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It’s lucky I had a very quiet start of the day volunteering at the Roundhouse yesterday, as I browsed through some of the information displays on the wall and discovered that the Fremantle Volunteer Heritage Guides, who look after WA’s oldest public building, were established 20 years ago in 1998.

I am no doubt a bit biased, as one of the volunteers, but I still believe it is significant that a small group of mainly seniors for twenty years have opened the Roundhouse every day of the year, but for Good Friday and Christmas Day, for visitors from all over the world, and fire the cannon every day as well.

I have been volunteering for eight years now and loving it, but there are quite a few who have been there much longer. One of them is my good old mate Nan Jackson. I often tell visitors that Nan actually built the old jail. She is the one in the photo close up at the stocks

Happy anniversary FVHG and thank you to everyone who participated in the last two decades. It would not have been possible without you!

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Dec 6. Volunteer info session


If you have thought about doing some volunteer work in Fremantle this coming Thursday will give you the opportunity to get more information about the variety of volunteer jobs available in our beautiful city.

Volunteering is very rewarding, as I have experienced myself at the Roundhouse over the last eight years, so give it a o!

The information session is at the Fremantle Library at Fremantle Oval this Thursday December 6 from 2.3.30pm.

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school at Roundhouse


The Fremantle Roundhouse was full with students from the Margaret River Primary School this Friday.

150 of them, with teachers and parents, made the day trip to good old Freo to visit the Fremantle Prison, Maritime and Shipwreck museums and the state’s oldest public building the Roundhouse prison.

I helped out with the time ball at 1pm as we were short staffed, but it is a truly delightful volunteer job to talk to people from all over the world and with local and country students about Fremantle’s history.

We are always looking for new volunteers, willing to commit themselves for a day a week or a fortnight.

Did you know that Centrelink does allow this to be a work for the dole occupation and what better one to do! No stress, great and funny colleagues and getting to know all those lovely people from our global village. Come and try it!


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Volunteer Week


It is NATIONAL VOLUNTEER WEEK, so the appropriate time to make Fremantle people aware that the Roundhouse volunteer guides are in desperate need of more volunteers to be able to keep WA oldest public building open to the public seven days a week.

I have been a volunteer at the Roundhouse for over seven years and love the one on one interactions with visitors from all over the wold and having talks with large student groups from primary and high schools.

Volunteering at the Roundhouse is a very positive experience and we leave at the end of our shift with a smile on our face because of all the lovely people we meet and the compliments they give us for Fremantle, WA and Australia.

Become a Roundhouse volunteer! It’s fun. Just pop in an sit down one day and watch how we interact with the visitors and sign up for once a week or once a fortnight guide duty!

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Royndhouse volunteers


It is National Volunteer Week and the Fremantle Roundhouse volunteer guides took that as an opportunity to celebrate the commitment of the 40 mainly senior volunteers who open the Roundhouse every day of the year, but for Christmas Day and Good Friday.

They met for breakfast today at the Moore&Moore cafe and moved on for this group photo.

The guides at Western Australia’s oldest public  building welcome over 130,000 visitors through the door every year.

They are there in 40 degree heat and in rain, storm and winter cold and always with a smile on their face and a joke to share with people from all over the world.

Every day at 1 pm the cannon on the gun deck behind the Roundhouse gets fired and they are always looking for a visitor to push the button. Those who do are given a signed certificate to take home.

Tell your visitors about historic Arthur Head, Bathers Beach and the gorgeous West End!

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signal station


Sea Rescue Fremantle is working hard to get ready for the move to their new home in the Signal Station at Cantonment Hill in Fremantle.

Riggers were up there today and work on the new Cantonment Hill playground at Tuckfield Street is also not far away.

Great views from Cantonment Hill over the port and river, so wander up from the east side one day.

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Roundhouse visitors


Volunteering at the Fremantle Roundhouse, and no doubt the rest of the tourism industry, is a very positive experience. We meet very nice people from all over the world and engage one on one with them, so many of our visitors shake our hand when they leave because we give them that very personal attention, and find out what they are interested in and where they are going, so we can give them tips for great cafes, nature, the South West or west coast.

It is a really fun day where we meet a lot of quirky and lovely people from all over the world. Today they came from Lithuania , Persia, Saudie Arabia, South Africa, India, China, Pakistan, Germany, Austria, Netherlands, Japan, Korea, France, etc. and from all over Australia. We had school groups from Kalgoorlie, Coogee and Hillary as well.

The people in the photo were on a corporate team building session, groups turned up as nurses, pirates, ACDC fans, football teams, etc.

Volunteering is very rewarding and very uplifting, so give it a try!

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Lotterywest grant


The Fremantle Volunteer Heritage Guides, who look after the historic Roundhouse, have received a $ 17,440.00 grant from LOTTERYWEST for an interpretive plan for new displays at the Roundhouse. The FVHG will also put $ 5,000.00 of their own money toward the project and are hoping the City of Fremantle will match that amount.

Creative Spaces and Savagely Creative have been awarded the contract for the interpretive plan which will provide a framework for interpretive experiences at the Roundhouse in the future.

It will be very exciting to see new, interactive, modern displays in Freo’s and Western Australia’s oldest public building, so let’s hope that will eventuate in the near future. The Roundhouse attracts well over 100,000 visitors per year and is a significant tourist attraction in Fremantle.

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It is INTERNATIONAL VOLUNTEER DAY today so the City of Fremantle put up a spread at the Town Hall to thank the volunteers of the Visitor Centre, Walyalup Aboriginal Cultural Centre, One Stop Shop, and the Roundhouse guides.

Mayor Brad Pettitt was there, as were Deputy Mayor Josh Wilson and Councillors ingrid Waltham, Bill Massie and Jon Strachan.

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Ken Brown photo by Theo Fakos-Sunday Times

Ken Brown photo by Theo Fakos-Sunday Times


Congratulations to Fremantle Round House tourguide Ken Brown who won the Community Spirit medal at this year’s Pride of Australia event in Kings Park, sponsored by the Sunday Times and Perth Now.

Ken is a really good, down to earth bloke who loves to help others, hence he volunteered to help rebuilt homes in the Perth Hills that had been destroyed by bush fires. Ken did that while he was battling cancer, but that did not deter him from rebuilding homes during the day and teaching students in the evening.

Volunteers are a huge asset to Australia, no matter what kind of work they do, and they all deserve our praise! Well done, Ken!

Roel Loopers

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