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Exciting news from the great Fremantle SCULPTURE@BATHERS art exhibition! The show will be held for the third time next year from February 25 till March 12, 2017 at Bathers Beach. 85 of the very best and renowned Western Australian 3D artists have already confirmed their participation in this brilliant show case of WA art.

But there is a whole new aspect to the show with the international World Match Racing Championships being held off Bathers Beach during the second week of S@B! This will give the Western Australian artists international live coverage all over the planet. Last year’s WSC was seen in over 100 countries, so that will be great exposure for the exhibition.

One of Perth’s best designers will design a new logo for Sculpture@Bathers and one of the participating artists is working on a design for T-shirts. Make sure to be early and buy one of these collectors’ items when they are on sale early next year!




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Wow! How stunning Bathers Beach looked early this Labour Day morning. I often find it hard to believe I actually live in this paradise, that tourists absolutely love.

While gallery sitting the Glen Cowans Underwater Photography at the Roundhouse yesterday for a few hours, tourists from Poland told me they had totally fallen in love with Australians and how stunning Fremantle is. We who live here need to acknowledge that more often, rather than only seeing the negative things in our city.

Compared to many places on earth we live in heaven and we did not even have to die for it.

The World Match Racing Tour  sailing is still on today, so head out to Bathers Beach!

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Here some more photos of the WORLD MATCH RACING TOUR held at Bathers Beach in Fremantle. I took them around lunch time today when the sea breeze finally arrived.

It was nice to see the boardwalk full with spectators, so come along all long weekend!

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I went to the afternoon session of the World Match Racing Tour at Bathers Beach as well because there is a nice atmosphere at the event.

Fremantle looks at its very best when people enjoy the Indian Ocean and the beach and it was all very relaxed and very well organised with good commentary over speakers by the Red Handed TV crew.

The event continues all week and ends on Monday afternoon. It’s a long weekend so go and have a look!

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The first of the races of the international World Match Racing Tour started at Fremantle’s Bathers Bay this morning and what a great spectacle it is to watch.

The Fremantle Doctor sea breeze came in quite early, but sitting at Bathers Beach I thought how privileged I am to live in such an amazing city. It brought a tear to my eye.

It is disappointing that this world event has been so badly promoted, so please spread the word and come out to watch it over the next five days.

There are 20 international teams participating and the races are with five boats. The teams use the same five boats, so they swap crews for the races. After tomorrow the bottom ten teams will be eliminated and then the finals can get started, culminating on Monday in the grand final where only two boats will be racing.

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The preparations are well under way at Fremantle’s Bathers Beach for the WORLD MATCH RACING TOUR that will open tonight and sailing will start tomorrow.

Kidogo Arthouse is the HQ for the event and a village and stages have been built for participants and spectators.

UK company Redhanded TV sent 23 crew members and will be sending footage out all over the world.

A floating, and very wobbly-looking, jetty has been put in the Indian Ocean and the Fremantle Doctor sea breeze promises to be very strong for the international catamaran sailing competition, which is held in Australia for the first time and will continue in six other countries.

Roel Loopers

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