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Nat Reconciliation Week May 27


KAYA! A reminder that it is National reconciliation Week next week, so connect with our Whadjuk Noongar friends, read about indigenous history and culture or just buy a ork of Aboriginal art. There is a beautiful new exhibition at the Japingka Gallery in Fremantle’s High Street!


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It’s a Fremantle weekend perfect for soup, lamb shanks and stews, and of course mulled wine or port, or both, and a wee dram of whiskey as a night cap.

Heater on, a good book, a footy game, and in a perfect world someone to cuddle up with, but life ain’t perfect for all of us hey.

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The new TEDx Fremantle are now accepting applications from people interested in speaking at TEDx events.

Anyone with professional, academic or even personal expertise or insight relevant to the theme “Perception vs. Reality” is encouraged to apply.

Each person may only submit one application.

Submissions will be accepted from 23rd May until midnight on 19th July 2018.

Visit the website below for more information or to submit your application.


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It’s always good to start the weekend, especially a wet and stormy one, with good news about Fremantle, even if that news is so far only a rumour on the grapevine, but I expect Freo City to officially confirm it next week.

So what’s the good news? The City has received an unexpected and very welcome $ 5 million present, I hear from my always reliable sources, so where did the money come from and what will it be spent on?

I don’t believe they won Lotto or went to the casino, and I strongly reject the nasty thoughts that the present comes from Sunset Events. ; >)

The Fremantle Roundhouse volunteers are in need of only $ 200,000 for new interpretive historic displays, so make that a priority please Fremantle Council! Thank you in advance.

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It is very wet and wild out there in Fremantle on this Friday, and the bad weather is going to continue for a while.

The strength of the storm is amazing. I almost got seasick sitting in my car at Port Beach as the vehicle shook madly.

There is quite a bit of damage at the dune paths at Port Beach and Fremantle Ports have closed the North Mole drive because of waves crashing over the road.

I love this wild weather at the ocean as there is a bit of nostalgia there when I think about my childhood in the Netherlands, and the very many hours I sat watching the wild North Sea in awe.

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Heritage Week


The Fremantle Heritage Festival starts this weekend with the Noongar Wanjoo Welcome at the Maritime Museum on Saturday from 10am to 12pm. It’s a free event.

There is heaps on offer so make sure to get a printed program or check it on Facebook and the City of Fremantle website.

Former Fremantle Docker Scott Chisholm will do an Aboriginal cultural tour at 10am from May 27 to June 3 at Bathers Beach. Tickets are $ 10.00.

There are also two-hour long walking tours of Fremantle on May 26 and 27, and June 2 and 3 from2-4pm. Meet at the Visitor Centre at Kings Square.

The History Tour at the National Hotel sounds great and is on 28, 29,30 May at 11 am. It’s a free event.

Activists and Agitators is a walking tour that starts at B Shed on Victoria Quay on Sunday June 3 from 10.30 am. It’s a free event.

Notre Dame University also has several events so check it out on

Thirty Years of Clancy’s Music is on tomorrow Saturday May 27 from 7pm. Tickets $ 25. and there is Fish&Chops woodchopping in Princess May Park on June 2 from 1pm. A free event.

and there is much much more on offer!

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Arts and disability organisation, DADAA is moving ahead with the next phase of the redevelopment of the former Old Boys School at Fremantle’s Princess May Park with the creation of a cafe in the lovely courtyard behind the building.

The old 1901 kitchen at the core of the Fremantle heritage building is the next area to receive an upgrade with the creation of the new café Humble Pantry Fremantle.

DADAA had a dream of turning the old kitchen and courtyard into a great café that not only serves excellent coffee and healthy food, but also provides training and employment opportunities for people with disability.

DADAA, a not-for-profit organisation that provides access to art programs for people with disability, have partnered with dynamic mother-son team Clare and Kieran Cranny to open the café later this year.

The new café initiative is pursuing a sustainable financial model that is not reliant on government funding in order to meet its goal of providing employment for people with disability. DADAA and its new café operators are keen to work with businesses and individuals to meet this mission.

Local business Brayco got on board early, generously donating the commercial kitchen.

DADAA are now seeking other local businesses and donors to assist in raising the remaining $30,000 through crowdfunding to complete the fit-out of Fremantle’s first truly inclusive café – a place where the entire community can recognise accessibility and celebrate diversity.

Locals are invited to join the ‘Humble Coffee Club’ and to join in on this exciting community-building project with a contribution, large or small.

The campaign, which ends on 30 June 2018, has been launched with a video on the leading platform for cause-driven crowdfunding, StartSomeGood:

Donors and supporters will recognise their name on a Giving Wall created by DADAA artists and will be invited to a celebratory opening to meet other generous individuals who want to see social enterprise like this initiative flourish in Fremantle.


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I received new information about the rumour that the Fly by Night club might be leaving Fremantle.

My informant told me that City of Fremantle officers will recommend to Council to terminate the Fly’s lease for Victoria Hall, so it will be a Council decision to keep the live music venue going or let is die.

Money is probably the issue here, so we will have to wait and see if Fremantle Council is willing to financially support the Fly by Night club again, or let them go.

Before the Fly moved into Victoria Hall Clancy’s offered to manage the heritage building as a live music venue and run the bar and daytime cafe, but that offer was not taken up by Fremantle Council.

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Wilson family


The Federal by-election for the seat of Fremantle is still two months away with the Electoral Commission announcing it will be held on July 28.

It looks like the Liberal/National government quite likes a depleted opposition, so we should be glad the five by-elections around the nation will be held this year. The by-elections are necessary because of dual citizenship issues.

I will back Josh Wilson, whom I like and respect as a person and as a politician. He was an excellent councillor and Deputy Mayor of Fremantle, so Josh4Freo will get my vote.

The photo above is of Josh Wilson with his wife and three children in their Fremantle home.

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factorie 1

factorie 2


A new discount clothing shop has opened at Fremantle’s Kings Square, so welcome to FACTORIE at Adelaide Street just opposite St John’s church!

Check it out and support all our local traders and in particular those around Kings Square who are impacted by the development.

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