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The City of Fremantle Planning Committee last night unanimously approved the long overdue development of the vacant Sealanes buildings between South Terrace and Marine Terrace in South Fremantle.

The 300 patron venue is proposed to operate as a high quality ‘gastro tavern’ incorporating a working boutique micro-brewery and micro-distillery offering patrons a mix of high quality beverage and dining and ‘cellar door’ in a casual, friendly atmosphere. It will be operated by Running With Thieves.

Alterations to the Marine Terrace and South Terrace frontages, including the provision of new doors, metal balustrades, alfresco bench seating, and new shop front windows will allow views across to South Beach.

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Fremantle’s famous and loved family pub CLANCY’S will be given a rare award at this month’s APRA Music Awards in Melbourne.

The fish pub will receive the Australasian Performing Right Association Licensee of the Year 2019 for excellent music citizenship.

This is only the third time that this award has been given.

In my good old pub days I spent a lot of time at Clancy’s on Friday nights and dancing on the invigorating music of the Zydecats on Sunday nights. It is a great and safe tavern with fantastic staff, so congratulations to all there!

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FREO.SOCIAL, Fremantle’s latest music venue, micro brewery, distillery and tavern opened its doors at Parry Street to the public today, so make sure to go and check it out!

Millions of dollars were spent on renovating the 1896 built former Artillery Drill Hall, which is owned by the National Trust and was home to the Fly by Night musicians club before.

I did not get a look at the Entertainment Hall, where live music concerts will be held, so make sure to keep up to date who is playing when on the Freo.Social Facebook page.

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The Old Synagogue


The Planning Committee of Fremantle Council last night unanimously approved the application for a tavern at the former Synagogue site on the corner of South Terrace and Parry Street.

There was no discussion about the proposal with Elected Members saying it would be a good development.

The consensus was that the landmark site had been an eyesore for too long, and that the development would integrate well with future plans for Fremantle Oval.

Mayor Brad Pettitt said the tavern was a really good outcome for Fremantle.

Now all the proponents will have to do is apply for a liquor license and wait approximately a year before that gets approved, which really is a far too long process.

The development will create a basement and a rooftop bar, beer gardens, restaurant, and an alfresco area on Parry Street.

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There are serious concerns in the South Fremantle community about a proposed tavern, brewery and distillery on the former Sealanes site at 176-238 Marine Terrace.

Locals believe there is already ample supply of alcohol-related outlets in the area and that parking issues will escalate even more. They are also worried about noise, smells and anti social behaviour in the adjoining residential streets.

The proposal by the Running with Thieves brewery is for a micro-brewery that would be able to produce 1 million litres of beer, plus a distillery that would make gin, vodka, rum and whiskey.

There would also be a bar, restaurant and retail outlet, so unless substantial parking bays will be provided on site it would severely affect parking for locals and people visiting South Beach and the sunset markets, and those who commute on the CAT bus to the train station.

Submissions for the proposal closed on February 15, but many locals complain they had not been made aware of it and are scrambling to voice their opposition to the plans.

Although the official submission period is over there is still plenty of time to contact Fremantle Councillors. You can reach them all together here:

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New plans for the former Fremantle synagogue on the corner of South Terrace and Parry Street near Fremantle Oval have come to light, but still depend on Fremantle Council planning approval and a liquor license.

The Old Synagogue would offer a beer garden on three levels, with a rooftop bar, while the restaurant would offer fine dining with an Asian twist to it.

The basement bar of The Old Synagogue will be offering cocktails in a more relaxed and intimate setting, while the street-level bar would embrace the Freo vibes and offer craft beer and pub food.

The City of Fremantle is currently in the process to develop Fremantle Oval with a residential and commercial part and the relocation of the East Fremantle Football Club to the oval, so the new venue, opposite the Norfolk Hotel might well become an additional attraction for the precinct.

Already plans have been approved for a small boutique hotel and tavern at the Warders Cottages directly east of the Fremantle Markets, and another hotel, tavern and entertainment centre by Silverleaf Investments has been approved for the former police and justice complex and Warders Cottages also in Henderson Street. Just east of that development the former Drillhall has been turned into The Social Club live music venue by Sunset Events, that will open in March this year.

There is a lot going on in Fremantle, and that is a good thing, but I am a bit worried that there is too much concentration on making it into an alcohol-related entertainment centre.

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NEXT DOOR at Little Creatures in Fremantle’s Fishing Boat Harbour is no more and what a loss it is!

I just had a look at the HELM which replaces Next Door and the place has totally lost its character, ambience and personality.

Gone are the cosy armchairs and couches to be replaced by little white table separated by white lattices. It’s light, but void of character.

Next Door was one of my favourite places to meet up with friends, but the Helm is not my cup of tea as it is too formal. What a shame!

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sunshine 1


The popular THE MANTLE food market on the corner of James and Beach streets has applied to the City of Fremantle for a partial change of the venue to tavern, micro brewery and distillery.

The licensed area would only be for 120 patrons and opening times are Tuesday-Thursday 7am to 9m and Friday to Sunday from 7am to 11pm.

Next door to The Mantle The Sunshine will open soon with a food and fresh produce market, so the two combined should become a real attraction in the far east of the Fremantle CBD.  There is ample parking along Beach Street and good access to public transport as well.

The officers have recommended that the application for a tavern will be approved. The item is on Wednesday’s Fremantle Council’s Planning Committee agenda.

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The City of Fremantle Planning Committee will next Wednesday, May 2, deliberate another planning approval by Sunset Venues for the No One unit at J Shed on Bathers Beach.

The application is for Partial change of use to tavern, additions and alterations to existing building.

Fremantle Council agreed two weeks ago to change the lease conditions for a smaller-300 patron-venue and rent reduction, so the next steps are planning approval and a liquor license.

I would have been a lot more at ease if the application had been for a large licensed restaurant/cafe that could cater for weddings and corporate functions. The insistence of creating a tavern at Arthur’s Head does not sit well with inner city residents and the neighbouring artists at J Shed.

There is little doubt that the planning approval with sail quickly through Fremantle Council and it will then be up to the WA Planning Commission and liquor licensing authorities to stop the tavern, or approve it.

Whatever the outcome, this has been going on for far too long!

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We live in a world of awards for just about everything and many of them are pretty irrelevant and meaningless because of the lack of research done. Some awards simply tick a few boxes and for example take Local Government’s submissions as a fact, instead of checking out the reality.

The McCusker Centre for Action on Alcohol Awards appears to belong to the latter because the City of Fremantle has been nominated as a finalist For it’s no tolerance approach to anti-social behaviour at events and its promotion of a small bar culture and liquor reform in the area.

It is clear the McCusker Foundation does not know that on the same evening Fremantle Council signed off on its alcohol policy it also approved the establishment of a new tavern and live music venue for up to 1,500 patrons at J Shed on historic Arthur Head, and is in the process of approving a micro-brewery at the former Energy Museum, just around the corner from St Patrick’s that deals with people with drug and alcohol related problems.

If my memory is correct, in times of the biggest community turmoil about Council ignoring community consultation, the City of Fremantle received an award for its excellent community consultation process.

It might all sound great on paper and in a one-eyed submissions by COF officers, but unfortunately the reality is a whole different ball game. As I pointed out here recently the Fremantle Accord on responsible service of alcohol is just another lip service with many pubs now offering happy hours and cheaper drinks, with the National Hotel even having two a day, one during lunchtime hours.

For the City of Fremantle to receive an award, or even be a finalist, in the McCusker alcohol award it would need to do a whole lot better, and not be hypocritical by ignoring its own alcohol policy.

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