.

Disappointing to see this happening when the Smoking Ceremony as part of ONE DAY is very important and special for Fremantle and should become an annual tradition.

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KAYA! The ONE DAY Noongar Smoking Ceremony at Bathers Beach in Fremantle/Walyalup this morning at 7 am attracted a lot of Wadjelas, keen to connect with our Aboriginal friends.

The symbolism of these events often overwhelms me and I can’t keep the tears out of my eyes, but at least I can blame the smoke for it and don’t have to admit I am just a softy. ;>)

The event was scaled down from last year’s magnificent event with a lot fewer Aborigines participating, and that was a little disappointing, but I sincerely hope that the smoking ceremony will become an annual tradition in Freo.

From 2-8pm the ONE DAY concert and activities are on at the Esplanade, so make sure to join in and bring all your friends and family.

The Fremantle community can be very proud today about our inclusiveness!

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