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The removal debacle of the yellow Arcs D’Ellipse artwork in Fremantle’s historic High Street is in the media spotlight today with an article and photos in the West Australian and crews from Channel Nine, TEN and SEVEN interviewing people on the street this morning and interviewing Mayor Brad Pettitt at 10.30am.

The media release by the City of Fremantle states that it was easy to remove the artwork from the Townhall, and that is for a very specific reason. The renovation of the Townhall included anti graffiti coating and that created problems for artist Felice Varini when he attached the yellow foil. It actually partly blew off after a big storm and the artist had to go back up on a cherrypicker and do it again.

The media release also states the City has budgeted for repairs to the buildings, but how do you budget for something when you don’t know the costs? Did CoF budget $ 50,000 or $ 500,000?

As I said to Channel Nine and Ten, the artwork is great and I will always support creative and innovative public art, but it was done back to front with testing now done on how to remove the foil. You don’t hold a concert at the Fremantle Arts Centre and then do a sound check after the event.

Anyway, time will tell if a professional painter or industrial chemist will come up with a solution of removing the yellow foil without major damage to the paintwork.

Roel Loopers

PS, just bumped into a commercial wall cleaner who came from Osborne Park to have a look at possibilities to remove the foil and he told me Fremantle City has a major problem on their hands.





A year ago Fremantle celebrated the inclusion of the historic West End on the WA State Heritage List, but at present it is playing deaf and dumb about the damage done and problems with the removal of the Arcs D’Ellipse yellow artwork along High Street.

There has been no official word from the City of Fremantle, probably because they don’t want to admit liability in case it becomes a legal process with property owners, and probably it is just one of those immature PR exercises where the idea is that if you don’t respond to criticism it will just fade away.

I had another look yesterday at some of the damage already done by removing the yellow foil from heritage listed buildings and it’s not pretty. It is unlikely that building owners will accept a patch up job where the paint does not perfectly match the existing paint, and that might well mean that some of the buildings will have to have a significant paint job at huge costs to the ratepayers.

The process has been back to front, with the City now getting testing done on how to safely remove the foil, when that should have been done well before permission was given to the artist to attach it.

Will the City of Fremantle insurance cover the damage when it was attached by volunteers who are not staff of the City? Will the City of Fremantle admit this was amateur hour incompetence, and what about the silence of the High Tide Biennale directors and curator about this shambles? All those who were keen to take credit and be photographed with the Felice Varini artwork are now nowhere to be seen or heard.

Not commenting won’t make it go away, City of Fremantle!

Roel Loopers

I received this official statement from the City of Fremantle late on Wednesday afternoon:

The Arcs d’Ellipses artwork proved to be hugely popular and helped to raise Fremantle’s profile and attract thousands of visitors to the West End.

The City commenced the removal of the artwork last month by removing it from the Town Hall without any difficulties, but has encountered some problems removing it from some buildings on High Street.

It was always a condition of the agreement with property owners that the City would make good any damage to paintwork as a result of the removal of the artwork. There is provision for this in the City’s budget.

The City will work with building owners to ensure any damage caused by the removal of the artwork is repaired.

The City is looking to engage a paint specialist within the next week to assist in the removal of the artwork and repair of the buildings. Once they’ve been engaged we will have a better understanding of the costs involved.



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Arcs D'Ellipse


In remarkable proof that reality can be more intriguing than fiction the removal of the yellow Felice Varini artwork along Fremantle’s Hight Street has been stopped. The City has advised property owners that the City of Fremantle is conducting further investigation into the effective removal of the foil from the buildings.

At the time of installing the artwork it was claimed that foil would be used so that the heritage facades would not be damaged, but it appears now that neither the High Tide curator nor City staff actually tested if the foil could be removed without any problems.

It seems a very unprofessional approach to claim easy removal of the foil without knowing if that is the case, and property owners rightly question who will be responsible for eventual repairs and if the High Tide insurance will pay for it.

The glass repair company which repaired the damage done at the installation of the work on the building next to the Orient Hotel still had not been paid for their work last month, eight months after the damage was done.


Roel Loopers


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The Fremantle WINTERWORLD skating festival opened yesterday to the delight of young and old.

The ice rink has been made all weather proof with a roof over it, because last year there was a lot of rain which discouraged people from skating.

The big blue slide is always a big attraction and so are the mulled wine and roasted chestnuts. There are a lot of food stalls, from Indian to pizza, so head out to the Fremantle Esplanade for some hours of real winter fun.

WINTERWORLD is open every day till mid July.

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The Fremantle WA DAY fireworks were not very spectacular and the crowds stayed away as well for the ten-minute explosions of colours, but funds were limited so it was a good effort to organise it by the Fishing Boat Harbour traders.

Festivities with live music continue today at our most popular fish&chips destination, so head out before the big storm arrives late today.

Here some photos I took from the gundeck at the Roundhouse.

Roel Loopers


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Parmelia Park Fiesta


The Parmelia Park Fiesta is on today in Chester Street in South Fremantle, so make sure to take part if you live down that way.

It is on from 2-6pm with a long table dining experience, live music, Croatian dancers, acr=ivities and the unveiling f a new mural by Olivia Samec and Kerry Stack.

There is food for sale and pony rides and a welcome to country by Trevor Stack.

See you there!

Roel Loopers



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The Felice Varini art installation along Fremantle’s historic High Street has attracted thousands of people, and hundreds of thousands of photos have been taken of it since it was installed in October for the High Tide biennale as part of the Fremantle Festival.

But now it is time to start taking the foil down from the buildings as it is starting to look messy in some places.

The only criticism I have of the stunning art work is that there were no signs placed along High Street to let people know that the vantage point to see the entire work from was the steps to the Roundhouse, as many visitors questioned why these yellow bits were stuck on beautiful heritage buildings.

Roel Loopers


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February 2018 marks the 38th Anniversary of the passing of rock legend, AC/DC lead vocalist and Fremantle local hero, Bon Scott. It is also the 10th anniversary of the Bon Scott Statue installation.

To mark the occasion, Bonfest Freo – A Giant Dose Of Rock ‘n’ Roll, will bring together musicians and music fans across the globe in a four-day weekend celebration (February 15 – 18, 2018). Taking place in beautiful Fremantle, Western Australia – the resting place of Bon Scott.

The festival features 13 events across 19 days in February 2018, giving rock music fans a giant dose of rock ‘n’ roll.

The Bonfest Freo festival culminates in the main event – the Jailbreak Concert – Whole Lotta Pipers – at Fremantle Prison.

AC/DC and Bon Scott fans – tick some big items off your bucket list (visit the Bon Scott statue, Bon Scott’s resting place in Fremantle Cemetery and go on a Highway to Hell tour of other iconic Fremantle landmarks) and get along to Bonfest Freo – A Giant Dose Of Rock.



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The Fish & Sips Festival celebrates this truly amazing part of Australia with its world class seafood and award winning wine at Port Beach in North Fremantle on February 2nd, 3rd & 4th. . Grazing and Tapas are the theme for the weekend, so you can sample all that is available with your free and purchased tokens.

The best of WA’s seafood suppliers including Abacus Crabs, Shark Bay Wild Prawns and KB Lobster will be bringing their produce direct to you, prepared to perfection by a number of WA’s finest Chefs including Anna Gare, Kate Lamont, Stuart Laws, Scott Bridger from Bib and Tucker and Don Hancey.

Combine this with some of WA’s most spectacular wineries featuring Vinaceous, Howard Park, Swings and Roundabouts just to name a few and you have a fantastic day out! There will also be a selection of WA’s exceptional brewers including Little Creatures, Matsos, Otherside and Black Brewing.

There are 5 sessions to choose from, all are packed with great entertainment from start to finish! Food demonstrations, Seafood 101 classes, Masterclasses, Beach BBQ’s plus all the action from the wine and food stalls. There will be Live music on the big stage at all sessions as well.

There are the additional events for presale ONLY.
Kate Lamont’s “3 Fish meet 3 Chardonnay” degustation dinner- $45. Be quick – some sessions have already sold out!
Giniversity Masterclass – $45. Taste, make your own blend and enjoy your personalised Gin Cocktail.

Anna Gare will have special guests Scott from Bib and Tucker and Don Hancey joining her for food demos over the weekend as well as roaming amongst the stalls talking “All Things Seafood”.
Other “Seafood 101” Classes will be running for all to learn the basics and see how these Chefs create their own twists on seafood.

Kids are free when accompanied by parents for the Friday Night, Saturday and Sunday Lunch sessions.
There will be special activities to keep them occupied and loving Seafood..

Saturday and Sunday Night sessions are 18+, with a big band and special guest DJ on the program.

Tickets are $25 (Glass and 3 special tokens included) with VIP Tickets available for $45 (Glass, additional access to special areas and extra tokens included), but hurry as some of the sessions have almost sold out.

Friday 2nd February – 4PM to 10PM

Saturday 3rd February – 11AM to 4PM
Saturday 3rd February – 5PM to 10PM (18+ event)

Sunday 4th February – 10AM to 4PM
Sunday 4th February – 4PM to 9PM (18+ event)


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