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Fremantle Leisure Centre and Samson Recreation Centre are reopening this Thursday 18 June following the State Government’s Phase 3 easing of restrictions.

The City of Fremantle temporarily closed the centres in March following government directive to ensure community safety and reduce the risk of spreading COVID-19.

Since announcing the reopening date less than two weeks ago, staff have been working urgently behind the scenes through the logistics of reopening and implementing the government’s COVID-19 safety standards.

In preparation for Thursday’s reopening, staff are completing COVID-19 infection control training, increasing cleaning schedules and putting up physical distancing signage to ensure the centres are a safe place for returning members and the wider community.

Contracted technicians are also testing and switching on all the mechanical equipment and heating the leisure centre’s pools, which takes about a week for the size of these swimming pools.

The leisure centre’s squad program will restart on Thursday 18 June. No shared equipment during swimming lessons, no lending of goggles and a limit of one spectator per swimmer are some of the COVID-19 safety measures that have been put in place.

Planning is underway to resume the leisure centre’s remaining swim programs, including Aquababy, Learn to Swim Under 5s, Learn to Swim Over 5s, Youthswim, Teenswim, Junior Lifeguard Club, Dolphins and Adults, commencing term three, Monday 20 July. Members will be updated with booking information once programming details have been confirmed.

Inside the leisure centre’s gym, equipment and foot traffic flow have been reconfigured to comply with the 1.5m physical distancing requirements, with a stricter no towel/no workout policy implemented.

All leisure centre memberships that were put on hold during the COVID-19 centre shutdown will be activated on a member’s first visit to the centre. Membership contracts will be activated effective 15 September for members who have not visited the centre prior to 10 September. For more information about memberships, contact the team at

Samson Recreation Centre’s indoor courts are also back in action, with the Monday and Wednesday evening netball competitions kicking off on 22 June and 24 June.

The Thursday morning netball competition will resume after the school holidays on 23 July and will run through until December.

Seniors badminton will return from Monday 22 June, while yoga starts up again on Monday 20 July.

Community and sporting groups can also hire the hall from Thursday 18 June. Contact the team on 9432 9992 for more details.


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I don’t go to Leighton Beach very often so decided to give myself an assignment today and do a photo feature on the development and leisure at the North Fremantle beach.

I discovered the lovely MRKT SPACE cafe, boutique bottle shop and food finery, and the beach chairs at the kiosk are very popular with the young people.

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FP 1


The new club and community centre at Fremantle Park is looking very good. It will be the new home for the tennis, the bowling and the workers clubs and will also have facilities for the general community.

A couple of lawn bowl elders told me on Sunday morning that it is the best development in Perth.

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The FPOL Committee of Fremantle Council will on Wednesday consider to sign of on plans for a new club house and community facility at the Fremantle Public Golf Course at Montreal Street.

The golf course has to be partly redesigned due to the High Street Upgrade works by the Mainroads Department.

The City is now considering building a new clubhouse as a collocated building that would bridge the golf course and Booyeembara Park, making it more attractive to the general public.

Following from the agenda item:

The proposed collocation of the building provides the City with numerous potential benefits, these include:

  •   design and construction cost efficiencies
  •   shared services
  •   shared amenities
  •   increased capacity and activation
  •   improved passive security
  •   shared car parking
  •   reduced operating costs.


In reaching agreement to proceed with MRWA and key stakeholders, the City has committed to ensuring a suitable replacement community facility and the provision of a remediated Fremantle Public Golf Course with similar facilities and functionality, these include:

 A 9 hole golf course
 Minimum par 34
 Maximised course length
 Similar sized driving range facility (including an equivalent number of bays)  Comparable practice facilities including putting green
 Similar size / function of clubhouse facility
 Full irrigation system
 Minimal tree removal – offset by new tree planting
 Safety compliance
 Suitable car parking and access
 Minimal impacts on Booyeembara Park.

The City has agreed, in consultation with MRWA that in consideration of a financial contribution, the City of Fremantle will manage the design and delivery of the required works. The scope and delivery requirements will be defined, managed and audited through a Deed of Agreement between the City of Fremantle and MRWA.

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Representatives of the clubs that will soon be moving in to the new Fremantle Park sport and community centre at Ellen Street are very happy with how their new home is shaping up. It will be completed before the end of the year

The Fremantle Park Sport and Community Centre will be home for the Fremantle Workers Social and Leisure Club, Fremantle Lawn Tennis Club and Fremantle Bowling Club.

A fantastic feature of the new centre will be the wide alfresco areas and the first floor balcony offering sweeping views over Fremantle Park towards St Patrick’s Basilica and Fremantle Port.

Tennis Club President and Fremantle Park Sport and Community Centre Chair Lawrence Apps said he couldn’t wait to be sitting on the balcony sipping a drink and taking in the view. “It’s going to be absolutely magnificent”

“The views are fantastic and the patrons, members of our clubs and visitors, are just going to love being up here”

The project, which also includes the installation of two new hardcourt tennis courts and a new synthetic bowling green, requires the demolition of the old bowling club and tennis club buildings.

Bowling Club President Keith Bowden said he had mixed emotions when the old bowling club was demolished last month.

“It’s a little bit sad but we need to move on,” Mr Bowden said.

Workers Club President and Fremantle Park Deputy Chair Don Whittington said it was a big decision for the club to move out of its old home, but it was clear they’d made the right choice.

“I’m just so excited about getting in here, particularly for our members who’ve had to put up with a lot over the past five years,” Mr Whittington said.

“All three clubs that are sharing this facility are over one hundred years old, and I’m quite certain that our clubs will last for at least another one hundred years.”

The approved budget for the project is $4.1 million, with $1.85 million coming from the City of Fremantle, $1.85 million from the Fremantle Workers Social and Leisure Club and $400,000 from the state government’s Community Sport and Recreation Facility Fund.

On top of this, Fremantle Workers Social and Leisure Club have contributed another $120,000 and the tennis and bowling clubs have added $30,000 each to include additional features that were outside the original scope of works.

The City of Fremantle will build a new public car park on the Parry Street side of the facility once the building works are complete.


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The City of Fremantle has been successful in securing a $342,000 grant from Lotterywest to go towards the new play space in Kings Square.

Inspired by the Fremantle’s industrial history and close links with nature, the concept design for the play space includes features such as cranes, bridges, train tracks and shipping containers and incorporates natural elements including water and trees.

It’s also set to feature bold lighting treatments, interactive soundscapes and tactile nature play elements.

The concept is for the play space to have zones which will appeal to a broad age range from toddlers through to primary school children, as well as being accessible for children with disabilities.

Programmable lighting elements will also highlight the play space features at night, creating a whole new look and feel after dark and to make it a feature of the broader public space in Kings Square.

Around 170 Fremantle kids and their parents were asked to help design the new play space through surveys and a series of workshops at local schools.

WA-based landscape architecture firm Seedesign Studio were selected via a competitive tender process to develop a concept based on their feedback.

Construction on the play space is expected to start in August 2020 and be completed by December.

A focal point for the play space will be a new Moreton Bay fig tree to replace the tree that had to be removed last year due to public safety concerns.

A replacement fig tree has been identified and is being prepared for relocation from Ord Street to Kings Square in winter next year.

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The City of Fremantle has engaged some of Australia’s most respected golf course designers to reconfigure the Fremantle Public Golf Course.

Perth-based landscape architects Aspect Studios have been appointed to undertake the project with specialist golf course designer Richard Chamberlain, landscape architect Stuart Pullyblank and project manager Mal Birch.

Mr Chamberlain has more than 30 years of international experience in golf course design including Royal Hobart and Royal Fremantle golf clubs. He is also responsible for the extremely successful mini-golf course at the Wembley Golf Course.

Mr Pullyblank and Mr Birch have recently completed the redevelopment of the Lake 9 at Collier Park in the City of South Perth.

The redesign of the golf course is needed to make way for the Main Roads WA upgrade of High Street, which will result in the loss of the third and sixth holes.

The aim is to achieve a redeveloped nine hole, par 34 course and provide equivalent driving range and practice facilities, while also retaining mature trees and minimising the impact on neighbouring Booyeembara Park.

The  process gives the course and the City the opportunity to re-establish and re-badge the brand of what the course is about. It could be very similar to what’s happened at Wembley, where it was already a well-liked course and a well catered for course but the transformation there was amazing.

The Fremantle Public Golf Course is operated by the lessee Evergreen Golf.

The course designers met with representatives of the clubs based at Fremantle Public Golf Course last week to discuss the redesign process.

Issues such as the design of the new club house will be considered by Fremantle Council in the coming months.

The City of Fremantle did not mention in its media release if the state government through Main Roads will pay for the redesign  and work of the golf course as that has become necessary because of the High Street upgrade and the new alignment intruding into the current golf course. Still also not a word about a land swap where the City would get some of the Clontarf Hill land presently owned by the state government.

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Sullivan Hall in Fremantle’s White Gum Valley celebrated its 60th birthday on Sunday and the community turned out in droves.

The weather was perfect to share memories about the old hall, that it started when parents wanted a hall for the Girl Guides Association and collected money for building materials.

The hall official opened in 1959 but was enlarged in 1962 when community members raised ten shillings per family.

The hall has been used for weddings, birthdays, engagements, balls, discos, dancing, yoga, meditation and karate, and more.

The White Gum Valley dancers have been using Sullivan Hall since 1961.

Sunday’s celebrations included a choir, racing pigeons, children activities, pipers, etc.

Great to watch a community coming together and sharing.

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Fremantle Park clubhouse

club 1


Ellen Street residents are not happy that the new Fremantle Park club house is being built just opposite heritage buildings when it could have been built away from Ellen Street more to the north and become the centre of the tennis and bowling clubs precinct.

Building the two-storey building further to the west, or to the north, would have brought it closer to the planned new car park at Parry Street as the plan shows.

One also has to wonder about what noise impact the new club house might have on the residents of Ellen Street when the Fremantle Workers Club used to organise concerts in their former venue in Henry Street and the temporary club house at Fremantle Oval. Will that continue in the new club house?

The development is a joint venture between the tennis, bowling and workers club and the City of Fremantle.

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club A

club 1

club 4

The top of the new Fremantle Park club house has been reached with the structures for the roof now clearly visible.

The new building will become the home of the Fremantle Tennis Club, Fremantle Bowling Club and the Fremantle Workers Club. It will also have spaces for the general community to use.

The City of Fremantle will also build a new car park at Parry Street next year.

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