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The number of interstate visitors to Perth is down, but international visitors’ numbers have increased, and the good news for Fremantle is that most people who visit do not travel far but stay in the metro area.

The main complaint is how expensive food, coffee and drinks are, and that is a concern. Backpackers even find our supermarkets expensive, they tell me when I am on volunteer tour guide duty at the Roundhouse.

The very good news is that just about everyone who visits loves Fremantle, and that brings up the question on how we can increase the tourism experience and get people to stay longer in the port city, and spend more time and money here.

If you don’t like history the Shipwreck and Maritime museums are not your cup of tea, and neither are Fremantle Prison and Roundhouse, so what else can people do in good old Freo? A tour about Whadjuk Noongar history along Bathers Beach with Greg Nannup will be different, but how many visitors do know the tours are available?

Sun baking on one of our beaches is also not everyone’s favourite, and going to Rotto is very expensive, and we’d like visitors to stay in Freo of course.

Unlike the east coast we don’t have theme parks, but for Adventure World, and that is a long way out of Freo, and we don’t have a Darling Harbour or Federation Square either.

We need some real creative and innovative thinking on how we can improve the Freo experience, and I have come up with two thought bubbles that might start some thinking about it in the business community and at Fremantle Council.

The first one is rather simple. Make the planned new playground at Kings Square a dual attraction by giving it an Aboriginal theme. Great for the kids, but it would also become a tourist attraction.

The second one would require a lot of planning, and even more money. Instead of a children’s Nature Play ground create one above and in the ocean at Bathers Bay over the summer period. Not just a floating platform to jump from, but climbing stuff, water sprays, fun for young and old that embraces our great climate and fun Freo lifestyle. Add BBQs, tables and chairs, shade structures in front of J Shed and make it THE destination for family fun in WA.

There should be no problem with charging an entry fee to cover all or part of the cost, and the sale of fish&chips would go through the roof, so the Fishing Boat Harbour traders might like to invest in it.

We need to learn to think big(ger)!

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The long weekend makes for a short week, so here a reminder that there are three election forums on next week.

On Tuesday the 26th of September North Fremantle and South Fremantle candidates can be grilled by the public, so take advantage of it.

There are only two candidates in North Freo and the meeting is at the Community Hall there at 6.30 pm.

Five candidates battle for South Fremantle, including indigenous man Ben Moodie and the youngest candidate 21-year-old Liam Carter. It’s on at The Local at 6.30 pm on the 26th.

It’s a shame the two forums are on the same day as I would have liked to attend both of them.

On Thursday the 28th at 6.30 City Ward candidates, including me, will be part of a Q&A upstairs at the National Hotel.

This will be a interesting debate, with Claudia Green claiming the high-ground in the belief that only she had the God-given right to nominate. She discredits the other four candidates Roel Loopers, Julie Morgan, Adin Lang and Linda Wayman, by claiming they are just “a disingenuous attempt to dilute votes.” It’s actually called democracy!

And a reminder that the big Mayoral Forum will be on October 3 at 6.30 at Tannock Hall of the University of Notre Dame.


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The annual Fremantle Arts Centre Print Award exhibition is on and it is outstanding, so don’t miss it!

In my opinion it is one of the most excellent print award shows we have had for years.

Winner of the City of Fremantle $ 16,000 first prize was the huge four-metre print Keeping the Bastards Honest by Evan Pank of New South Wales.

The $ 6,000 second prize was awarded to Valerie Sparks of Victoria for her moody Prospero’s Island SouthWest.

Judges were Rebecca Beardmore of NSW,  FAC curator Andre Lipscombe and Franchesca Cubillo of the ACT.


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Reader Kel Smith is all up in arms that I photographed the wrong tree on the Esplanade and that I called him a worrier, so here the tree he is concerned about.

Relax, Kel! I did not go out in the storm and rain on Friday to deliberately shoot the wrong tree or ridicule you, I simply got it wrong, because unlike everyone else in Fremantle I am not perfect!

I too am a Freo worrier, and so are all those who care for our city, so no offence meant there either.

Now let me go back contemplating mountains and mole hills. ; >)


Roel Loopers



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The weather at the start of school holidays and the long weekend is not great, so maybe Fremantle parents can have a creative and productive session with their children on what kind of playground they would like to see at Kings Square, as part of the new retail development and Civic Centre.

The City of Fremantle is asking kids–and their mums and dads– what they would like to be included in the new outdoor play space at Kings Square.

The ideas of 170 local students have included musical stepping stones, a tree-top dance floor, giant flying foxes, a crystal cave, mushroom swings, giant fidget spinners and surprise pools that spray water ‘every now and then’.

These and more ideas are now on display at the Fremantle Library until October 24.

Other thoughts and suggestions can be shared on the City of Fremantle’s My Say Freo online portal.


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Fremantle worrier Kel Smith is concerned about the big tree at the Esplanade and the huge branch that runs across Marine Terrace. He is worried it might break off and kill someone.

Near the public toilets and Vasco da Gama monument the City of Fremantle planted more new trees yesterday.

Driving along Marine Terrace on Thursday night I was surprised how dark the area is and wondered if there could be a string of small lights from tree to tree to lighten up the street and park and make it look more attractive and festive.

It would also make the Esplanade feel a bit safer for pedestrians.


Roel Loopers



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festival parade


There will be no Festival Parade at this year’s Fremantle Festival, because of lack of public interest. Instead there will be a shopping kart race to support St Patrick’s at Kings Square on the last Sunday of the festival.

The Fremantle Festival appears to be moving away from the traditional community festival to a more sophisticated and classy, fully curated, festival, but the risk is that it will leave sections of the community behind.

More ticketed events mean that people on low incomes miss out, as is already the case with the Perth International Arts Festival, that has become unaffordable to many.

I am not at all certain that a small city like Fremantle should move away from a community festival and try to compete with the capital city of WA.

We should embrace the difference and Freo’s uniqueness, instead of wanting to do the same as other festival cities do.

Roel Loopers



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The Town of Mosman Park council has expressed in principle support for a change in boundaries for the secession of the entire North Fremantle area from Fremantle.

The Minister for Local Government rejected the call of North Freo residents who wanted to merge with Mosman Park, but apparently there are now even more residents who want to move to the northern neighbours.


Roel Loopers


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After three years of procrastination since the eviction of the Fly by Night musicians club from the Fremantle Drillhall, Sunset Events has announced that they secured a liquor license for the 800 patron  Freo Social Hall venue.

I noticed last Friday when I had a meeting at Fremantle Prison, that there were a lot of tradesmen around the hall, so hopefully it will open sometime next year.

Roel Loopers




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Fremantle City  is working together with Mosman Park on how to preserve and protect our local beaches and are seeking community input on a draft plan.

The two councils are investigating together on how to manage coastal erosion and identifying potential risks, such as those caused by storm surges and flooding along Port, Leighton and Mosman Beaches.

Seawalls, dune stabilisation and revegetation, revised coastal management strategies, community awareness campaigns and additional ongoing monitoring programs are part of the draft accommodations. It would cost of around $34m over the next 50 years.

Local residents and visitors to our Freo/Mosman beaches are encouraged to  download the draft Coastal Hazard Risk Management Adaption Plan by visiting:


Roel Loopers


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