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Here some photos of the Fremantle Remembrance Day event at Monument Hill this morning.

Click on photos to enlarge!


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Sometimes I don’t get how local government works, as is the case with the request for rent reduction by Evergreen Golf Pty LTD, which manages the Fremantle public golf course.

Only on June 26 this year Council agreed to accept the offer of another ten-year lease for the golf course to the company, but on Wednesday, just half a year later, the FPOL Committee will decide to give Evergreen Golf a 50% rent reduction because of the impact the High Street Project by Main Roads has on the operation of the golf course and the alleged considerable drop in patronage.

The City sees itself as a conduit between the course operators and MRWA and will try to get the money they are losing back, but it makes little sense to me. Why ask for rent reduction six months after getting a new lease approved and why should the City of Fremantle take the financial risk instead of waiting for the outcome of the negotiations with MRWA?

Down the road our southern neighbours in the City of Cockburn gave their CEO a new four-year contract only six weeks ago, but he suddenly went on indefinite sick leave because the City of Cockburn has not provided him with a safe working place. Really, sign a new contract with an employer who does not provide a safe working environment? How strange is that.

Maybe all Mayor Logan Howlett and Council should do is give their CEO a hardhat, safety glasses and steelcap boots, like FiFo workers on far more dangerous mine sites get.

Local Government is sometimes a Yes Minister comedy it seems.

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car 1

car 3

car 2


I am not at all a person who gets excited by cars; not new ones, not by expensive ones, not by hot rods, not by vintage ones, and not by anything that has four wheels really, but I just had to take these photos in Fremantle’s Cantonment Street on Sunday.

Maybe, just maybe, I am a real man after all. ; >)

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The annual Poppy Day Scooter Run was held again today and ended in Princess May park. It raises thousands of dollars each year for the RSL, so that is very special.

Tomorrow-Monday-is Remembrance Day and the event will be held at 10.45am at Monument Hill in Fremantle.

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beer 1

beer 2


Festivals bring a lot of people into Fremantle and that is a good thing, but what is not good is that the Esplanade public toilets are not available to the general public during the Beer Festival this weekend.

There are no public toilets in the Fishing Boat Harbour, only those a long walk south from Little Creatures near the carpark, and who knows about those?  Nor are there public toilets at Bathers Beach, so the next public toilets are inside the Fremantle Markets and at Kings Square. That is not good enough City of Fremantle!

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It does not look as if the City of Fremantle will abandon spraying parks and reserves with glyphosate, which is reportedly dangerous for the health of humans and animals.

This below from the agenda of the FPLO Committee of Fremantle Council which wel meet this Wednesday:


The purpose of this report is for Council to consider the petition on the use of glyphosate and the City’s current integrated weed management program. The City is responsible for managing land inclusive of parks, gardens, foreshore reserves, bushland reserves, road reserves, drainage sumps and City owned or managed land. The majority of City managed land requires vegetation and weed management and glyphosate is currently used in the weed management program.

This report recommends that the Finance, Policy, Operations and Legislation committee acting under delegation 1.1:

  1. Note the petition received from Mr De Villiers requesting Council:
    1. Ban the spraying of glyphosate in the City of Fremantle parklands and

      public spaces.

    2. Develop and research less toxic and environmentally friendly

      alternatives to the use of glyphosate in parklands and public spaces in

      the City of Fremantle.

    3. Increase the steam weeding to reduce the City of Fremantle’s chemical


  2. Request officers continue with the City’s current integrated weed management program, noting the management controls to mitigate the risk to staff, contractors and the public for the use of herbicide, including Glyphosate, and within existing operational resources and budgets.
  3. Request officers continue with the trials of alternative weed control practices and management and implement the effective trials within existing operational resources and budgets where possible.
  4. Request officers submit details of the proposed herbicide reduction program and management practices and/or service level amendments through the annual budget cycle for consideration.

For the entire agenda item and Officer’s Recommendation click on Agendas and Minutes on the City of Fremantle website.

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Market meal


Relaxing outside Fremantle Markets.

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The FPOL Committee of Fremantle Council will this Wednesday deliberate about a new license for the South Beach Sunset Markets and an Expression of Interest period for new operators to engage in a competitive process to run the markets after the license of Georgie Adeane expires at the end of this season.

Georgie Adeane had the idea and started the markets on Bathers Beach in 2012 but was forced to move the already very popular market to South Beach in 2015 after the opening of the Bathers Beach House and a larger lease area for Kidogo Art House.

The markets attracts on average 5,000 people on every Saturday in summer between 5-9pm.

The City has invested $ 30,000 per year in the markets by providing free bins and paying part of the cost for generators, but now wants the next license to be an Events Agreement, not a License Agreement and the operators paying $ 95,154 per year, which would be reduced by 50% for three years.

The markets run for approximately 18 times a year, depending on weather conditions, with about 40 stalls, that reportedly pay $ 300 each to Georgie Adeane for being allowed to participate.

I personally find the competitive policy by the City of Fremantle rather strange as it punishes successful operators who do all the hard work to establish a new event or business, but once they have made it an attraction the City forces them to compete for a lincense with other interested parties, who can simply steal the intellectual copyright of the idea of the initial operator and reap all the benefits of all the hard work that was done in the first years to try to establish the business. Maybe Council could include a goodwill clause, so in case Georgie Adeane is not the new license holder she will receive a payout for making the markets such a popular event in Fremantle.

It is rather peculiar that the City’s competitive policy did not apply two months ago for a new lease for the public golf course, or that it never applies to Gino’s for example, so there appears to be a worrying inconsistency here that question the integrity of the policy.

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ON SALE NOW! High quality, ethically sourced cotton tea towels, printed in full colour with our local #eastfreo heritage building sketches.

Pre-order yours now ($12.50 each) via

The tea towels will be available for pick-up on / after 1 December 2019.

We should create something similar for Fremantle!


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I had a walk around Victoria Quay this morning to look at more of the Sam Bloor Billboard Project for the Fremantle Biennale 2019.

While there I bumped into my old mate John Malaga, the project supervisor of Fremantle Ports, who was watering the palm tree that is also part of the Biennale.

The container show is also on Victoria Quay and shows how much the containerisation of the ports changed the way we handle freight.

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