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I believe it is worth getting up early tomorrow morning to see a large Moreton Bay fig tree being driven through Fremantle from the Leisure Centre carpark to Kings Square, where it will replace the so-called Christmas Tree.

The route the truck will take is Queen Victoria Street, Quarry Street, High Street, Kings Square.

It is due to depart approximately at 6am, but it is going to be a very warm day, so it should not be too cold and daunting to get up for it. I will!

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ARTIST OPPORTUNITY! Entries are now open for the 2021 Fremantle Arts Centre Print Award.

Don’t miss your chance to take part in Australia’s richest and most prestigious print prize. The winner will take home $16,000 cash with their work acquired for the City of Fremantle Art Collection.

The award is open to all artists living and working within Australia. You’re invited to enter one print or artist’s book, using any printing process. Entries close 5pm Fri 4 Dec.

For more information and to submit an application head to…/fremantle-arts-centre-print…/


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Be prepared for summer temperatures today and tomorrow. It’s going to be 26C today and 30C tomorrow. Yeah!! I love it hot.

Above the colours of J Shed at Freo’s Bathers Beach and the sign of stone sculptor Jina Lee.

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There is quite a bit of work going on at Victoria Quay in Fremantle Port. Corkhill Landing, where the pilots board the Pilot Boat, is getting a facelift, while pilings work is going on between B Shed and C Shed.

There is also a large dewatering project going on east of the E Shed markets.

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The City of Fremantle is hosting a seminar evening tonight to explore how Fremantle and Western Australia can transition more quickly to a low carbon economy.

Time: 6–7.30pm


Bill Hare (CEO / Senior Scientist, Climate Analytics)

Professor Bill Hare is a climate scientist with thirty years’ experience in the science, impacts and policy responses to climate change and stratospheric ozone depletion.

He is a founder and CEO of Climate Analytics, a non-profit research and policy organisation based in Berlin, which recently produced a report outlining what actions Western Australia needs to take to play its role in global and national efforts to limit warming to 1.5°C.

Martin Anda (Academic Chair of Environmental Engineering, Murdoch University)

Dr Martin Anda works with PhD students, industry partners and other universities to develop carbon neutral settlements, recycled water systems for urban villages, low cost but effective sanitation solutions for developing countries and co-design of new water supply systems with remote Aboriginal communities.

Vanessa Rauland (CEO, ClimateClever)

Dr Vanessa Rauland is founder and CEO of ClimateClever, an app that helps schools, households and soon businesses to reduce their carbon footprint and save money on utility bills.

She is also an Adjunct Research Fellow at Curtin University Sustainability Policy Institute, where she was a researcher and lecturer in the field of climate change and sustainability for 10 years.

Olive Bennet and Nishtha Vashisth (Fremantle Youth Network)

A letter from the Fremantle Youth Network in May 2019 kicked off an important conversation about climate change, and led to Fremantle’s elected members declaring a state of climate and biodiversity emergency.




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I reported some weeks ago that the new tavern at the Warders Cottages in Fremantle would be named after a historic ship and it turned out that the tip I received is right.

Welcome to the EMILY TAYLOR tavern, named after the ship that on her voyage from Cape Leeuwin to the Swan River got lost off Fremantle in Cockburn Sound on May 21, 1830 and was driven ashore at South Bay(Bathers Bay).

There were five passengers and 60 crew on board the ship.

The tavern and boutique hotel are due to open later this year.

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There is not much happening in Freo currently, but I feel that is just the quiet before the storm, when the weather is warmer and more events will be on.

So here two photos I took of Fremantle’s beautiful heritage buildings along Cliff and High streets.

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It is important that all Western Australians are aware about our state accepting more new arrivals, so I thought it be good to share this message from Premier Mark McGowan:

Following today’s National Cabinet, I can provide you with an update on the issue of Western Australians returning from overseas. I’m sure you’ve been following the discussion over the last few days. Today, we secured a new way forward. It’s a unique agreement for Western Australia, and one that is more sensible and more workable for our State.

From Monday, September 28, Western Australia will begin to receive an additional 200 international arrivals per week. We will also work cooperatively with the Commonwealth to ensure we have more ADF personnel available to assist in managing hotel quarantine. At that point, with those additional resources in place, from Monday, the 12th of October, we will then receive a further 300 international arrivals per week. This will take our total weekly cap on arriving Australians from overseas to 1,025 per week from 12 October.

Like I have said previously, Western Australia has been willing to work cooperatively to safely and sensibly lift the international arrival cap to get more Australians home. It’s important to note Western Australia already takes the second-highest number of overseas arrivals of any State. Since the original air arrivals cap was introduced on July 12, WA has received 4,031 international passengers. As of last night we had 1,962 people in WA’s hotel quarantine system across eight hotels in Perth.

Our hotel quarantine system here in Perth has so far been delivered to the highest standard. Recklessly doubling the number of arrivals into WA overnight is not the way we should be approaching this issue. Especially when we are dealing with this deadly virus and we do not have the hotel quarantine capability available. Hotel quarantine is not simply about available beds, it is about the capacity of qualified people to provide medical, support, security and police services. The more health specialists we pull from our hospital system to assist with hotel quarantine, the more complications we have in managing demand across our hospitals. I have made it clear, I do not want to reduce the standard of our hotel quarantine system.

We have seen the problems that occurred in Victoria.Compromising the integrity of our WA’s hotel quarantine system is simply not acceptable. That’s why we have been asking for Federal Government support, given quarantining is a Federal Government responsibility under the Constitution. However, the Federal Government is of the view that States need to continue to manage quarantine.

But the decision by the Federal Government to unilaterally double WA’s international arrivals by the 28th of September, in our view, carried too much risk for WA. The agreement we’ve reached today is a sensible approach to helping more Western Australians come home from overseas which will achieve that goal without compromising the integrity of our hotel quarantine system.

I want to be clear, this new approach is far more appropriate and reasonable. However, it does still present some risk for WA. WA Health and WA Police will work through this over coming days and weeks, so we are prepared.

We will need to stand up an additional hotel in the near future, but at this point in time Rottnest Island won’t be required.

It may be necessary that some elective surgery needs to be delayed, if we require further clinical staff to be redeployed from hospitals to hotel quarantine management. I don’t want to reduce elective surgery capacity, but it might be necessary to ensure we keep our hotel quarantine to the high standard we currently have in place. It would be particularly disappointing considering we are currently undertaking 120 per cent of our usual elective surgery capacity. I’m relieved we have come to a more workable and sensible outcome today, and I’m glad the Federal Government agreed to provide more ADF support and adjust the earlier decision they made.This is why National Cabinet is important. So we can come to decisions by working together. We will do what we can to help bring stranded Australians home safely, and at the same time, we will keep doing everything possible to protect all Western Australians.Yesterday, we saw incredibly encouraging job figures for our State. One third of all jobs created across the country in August, 32,000, came from WA.We want to continue on this trajectory. That’s why it’s so important we maintain our border controls and keep our economy open, and that’s why we have to take the sensible, safe approach, like we have today.


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Stiff breeze
Rain Pipes for Fremantle

Gusty winds, showers and low temperature is making it a challenging Sunday to be out and about in Fremantle, but I needed the walk and fresh air.

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