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Right or Wrong


This is a reminder for myself and all people who make comments on this blog. ; >)

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notre dame


This very impressive full-page advertisement of Notre Dame University in the West Australian caught my eye this morning, as it looks like the promotion of an Oscar winning movie. The Lunchpack of Notre Dame maybe because the Fremantle uni students can enjoy all the quirky cafes and shops in town?

Notre Dame is no doubt a very popular university in Australia and Fremantle as is shown in the Good Universities Guide of 2017 again.

Notre Dame University received five-star ratings for:

*  Overall quality of education

*  Teaching quality

* Learning engagement

*  Student support

*  Skills development

*  Graduate employment

*  Median graduate salary

I love having Notre Dame in Fremantle as it has significantly revitalised the historic West End of Fremantle, and they are a very nice organisation to deal with, as I know from my own experience with them.

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I don’t believe it is disrespectful to call Fremantle Society president John Dowson an enigma. The Pres. has just arrived back in Fremantle from a long stint in Europe and his latest letter to the FS members contains an interesting opinion on the controversial large deck at Kidogo Arthouse at Bathers Beach that was opposed by the State Heritage Council and rejected by the WA Planning Commission.

Dowson wrote” Joanna Robertson at Kidogo also has a fight on her hands – to prevent the removal of her new deck outside Kidogo. She is being told by the Heritage Council to remove the deck because it is detrimental to the heritage of the adjacent building. This is the same Heritage Council which approved a row of toilets in the same location, which would be far more detrimental. Joanna has indicated she is willing NOT to go ahead and build the toilets if she can keep the deck.”

Facts are that Joanna Robertson received approval to build a small toilet block and a small deck to accommodate the Kelp Bar, but she changed her mind and did not build the toilets but a much larger deck instead for which she had not applied for or given approval. For her to now say she would be willing to not build the toilets if she can keep the deck is insincere, as she has shown by building the deck that she has no intention buildings the toilets that would require part demolition of the new deck.

Not building permanent toilets would mean the regular appearance of very unsightly portable toilets in the significant Bathers Beach heritage area, so it is beyond me the Fremantle Society prefers that.

John Dowson’s swipe at the Heritage Council most likely comes because that office has proposed different boundaries for the West End Conservation Area than JD wants to see.

The Kidogo Arthouse deck saga will now go before the State Administrative Tribunal, so stay tuned.

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I am disappointed, but not surprised, that there is such heated debate about the cancellation of the Fremantle Australia Day fireworks, and sad people see the need for name-calling.

The Chamber of Commerce talks about the triple bottom line for retailers. Fair enough, but I have heard for very many years from retailers that big events in Freo don’t do much for their business, and most retailers and cafes close well before the fireworks are on anyway.

But let’s be realistic and use facts, not hype. The City of Fremantle has not cancelled Australia Day celebrations, only the fireworks in the evening. Instead they are proposing to celebrate the whole long weekend with events, so a short evening event becomes a three day one. Surely that benefits shops and cafes that open during daytime hours.

Fremantle has more events than most other WA cities and the new Falls Festival at Kings Square in January, with pass outs! will have a big impact on CBD businesses one would hope. The Street Art Festival is a huge event for three days over the long Easter weekend, and the Festival Parade and Blessing of the Fleet are also big, to name just some.

There is also a building boom in central Freo that will hopefully see a lot more tourists staying overnight, more office workers and more residents, so that too should be good for our traders.

I have never liked the fireworks because of what it does to the environment and the poor dogs who get frightened, and I believe shooting $ 150,000 in the air in 15-20 minutes is an absolute waste of money.

That money will now be spent on entertainment, so hopefully local musicians, performers, dancers, etc. will receive the benefit and for three long days people can buy fish&chips, sit at the Fishing Boat Harbour, wander through the CBD, shop, eat, drink, have fun and enjoy what Freo really is about, not just the hype of very expensive big bangs.

I believe it is not a “politically correct” issue but what is morally and environmentally right, and the triple bottom business line will probably do better out of it, because very many people only drove into town just before the fireworks started and left straight after they finished, without spending a cent in Freo.

Everyone has their own opinion, but there is no need for name-calling. We just agree to disagree on this, so let’s move on and celebrate life and Freo for the very special place it is!

Have a great weekend and stay dry!

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Bluebird blog


Anxiety Disorders Australia  donated $5,000 of their remaining funds to Bluebird Mental Health at Ferns House in Fremantle’s High Street today.

Previously known as GenWHY?, Bluebird is an up and coming mental health charity with a big vision:  To be Australia’s leading provider of psychologist led, peer supported services championing adult mental health and wellbeing.

Bluebird has achieved a great deal with very little funding, and has been able to provide support groups to over 390 individuals in 2015 from CBD locations in both Fremantle and Perth.

Founded in 2009 Bluebird is the only organisation in WA dedicated to offering support groups facilitated by registered psychologists for over 25’s. In addition, Bluebird offers this services for free to all members, relying solely on private and grant based funding.

Suicide remains the leading cause of death for all Australians between 15 and 44 years of age. Bluebird’s integrated program of support builds confidence and skills of members allowing them to manage their own anxiety and/or depression, reaching people in need before they become another statistic!




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port morning


The sky looked pretty threatening at Fremantle Port, but very beautiful, this morning and the forecast is for some very heavy rain over the weekend, so be prepared.

I took this photo just before 8 this morning as the cold winter has made me a lazy bum, so I got up too late again to enjoy the sun rise.

Talking about the port, I hear QUBE will take over the operations of Patricks stevedoring soon.

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The delightful Moore&Moore Cafe in Fremantle’s Henry Street has started a series of healthy and alternative food talks Vital Table Talks.

This coming Tuesday August 30 at 6 pm renowned health advocate Tyler Tolman will talk about whole natural food as the solution to changing our life.

Tyler has studies ancient civilisations to learn their secrets and he wants to share his knowledge for all to enjoy a long, happy and healthy life.

Of course there is also food on offer: What about vegetable noodles, cashew pesto, crisp raw root chips, puty lentil, baby leek braise with fennel and sage, with a jerky mushroom salad.

Cost for the presentation, nibbles and dinner is only $ 47, concessions $ 34 and vegan is available.

Bookings at or call Ali on 0418 929 674

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The first NIGHT MARKET ON THE RIVER will be held at the East Fremantle Yacht Club at Petra Street today from 6.30 to 9.30, so it will be interesting to see how that goes, especially since I did not notice any food stalls or vans on the list.

But markets are fun and this one is above the Swan River with views to the Perth city skyline, so go and see what it is like.

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If there is one single thing at the City of Fremantle that annoys and frustrates me most it is the lack of consistency in decision making.

Yesterday I almost blew up when I was told the Roundhouse volunteer guides were informed the City has not allowed for $ 10,000 in this year’s budget to accommodate power supply to the Roundhouse, so that the $ 200,000 interpretive and interactive display project can get started and funding can be applied for from Lotterywest and elsewhere.

Last year the guides spent $ 30,000 on designers for the new displays and all would be ready to go but for the lack of electricity. ($ 20,000 came from Lotterywest, $ 5,000 from COF and $ 5,000 from the Guides).

If you want a solar parklet in Wray Avenue that lights up at night in a street no one frequents after dark because the cafes and shops are closed, the City has $ 20,000 readily available under its One Planet funding, the same if you want to grow mushrooms out of recycled coffee, or anything else that got the word sustainable, solar, wind, or green in its application..

The City is happy to put $ 200,000 a year in the Walyalup Centre at Arthur Head that has failed to attract many people and it is happy to subsidise Sunday painters in two cottages at Captain’s Lane, but one of the most highly visible and visited tourist destinations of Fremantle can’t secure a mere $ 10,000 to make a visit to the Roundhouse modern, interactive, multi-lingual and even more memorable.

We have heard for far too many years that the City of Fremantle wants to activate Arthur Head and the West End of Town, but the successful brand Roundhouse that gets over 120,000 visitors a year- we count every single one who enters!- can’t get a tiny bit of funding to put power inside. No worries though to accommodate an absolutely inappropriate tavern at J Shed, COF will grant your delivery trucks access through the historic Whalers Tunnel, or along the coastal tourist path at Bathers Beach, or even put a lift down Mrs Trivett Lane.

Fremantle City has no qualms constantly giving concessions, rent reductions, etc. to highly profitable events on the Esplanade, but a non for profit volunteer organisation that keeps the oldest public building in WA open every day of the year with mainly elderly volunteers, can get stuffed and wait a while, so that the costs will rise until the project becomes unaffordable.

So what if the heritage budget does not have the $ 10,000? It is not a heritage issue but a tourist one! Tourism is a huge industry in WA and the highest employer in the state, even above the mining industry, so give the Guides funding from the economic and marketing department budget, or whatever. Be flexible because we provide a service to visitors to Fremantle that costs the City next to nothing. The annual salary of one single director at COF would pay for the power and all the new displays, so maybe it’s time to do some pruning. It’s spring soon.

Sometimes I get so furious that I want to run into the Townhall, grab a few people, kick arse and yell  GET YOUR BLOODY ACT TOGETHER AND YOUR PRIORITIES RIGHT!!!!

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There is quite a bit going on within the City of Fremantle administration with new jobs advertised weekly and new people taking up important positions, with new CEO Phil StJohn taking up his role officially in July this years

At Council meeting last night I noticed for the first time Graham Tattersall, the new Director of Infrastructure and Project Delivery, while Marisa Spaziani who was the Director of Community Development is now heading the new People and Culture Department. Her old job has been advertised, so someone new will take over there soon.

I have no idea what that new department will be doing as Pete Stone only recently became the new director of the Department of Culture&The Arts, so it looks as if there is a duplication of services there as we have two departments responsible for culture. And keep in mind that directors at the City of Fremantle receive a payment around $ 240,000 per annum, so adding new directors is costing a lot of ratepayers’ money!

The Festivals Coordinator position, long held by Alex Marshall, also has been advertised. I don’t know if Marshall has been promoted or left Freo City, with all the changes occurring in his field and the Fremantle Festival moving to a fully curated festival.

At Council the committees now have new and more elaborate names but the Special Projects Committee does no longer have their meetings in public and that is a shame. One would think that special projects of new innovative ideas and long-term city planning are especially of interest to the community and the COF should embrace community participation and ideas.

It would also be nice if the City put out media releases about personnel changes at top-level as the public should know who get’s these extremely well-paid jobs and what they did before they came to Freo.

It would also be good to be informed who has been appointed as the external project manager for the Fremantle Oval project.

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