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Bitches Brew


Long established Fremantle picture framers BITCHES BREW is expanding and have taken over the former space of the Adam Monk landscape photography gallery at 62 High Street.

Adam Monk decided to get out of  shop retail and will continue as an on-line business only. Check out his website

Bitches Brew will make the large space in front of their framing business available for rent as a gallery space for artists and other interests.

It is a beautiful space with lots of foot traffic passing by, so great to get attention from shoppers, tourists, art buyers and Notre Dame university staff and students.

If you want to book the space call 9430 5292 and talk to the delightful Ruth or Nigel Goodman at Bitches Brew, or just visit the gallery Tuesday to Saturday and have a chat with them.

For all your framing business Bitches Brew will continue as usual, as they have done in Freo for 30 years.

Roel Loopers


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I am very glad for the Fremantle traders to see so many people in town this week. On Wednesday and Thursday the city centre was packed full, and that is very unusual, and today is the same.

At the Roundhouse yesterday we had a record day with 1,399 people coming through the door, and we might have forgotten to count a few as the three volunteer guides on duty were flat out for five hours.

Roel Loopers



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The world of government is an interesting one that has its own rules, so hence the public is sometimes bewildered about processes and outcomes at the City of Fremantle.

Some weeks ago I attended a Council Committee meeting that had as Confidential Items the market review for Mountain Design in the Queensgate building at Kings Square and the Old Fire Station backpackers at Phillimore Street. Confidential Items mean the public gallery has to be vacated and the media can’t attend either.

However the agenda for next week’s Ordinary Council meeting I just read on line is disclosing all the financial details of the confidential items mentioned above. So when did the items become n0n-confidential when the same commercial confidentiality should still apply?:

This report is CONFIDENTIAL in accordance with Section 5.23(2) of the Local Government Act

1995 which permits the meeting to be closed to the public for business relating to the following:

(e) a matter that if disclosed, would reveal –

  1. (i)  a trade secret;
  2. (ii)  information that has a commercial value to a person; or
  3. (iii)  information about the business, professional, commercial or financial affairs of

    a person

    Roel Loopers


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