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The desire of Fremantle Mayor Brad Pettitt and Councillor Hannah Fitzhardinge to extend the decision period on the proposed tavern at J Shed by Sunset Events comes in my opinion far too late. What could possibly be achieved in 2-3 months of talking that could not have been achieved in the last four years?

Fremantle Council did have many opportunities to listen to the community but instead created a divide that has now become too polarised to be resolved and end in a good outcome for the proponents and opponents.

Sunset Events has in desperation asked Freo Massive readers what they believe is acceptable for the J Shed studio at Bathers Beach, as director David Chitty also did at the Council meeting on Wednesday. The community already told you that, David, so why engage social media when there has been community consultation, meetings, information sessions, a special electors meeting, written and verbal submissions, etc?

The dilemma is that the two sides are too far apart to find a compromise, and there appears to be a bit of stubbornness on both sides as well. The stuff them attitude is not going to help anyone!

Would Sunset Events be happy to just run a day-time cafe and small bar with a nice deck to watch Bathers Bay and the sunset? I doubt it, as they want big numbers of patrons to make their investment worthwhile, and that is fair enough from a business perspective.

The J Shed artists appear to not want anything but another art studio in that location, so they will probably also object to a small bar at the No 1 studio.

Community groups might well be happy with a 150-patron small bar there, as I would be, but I don’t think Sunset Events will want to scale down its proposal that far.

Fact is that the City of Fremantle should not have wandered off so far from the initial Expression of Interest and CoF should not have signed a 21-year lease for a tavern and outdoor music venue.

Councillors and the administration have to accept all the blame for this fiasco and they now will have to do their utmost best to get Sunset Events to relinquish the lease and start from scratch.

It is however also important for the J Shed artists to show more willingness to compromise as they should not dictate who their next door businesses can be. A small bar and cafe is totally acceptable for the venue and would become a good attraction for tourists and local residents.

The A Class reserve is very suitable to support the artists and create a sculpture park, with the addition of some shade structures and more seating. That would also support a new cafe/bar at J Shed. And a small playground for the kids would also be a nice addition for the area.

The Bathers Beach Art Precinct should go back to the drawing board as it is not working. The Pilot’s Cottages at Captain’s Lane are closed too many days of the week and do very little to help activate the area. The only exemptions up there are the Glen Cowans photo gallery and the very popular Roundhouse which attract a lot of visitors, and so did the High Tide biennale by the way.

I still wonder if the Walyalup Aboriginal Cultural Centre would not have been far more successful at the J Shed No 1 unit and complement the existing art businesses there better.

Fremantle Council need to acknowledge they got it wrong as far as the activation of Arthur Head is concerned and should start all over again with an open mind. This might well be the opportune time to engage an outside consultant to get some new and fresh ideas.

In the meantime the Roundhouse volunteer guides want to put new displays inside the popular tourist attraction, and they need big money to do that. Time for Fremantle Council to engage with them and collaborate and also to give them some assistance!


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NDA Aboriginal


It was full house at Fremantle Notre Dame University’s Manjaree Place this morning for the unveiling of the major 5.5 x 2.2 metre  Manjaree Mia Kaart Aboriginal painting.

The work was created by WA Aboriginal artist Neta Knapp with help from indigenous NDA students, who each tell their own story on the big mural.

Fifty indigenous students are enrolled at Notre Dame’s Fremantle campus.

Manjaree Place was opened earlier this year to provide a place for reflection and cultural awareness at NDA. It is a beautiful place for quiet meditation in between studies.


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Kidogo lawn


It took many years of complaints from Kidogo Arthouse owner Joanna Robinson and local residents about the dust bowl at Bathers Beach before the City of Fremantle saw reason.

Initially the complaints were dismissed because of the heritage interpretation of the project and Fremantle Council and its officers refused to acknowledge that the soft surface simply was not practical and created dust and dirt problems in the art galleries.

Expensive dust suppression material was sprayed onto the surface, but it made little difference, so now finally new turf is being laid at the popular West End beach, to the delight of the Kidogo owner and local community.

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Artist Andrew Truscott will hold an exhibition of his woodwork at the Stable Hands cafe in Bannister Street, Fremantle from Saturday December 9 to 17.

WHISPERING WOOD is an exhibition of hand crafted West Australian Jarrah and  hard wood sculptures.

Truscott worked for five years on this show that will be a rare display of hardwood sculpture.

Hard woods are generally not used for sculpting as they are extremely difficult to work with and countless hours of hand sanding goes into ever piece of art.

Andrew is a self taught sculptor and his skillfull talent has developed over time to create these beautiful unique one off pieces, which all started from gnarly old burnt out bush wood.



Never Again


It promises to be a hot Sunday, but there is plenty to do in Fremantle, so don’t stay at home.

The Growers Green Farmers Market is on from 8am till midday at Annie Street in Beaconsfield.

The Fremantle Arts Centre Christmas Bazaar is on from 10-5 and the In Cahoots Aboriginal art show is there as well.

Not far from there the East Fremantle Festival in George Street is on from 1-7pm.

And last but not least the NEVER AGAIN book launch about the Roe 8 highway and Perth Freight Link protests is at the Town Hall from 5-10 pm with live music, readings, speeches, food and drinks.

It’s going to be a busy Sunday for those who like to connect with their Freo community. Have fun!

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The IN CAHOOTS exhibition at the Fremantle Arts Centre is a wonderful show of Aboriginal art and should not be missed.

The show by six remote Aboriginal art centres takes over the entire FAC galleries and is a collaboration across Country.

Leading artist were invited to communities as artists in residence, resulting in the very creative, intriguing and fun exhibition.

There are paintings, sculptures, photographs,installations, mirrors, recycled car doors, video, figures, etc.

The participating art centres are Mangkaja Arts from Fitzroy Crossing, Baluk Arts, Victoria, Buku-Larrnggay Mulka Arts Centre, Northern Territory, Martumili, WA and Papulankutja, WA.

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The warm colour temperature of the late afternoon sunlight makes the new entrance to the former Fremantle KULCHA building look like an artwork.

The venue above the Dome cafe on South Terrace is for lease and looking for something fresh and innovative up there.


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The STACKWOODS MADE LOCAL MARKET starts today from 3pm and will be on all weekend at 10 Stack Street, White Gum Valley.

The market showcases over thirty local makers who will be selling wares and gifts such as ceramic planters, artist prints, textiles, jewellery, etc.

There will be foodtrucks on site and live music, the Stackwood bar, and kids’ activities.

Plants will also be for sale and the studios are open to the public.

More info at:


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art 1


It looks like I allowed myself to get sucked into a storm in a teacup with the blog post on the damage done to the building at 35 High Street, when they installed the stunning Felice Varine Arcs D’Eliipses artwork there.

The City of Fremantle send me this: The City has been investigating insurance options to cover this. Events staff were in touch with the owner last week and had told him we would be back in touch with him this week to confirm where we are at. The City has subsequently made contact with the owner again and offered to cover the loss.

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George Haynes&Jane Martin show Nov 24


The artist duo legends George Haynes and Jane Martin, who are very well known and respected in Fremantle, are having a studio exhibition this coming Friday November 24 from 5-7pm.

It is at 27 Sussex Street in Spearwood. The show runs till December 3 daily from 11am to 5pm.


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