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The first one of Fremantle’s major hospitality operations has become a victim of the coronavirus, with Little Creatures in the Fishing Boat Harbour announcing the closure of its operations to protect the brewery side of the business.

The Prime Minister has advised not to attend gatherings of more than 100 people and there is little doubt that many people are already avoiding going out and to work.

Covid-19 will have a severe impact on our community with people losing jobs, retailers and the hospitality industry losing money, small cafes not surviving, and developers reconsidering future projects.

Tourism is very important for Fremantle and with calls to even stop interstate travel many of our traders will be impacted, so try to support them as best as you can!

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The tilt-up walls for the tavern at the new Warders Cottages boutique hotel are being installed over the next two days, so there will be delays for motorists traveling along William Street and Henderson Street. Best to avoid it and drive down Parry Street!




Fremantle’s Bermuda Triangle?


The hospitality triangle lease of the new Fremantle Civic Centre at Kings Square was the most debated item on the FPOL Committee agenda, and the public gallery was only allowed to hear part of it, since there were commercially confidential issues as well, so we were booted out.

I just want to make some general remarks about what has become a bit controversial in the community, because of the high financial incentives the City is required to give to the proponents of the three level hospitality venue.

Councillor Andrew Sullivan was very passionate in his support and pointed out the new building is part of the City’s commercial property portfolio and hence it should create income. I have no issue with that argument.

Sullivan continued to say it was an essential part of the Kings Square plan to have night time activity, and I agree with that as well, but that would have happened in a far better way if Fremantle Council had insisted on a residential and/or hotel component as part of their deal with Sirona Capital.

We should also consider realistically if the proposed hospitality business would last 20 years. Just look at what is happening right now: A new tavern will open in the Manning building, a new tavern in the Warders boutique hotel, an entertainment venue in the new Police and Justice complex in Henderson street, and no doubt there will be bars in the planned hotels at the Woolstores and Point Street.

All that in addition to the Federal Hotel, National Hotel, Newport Hotel, Sail&Anchor, the Monk, the Old Synagogue, the Norfolk Hotel, Freo.Social, and several small bars. All in a walking distance of five minutes or less from the proposed Kings Square venue! And there will probably be a bar or two in the FOMO centre as well.

Does Fremantle really want and need another alcohol venue, and at what cost to the ratepayers?

Yes, the $ 500,000 will be invested in the building, so it will be the property of the city, but if the proposed hospitality venue does not succeed what would an office do with a dumb waiter goods lift? And we heard that the third floor won’t be activated for at least another 18 months until the proponents have found their feet in the new venue.

I know that Councillors want the best for our city, but this is again a proponent driven venue and not the cafe and small bar that was initially on the cards. It smells a bit like the Sunset Events J Shed venue where Council have stars in their eyes and see something really big happening that they had not even considered in their wildest dreams.

The Fremantle community though might well believe this is more a case of Freo’s own Bermuda Triangle where ratepayers money disappears that we could have used to make a start on the urgently needed repairs of Arthur’s Head and the Roundhouse, as Councillor Marija Vujcic pointed out.

We all want Kings Square and the inner city to be activated and the redevelopment project to be a success, but we expect our elected members to be realistic and pragmatic, and I am not at all sure that this is the right way to do it.

Roel Loopers

and some friendly advise for our elected members. Please do not make this item a confidential item at the Full Council meeting, because the community would question Council’s transparency and ask what they have to hide!


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The news that the owners of the Fremantle Metropolis nightclub will be investing one million dollars in the venue and upgrade the sound and light systems, shows that there is a lot of confidence in the future of our port city.

Just around the corner building work is under way for the tavern and boutique hotel between the Warders cottages and Fremantle Markets, and there will also be a new hospitality venue in the Manning building, that is nearing completion.

The success of Freo.Social and the Old Synagogue has shown that Freo has a lot to offer and there is a lot more to come.

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The official opening of the Fremantle Old Synagogue tavern, bar, restaurant and cafe is this coming weekend, but they did a soft opening yesterday, and I noticed when I walked by that they are also open today.

Here some more photos I took yesterday. What a great new venue, and so nice to see that important corner of Freo being activated.

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I got a sneak preview of the Old Synagogue tavern development today, and I already know this is going to be my local and favourite watering hole in Fremantle.

It is a fantastic development that has got so many gorgeous features. I specifically like all the greenery; trees, planter boxes, lawn.

The Old Synagogue is next to Fremantle Oval and opposite the Norfolk Hotel. It has three levels and will have two rooftop bars, one of them looking straight down the Cappuccino Strip.

There will be a cosy whiskey bar, a great restaurant, many, many craft beers, a changing wine list featuring WA wines and the favourite wines of the moment.

And the good news is that it will open at the end of this month, so in time for all the office Christmas parties and functions. Book now!

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That bloody lefty greeny Fremantle Council is at it again! First they ban Australia Day, then plastic bags and balloons, and now to top it all they are banning the Queen of England and are working toward becoming the Republic of Fremantle, as this banner at the Fremantle traffic bridge this morning shows.

Don’t despair yet! It is a promo for the new Republic of Fremantle gin distillery and micro brewery that will open in Pakenham Street very soon. ; >)

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The City of Fremantle Planning Committee last night unanimously approved the long overdue development of the vacant Sealanes buildings between South Terrace and Marine Terrace in South Fremantle.

The 300 patron venue is proposed to operate as a high quality ‘gastro tavern’ incorporating a working boutique micro-brewery and micro-distillery offering patrons a mix of high quality beverage and dining and ‘cellar door’ in a casual, friendly atmosphere. It will be operated by Running With Thieves.

Alterations to the Marine Terrace and South Terrace frontages, including the provision of new doors, metal balustrades, alfresco bench seating, and new shop front windows will allow views across to South Beach.

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Fremantle’s famous and loved family pub CLANCY’S will be given a rare award at this month’s APRA Music Awards in Melbourne.

The fish pub will receive the Australasian Performing Right Association Licensee of the Year 2019 for excellent music citizenship.

This is only the third time that this award has been given.

In my good old pub days I spent a lot of time at Clancy’s on Friday nights and dancing on the invigorating music of the Zydecats on Sunday nights. It is a great and safe tavern with fantastic staff, so congratulations to all there!

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FREO.SOCIAL, Fremantle’s latest music venue, micro brewery, distillery and tavern opened its doors at Parry Street to the public today, so make sure to go and check it out!

Millions of dollars were spent on renovating the 1896 built former Artillery Drill Hall, which is owned by the National Trust and was home to the Fly by Night musicians club before.

I did not get a look at the Entertainment Hall, where live music concerts will be held, so make sure to keep up to date who is playing when on the Freo.Social Facebook page.

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