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For those who did not realised it is April 1 today, so this morning’s blog post about McDonald’s opening up in the Fremantle Walyalup Civic Centre was just an April Fools!

We need to keep smiling, no matter how tough things are!

Stay well, Freo!

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It is taking forever for the SKS Group to build the Fremantle Hilton Doubletree hotel on the former Point Street car park site and they are a bit slow reading Freo’s View blog posts as well it appears.

I received an email this morning threatening me with legal action if I do not remove my blog post that Twiggy Forrest had bought the site.

The blog post was one of four April Fools blogs I published on April 1 this year and I made it clear in a later post that the posts were only April Fools.

I have suggested to the SKS Group to walk down to the chemist and get an injection of humour.  ;>)

I have also asked them to please start with the construction of the hotel asap as the Fremantle community has been waiting for it to happen far too long.

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I missed the Blessing of the Fools today to celebrate April Fools Day, so I publish a golden oldie I took a few years ago at Fremantle’s St John’s church.

I  also have to make a confession that my blog posts about the sale of the Hilton hotel site to Twiggy Forrest, the secret merger talks between Freo and East Freo councils, and the departure from Fremantle of Fremantle Society president John Dowson were all made up stories to celebrate the first day of April.

And I added the City of Fremantle’s funny April Fools about Freo Time and daylight saving.

It was all done in good fun, so I hope I fooled a few of you and that it gave you something to smile about!

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I published two Roel’s APRIL FOOLS today, but one went unnoticed.

The Quokka story was clearly a hoax but so was the solar panels on Fremantle roads article.

It’s always a challenge to try to fool my unbelievably clever, wise, and sceptical readers, and I did not ask for assistance from the Australian cricket team.

I hope you are all having a great Easter weekend!


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No panic Freo, the Kings Square blog this morning was an April Fools, but rewarding to receive a slightly worried SMS from Sirona Capital managing director Matthew McNeilly asking if it was an April Fools.

Also fake news was the didgeridoo story and unfortunately the one about J Shed as well.

Great April Fools also from Freo Sea Rescue who claimed the traffic bridge would become a toll bridge for boats passing underneath it, to pay for repairs.

So welcome to April, one of my favourite months because it has the Fremantle International Street Arts Festival and ANZAC Day.

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Okay you delightfully gullible (April) fools, April Fools is over and I got quite a few of you.

Most of you did not believe that our Mayor Brad Pettitt would be the Liberal party candidate at the Federal election, but many more of you believe that the City is seriously considering making High Street west a pedestrian mall, and I am surprised there was so little protest.

Most of you did not pick up that the BIKEMATE was also an April Fools. I thought if I post three white lies I’ll confuse you, and it worked. One needs a slightly mad and creative brain to come up with this stuff, but hey, I am known for being Loopy. ; >)

I had fun and I hope you had as well.

Here some photos of the Blessing of the Fools at St John’s Church at Kings Square. They told me they also had a Catholic blessing at the Notre Dame University chapel.

Roel Loopers

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