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Posted in Uncategorized by freoview on July 25, 2021

These galahs on the Fremantle Esplanade this morning reminded me of the anti vaccination and anti lockdown protests in Sydney and Fremantle yesterday.

I have no issue whatsoever with people questioning government decisions and being skeptical about our leaders, but does anyone with even a tiny bit of brain really believe all the governments of all the nations on planet Earth have all together conspired against the people and invented Covid-19, so that they can keep us in a box and control us?

Does anyone really believe that all the highly-regarded medical experts from all over the world conspire against us and pretend there is a pandemic? Does anyone really believe the often cynical media all over the world goes along with all of that and play the game to dishonestly report about thousands of deaths, people suffering in hospitals, a lack of oxygen, mass graves, etc?

All of that is just a hoax? Surely you are kidding me that there are so many who believe in that conspiracy nonsense! Do they simply dismiss the first-hand reports of nurses and doctors on the front line, who work tirelessly trying to save lives and stop people from dying from the deadly coronavirus?

One Sydney protester yesterday claimed that those of us who believe in Covid also believe that the landing on the moon is a reality, others believe they are the enlightened ones and that the vast majority of people who know that Covid is real are the stupid ones. Yes, sure!

Lockdown is not hardship! Dying and suffering is! Losing a loved one, a family member, a colleague, a neighbour, a friend is! Watching someone trying to get air in their lungs is hardship, feeling totally helpless is.

How disrespectful are those who believe it is all just a conspiracy against us the people and that governments from all political parties are abusing our human rights. Even at the best of times it is hard for governments to agree about most things, but Covid supposedly has convinced the communists, Labor, Liberals, Greens, and all parties to lie to us and tell us we need to wear masks, stay at home to protect ourselves, our family members and the general community. Yep, and pigs do fly!

In a time when we need solidarity, common sense, empathy, consideration and looking after each other we have people who make up conspiracy nonsense, so that they have an excuse for themselves to break the rules, to ignore the lockdowns, to escape from quarantine, to join mass protests that endanger the entire community and country, and to be selfish to the extreme. That needs to be condemned by all of us. Those who ignore the government directives need to be locked up. It will make them aware that being locked down in the comfort of your own home really is not that bad at all!

We have the obligation as a community to look after each other! People have the right to die, but do not have the right to kill other people. The Covid conspiracy is absolute and utter idiocy!

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Posted in Uncategorized by freoview on July 24, 2021

When you are three months away from your 73rd birthday and waiting for a biopsy appointment, the message YOU WILL DIE is not an uplifting start to the weekend, but hey, I am a macho old redneck and who cares about dying or a bit of prostate cancer. ; >))

But that was the first part of the good Beating Heart show by Jacobus Patrone in the Fremantle Arts Centre, with dozens of banners hanging from the ceiling, letting us all know that life is not infinite.

Also on show is The Archaeology of Loss by Stanislava Pinchut. Very delicate images that one needs to get very close to to decipher.

Both shows opened last night and will be on until September 7, so go out yonder to the FAC!

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On my way back from the Fremantle Arts Centre I captured this image, as a hommage to the late Jeffrey Smart(1921-2013), one of my all time favourite artists in the world.

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It is a bit of a slow news day today, so here a photo of the workers putting a new roof on C Shed at Victoria Quay.

Most of the roof has been replaced, so only the tallest of the three structures still needs to be covered.

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Bloody brilliant! The Western Australian Planning Committee this afternoon approved the proposal for a six-storey, 100 room hotel development on the corner of South Terrace and Suffolk Street.

The plans had been rejected by Fremantle Council, and only the millions of gods know why, so I am delighted we’ll be getting a brand new hotel in the city centre, just a stone’s throw from Fremantle Oval.

This is another Freo development by our local Yolk Property Group, and significant in regard to Fremantle Council starting a new marketing campaign to attract business travelers and conferences to our city.

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In the good old days of plenty of money I used to be a bit of a foodie, but have to admit I have never tried truffle, so it might well be the first time I’ll do it this weekend at the Fremantle Markets Truffle Extravaganza.

It’s on for three days, starting Friday, so don’t miss out. Who knows you might be out of luck and bump into me. ; >))

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The WA Joint Development Assessment Panel-JDAP-has given approval for a $ 16 million apartment building development next to St Patrick’s at Queen Victoria Street in the East End of the CBD.

The seven-storey building will be managed by aged care providers Bethany and is an over 55s development, with a mix of one and two bedroom apartments.

This is good news for Fremantle! More people living in the inner city will create much-needed activation of the CBD.

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The Fremantle Community Legal Centre is expanding its Evening Legal Service to run weekly.

 It has been operating the Evening Legal Service since 1994, which offers free legal assistance to Fremantle residents and the wider community across various areas of law.

 The Fremantle Community Legal Centre is a non-profit organisation, which has been operating for over 30 years. It is funded and managed by the City of Fremantle, the only local government in Western Australia that provides a legal centre for its community.

 After partnering with a large national law firm, the Fremantle Community Legal Centre has been able to increase its Evening Legal Service from fortnightly to weekly, providing members of the public with one-off pro bono legal appointments and referrals to appropriate services or private lawyers.

 The generalist clinic will continue as usual, with the interim week focusing on basic initial advice in family law, extraordinary driver’s licence applications, spent conviction, criminal injuries compensation, restraining orders and protection and care.

 To register for an appointment or if you have any questions, contact the Fremantle Community Legal Centre on 9432 9790 or email

 The Fremantle Community Legal Centre is located inside Fremantle Malls. The address is Level 1, Suite 31, 35 William Street, Fremantle.

 For more information about the Fremantle Community Legal Centre, visit

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The twenty-year State Infrastructure Strategy by Infrastructure WA, that was released by the WA State Government yesterday, raises serious questions for Fremantle, as the report my well have implication for proposed developments in our city.

Premier Mark McGowan said that the report raises questions if something needs to be built at all, and Planning Minister Rita Saffioti calls it smoothing of the planning pipeline. They are talking about delaying projects due to the overheated construction market.

One huge project raised is the proposed development of a new container port at Kwinana, that might now well be delayed, so what implications will that have for Fremantle Port and the Fremantle community?

Maybe the planned new traffic bridge will also be delayed, so how are roads and rail going to deal with increased traffic? One also has to ask what the use of the expensive Westport Taskforce was, when Infrastructure WA does not appear to consider building the Kwinana Port a priority. The MUA has been telling us for years that Fremantle Port could grow for another 50 years, so what really is the story here? Is it all just about politics?

And what about the announced new Fremantle Police Station on the Stan Reilly site next to Fremantle Oval? Will it be built and when?

For me the main question though is why this report was not finalised and released to the public before the recent State election. We had all the promises, but now it appears many of them won’t happen.

Oooh, and that the feasibility study for an Aboriginal Cultural Centre in Perth should take till 2031 is totally ridiculous, even more so when just about everyone says that this is one very important aspect for Western Australia’s tourism potential and the revitalisation of our capital city.

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I really loved a day of no rain and quite a bit of blue sky, so went for a few walks to shoot some colour.

There are always photo opportunities in beautiful Freo!

It looks like Thursday might be alright as well and after that we can expect more rain.

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