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Fremantle Council is on the move this weekend from Kings Square to the new temporary offices at Fremantle Oval.

By the end of 2019 the removalists will be back to truck all the office furniture back to Kings Square and into the new Civic Centre that will be built from early next year.

While I was there one man wanted to visit the library already and a woman was looking for the Fremantle Dockers gift shop, that is still listed at the oval on the footy club’s website. Both were out of luck.

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FENIANS festival events calendar


The new year is only a fortnight away so here a preview of what will be on at the Fremantle Fenians Festival in January.

Keep up to date with events on their Facebook page and


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Father Christmas


Hey kids, take your parents, sisters, brothers, friends and grandparents to the Fremantle High Street mall this weekend and have a FREE photo taken with Father Christmas.

There is help on hand to take a photo for you with your own camera or mobile phone.

Santa is in the High Street Mall shop from 11.30am to 3.30 pm on Saturday and Sunday, and all next week in the Woolstores shopping centre.

This is another initiative by Fremantle BID.

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Point carpark


The City of Fremantle deserves credit for giving the run down Point Street car park a new coat of paint.

The area looks so much better, that one has to wonder why the wealthy SKS Group did not bother to maintain the car park and the vacant site next to it, which the City has now converted into a public car park, with one hour FREE parking!

We are still hoping SKS will actually build the Hilton Doubletree hotel and residential apartments on the site, but I am not holding my breath.

Well done Freo City!

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Bathers Bay

Arthur Head 1


I was early for my shift as volunteer tourguide at the Roundhouse, so had the time to walk around Arthur Head a bit.

I took the photos of the little cave and wildflowers in the cliff face, near the entrance to the so-called secret tunnel, that leads from the Gunners Cottage into the Whalers Tunnel, and also two people and their dog enjoying the Indian Ocean at Bathers Bay.

And we have got all this beauty in the centre of Fremantle. How amazing hey!

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The City of Fremantle has cancelled the Sunday Christmas Carols on South Beach due to the weather forecast of a big storm front coming through on Sunday afternoon and into Monday.

It is unlikely it can be rescheduled so unfortunately we’ll miss out this year.


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Carols at South Beach


The City of Fremantle CAROLS ON SOUTH BEACH was a great success last year and is on again this Sunday December 17.

The entertainment starts at 7pm just as the sun goes down but food trucks will be at the beach from 5pm and there will be pop-up entertainment and fairies, and of course Santa.

Bring a picnic and blanket and chill out with the family for a lovely night of community spirit to celebrate the festive season.

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South Tce


I am surprised about the City of Fremantle hype about the changes to South Terrace in South Fremantle that even made it to prime time TV news yesterday.

Traffic calming between South Street and Douro Road has been on the agenda for a few years and I attended at least four community consultation sessions in the last year and a half.

But the boasted $ 200,000 upgrade only affects a tiny section of the busy road between Sydney Street and Little Lefroy Lane, with no indication when permanent traffic calming will be introduced to the long stretch from Sydney Street to Douro Road.

The report states that the hated temporary rubber speed humps will be removed between Little Lefroy and Sydney Street, but does not mention any improvements for the rest of South Tce and if all the ugly speed humps will make place for raised platforms, as had been promised.

While I welcome the piazza-like changes in the northern section of South Tce there needs to be done more to slow down traffic all along that road and make the area safer for pedestrians and cyclists.

One issue with the temporary speed humps has been that many motorists treat them like stop signs and almost stop before they crawl over them. That is a real nuisance because it is perfectly safe to keep a 35-40kmh speed up to accommodate traffic flow at a moderate speed, even in my 25-year-old car.

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I hear on the Fremantle Notre Dame University grapevine that they are considering an exciting new project in the historic West End on the corner of Cliff and High streets, where they were going to build the new School of Nursing and Midwifery building.

Rumours have it that NDA is contemplating changing the present carpark behind the so-called Wedding Wall into a public park, with water feature, historic interpretation of the old Freo tram, a place to linger and relax for NDA students, tourists and locals.

There might even be an archeological dig on the site, which is next to the former Tram Building and only metres away from the historic Roundhouse, before the park is created.

Just another exclusive for Freo’s View. ; >)


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Fremantle Council sent the pedestrian crossing safety issues at the intersection of Hampton Road and Scott Street back to the drawing board after complaints by members of the community and businesses.

A new median strip had been installed so that traffic heading south along Hampton Road could no longer turn right into Scott Street to the shopping centre, while traffic from Scott Street east could only turn left and south.

This was done to make pedestrian crossing for the students and parents of the Beaconsfield Primary School safer.

As someone who lives there the issues are that traffic coming from the south now needs to turn right into Jenkin Street and then along Maxwell Street to head further east to the school and Hale and Livingston Street. That has significantly increased traffic in that dog leg, and there is no 40kmh school zone in Maxwell Street, but there is in Scott and Hale streets.

One of the problems along Hampton Road is motorists speeding and overtaking in the bus lane, and exiting Scott Street always has been dicey because one can hardly see around the corner.

Pedestrian traffic lights are probably the best solution, but Mainroads will no doubt be reluctant to install them along a major road.

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