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Not many people who enjoyed themselves tonight at the Fremantle Long Table Dinner in historic High Street would understand the logistics of making the stunning event work.

To feed 800 people is a huge challenge at any given time, but doing it on the street, from different kitchens and with many volunteers, now that is amazing!

Karl Bullers of the National Hotel, the BID team, all the volunteers, and God knows who else was involved in organising this outstanding evening, all should receive the Fremantle Citizen of the Year award. You guys are truly amazing and deserve so much gratitude from the community!!

To do all this to support St Pats and the homeless and needy people is what Christmas should be all about and you all made it a reality. Thank you so much!!

Freo leading the way yet again!


Roel Loopers



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A report in the Fremantle Herald indicates that the Fly by Night Musicians Club is financially struggling again and now wants the City of Fremantle to give them cheaper rent.

They had payment problems in the former venue the Drillhall with the National Trust as well, before being forced to move to Victoria Hall because Sunset Events was granted the Drillhall lease.

The City of Fremantle had money issues with the former Kulcha and also with Deckchair theatre, but a small local council cannot keep bailing out culture clubs no matter how important they are to the community.

I believe the City needs to offer more practical support to the Fly and help them with marketing etc.

For me the brand is confusing and needs to be tightened. On Wednesdays for example there is the Gaslight Club Blues Club at the Fly by Night Musicians Club. Does that make marketing sense?

I have not seen any evidence that the Fly is promoting the venue for corporate events, functions, maybe even weddings, and that would be a certain way to create income.

I wonder how many bums on seats they get at ticketed events in the relatively small hall, as the lack of audience was the downfall of the Deckchair Theatre Company.

We all want a thriving music industry that supports our local musicians in Fremantle, but it is not the role of local government to keep throwing money at companies which can’t sustain themselves

The Fly needs and deserves support, but it needs to be more practical than just money.

Roel Loopers


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Ovation of the Seas


The Ovation of the Seas cruiseliner was only in Fremantle Port for one day but she made a big impression on the local economy.

It was a delight to see thousands of tourists wandering the streets of Fremantle, visiting cafes, shops, the Roundhouse, Maritime and Shipwreck museums and Fremantle Prison.

The South Mole was packed when the ship left port at 5.30pm and there were quite a few spectators on the North Mole as well.


Roel Loopers


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BAZAAR Dec 1-3


A reminder that the Fremantle Arts Centre Christmas Bazaar will be on this weekend.

It starts tomorrow from 5-10 pm and then Saturday and Sunday from  9am to 5pm.

Local art and craft, jewellery, clothes, ceramics, glass, etc. for sale, so great Christmas presents to be found there.

On Sunday is also the George Street Festival in East Fremantle, just down the road from the FAC, so easy to combine the two events.

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A travel warning should have been issued for Fremantle as a tsunami of cruise ship passengers from the Ovation of the Seas create a huge wave of visitors to our port city today.

City of Fremantle Visitor Guides were at hand at the Passenger Terminal and Kings Square and a free Freo City shuttle bus service took passengers from Victoria Quay to the city centre.

Fremantle welcomes you all and we hope you will enjoy your stay in our beautiful and hospitable city!

Roel Loopers



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FREO’S VIEW readers can’t question the dedication of this decrepit old blogger. Who else would get up at 5.30am to photograph the arrival in Fremantle of a cruiseliner on this very chilly early morning.

The Ovation of the Seas, the world’s fifth largest cruise ship,  passed between the North and South moles of Fremantle Port at 6.45am this morning, carrying some 4,000 passengers. She will be leaving at 5pm this afternoon.

The cruise ship industry is worth millions of dollars to the Fremantle economy each year, so say G’Day when you see our visitors on the streets of Freo today.

Roel Loopers




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There have been comments about the fact that the photos appear to show that there is not much recycling going on at the Stan Reilly demolition, but that is not the case.

This from the City of Fremantle: We’ve received a few comments on the Stan Reilly demolition regarding whether or not the materials are being recycled.

For the record, around about 98 per cent of the demolition materials will be recycled.

Metals like steel, aluminium and copper were stripped out prior to demolition starting, with colourbond gates and fence panels, aluminium screens and roof vents sent to St Pats for reuse and the rest to be sold off as second hand materials.

Once the demolition is complete the rubble will be sorted into other streams, with steel and timber separated out for further processing and recycling, roof tiles will be taken for crushing and concrete floors, paving and asphalt will be crushed and blended for recycling as road base.

All above ground vegetation will be lopped and tree stumps will be ground out and recycled as mulch.

Roel Loopers


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train wedding


The West Australian reports today that the WA Public Transport Authority has warned wedding photographers that it is illegal and dangerous to take photos of married couple on railway tracks.

In Fremantle we see this happen many times during the week at the railway crossing in front of the Roundhouse,  and also where wedding parties and tourists stand in the centre of the road in High Street to have their photos taken with the gorgeous heritage buildings in the background.

In the world’s biggest nanny state one should also be aware that it is dangerous for married couple to get their photos taken with their feet in the Indian Ocean because of great white sharks, rips, surfers, etc.

Taking photos in WA at daytime could also result in sun burn and melanoma and the bloody flies are a nuisance as well.

It is dangerous to follow the directions of those  irresponsible wedding photographers and jump in the air or off things, because one could sprain an ankle or do other damage. It is a bloody dangerous world out there!

And having your photos taken while you are totally pissed ain’t a good look either. Just saying. ; >)

The safest location for wedding photos is to just stay at home, because once we leave that safe heaven harm could come to us. Be aware!


Roel Loopers



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Leeuwin sunset


It is important for our soul and wellbeing to always know that there is more beauty in life than negativity, so here another photo I took on Sunday night of the sunset behind the SS Leeuwin and Fremantle Maritime Museum.

We are blessed to live in such a gorgeous city as Fremantle.

As a photographer finding beauty in the ordinary is my quest in life.

Roel Loopers


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mining the port


What a shame April 1 is still four months away, otherwise I could have made up a nice April Fools with this photo.

The State Government desperate to get rid of our state’s enormous debt is going to allow mining in Fremantle Port?

Nah, it’s the Joides Resolution research vessel in port, just behind the railway station.


Roel Loopers

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