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Is there really a need to change the name of Kings Square and should it be an Aboriginal name or dual name? All that will be debated at the next Politics in the Pub on April 27 at the Local in South Fremantle from 7pm.

We will hear if Aboriginal people find the idea attractive and good for reconciliation, or if they might find it patronising to have a European city square named after a famous Noongar person.

UWA professor of Indigenous Studies Len Collard will be on the panel and so will be the City of Fremantle’s Indigenous Engagement Officer Brendan Moore.

Also on the panel Thor Kerr, lecturer at the Curtin School of Media and Russell Kingdom who is the Kings Square Project Director.

The idea of a name change for our city square is rather controversial so we might well get a good discussion out of it on Tuesday.

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How long does it take to design a new police station? On August 13 last year the State Government announced it would build a $ 59 million new Fremantle police station on the Cappuccino Strip carpark site next to Fremantle Oval. Eight months later we still have not seen the plans for the building, let alone being told when the construction will start.

There also seems some procrastination with the new traffic bridge, so why does everything take so frustratingly long? Private developers get on with the job, if they don’t get frustrated by government red tape, but governments are so annoyingly slow with implementing the things they promise.

Get on with it please!

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I received this from Freo’s Notre Dame University, so want to share it with those interested in going to uni:

The University of Notre Dame Australia’s annual Info Night takes place next week on Wednesday 28 April and includes multiple opportunities for interested Western Australians to find out more about what it’s like to study at Notre Dame.

Whether you’re looking to study your first degree or expand your career with postgraduate studies – our academics, students and advisors will be on hand to answer your questions. Plus, we will be hosting a range of info sessions on the night.

So why attend Info Night?

  1. Find out more about the programs you are interested in. You may be absolutely certain of the program you want to study, or you may still be keeping your options open and testing the waters, but whatever your situation, finding out more about the programs Notre Dame has to offer can give you a better understanding of what paths you can take throughout your degree.
  2. See what is available to you as a student. Come and see our Schools across Campus and see what else Notre Dame has to support you during your studies. Our courtyards are a brilliant place to relax with friends, our library is the place to go to get some serious studying done, and Prindiville Hall is the ultimate student hangout spot.
  3. Check out Fremantle and the local shops and cafes in the town. Our Fremantle Campus is in the heart of the historic west end of town, nestled amongst heritage buildings and surrounded by fashionable cafes and restaurants, just a stone’s throw from Bather’s Beach and the famous harbour. Discover Fremantle from a student’s perspective.
  4. Chat to current students, lecturers, tutors, and our knowledgeable advisors. Who best to talk to than students doing the same course as you’re planning to do? Other than lecturers or tutors of course, which is why we have both students and teachers available to chat to, as well as our trained advisors who will be able to answer any questions you might still have.
  5. Meet other prospective students.

One of the biggest parts of the university experience is the friends you make. These friendships can be lifelong, so why not start meeting interesting people right now?

Previous years’ students and parents who have attended these info evenings have expressed their gratification, especially in how much clarity it brings when making the big decision of where to go, what to study, and understanding how their university experience will be.

One parent said “He really enjoyed the evening, the presentations and talking to staff and students. He came away from the evening feeling that Notre Dame will be his preferred university when he finishes Year 12.”

Drop into Prindiville Hall (ND3), at 25 Mouat Street in Fremantle, any time between 5.30-7.30pm. Light refreshments will be provided. Register here to receive your own UNDA bag and merchandise on entry.


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Plans for the, in my opinion inappropriate, film studios on historic Victoria Quay could severely jeopardise the future of the B Shed Rottnest Island Ferry Terminal, because the new buildings would take over the area where most of the long-term parking is, that is very popular with travelers to the island and daily commuters to Perth and beyond.

This problem will apply to any development of the Fremantle Ports quay, so are there plans to make up for parking shortage and build a multi-storey carpark on VQ as well? I have not heard anything about that, probably because there is no proper masterplan for VQ.

If Rottnest Island visitors can no longer park on the quay many will leave from and arrive back at the Rousehead very terminal and that is not good for Fremantle traders.

Before the State Government rushes into giving permission to build massive film studios a proper masterplan for Victoria Quay and surrounds that include assessments about parking, visitor numbers, future development, connection to Bathers Bay and the CBD, etc. will have to be done because it might become more than just a visual disaster, to the detriment of Fremantle.

We all love Mad Max but we would hate Mad Mark (McGowan).

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How very, very, very, extremely lucky we have been with the coronavirus pandemic in Western Australia and the whole of Australia, thanks to decisive state governments.

I Skyped for an hour with my ex, who now lives in Berlin, and she could not believe that our pubs and cafes are open, that we have large live concerts and sporting events with thousands of spectators.

She told me she had not been in a supermarket since October last year and that the very high new daily cases of Covid-19 all over Europe are a real worry, partly due to selfish people who say they need a holiday and fly from Germany to highly infected Spain.

The photo taken late this afternoon in the Fishing Boat Harbour makes me feel so happy I live in good old Freo!

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The WA Water Corporation sent out communication last week that the Pipes for Fremantle project has been completed. They must be kidding! They left Fremantle in an absolute mess with the wrong size and wrong coloured pavers and do they really believe these badly made signs in High Street are acceptable?

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What beautiful community spirit in a high rise apartment building in the centre of Fremantle. There are a lot of good people in our city who really care for others.

On another note. The government housing apartment below me has a new tenant, but there are no blinds or curtains on the windows, so the young man who moved in has put black plastic garbage bags up to get some privacy. Could not the Communities department give that tenant some dignity and put blinds up for him?

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I am sharing this letter to the editor of the POST community newspaper because what reader Irene Tan says also applies to Fremantle.

Not only do we have people deliberately, or ignorantly, spreading fake news and conspiracy nonsense on social media, there have also been nasty and defamatory comments, mainly by a small number of people who hate Fremantle Council.

We also had the absolutely unacceptable leaking to the media of internal communications between elected members and staff and the resignation of the CEO, all done for political point scoring.

It is not difficult to get facts nowadays from Council agendas an minutes, or simply sending an email and asking for clarification if one is not sure what is going on, but some people can’t be bothered because they have an agenda.

Life gives us choices. We can see the glass half full or half empty and while there is no doubt that Fremantle Council can do better we still live in one of the best cities on the planet in my opinion. If we worked respectfully together, instead of against each other, we could make improvements to our city much faster and better.

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There is a bit of confusion about ANZAC Day in Fremantle, as some people believe it has been cancelled, like last year because of Covid-19. The good news is that there will be a dawn service and march in Fremantle this Sunday!

The dawn service on Monument Hill is restricted to only 6,000 attendants though and people need to register with the City of Fremantle, so don’t just turn up and get refused.

There is also a street march. It will be a short one from Pioneer Park, opposite the train station, to Fremantle Oval, so along Market Street and the Cappuccino Strip. The march starts at 10.15am.

And there is the traditional North Fremantle ceremony at 9am as well.

I am not sure why the number of people at the dawn service is restricted to just 6,000 when a footy game at Perth Oval can have 50,000 spectators. That makes no sense to me whatsoever and no one at the City is bothering to explain the reasons for it.

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What a lovely community event the harvesting of olives in Booyeembara park by the White Gum Valley Orchard group was this morning. Nice to see Councillor Jenny Archibald among the pickers.

Young and old gathered to collect olives, that will be pressed to make olive oil and the participants then rewarded themselves with a long table lunch in the olive grove of around 75 trees.

Is there a better way to create community than edible gardens?

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