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These two had Freo’s lovely Bathers Beach all for themselves at 8.30am this morning.

It’s a stunning day, so go out and enjoy it. The Freo Farmers Market is open till midday, the Fremantle Markets all day and at the Fremantle Arts Centre Timothy Nelson will be entertaining at the free courtyard music session from 2-4pm.

Several Fremantle artists are exhibiting at the Cottesloe Sculptures by the Sea and I will be hopping on the train to have a look at that.

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It has been a very slow project, but the boardwalk connection between Joe’s and Little Creatures in the Fremantle Fishing Boat Harbour is finally taking shape, so hopefully they’ll re-open it in a few weeks.

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The Artist Studio Program policy for historic Arthur’s Head will be considered at Wednesday’s Fremantle Council FPOL Committee. What stands out for me straight away is that there is no requirement to activate the area and the studios can only be used as work spaces and not for events or workshops. So what happened with Fremantle Council wanting activation of Arthur’s Head and the West End and why has that been abandoned?

The Artist Studio Program is intended to provide artists with affordable spaces to work, with a maximum period of five years and no extensions possible.

Since Fremantle Council naively decided ten years ago to kick out most of the tenants at Captain’s Lane and Mrs Trivett Lane to start the Bathers Beach Art Precinct the former Pilot’s Cottages have often been vacant and attract rough sleepers and antisocial behaviour, because none of the spaces are occupied at night. It is a ghost town at night and that is not going to change under the planned Artist Studio Program.

It is good to see that the Walyalup Aboriginal Cultural Centre is much better activated than in the first two years and that the David Giles artists are also there most of the week. The stand out space up on the former jail hill is the highly professional underwater photo gallery of Glen Cowans, which is open to the public Thursday-Sunday.

Down at J Shed there has been consistent occupation by professional artists Greg James, Janet Nixon, Jina Lee, Jenny Dawson and Peter Zuvela. They have taken ownership of the space, painted the exterior of the large shed, have events, workshops and exhibitions, etc. and that has added to the activation of Arthur’s Head. Fremantle Council should learn from that and emulate it.

Fremantle Council has been struggling with the activation of the historic West End for decades and there does not seem to be enough creativity and intent to actually do something significant. That is a real shame because it is a very special place in Fremantle and WA. I lived in one of the cottages for three years and loved living there. It is in my opinion essential to activate Arthur’s Head 24/7 and daytime artist studios just won’t do that. An opportunity missed-yet again. What a shame!

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I am livid and feel insulted by the Member for Fremantle Minister Simone McGurk about her comments in the Fremantle Herald today. McGurk dismisses those who have spoken out against the plans for massive film studios on historic Victoria Quay as ” a small minority in the community who want Victoria Quay to stay exactly as it is…”

I don’t want VQ to stay as it is, that’s why I sat for hours and hours at community consultation meetings at Fremantle Ports eight or so years ago! I participated because I genuinely would like to see good and appropriate development on the quay and in Fremantle in general. I am not against development. I want good quality and appropriate development!

What I do not want on Victoria Quay is inappropriate development of the bulk and scale the films studios would have to be. There are better places around Fremantle to put them.

For many years I have suggested an Aboriginal Cultural Centre and a convention centre in Fremantle. Both of those would be great for Victoria Quay and attract many thousands of visitors to our port city. That’s what we need! The State Government has however totally ignored those suggestions and they also have ignored looking after Fremantle’s significant heritage and allowed it to deteriorate.

We don’t need pie-in-the-sky, filmstarry-eyed nonsense where we hand over a large part of VQ to a private developer, who’ll probably get a 100-year lease at peppercorn rent to build windowless concrete monstrosities.

It is unbecoming of you, Simone McGurk to simply dismiss me and others who are against this naive madness as some kind of anti-development and anti-change oldies. You might not like it, Minister, but this is still a democracy where I have the right to voice my opinion and disagree with the government I voted for. Film studios on Victoria Quay are wrong and I will not stop saying that!

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Good news for the hospitality and entertainment industries that from Monday March 15 they are allowed to have 75% of normal capacity in their venues, although walking past some of them I am not convinced they stuck to the social distancing rules.

Now we can only hope that the vaccine roll out will be a lot faster, because it has been rather pathetic how slow it is going.

Queensland reported three new cases of a new variant strain of Covid-19 so let’s not get complacent at all. It could happen here in WA. Stay alert, sign in with the Safe WA Covid app, wash your hands often. Let’s all watch out for each other!

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Another and rather delightful bar and restaurant has opened in Fremantle’s historic West End and it is offering delicious low&slow American BBQ and smoked food.

The Old Faithful is at 1 Pakenham Street in the basement of an 1897 heritage building, just a few steps down from the Republic of Fremantle.

It’s dark and moody with low ceilings, but I really like it. Go try it out and support another Freo business!

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I thought this post about imports and exports at Fremantle Ports would interest people, so I copy it in full below:

Trade data for the first seven months of the financial year (July 2020-January 2021) compared for the first seven months of 2019-20 show Western Australians are continuing to buy a lot of furniture, household appliances and cars.

Agricultural and industrial machinery imports were also up over 22%, a good sign for the economy.

Full container imports were up about 3% with furniture up about 16% and household appliances up a huge 40%.

Full container exports are down about 14% due to wheat, hay and wastepaper exports being down.

As the eastern states are no longer in drought, exporters there have recovered overseas markets and more wheat is being exported from those states.

Overall, full container trade is down 3.7% on the same period last year with the total container trade (full and empties) only slightly down (0.8%).

Non-containerised trade has increased nearly 9% mainly due to imports of passenger and industrial vehicles, iron and steel product imports, and recreational equipment such as caravans, trailers, boats and motorbikes.

With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, used vehicles from the eastern states started being imported to WA more by ship and less by road and rail. This trade is up a whopping 167% (almost 11,000 vehicles) but new motor vehicles are also up by nearly 14%.

Non-containerised Inner Harbour exports are slightly up with scrap metal up 48% but live sheep and cattle exports are significantly down (37% and 29% respectively).

Fremantle Ports’ bulk business trade at Kwinana Bulk Jetty and Kwinana Bulk Terminal was up nearly 10% but total port trade was down 9% as this figure includes the three private jetties in the Outer Harbour.

Less crude oil is being imported through the BP jetty and there was less grain exported through the CBH Group jetty.

Commercial ship visits to the Fremantle Inner Harbour have declined by 112 visits due to container vessels and car carriers decreasing by about 22% (57 visits) and 19% (23 visits) respectively.

The decline in container vessels has resulted from major shipping agent conglomeration and larger vessels causing a reduction of visits.

Another 32 fewer visits were mostly due to a decrease in livestock and cruise ship vessels. 

Ship visits to the Outer Harbour have declined by 30 visits (about 8%) mostly due to fewer visits to BP (down 24) and CBH (down 10) jetties.


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Not even my friends at Freo’s Notre Dame University are going to wait for punishment to be handed out at the Pearly Gates. You will be fined if you illegally park at the NDA carpark on the corner of Cliff and High streets and that is fair enough. There is plenty of parking in Fremantle, so no need to park on private property.

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I hear that the Slake Brewing Co is going to take over the space where the Monk Brewery used to be on the Fremantle Cappuccino Strip. I can’t find anything about them on the internet, but there is a Canadian Slake Brewery.

What does slake mean, I wondered? I had no idea, so here it is and very appropriate:

Dictionary slake/sleɪk/

  1. 1. quench or satisfy (one’s thirst).

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They were all lined up and all men, most of them with a backpack on, so I thought that would make a nice street photo of Fremantle.

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