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Nov 23 Hilton town party


The Hilton Town Centre Party is on tomorrow, Friday November 23 from 3-5pm so come and enjoy the fun!

It is about celebrating the new look of the town centre which also hopes to have created a safer environment for pedestrians.

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george street 1

george street 2


The George Street Festival in East Fremantle is on this Sunday, so make sure to head east.

It runs from 11am to6pm and is a lot of family fun with live music, lots of stalls to buy presents and food, etc.

There is also a new mural artwork on the wall of the kindergarten at Hubble Street, so go have a look at it.

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The City of Fremantle has received the Age Friendly Local Government category award at the WA Seniors Awards by the Council of the Ageing WA.

Well done to all involved!

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Christmas has started early at Fremantle Prison with the old entrance building now all lit up in different colours at night. It looks great!

Thank you to Ivan Dzeba from Benny’s bar&cafe for making me aware of it!

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Freo map


For the City of Fremantle’s marketing department the shopping experience in our city clearly does not extend west of the railway line, why else would they have excluded important galleries at Arthur’s Head, an area the Council claims it wants to activate, albeit with a tavern though.

Why is there no icon next to the Roundhouse for the Glen Cowans Photo Gallery which is #2 on Trip Advisor, and why no icon at Bathers Beach for Kidogo Arthouse?

Also excluded are the galleries at J Shed and the David Giles gallery up at Captain’s Lane.

When the City of Fremantle last created a tourist map it left out Fremantle Prison, which is one of the most popular tourist destinations. They printed so many of them that we still have to hand them out at the Roundhouse, where very many of our visitors ask for directions to…. you guessed it!…. Fremantle Prison.

It is really not fair, City of Fremantle, that you deliberately disadvantage some traders in our city!

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timber building


The WEST AUSTRALIAN reports in its property section today about exciting plans by the Yolk Property Group to build a six-storey commercial timber building in Fremantle on the corner of Josehpson and High Street, just opposite from historic Victoria Hall.

If approved by Fremantle Council the building would use photovoltaic and renewable power battery storage systems and an operable facade to allow cool air into the building and release warm air from it. There would also be grey and storm water collection, and a recycling system for shower and handbasin water to be used to reticulate the green facade.

The ground-level would be built using concrete but the levels above that would use mass timber and cross-laminated timber.

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One of the problems going to many forums about homelessness and (affordable) housing is that you have heard it all before and wonder when the action will start and the talk fests stop.

Nothing I heard last night at the Politics in the Pubs event by the Fremantle Network at The Local Hotel was new, but that isn’t the fault of the two speakers, who were equally frustrated about it.

Sam Knight of RUAH said the fundamental thing is that homeless people need homes, but they also need support workers to help with social, health and mental health problems.

The cost on the health system by not supplying sufficient affordable houses is enormous and governments fail to recognise that.

Victor Crevatin, the Director of Housing and Support Services at Fremantle’s St Patrick’s, said St Pat’s has been working with homeless people since 1971 and in 2017 had supplied 31,000 meals and 1,200 clothes to those in need, and 500 people were given accommodation.

Like Sam Knight, Crevatin said it is not just about providing houses, but that it needs support services to get people back on track.

There is the need to turn the generational NIMBY attitude around, and it is all about education to get rid of the bullshit myth about affordable housing and anti-social behaviour!

Sam Knight said it was also about offering the right mix of housing. We need to give choices about accommodation from shared accommodation to single apartments. “What are the best low-cost constructions we can do?” We need to recognise housing has a social and health aspect!

As I heard a week earlier at the Fremantle Safety Forum, there appears to be a serious issue with support agencies not collaborating well and the state government should do something about trying to streamline that, so that there is better coordination and information sharing, to the benefit of those in need.

Comment: I have supported the Fremantle Network since it started and have very often found the meetings very good, but the nice bloke, who shall remain unnamed, who took over from Rachel Pemberton to organise the Fremantle Network loves hogging the limelight. Last night again his introduction of the topic and two expert speakers was far too long. Just a short and succinct intro will do instead of babbling on for 15 minutes. Participate in the Q&A as Rachel used to do, but don’t give a very long speech. It’s not about you!

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Freo map


Check out this great new colourful map of Fremantle! It is of WA’s “Best Open Air Shopping Centre”

It even has the Fremantle Prison on it, contrary to the tourist map that has been handed out for many months, which failed to include one of the most popular destinations in our city.

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alfresco library


Out of the blue an alfresco library appeared in Fremantle on Tuesday morning in High Street, not far from the police station.

Someone left all these books on the steps, presumably so that those who love to read take one or two, or swap them for some of their own.

It is a lovely and generous idea that hopefully will not be abused by some greedy people.

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Fremantle Notre Dame university has appointed internationally recognised academic Caroline Mansfield, as the new Dean of the School of Education.

Currently the Acting Dean of the School of Education at Murdoch University, Dr Mansfield will take up her position at Notre Dame in February next year.

Dr Mansfield held a number of senior positions at Murdoch including Associate Dean, Research (School of Education) and Convenor of the Learning Excellence Academy (LEAD).

She earned her PhD in 2002 and before embarking on an academic career, worked for 10 years as a teacher in the Catholic School system in WA.

In 2003, she was awarded the Western Australian Institute of Education Research’s Research Prize for her PhD.

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