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Buon Giorno! A study by the Committee for Perth in collaboration with Notre Dame and UWA universities, the City of Fremantle and Fremantle Ports has concluded that Fremantle does not capitalise on its ethnic diversity and it is not promoting it well enough to visitors to the port city.

Fremantle has the highest number of Italian restaurants in the metropolitan area and around 12 per cent of the population is from Italian background.

The study found that Freo is lagging behind and while population growth in the metro area between 2001-2011 was 29.4 per cent in Fremantle that growth was a mere 8.2 per cent.

So why is the City of Fremantle not boasting more about its multicultural lifestyle?  Is it because culture is a brother to heritage and not new and innovative? Is showing our cultural and ethnic diversity a bit old-fashioned and not new-age enough and we are now single-mindedly embracing the knowledge industry and the modernisation of the old port city?

The times we really see how multicultural Fremantle is is during the Festival Parade and at food markets, when we celebrate that so many of us came from all over the planet to start a new life in Freo. It is a history we should be proud off and sell and let the world know how peaceful and well we live together and that we are a prime example that multiculturalism does work molto bene.


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