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The new planned integrated parking management system the City is considering might not be the best for motorists according to CellOPark, the company which currently supplies  the mobile phone payment service in Fremantle

CellOPark has sent emails to frequent users, see below, so keep an eye out for the reasons the City of Fremantle wants to change providers.

Here the CellOPark email:

Dear ………

I’m contacting you as a frequent user of the CellOPark system in the City of Fremantle as we need your help. (all we ask is for 2 minutes of your time)

CellOPark was just informed that while the city likes our service, it has recently decided to end the agreement with CellOPark and switch to a provider barely known in WA based only on slightly lower costs to the city. As you know, the CellOPark service is FREE for you to use. Always was and hopefully always will be.

The proposed replacement provider is the same company who provides the council with its enforcement system and offers a solution which has been voted as inferior to CellOPark by users in other states. The proposed solution offers less options and stores your money in a ‘digital wallet’ so you must keep balance with them at all times to use the service.

So…(what we ask you to do)

If you like our service and wish to continue using CellOPark in Fremantle, all we ask is that you simply click this email link (a new message will open) sign your name and send. That’s it.


This will help us show the committee that the cheapest option is not the best one and convince them to evaluate the service based on what it provides to the motoring public – you, and not just on price.

What’s in it for you?

As you know, CellOPark constantly promote the service and offer many benefits to our users beyond parking, with a recent example being our April Holden Spark winner who used the CellOPark service in Fremantle and won a car! ( and if you help us stay, we will dedicate a special promotion just for Fremantle!

We appreciate your help and we thank you for using CellOPark.


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South Terrace upgrade


Works to improve the streetscape along a section of South Terrace in South Fremantle have started

The upgrade, at the intersections of South Terrace, Sydney Street and Little Lefroy Lane, will create new road surfaces and footpaths painted in vibrant colours inspired by Fremantle’s street art. It will also include new bike racks and seating, street trees, rubbish bins and drainage improvements.

The placemaking includes the widening of the footpath which will create a bigger, pedestrian-friendly area and increase the amount of alfresco space, while the new paving, street furniture and trees will make it a better lingering node space for people to enjoy,

It is anticipated that reducing the width of the road will make it safer for people to cross the street and encourage drivers to slow down, which will also allow the removal of the very unpopular temporary speed humps in that section of South Terrace.

The project is being funded with the assistance of a $200,000 grant from the state government’s Local Projects, Local Jobs program.

The design was the subject of community consultation in November last year, with 73 per cent of respondents supporting the changes. Several other public meetings organised by the South Fremantle precinct, and attended by South Fremantle Councillors and City of Fremantle staff, were held at The Local last year to hear community concerns and ideas.

This is only stage one of the improvements to South Terrace in South Fremantle, so let’s hope that they work for traffic calming and making the area more pleasant and safe for all. The entire stretch from South Street to Douro Road is due for a traffic calming and an upgrade that will hopefully result in Mainroads allowing the City to lower the speed limit to 40kph.

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Hidden Treasures. July


Week 3 of the fantastic Fremantle HIDDEN TREASURES MUSIC WINTER FESTIVAL is on tonight from 7.30 until midnight, and this is what is on offer for your entertainment:

National Hotel (Upstairs)
Doors already open. Music from 7.45 pm
7.45pm- 8.30pm The Norfolk Pines
9pm – 9.45pm MATA
10.15pm -11pm Brassika

Buffalo Club, Fremantle
Doors open 7.00 pm
8.15pm -9pm Swayzee
9.30pm – 10.15pm Delilah Rose and the Gunslingers
10.45pm – 11.30pm Tomás Ford

Fremantle Navy Club
Doors open 7.00 pm
7.30 – 8.15pm Boox Kid
9pm – 9.45pm Hugh Jennings
10.30pm – 11.30 Elk Bell

Wyola Club
Doors open 7pm
8pm – 8.45pm Bluenade
9.05pm – 9.50pm Your Girl Pho
10.10pm – 10.55pm FLOSSY

PS Art Space
Doors open 8.30 pm
8.30: PSAS DJs
9pm – 9.45pm Feels
9.45: PSAS DJs
10.15pm – 11.15pm Benjamin Witt
11.15: PSAS DJs

The Tram
Departs every hour from in front of the Buffalo Club, Fremantle:
8.00, 9.00, 10.00: Jay le kat

Tickets to Hidden Treasures are $20 on the night only. Tickets gain you entry to all venues: Navy Club, Buffalo Club, PS Art Space, National Hotel and our new secret venue the Wyola Club.


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Parking in Fremantle will be made easier thanks to a number of initiatives funded in the City of Fremantle’s 2018-19 annual budget.

The most significant change is the investment of $105,000 towards an improved pay-by-phone app, which will allow motorists to find and pay for parking on their mobile phone.

Parking will be timed down to the minute, so there will no longer be any need to guess how long your will need to park. Motorists will be able start a parking session when they arrive and stop it when they return to their car – all from the convenience of their phone.

Motorists won’t have to go to a meter, and won’t need to have  change on them and they won’t need to pay the minimum credit or debit card amount, which is currently set at $3.

The new app will also have a parking locator, where people can search for parking, based on criteria like the cost per hour, time restrictions, and going forward for loading zones or ACROD parking.

Businesses will also be able to set up a corporate account which will be very useful for tradies and corporate fleets.

People who don’t have a smart phone will continue to be able to start and stop parking sessions through a phone call, text message or interactive voice response.

The investment is also seeking to extend the capability to include residential parking permits.

The City of Fremantle says that residents will be able apply and pay for a permit online, and they’ll be linked to licence plates so there will no longer be any need to display a printed permit. Does that mean though that the current 20 hour free parking a day for residents will become a paid permit?

The tender to supply the new parking app, as part of a broader parking management system, is currently being considered by the Fremantle Council.

The 2018-19 budget also allocated $165,000 to replace the electronic parking signs at the main entrances to the Fremantle city centre on Queen Victoria Street, High Street and South Terrace, to make it easier for visitors to locate parking in the CBD.

A further $45,000 has been allocated to replace and rebrand the signs in the City of Fremantle’s carparks.

The new signs will be designed to encourage people to use the pay-by-phone system, make applicable fees and time restrictions clearer and update wayfinding information to help people find their way from the carpark to their destination.

There are approximately 5000 parking bays available in the Fremantle city centre, including over a thousand on-street bays and more than 2300 bays in the 28 off-street carparks managed by the City.

The Queensgate carpark is on track to be reopened before summer as part of the Kings Square Renewal project, however the Point Street carpark will be closed towards the end of the year to make way for the Ancora Apartments and DoubleTree by Hilton hotel develop


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There is always so much talk about the activation of the Fremantle historic West End, but then projects are stalled or abandoned and that is a real shame.

The former cute Notre Dame University bookshop building on the corner of Henry Street and Marine Terrace is still vacant, and the considerations of making the boring back wall of the Santa Maria library in Henry Street into a heritage wall also have not eventuated, and neither has the planned activation node on Phillimore Street.

I hear from the hospitality industry that the former bookshop rent is far too high at $ 40,000 a year, indexed at 3-4%. An interested party told me they would have to invest around $ 200,000 for a commercial kitchen, etc. and that the figures simply don’t end up for them to open a cafe in the space that has a lovely courtyard in front of it.

The very good refurbishment of the Prindiville Hall in Mouat Street is positive, but it is a space for students rather than for the community

The Fremantle community and West End traders want more than talk and want to see action on activating the area.

Roel Loopers





A year ago Fremantle celebrated the inclusion of the historic West End on the WA State Heritage List, but at present it is playing deaf and dumb about the damage done and problems with the removal of the Arcs D’Ellipse yellow artwork along High Street.

There has been no official word from the City of Fremantle, probably because they don’t want to admit liability in case it becomes a legal process with property owners, and probably it is just one of those immature PR exercises where the idea is that if you don’t respond to criticism it will just fade away.

I had another look yesterday at some of the damage already done by removing the yellow foil from heritage listed buildings and it’s not pretty. It is unlikely that building owners will accept a patch up job where the paint does not perfectly match the existing paint, and that might well mean that some of the buildings will have to have a significant paint job at huge costs to the ratepayers.

The process has been back to front, with the City now getting testing done on how to safely remove the foil, when that should have been done well before permission was given to the artist to attach it.

Will the City of Fremantle insurance cover the damage when it was attached by volunteers who are not staff of the City? Will the City of Fremantle admit this was amateur hour incompetence, and what about the silence of the High Tide Biennale directors and curator about this shambles? All those who were keen to take credit and be photographed with the Felice Varini artwork are now nowhere to be seen or heard.

Not commenting won’t make it go away, City of Fremantle!

Roel Loopers

I received this official statement from the City of Fremantle late on Wednesday afternoon:

The Arcs d’Ellipses artwork proved to be hugely popular and helped to raise Fremantle’s profile and attract thousands of visitors to the West End.

The City commenced the removal of the artwork last month by removing it from the Town Hall without any difficulties, but has encountered some problems removing it from some buildings on High Street.

It was always a condition of the agreement with property owners that the City would make good any damage to paintwork as a result of the removal of the artwork. There is provision for this in the City’s budget.

The City will work with building owners to ensure any damage caused by the removal of the artwork is repaired.

The City is looking to engage a paint specialist within the next week to assist in the removal of the artwork and repair of the buildings. Once they’ve been engaged we will have a better understanding of the costs involved.



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A  $ 928.336 Safer Community grant from the Federal Government will be used by the City of Fremantle to install automatic number plate recognition cameras at the entries to the city. The technology is similar to that used in WA police cars.

The new cameras would be an addition to the existing Fremantle CCTV network and installed at main roads into the CBD and also at Beach Street, Marine Terrace, Market Street, South Terrace and Queen Victoria Street.

The Fremantle CCTV system is controlled by the CoF and footage release on request to the WA Police, lawyers and members of the public as evidence in court cases.

The cameras scan all passing vehicles and identify persons of interest, unregistered  and stolen vehicles and drivers without a license.

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I took the info below from Fremantle Mayor Brad Pettitt’s blog:

Would you like to have access to  locally produced, green, solar energy without having solar panels on your roof?

The RENeW Nexus Participant Trial is entering its first data collection and analysis phase, and are seeking interested parties to join existing participants in the next phase – a peer-to-peer energy trading trial across the City of Fremantle.

This trial will enable participants with renewable energy systems (prosumers) to trade their surplus energy with Fremantle residents who do not own a system (consumers), providing them with a cleaner, more sustainable energy alternative across the network.

As one of the world’s first trials of its kind, participation is an exciting opportunity to be at the forefront of the energy transition.

If you own a private residential property within the City of Fremantle LGA and do not own a renewable energy system, you are invited to express your interest by replying to RENeW Nexus <>



KS 1

KS 2


I know I’ll get kicked in the bum, slapped around the face and abused on social media, but I quite like the much lighter look of Kings Square with the London plane trees.

The Jean Hobson playground is now all demolished in a heap and the public toilets closed, but replaced with large portable loos that are accessible for disabled people.

Freo is on the move and a lot of good things are happening, but patience is required as it will take considerable time for the retail and hospitality economy to turn around in our little city.

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Japingka show July 20


The great Japingka Gallery in Fremantle’s High Street must be one of the first and oldest Aboriginal art galleries in the Perth metro area.

This Friday their new show by Lockhart River artists Fiona Omeenyo and Rosella Namok opens, so make sure to go and have a look. The show will be on display till August 29.

The painters’ style, using thick layers of paint overlaid and scraped back to reveal earlier layers, gives a sense of the lush tropical landscape and bright light. It also reflects the importance of the people in recognising the meanings and stories associated with the land, the sea and the ceremonies that connect all of these together.

Fiona Omeenyo focuses on the importance of family and clan connections, depicting groups of people fishing and working the coastal regions and river estuaries. In essence the spirits of the people and their ancestors are suggested in the imagery, which is both human-like and representative of ancient rock engravings.

Rosella Namok creates images of the broader landscape, the seasons and the changing light as day merges into night. Her paintings of tropical rainstorms and the tidal patterns left by the Flow of the ocean suggest the importance of the natural rhythms of life and nature.

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