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Most of us in Fremantle are now longing for some warmth and sunshine after a long wet and cold winter and the FAC is showing some optimism with the start of courtyard music.

The Fremantle Arts Centre is starting its free SUNDAY MUSIC SESSIONS with Grace Barbe this Sunday October 3 from 2-4 pm in the lovely courtyard there.

Bring along family and friends for an afternoon of tropical island rhythms and African percussion, jazz, pop and reggae.

The cafe and bar will be open and the wood fired pizza oven is on!

While at the FAC go and have a look at the very good Fremantle Print Award exhibition!


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The artwork feature on the new Quest apartment hotel development at Pakenham Street turns out to be very disappointing and mediocre and not at all complimentary to the heritage building. It is basically the same glass panel twice with a lot of blue and not much else. What an opportunity lost to make a real statement on that corner!

Just down the road in Short Street there are real nice splashes of colour that make a lot of difference to the otherwise average-looking street. Well done to whoever is responsible for this bold colourful facelift of the building!

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Nice to see the ugly boarding being removed from the upstairs windows of the Wyola Club in Fremantle High Street and workers preparing for hopefully new tenants in the beautiful old building.

Sad to see Brooker Furniture leaving High Street today. The Brookers are delightful people who create great furniture. Go to the website as they will continue to manufacture handmade stunning furniture for home, office, churches, etc from their Cockburn workshop.

The Notre Dame University development plans for the corner of High and Cliff streets are also getting closer with a public information session for local residents and businesses on October 10.

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Arthur Head photo supplied by City of Fremantle

Arthur Head photo supplied by City of Fremantle


The City of Fremantle is looking for Expressions of Interest (EOI) for licenses for Arthur Head properties in the Bathers Beach Art Precinct. This below from the COF:

The purpose and vision for Bathers Beach Art Precinct (BBAP) is to create a dynamic, innovative and authentic art and culture area that (in no order of importance):

  • 􏰀  supports artists, artist collectives and cultural industries,
  • 􏰀  activates the West End and attracting visitors to the space,
  • 􏰀  provides a place for the general public to interact with arts and culture,
  • 􏰀  celebrates the history and heritage of the area,
  • 􏰀  is inclusive of the Bathers Beach environment and
  • 􏰀  is inclusive as an indigenous heritage place.Scope

    The City is seeking applications from a group, organisation or individual that aligns with the overarching vision of the area. We are interested in applicants who are genuinely interested in engaging with the public and this unique space, plus working collaboratively with the city and fellow BBAP tenants to create a vibrant arts hub.

    Applicants can include but aren’t limited to artists (various forms), artist collectives, arts organisations, architects, artisans, interior / industrial / graphic / fashion designers, animators, film makers, writers, curators, arts educators, arts workers, and musicians.

    On offer are the former pilot’s Cottages at 10 Captain’s Lane for $ 1266.00 a months and 11 Captain’s Lane for $ 1566.00 per month, and the small shack at 15 Mrs Trivett Lane for $ 288.00 per month. Licenses for those will be a maximum of five years.

    Also available but only for six months is Unit One of J Shed, where Sunset Events wanted to build a tavern, for $ 1075.00 per month.

What is absolutely unbelievable about the EOI is that the Bathers Beach Art Precinct was conceived to activate the historic area and the West End of Fremantle in general but the City expects new tenants to only open the premises on Fridays and Saturdays between 11 am and 2 pm. That is ridiculous as it will do absolutely nothing to activate the area more as weekends are already the busiest time at the Roundhouse.

The City claims in their EOI that the opening times will be in line with that of other tenants at BBAP but that is not true. The Glen Cowans photo gallery next to the Roundhouse is open from Thursday to Sunday from 10.30 am to 5 pm and the J Shed artist studios are open five to six days a week during normal business hours. The Walyalup Aboriginal Cultural Centre also started by being open 20 hours a week the first two years.

The BBAP concept has miserably failed and is now set to get even worse with premises being only open to the public on Fridays and Saturdays for a total of only six hours a week. What on earth is going on, City of Fremantle? Have you all lost your marbles!

By the way, COF has a new Director of Community Development in Fiona Hodges who took over from Marisa Spaziani. Director Hodges worked at the City of Joondalup previously.

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Fremantle is in danger of being swamped by ugliness and becoming a city with a split personality. At one end of town we have the gorgeous heritage West End, but at the other end we are getting boring bland mediocrity and ugly modern buildings in the East End that don’t reference Fremantle’s character and show little to no respect for Freo’s heritage and lifestyle.

We need to start a Keep Freo Fantastic! campaign to encourage our Councillors and planning staff to tighten the screws and put new rules in place which will stop the cheap blandness developers propose for the east of the CBD.

There is nothing outstanding about the Defence Housing project on Queen Victoria Street, and just down the road the development next to St Pats, approved by the State DAP, is even worse.

Go further west and the mediocre Hilton Doubletree hotel will pop up in a few years time and only a hundred metres west from that the ugly eight-storey building on the former Spotlight site at Adelaide Street is up for approval.

The very worst of all development proposals for the CBD will come to Council soon in the form of an utterly disgraceful five-storey building proposal at Mills Records in Adelaide Street at Kings Square. This is such outrageous ugliness that the City of Fremantle should kick it out and not even let the Design Advisory Panel look at it and suggest improvements, because it is impossible to improve shit even when you spray it with French perfume.

I support infill and higher density in appropriate locations in Fremantle but I will strongly fight any proposals that show absolute disregard for Fremantle’s beauty and heritage!  We need to urgently get new planning rules to stop Freo being swamped by architectural shit!

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Queen Victoria:Beach Street

Freo Hilton Hotel 52 Adelaide Street

Queen Victoria Street development


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Bland mediocrity with very little colour is the fashion of the day for new development in Fremantle as architects keep designing uninspiring buildings for our inner city.

So it is great to finally see some bold colours in Short Street where they are giving the building opposite Spare Parts Puppet Theatre a facelift.

The QUEST apartment hotel is also getting a splash of colour on the corner of Pakenham Street there, but I am not certain that all that blue matches up well with the cladding of the building.

I also thought these glass panels were going to show a heritage feature and not just a modern abstract art work.

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I love this angle of the Maritime Museum along the historic B Shed and A Shed buildings at Fremantle’s Victoria Quay in Fremantle Port and could not resist to take a photo of it again yesterday late afternoon on my way to the Council meeting.

Fremantle is in desperate need of some outstanding iconic modern buildings instead of the mediocre offensive rubbish architects and developers propose for our city.

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Good to see new short-stay accommodation units added to the Be. apartments on Mews Road that overlook Bathers Bay and have a great view of the Roundhouse and Fremantle Port cranes, and good to see that they are doing it in the same style as the older ones.

It’s no doubt the best tourist stay accommodations in Fremantle at the yacht harbour and only a lovely ten-minute walk into the centre of Freo.

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Ordinary Council of the City of Fremantle sat this Wednesday evening well chaired by acting Mayor Dave Coggin. The AM made one minute mistake only by not acknowledging the Noongar people, but only a pedantic Dutch imperfectionist would pick up such minor detail.

Interesting that the item for an eight storey building on the former Spotlight site at Adelaide Street was removed from the agenda without giving any reasons for it, so I wonder what is happening there.

The small bar at the old Weighbridge was on and opposed by Fremantle Society’s David Hawks who said the proposal was so ludicrous that it was almost laughable. He also pointed out that Council had approved the J Shed tavern, that was rejected by the WA Planning Commission on planning grounds.

A very interesting point I did not know about is that the proponents of the bar said they were invited by Fremantle Council to create a bar there, so that is a wee bit weird.

Councillor Strachan said he was concerned about traffic issues but not comfortable approving the lease but then not the planning proposal.

Brand new Councillor Hannah Fitzhardinge said that small bars were self-regulation and the risk of heavy drinking there was minimal as the responsible service of alcohol was easier to manage in a small bar environment.

Councillor Rachel Pemberton said that Council decided three years ago this was an appropriate use of space (as they did with a tavern and live music venue at J Shed!). She said the intersection at Cliff and Phillimore streets was a disaster but had nothing to do with the proposal. This is about creating activity in the area and making use of a heritage site, she said.

Councillor Dave Hume appeared to want to show off to the new female Beaconsfield Councillor by being very macho and using the word bloody a lot in his support for the bar and questioned what it was the Fremantle Society actually wanted. “People who complain about the bloody trains should go and live somewhere else” Hume thundered.

Councillor Andrew Sullivan said the bar was all about the vision Council has for the area, but apart from the word activation I don’t believe the community actually knows and understands what Council wants to achieve in the West End, with the Bathers Beach Art Precinct not working, the Walyalup centre being a flop and the J Shed tavern debacle a pure shambles, so please enlighten us braindead commoners about Council’s great vision for the area!

The limitation on fast food outlets came back to reality and that it was actually all about creating more retail diversity. Acting Mayor Coggin said Council needed to consider what a retail mix should look like for a vibrant city and that it was a show of confidence when large franchises like McDonalds wanted to come to Fremantle. I tend to agree with that.

I very much enjoy attending Council and Committee meetings of the City of Fremantle as it makes one understand the difficulties the elected members and officers face. It’s a whole lot more interesting than most so-called reality shows on TV, so go and see some Fremantle reality at the next Council meeting instead!

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Nice to finally see some colour appearing in central Fremantle in Short Street at Pioneer Park. It was too early to take photos but will do so later today or tomorrow and show you.

While wandering around Fremantle in the freezing cold and strong southerly wind I took this selfie at Phillimore Street.

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