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The new artwork in the Fremantle High Street Mall by Tom Mueller and Arianne Palasis is more than just three boring big poles with small artworks on top of them, there is also a sound effect with them.

Unfortunately the sound is barely noticeable and one has to be really close to hear it. That makes it ineffective, as most people walk by without knowing there is another element to the visual art component.

I do understand the consideration for nearby traders and that the sound can’t be too loud, but it needs to be cranked up considerably, otherwise the concept is totally lost.

I could only detect sound out of one of the coloured round speakers.

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The PTA has commissioned a new Aboriginal artwork on a switchbox at Little High Street in Fremantle, after local residents requested the beautification of the area opposite the Roundhouse.

I have no idea who the artists are, so if anyone knows, let me know please so I can credit them.

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PS ART SPACE in Fremantle’s Pakenham Street is in my opinion the best art space in Fremantle, and probably all of Perth. The huge cavernous heritage warehouse is such a gorgeous space to exhibit art in, as is shown again at the Antipodes Urban Axis exhibition.

Contemporary art from the African continent by 47 artists from countries such as Zimbabwe, Kenya, Namibia, Congo and South Africa make a beautiful installation in the stunning space.

The exhibition runs until July 22, so make sure to go and visit and while there try the great coffee and food at the Studio 37 cafe.

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Whenever I see a photorealistic painting I wonder why I did not photograph the scene, so when I noticed this one in Fremantle Market Street at midday it reminded me of a Marcus Beilby painting.

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Homeless art auction June 17

The annual Help the Homeless art auction is on again tomorrow, Saturday June 17 at the Fremantle Townhall at 5.30 pm. Doors open at 3 pm so you can view the art works before the auction.

It is organised by the Soroptimist International Fremantle and is for a very good cause, so support it and buy some great art!

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The City of Fremantle FPOL debate about the Sunset Events proposal for a tavern in J Shed at Bathers Beach was a bit of a lengthy, but futile exercise in democracy as three members declared a conflict of interest, so the committee had no quorum, but it has to be a full council decision anyway.

There were quite a few residents and artists who spoke against the J Shed proposal but Chairperson Andrew Sullivan explained in detail that this was not a case of ripping up the contract between the City and SE and that the process had to run its course.

Sunset Events is asking for a one-year delay in starting the lease, until July 2018, so that they don’t have to start paying rent from July this year on, but none of the Councillors believed that was acceptable.

It was questioned why it had taken the events organisers so long to apply for planning approval and a liquor license and that they had wasted eight months since their first proposal was rejected by the WA Planning Commission.

The sentiment in the chamber was that Sunset Events needs to get a move on, or as Councillor Sullivan put it eloquently “Shit or get off the pot!”

A spokesman for the proponents said that Sunset Events had no intention to walk away from the J Shed project and that the stable was strong and ready to invest and committed to it.

The Officer’s Recommendation of not supporting the proponent’s request for a delay was the voting outcome by the committee, but it will now all be debated again at full Ordinary Council meeting in a few weeks.

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There are some interesting new exhibitions at the Fremantle Arts Centre, so don’t forget to visit!

My favourite one is by one of my favourite Freo artists Marcus Beilby. His photorealistic paintings are outstanding and alone worth the trip to the FAC for.

In the main gallery are four huge screens where Claire Robertson shows Far From Here, the remains of the abandoned mining camp her family lived at and the vast WA outback landscape.

Trevor Bly and Patrick Doherty are just One Street From Happiness with their urban art experimental prints.

Hex Nemesi is the first solo show in WA by Jess Johnson, where the gallery is transformed with wallpaper.

WARP left me wondering where the art is when an animated bikini-clad figure shoots herself in the head in different street locations. For me it was just distasteful.

Anyway, as I always say, art is a very personal experience, so what I like others might not and vice versa.

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An interesting and innovative art App will be launched in Fremantle today. Invisible Cities is a project by artist Asha-Bee Abraham where people who have downloaded the App will be guided to specific buildings in Fremantle where they then hear quirky stories about the building and people who lived in them.

Did you know that the owner of the Re-store chased chickens down Essex street, or that the son of the Fire Department manager accidentally lit a fire under the stairs of the fire station?

Or what about Griffith Longley dangling a $ 20 note from a fishing line from a Cliff Street rooftop in front of tourists there for the Americas Cup.

For more info: and Facebook.

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Fremantle artist Ross Potter will be showing his detailed graphite drawings at his ART IN FREO gallery at J Shed on Bathers Beach. It opens this evening Friday May 26 at 5 pm.

The Free Antiques Campaign, Potter’s first solo exhibition in Fremantle 2012, featured graphite drawings of Fremantle’s structural heritage. The works, created in HB pencil, focused on the heritage buildings in Fremantle that are restored and well used.

Potter has a small number of these works available and is offering them to the public via a Silent Auction at his gallery studio in the heritage listed J Shed.

Available works include the Cliff St facades, aspects of High Street buildings and the abandoned Coogee Powerstation.



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Fremantle ARTWALK is such a great idea and has been well supported by the community in the past, so get your walking shoes on, or ride your (cargo)bike to the Blinco Street area this weekend.

Some of our outstanding local artists are opening their studios and homes for the public so you can meet them and have a chat, and no one will deter you from buying a work of art, so support them!

Michael Knight, Trevor Richards, Penny Bovell, Ian de Souza, Annette Seeman, John Teschendorff, Jo Darbyshire, and Eveline Kotai will all open their doors to the public between 10am and 4 pm on Saturday May 27 and Sunday May 28.

The Artwalk is about 4 km long, so very easy to do for young and old. Should you feel the need to drive your car please be considerate of the neighbours and don’t block driveways.

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