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Feb 1. VQ TRaders Market


The Victoria Quay Traders Markets is on in Fremantle this Saturday from 10am to 4pm, so go and have a stroll in the port and check out what is for sale and have some yummmy food from one of the foodstalls.

There is also a huge indoor plants sale in B Shed, so something on offer for the whole family.

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highflyers 2


Good to see that the Hilton Doubletree hotel at Elizabeth Quay in Perth is nearing completion.

The altered plans for the Fremantle Hilton should be coming before council soon, and we can all cross our fingers from then on that the SKS group will start in a hurry to build the port city hotel, that has been promised for many years.

There are also plans for a Hilton in Cockburn and one in Karratha, so the SKS group has been busy.

highflyers 1

There were also high flyers on the Ritz Carlton hotel building at EQ, so I might as well share this photo with you, because I am a show off.  ; >)

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I am disappointed that my friends at the Fremantle Herald make the totally unsubstantiated claim on their front page today that only 1,000 people attended the One Day in Fremantle event at Bathers Beach last Saturday. Where did they get the figures from? Who did the foot traffic counting?

I was at the event four times, starting with the Smoking Ceremony at 8am, which attracted around 500 people, and during the day there was a constant stream of people coming and going. It was a great day from 8am till sunset, where people really connected, and that’s what it is all about!

The Chook is keen to quote the Liberal MP for Tagney Ben Morton, who constantly bleats on about Australia Day in large advertisements in the Fremantle Herald, so maybe the front page article is just a quid pro quo to keep an advertiser happy?

By the way, on the four occasions I was at the One Day event, and stayed for considerable time, I never noticed anyone from the Chook. They even used a City of Fremantle photo to support their front page nonsense, because they could not be bothered to attend the Smoking Ceremony.

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Nice to see Silverleaf Investments putting a new balustrade on the building south of the Manning building in Freo’s William Street.

The work the company has been doing on the facade of the Manning building all along the High Street Mall and Market street is remarkable and a real feature for Fremantle. I love all the new entries into the retail outlets as they remind me of the good old high streets.

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Arborists will attend to some of the Norfolk pine trees at Fremantle’s South Beach after there were reports yesterday of branches breaking off and heavy seedpods falling down.

One eager tree pruner was waiting for his colleagues this morning, but maybe not so clever to do that under one of the trees. At least he was wearing a hard hat. ; >)

The reason for the branches to break off, as also happened at the Esplanade and Point Walter, is that this season the seedpods are growing further away from the tree trunk and are also much bigger and heavier, some claim that is due to lack of water.

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Fremantle Council last night approved a 10+10 year lease for the new Civic Centre triangle with Fremantle Doctor Restaurant and Bar Pty Ltd, after more than two hours of discussion and public submissions.

The public gallery was full, mainly with those who opposed the City giving the proponents a $ 500,000 incentive for the fit out and three years of rent free, but an amendment by Mayor Brad Pettitt will now see the operators having to pay 2% of their gross income during the third year and 5% of gross income for the fourth year.

Concerns were raised by public speakers about the impact alcohol has on our society, the possible noise and antisocial behaviour affecting St John’s church business, and if a bar close to the new playground is a good idea, and that a 20-year deal was reckless.

It was suggested the space could be used for an art gallery or indigenous centre or the City’s Visitor Centre.

Some Councillors expressed concerns and said they could not support the lease, but others said that Kings Square is not a noise-free zone but a city square of activities, but that the hospitality operators, the church and the city needed to work together to manage it.

Councillor Su Groome said she was disappointed with the lay-out and lack of family space, while other councillors said they were not impressed with the design of the cafe and bar, and questioned if the proponent had enough track record in the hospitality industry to make it a special destination for all.

Councillor Doug Thompson said that while it appeared to be a reasonable outcome he was not comfortable with it and could not support it, and others questioned if the criteria for the EOI had been right, since there was only a single proponent after over 130 hospitality operators had been approached to take on the lease. ‘Maybe the market shows u that we did not get the criteria right” Councillor Frank Mofflin said and Councillor Adin Lang agreed with that sentiment and wanted to defer the item.

There was fear among some Councillors that the City might not get a better offer, with Councillor Andrew Sullivan warning with doomsday, where the space could be empty for 10 years if Council did not approve the lease to the proponents.

We need a long-term lease and a financial return as it is part of the commercial property portfolio, and the space was always planned to be a cafe from the beginning.

A woman in the public gallery yelled at Council that they were a disgrace and stormed out, but Councillor Hannah Fitzhardinge said we needed to understand that the term tavern does not do the proposal justice as it won’t be anything like that and just a bar and restaurant, but the plans were not amazing at all and she was not impressed with them, and Councillor Rachel Pemberton agreed.

Councillor Marija Vujcic read from a long prepared speech, and that was the first time I have seen that since I have been observing council business for the last 13 years. She said it was not Council’s role to undermine businesses by giving high financial incentives to lease the triangle. “This is a high risk project.”

Councillor Andrew Sullivan said that everyone had a vision for something amazing there, but the ideas what that would be are different, and it was never going to be a hipster and funky place, but a mainstream one for everyone. “It needs to be attractive to families, office workers, cruiseship tourists and the general community.” He said the worst risk was not to do something right now and leave the space vacant for years.

Mayor Brad Pettitt said it was a hard discussion, but he was pleased to get an outcome in a tough commercial environment.

If I counted right the decision was 7 for and 4 against the proposal, with Councillor Bryn Jones being absent on the night.

Now all we can hope for it that during the planning application process Council can force a more creative layout and fit out for the three spaces, and that the proponents will offer a great space that sits comfortably with the new planned port-themed playground just metres away.

It will be up to the liquor licensing department to approve a tavern license for the space, or not, and it will need to be seen if the proponents might want to include the street level, so that they can open that up as an alfresco bar at night as well.

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Lands Minister Ben Wyatt today called for expressions of interest for the sale and redevelopment of the former Fremantle Technical College site in the heart of the port city.

Located opposite the iconic Fremantle Markets, the historic property offers heritage-listed buildings on more than 2,400 square metres of prime land and represents a significant redevelopment opportunity for the right investor.

The college site has been a part of the fabric of Fremantle since the late 1800s and is within walking distance of key tourist attractions including the Fremantle Prison, Round House, Maritime Museum and Fishing Boat Harbour.

The State Government is seeking a proponent who has the vision to reactivate and restore this underutilised heritage asset, building on the regeneration of Fremantle’s city centre and successfully demonstrating heritage conservation and adaptive reuse.

Conservation and maintenance works were recently completed to prepare the character buildings for sale. Any future redevelopment plans will need to ensure the heritage value is retained and celebrated.

This would be a great location for a boutique hotel on the Cappuccino Strip


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The proposed hospitality venue on three levels of the eastern triangle of the new Civic Centre at Kings Square will be debated at the Ordinary Council meeting this evening, which starts at 6pm in the North Fremantle Community Centre.

The contract would be that the operator does not have to pay rent for the first three years, and only a rent of 5% of gross income for the fourth year, plus a $ 500,000 incentive from the City of Fremantle toward the fit out.

The biggest problem here is that it appears to be a take it, or leave the triangle vacant situation, as from the over 130 hospitality operators approached by the City only the current operator of Bar Orient in High Street has offered to lease the triangle. Fremantle Council is very much between a rock and a hard place, because it would not be a good look to have the triangle vacant and hoarded up when the Civic Centre and the new port themed playground open late this year, and Council is committed to having a cafe near the new children’s playground.

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