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Dorothy Tangney


Seventy-five years ago Dorothy Tangney became the first woman to be elected in federal parliament, but we are still debating gender equality in our parliaments and political parties.

This artwork is in Fremantle’s Norfolk Street on the side of the Norfolk Hotel, so contemplate when you walk or drive by why it is taking so unacceptably long until we have real gender balance in our country.

It’s not just about equal pay but even more so about equal respect!

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This dog was found wandering around Freo’s West End, so if it is yours, please contact the number below.

Has a tag but no phone number.
Sally on 0400-113-325 is minding her until something opens Tuesday.

Can you please spread this message throughout your social media  networks. Thank you!


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I love it how the perspective changes when one takes photos with longer lenses, and the very old Nikon 80-200mm F 2.8 I took this photo with is my all time favourite lens. It’s heavy metal, but brilliant

I took the photo this morning when the early sun lit up the old buildings at Queen Victoria Street, the Rainbow container art and the port cranes, with the backdrop of dark clouds.

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What a lovely mural painting on this house at Queen Victoria Street, just before East Street when one is leaving Fremantle.

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Renowned WA artist Sandra Black is exhibiting her beautiful ceramics at the Earlywork Gallery in South Fremantle from this Wednesday September 26.

The show is on until October 7 and the gallery is open daily from 10am to 4pm.

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Fremantle Prison



Not sure what to do on this longs weekend Monday or during the school holidays? Why not visit our great Fremantle museums!

The World Heritage Listed Fremantle Prison conducts tours throughout the day, the display at the Shipwrecks Museum about the Dutch history of WA is fascinating, and at 1pm witnessing the cannon fire behind the Roundhouse is a booming experience.

And at the Maritime Museum is a very good exhibition about the French captains Baudain and Freycinet.

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The event below is only going to happen at the end of November, but since it is a fundraiser for the Fremantle Roundhouse, WA’s oldest public building, I want to make you all aware of it now, so that you can book your tickets @ $ 30.00 from early.

Check out the Facebook page for details!

2018 is the 200th anniversary of Frankenstein and the birth of science fiction!

Come celebrate an important date in modern writing and global pop culture. Please join arts-music performers Genrefonix at the momentous Fremantle Roundhouse for a live multimedia show that will reanimate one of WA’s most historic sites. We’ll unearth amazing connections between this ‘panopticon’ style ex-prison and Mary Shelley’s gothic masterpiece, and have a rockin’ good time while we are at it! Come celebrate the amazing and forgotten heritage of WA’s most significant colonial landmark.

Frankenstone will begin in the relative serenity and abundant hospitality of the Old Custom’s House Atrium at 8 Phillimore Street (Fremantle), before leading audiences upward to the momentous Roundhouse to witness it’s many secrets unleashed through music and film.

Roundhouse architect and man of mystery Henry Reveley (1788-1875) is cast as key protagonist in a gothic tale so wild that only WA’s most infamous building could contain in it. Henry’s lifelong bonds with Mary, both emotional and intellectual, are exposed through a theatrical retelling and reimagining of the recorded facts, revealing a contorted sketch of a dark, talented genius mired in pathos and hellbent on reanimating the past.

Featuring a mix of new Frankenstein film sequences shot in the Roundhouse and rockin’ live music/sound effects Frankenstone will unchain the past. Pivotal historic bonds with Mary will be revealed, and their dramatic consequences rendered bare against stark walls of limestone.

The show is 45mins long, with audiences most welcome to enjoy the hospitality of Old Customs House before and after the show.

All proceeds from Frankenstone will go to the Fremantle Roundhouse to assist with upgrading event facilities, allowing the venue to live again for the people of WA.


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At Benny’s Bar


If you like strawberries there is only one place to be this afternoon and that is Fremantle!

The STRAWBERRY SUNDAY FESTIVAL is on from 12 midday to 3pm all along the Cappuccino Strip, so get the kids ready, polish the Zimmerframe, and come into the port city to show support for our local strawberry growers, who are doing it tough after the needle scare.

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g 6


About one hundred people, including Labor politicians Josh Wilson MP and Lisa O’Malley MLA, turned up at East Fremantle’s Locke Park on Saturday morning to attend the protest by the Friends of the Royal George agains the planned 20 storey high-rise at the Royal George Hotel in Duke Street.

Only East Freo artist Tony Jones questioned where the Friends of the Royal George had been during the last 20 years when the building was neglected, and that is probably a fair question.

It was a disappointingly lacklustre event though with no speeches or formal gathering, and when I asked one of the display and petition table attendants if we could get a group shot he replied that it was too difficult to get the small crowd together.

Many people just trundled off after a while as nothing was happening, so I suggest the East Freo “Friends” get some coaching from Fremantle groups on how to organise a proper protest rally.

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A look down Queen Street and another one down William Street shows how far the Fremantle Kings Square Redevelopment Project is progressing.

Great times ahead for good old Freo!

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