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Fremantle Mayor Brad Pettitt last night opened the new office of business incubator Business Station at 21A Pakenham Street.

The office will have hot desks, co-working space and a meeting room and is ideal for small businesses and visiting business people who require short-term office space.

Business Station is an independent not-for-profit organisation that already has offices in Subiaco, Joondalup, Welshpool and Gosnells.

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The Fremantle Business Improvement District-BID will be extended by another three years, but subject to yearly performance criteria.

The City of Fremantle charges CBD businesses an additional differential ‘city centre commercial rate’ and BID will receive $ 356,394.00 for the next financial year to promote and assist inner city traders.

I believe the real issue for BID is to get substantial additional funding because nearly two-third of the money they receive from Fremantle City goes to paying staff, office rent and outgoings, so not much is left to support our traders.

It will have to be seen if private operators are willing to back BID with additional funding, because if not the future of BID is going to be shaky.

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I hear there will be fantastic news for the Fremantle business community when the former CEO of the Chamber of Commerce will be signed up as the new CEO of the Fremantle BID-Business Improvement District.

Unlike other FCoC heads the ever-smiling Milsom hardly ever complained about Fremantle council but with his can do attitude proactively initiated events to the benefit of everyone in Freo.

I fondly remember when Milsom suggested to have an Indonesian show at the Bathers Beach Sunset Food Market and he found out on the Saturday morning that the musicians had arrived but without instruments. No worries for Milsom who borrowed, begged and hired the instruments required and the evening was a great success.

That is the kind of positive problem solving attitude that Fremantle needs, so welcome back Tim. I am delighted!

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The Fremantle BID, Business Improvement Business group lives another day thanks to a lifeline given to it with an amendment by Deputy Mayor Dave Coggin that stopped the outright ‘Officer’s recommendation’ rejection of BID’s application to renew it’s contract with the City of Fremantle for another five years.

The consensus among the FPOL Committee on Wednesday was that BID can survive if there is a stronger collaboration with the Chamber of Commerce and CoF and if Council gives BID more focussed directions on what its role is and what is expected of the group.

There were also strong expectations for BID to become more autonomous financially and not solely rely on funding from the City. Councillors expressed they wanted BID to find alternative financial support.

BID’s plans were considered too widespread and lacked focus, but a positive is that the group has attracted nearly 400 members out of an estimated eligible 600 businesses in the CBD, which was seen as an indication that BID has the support of the business community.

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I always enjoy the FREMANTLE NETWORK events as one learns about new initiatives in Fremantle, meets new people and can share ideas.

I am happy FN appears to agree with the suggestion I made last month to include more business and older people as speakers and not prioritise young people with new ideas.

This Monday October 24 at 6 pm upstairs at the National Hotel the Fremantle Network presents Chamber of Commerce CEO Olwyn Williams, Fremantle Markets CEO Natascha Atkinson, Kate Hulett of Many 6160 and Karl Bullers of the National Hotel, so it could be an interesting event.

The discussion will centre on the current challenges and opportunities for business in Fremantle. Each of the panelists will be asked what their vision for Fremantle is, and how the community can help make it a reality.

“The Fremantle Network is a community based forum for discussion on Fremantle issues, providing a much needed opportunity for “inclusive networking”.

Through open discussion of issues and constructive community engagement, we believe that creative solutions can be found to improve our lives here in Fremantle.”

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Articles in the West Australian today made me contemplate to what extend corporate responsibility should go. The argument-and hope-that private investors could finance lightrail in Perth because it would be good for their workers and hence the bottom line is an interesting one and has some merit. Staff that needs to travel less to and from work will be happier and healthier and would probably be a more productive workforce so that should be good for the employers. I read though that there is little demand for office space in the suburbs and that indicates to me that employers don’t get it or don’t care about the big picture.

Decentralisation of the workforce away from the Perth CBD and the creation of so-called satellite cities should be a priority for our State Government and large employers because traffic congestion is affecting the productivity and bottom line of businesses.

Fremantle is desperate for economic recovery and revitalisation but it has been near impossible to get commitment from the State and larger corporations to move staff to Freo. Sirona Capital is hamstrung with the Kings Square development because no one wants to commit to moving to Fremantle, and even substantial residential and hotel development alone will not be enough to make Fremantle the state’s second city again. We need more office workers in Fremantle and more medium to large retailers to make the port city vibrant again.

There are huge development plans for the Coogee coast just south of Fremantle and somehow our retailers need to be able to tap into that potential and that requires better public transport along that southern corridor, ideally in the form of lightrail. It should also encourage businesses to open offices in Freo, close to where the workforce lives, but that has not been forthcoming and I wonder why that is.

Is it more prestigious for companies to have offices in big towers in Perth than four floors in a Fremantle low to medium rise, and is the corporate image more important than looking after one’s employees and the general community?

The urban sprawl in Perth cannot be allowed to continue because long commuting to work  is bad for personal health, bad for traffic and bad for the environment, and it costs money so it is bad for the bottom line. It is time for big businesses to make a move to the satellites of the metro area and for quite a few of them to make the move to Fremantle, so their workers can enjoy the unique lifestyle of our city. Procrastinating in the Perth CBD and complaining about congestion and public transport is not helpful or being part of the solution. Change is required! Make the move to Freo!!

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There is always something new, innovative and creative happening in good old Fremantle and this Friday November 28 is the start of the first InsideOut event at Pioneer Park organised by fSpace.

This is a kind of a topsy-turvy day where the community can meet, become aware off and celebrate a wide diversity of Fremantle businesses.

fSpace promises there will be a lot of stuff to see and hear, so why not wander over and network, meet new people, find opportunities to collaborate and do business.

It’s happening between 11 am and 4 pm, so go and say hello and support our Freo business community! Historic Pioneer Park is just opposite the Freo railway station.

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