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The City of Fremantle library is a very popular place, not only with Fremantle residents but also for those living in nearby councils.

From July to September this year the library had 60,707 visits. 46,060 of them were in-person while 14,547 were virtual.

The library loaned 47,851 items, of which 73% were reads, 16% watch and 11% listen.

Reading material loaned were 31% adult and 28% children, others were magazines, etc.

The library had 8,062 computer uses in the three months, and 8,513 wifi sessions. It assisted in 4,108 enquiries.

Pretty impressive figures, so well done to all the dedicated staff at Freo City library!


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Recent development applications for the City of Fremantle CBD all include alcohol outlets, so Fremantle Council should be very aware of that and not permit too many watering holes in the inner city, as it is contrary to the alcohol policy they implemented three years ago.

There is a tavern proposed in the plans for the Woolstores shopping centre site, a micro-brewery and tavern for the Mannings Building development, a tavern planned for the former Henderson Street Courthouse and a pub for the former Energy Museum development.

The CBD already has the Australia Hotel, Clancy’s, the National, Orient, Newport, Sail&Anchor, Norfolk, the Federal, Little Creatures, Bathers Beach House, the Monk, plus the bars of the Esplanade Hotel.

Top that off with nightclubs and the small bars that have popped up and Freo has more than enough to offer as far as the service of alcohol is concerned. And don’t forget that Sunset Events will be opening a tavern at J Shed and the Drillhall as well.

Pubs in Fremantle survive because of good weekend trade, but are not doing all that well during weekdays, so a significant increase in competition and new taverns opening might jeopardise their future.

No need to be a wowser about this, but we need to be very careful that Fremantle will not become a copy of Northbridge, that struggled for a very long time to get rid of its reputation for drunkenness, violence and anti-social behaviour. We have quite a bit of that already in our port city.

New laws coming before State Parliament will also allow the service of alcohol, without having to order a meal, in restaurants which serve fewer than 120 customers, so that will include many Freo hospitality outlets

Fremantle Council needs to put a ceiling on how many pubs it will allow in the inner city, to make sure there is a diversity on offer and not just a glut of large licensed premises.

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tree art


Some lovely tree art up on Arthur Head at Mrs Trivett Lane, just below the Roundhouse.

Fremantle has so many hidden treasures that are waiting to be discovered, so wander around our beautiful city and connect with your community.

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Carboot Sale



The Fremantle Growers Green Farmers Market has got a special Carboot Sale on today.

Head out to Annie Street in Beaconsfield for the lovely community ambience, fresh produce, live local music and much more between 8am and midday.

Freom 2-4pm the Sunday courtyard music session is on at the Fremantle Arts Centre with relaxing jazz by Fat Sparrow.

The cafe and bar are open, and the pizza oven hot, so chill out.

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Monument Hill clouds


There are some beautiful white clouds over Fremantle, but the sun is coming through and we should have a fine Sunday.

I took this photo around 9.40 this morning at Monument Hill.


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art 1


Fremantle architect Shane Braddock is not a happy man, and he has got every right to be annoyed.

Braddock generously permitted the installation of part of the Arcs D’Ellipses artwork to be attached to the building he owns at 35 High Street, but unfortunately a cherry picker smashed one of the glass panels of the awning.

The property owner puts a claim in with the insurers of the City of Fremantle, but they refuse to pay for the repairs because the damage was not done by a C0F employee. They recommended he puts the claim through his own insurance, but Braddock says the excess of his policy is approximately the same as the repair cost, so he would have to pay for it himself.

Permission to attach the artwork to the building was asked for by the CoF Events Coordinator and the High Tide Biennale was promoted as part of the Fremantle Festival, so why should a property owner pay for damage done by festival participants?

Market stall holders, public art artists, and events organisers, etc. are required to have  a public liability insurance, so surely High Tide should have one and should be liable to pay for the repair of the glass panel.

It is a shame that the outstanding artwork by Swiss artist Felice Varini and the fantastic High Tide now get negativity, that no doubt will result in property owners being reluctant to grant permission for future art installations on their buildings.

It’s simply not good enough!

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The City of Fremantle has received part of an $ 8 million Australian Government grant for the Power Ledger Platform.

The project will assess how cities can use blockchain technology and data to integrate distributed energy and water systems.

The funding is part of the Smart Cities and Suburbs Program. There will be $ 2,57 million for this cutting edge project, plus $ 5,68 million for project partners Curtin and Murdoch universities, LandCorp, CSIRO/DATA61, CISCO, Power Ledger.

The projects also involves support by AEMO, Western Power and the CRC for Low Carbon Living.

Highly-resilient low-carbon and low-cost systems will be installed and connected using blockchain technology. This involves a solar photovoltaic plant, rooftop solar panels, a precinct size battery, a charging station for electric vehicles.

Precinct water treatment and capture systems will use the same blockchain technology and data analytics, to demonstrate the interconnected infrastructure of the smart cities of the future.

The project will start in the next two month and will take two years.

Up to now I had never heard of blockchain technology but it appears to be decentralised technology that is hosted not just by some computers but by millions, thus making the data available to everyone.

It sounds like a fascinating and innovative project, so it is good to see the City of Fremantle leading the pack again.

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South Mole


Life is far too often too serious, and this has been a shit year for me, so the best escape is having a laugh now and then.

After seeing yet another smashed avocado dish on a Freo cafe menu, I had the idea of making the entrance to Fremantle Port a bit more catchy, and that spicy avocado dip guacamole inspired me.

Since the Rottnest Island ferries are steady visitors to Fremantle Port we should rename the moles to South Quokkamole and North Quaokkamole.

It could even become an avocado dish on the island in one of its cafes. :>)

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Fremantle developers Silverleaf have submitted plans to the City of Fremantle for the development of the Henderson Street Police and Court complex and Warders Cottages.

The mixed-use plans include a six-storey (58 rooms) hotel, changing the former Courthouse into a bar and restaurant and the Warders Cottages and Police Station into assorted shop tenancies and commercial units.

Silverleaf’s proposals for the Manning Building also includes a tavern and micro-brewery and their plans for the Woolstores shopping centre site include a tavern as well, so I am not at all sure that Fremantle needs three new taverns in the CBD.

Check out the plans on Have Your Say on the City of Fremantle website.


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Belly Dance, Nov 18


It could be a wet Saturday so why not heat up a bit at the BELLYDANCE OASIS at Fremantle’s Victoria Hall.

The show starts at 8pm and tickets are $ 35 pre-sale or $ 40 on the door.

Book at


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