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SIRONA CAPITAL posted this stunning photo of the Fremantle Henderson Street carpark artwork, which is part of the Kings Square Redevelopment Project, with the text below, so I need to share that of course!

Freo’s New Giant Mural TOGETHER – A Symbol of Community Spirit

A striking new 2,000sqm artwork on the façade of Fremantle’s FOMO building stands as a beacon of hope and solidarity in these uncertain times.

Titled TOGETHER, the work is the brainchild of renown London-born artist Morag Myerscough and spells out the word in enormous colourful letters along the façade of the
Kings Square car park on Henderson Street.

Visible from as far away as Monument Hill, the work has a new resonance as the people of Perth and beyond face the challenges of staying connected while maintaining social
distancing and remaining at home.

With Morag’s famous work around the world centred on creating a sense of joy and belonging for all those who encounter it, we hope the people of Fremantle and Perth take some comfort in TOGETHER and the knowledge we are not alone in facing this trial.

TOGETHER is Morag Myerscough’s first permanent artwork in Australia.


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There are really nice people in the world, as this photo I took this morning proves. Walking back from Chalkys cafe where I had my take-away double espresso, I noticed this man with his kids and dog painting Thank You Police on the pavement in High Street next to the Fremantle Police Station.

The man said the cops do so much for everyone in the community that we should show we appreciate them. I certainly do!

And to show what an amateur and incompetent journalist I am, I forgot to ask for the man’s name. Sorry, mate!

UPDATE! The man’s name is Rob Cashman and he is the president of the Fremantle RSL. Thanks again, Rob!


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 University of Notre Dame Australia’s School of Nursing & Midwifery is launching FREE online continuing professional development (CPD) short courses for any healthcare professional looking to refresh and upskill themselves in the management of the critically ill patient.

Developed and presented by an expert nurse in critical care Dr Steven Hardman, the two courses will cover key strategies for healthcare professionals to use while faced with the COVID-19 pandemic, including detecting and responding to acute clinical deterioration, respiratory assessment, oxygenation and basic ventilation strategies.
Healthcare professionals are at the front line of the global response to the COVID-19 pandemic and facing unprecedented numbers of patients requiring intensive care. In Australia, the number of confirmed coronavirus cases rose above 5,000 this Friday 3 April, with an expectation that this number will continue to rise in the coming weeks.
Doctors, nurses and other medical professionals are looking ahead to an uncertain future and Notre Dame wants to offer our support and specialist thought leadership as a resource for all to draw from. The Fremantle School of Nursing & Midwifery courses are delivered by experienced clinicians and academics ensuring materials and content are current and future focused.

Participants of these courses will come away with a renewed understanding of what to look for in deteriorating patients, build confidence in responding to the key markers of deterioration, and how to communicate and work effectively as a team.

Dr Hardman said many healthcare professionals are feeling nervous about what is coming in the next weeks and months and are crying out for any extra knowledge to give them a step up in the treatment of patients with COVID-19.
“These courses will help you,” Dr Hardman said, “they will add to your existing knowledge, give you the latest advice and information, and it’s completely free.
“We are here to help and support you during this time of crisis.”

The two courses will take place on Friday 24 April and Friday 1 May from 9am to 12pm and require registration to gain access to the online webinar. Undertaking this course counts as 8 CPD hours.
For more information on the free online CPD courses, visit the Notre Dame website or the links below to go directly to the course pages.,-oxygenation-and-basic-ventilation-strategies



Some people are more anxious than others about the coronavirus and about the possibility of getting it, and we should not try to judge those who react differently than we do, but I want to assure the few who will catch Covid-19 that you will be cared for by fantastic professionals in our Western Australian health service.

Over the last three years I have been in hospital twice, once in Rockingham after and operation and once in Charles Gairdner with pneumonia, and I also did a lot of visits to the outpatients ward at Fiona Stanley.

Let me tell you I never felt more nurtured than those days in the Rockingham and Perth hospitals. Not only were the doctors and nurses highly professional, they were really caring with a smile on their faces, a reassuring hand on a shoulder or leg, and nothing was too much for them to look after me.

With pneumonia in isolation at Charles Gairdner a nurse and student nurse picked up that it was my 70th birthday. Within twenty minutes they came back with a long string of connected flags that said Happy Birthday and stuck that on the big window of the isolation room for me. How special is that!

At the outpatients at Fiona Stanley every single person, be that at the reception, the nurses, doctors or laboratories, have a smile for everyone. I never saw a grumpy face indicating any of the staff had a bad day, they were there to do a job, and they did it with real empathy, great care and absolute professionalism.

Should you be one of the few unlucky ones to get Covid-19 you could not be a in a better place on the planet than here in Perth. Relax! You will be well looked after!

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Closed cafes, bars, restaurants, pubs and shops are the norm in Fremantle during the Covid-19 restrictions, and many have started to offer take-away food at reduced prices.

A pharmacist sign states there are no face masks or hand sanitisers available, another sign reads that the cafe no longer accepts cash, while a backpackers warns that if social distancing rules are not adhered to a fine will apply.

It is hard to adapt to some of the changes and stand back from people when talking to them, but it has to be done. Things are already slightly improving in Australia, but that does not mean we should be getting complacent.

While there is real hardship out in the community, there is hope that this will be over a little bit sooner than anticipated, and hopefully lessons have been learned and we can move on to create an even better society.

Stay safe, Freo!

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Fremantle Society president John Dowson has sent emails to the members that argue for the scrapping of the popular CAT bus in Fremantle. Dowson says the $ 800,000 a year for the bus service should go to the repairs of Arthur’s Head.

I am all for redirecting as much money as the City can afford to finally get the stabilisation work at historic Arthur’s Head done, but not at the cost of stopping the CAT bus service.

John Dowson writes that it is only an idea and not the position of the Fremantle Society committee, and that new South Fremantle Councillor Marija Vujcic is willing to put a motion to Council about it.

Dowson claims that Deputy Mayor Andrew Sullivan is also keen to scrap the CAT bus, but when I bumped into that South Fremantle Councillor, with appropriate social distancing, he said that was not the case.

The CAT bus is popular with local Freo people and tourists and a great way of connecting the CBD with South Fremantle, and for people to get to the Arts and Leisure centres.

I am all for keeping the CAT, but the financial situation of the City is precarious, so time will tell what savings need to be made, now that one of the major lines of income, parking fees and fines, has dried up because of the Covid-19 crisis.

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Artania 1


I do not understand why the Federal Government has different rules for cruise ships in New South Wales  than it has for cruise liners in Western Australia.

While we have been told that the MS Artania will remain in Fremantle Port for another fortnight to self quarantine, Border Force was literary out in real force off Sydney yesterday, and threats were made to the captains of the cruise ships that hefty fines and/or a five year jail sentence would apply if they did not leave Australian waters.

That of course comes after the absolutely unacceptable debacle of the Ruby Princess, where most states are still affected by the stupidity of allowing Covid-19 infected passengers to disembark in Sydney. Through them the virus has spread nation wide. Up to today 612 passengers and crew have been diagnosed with the coronavirus.

I am not arguing to let people rot and die, but I want to know why different rules apply in the Eastern States, and I want to know also if state and federal governments are going to invoice the cruise companies for cleaning up their mess.

I for one really like it that many of the Ruby Princess passengers are taking out a class action against the company, because what happened should never have happened, and someone in the NSW government should also get the boot. Incompetence can not be left unpunished.


And from me a big thumbs up to the WA McGowan government for doing a splendid job under extremely trying circumstances!

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I am trying to get a photographic record of the impact of Covid-19 in Fremantle when I go out on the street for exercise and fresh air, so here three more shots I took yesterday.

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In good times and in bad times artists keep creating, so it is nice to see that Fremantle artist Nellie Crawford is exhibiting down south over Easter again.

She is showing at the Yallingup Galleries Easter Exhibition, together with fellow artists Douglas Kirsop, Larry Mitchell and Chris Martin

Although there will be no exhibition opening this year, Nellie’s works can be seen by clicking on Exhibition.asp


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On my way to Chalkys for a take-away coffee this morning I noticed this photographer in Fremantle’s Mouat Street taking advantage of no cars parked in the street.

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