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It’s a date and I am sooooooooooooooooo excited about it! The library and customer service centre at Walyalup Civic Centre as well as the children’s playground are set to open to the public on Monday 22 November.

I have followed the project from day one, taking photos of the demolition of the old and boring administration centre, to the first turning of the soil, and the sometimes excruciatingly slow process of the construction.

That was not helped either when builder Pindan went broke, but Fremantle survived all the storms and all the negativity, and will now have a wonderful new community centre and local parliament house in four weeks.

The FOMO hub is also developing well, with many news businesses opening there too in a few weeks, so hopefully the anticipated revitalisation of Fremantle will start happening soon.

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The third Fremantle Biennale will officially open in eight days, but there is already quite a bit to see on the south shore of the Derbarl Yerrigan(Swan River).

Western Australia’s biggest artwork is the 500-metre long painted pathway between the Fremantle Traffic Bridge and the Stirling Bridge along Riverside Drive in East Fremantle.

Artists: Guillaume Boulley, Julian Goddard, Daniel Göttin, George Howlett, Zora Kreuzer, Andrew Leslie, Jan van der Ploeg, Trevor Richards, Alex Spremberg, Helen Smith, David Tremlett, Jeremy Kirwan-Ward, Jurek Wybraniec.

A bit closer, at the East Street Jetty, The Commonwealth of Bayswater is building a new nation, with the Inverted Museum of History, accommodation, a bar, an embassy, live performances, etc.

The two previous Fremantle Biennale were outstanding with their site-specific artworks, so make sure to keep up to date via their website and Facebook page.

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Fremantle’s Notre Dame University need to lift their game! The neglect of the heritage-listed former Courthouse on Marine Terrace is disgraceful and not acceptable.

There are a lot of people in our city who are not happy with NDA’s lackluster attempt at being a member of the Freo community, who expect the university to do more than sign a Memorandum of Understanding with the City of Fremantle, that is not legally binding and hence not worth the paper it is printed on.

I consider myself a friend of Notre Dame University. I love having the students in the West End. It makes that part of town feel vibrant for five days a week, but NDA should and can do better!

We have heard promises of re-opening the courtyards to the public on weekends, talks about evening and weekend concerts, movie nights, etc. and also about making the eyesore carpark on the corner of Cliff and High Street into a place of contemplation, a small park with a water feature, but nothing has been done about that, and that is not good enough!

Notre Dame, like all educational institutions, is getting a very good deal not having to pay local council rates for their over forty properties, rates the City of Fremantle badly needs, so the university should accept its corporate responsibility to our community and do a whole lot better, starting with the repairs of the neglected Courthouse.

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Temporary arrangements have been made at alternative venues to cater for swimming and fitness classes while the Fremantle Leisure Centre is closed for repairs.

The leisure centre was closed to the public last week after storms and high winds damaged the roof covering the indoor pools.

Starting tomorrow, 28 October, the school age squad programs will run in the 25-metre outdoor pool at the North Lake Senior Campus on Winterfold Road.

Leisure Centre members and multi-visit pass holders will also be able to access the North Lake pool for lap swimming on the weekends, starting from Saturday 30 October, from 9am-2pm on Saturday and 7am-2pm on Sunday. Access to the pool will be at no cost. Members and pass holders will just need to show their pass to obtain entry.

Outdoor group fitness classes will also commence on Fremantle Park from Monday 1 November. There will be two or three classes per day from Monday to Friday, and these are being provided at no cost to members.

All Fremantle Leisure Centre memberships, visit passes and learn to swim programs are currently suspended, with expiry dates to be extended to cover the period of the closure.

Members will also receive an additional 14 days on their membership at no extra cost.

Members, visit pass holders and swim program participants will continue to be updated with regular newsletters.

For more information on the alternative swimming and fitness arrangements and updates on the leisure centre repairs please visit

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The wettest October in history must also be one of the coldest ones. The wind was freezing cold early this morning, and I abandoned my plans to go to East Fremantle twice, because of heavy showers.

Two years ago on October 25 I moved into my apartment and it was 39C, today I’ll probably need to put the heater on later today.

I took refuge in Cotton On in the High Street Mall when one of the showers hit, and a staffer told me they had turned over $ 800 on Monday. “Not enough to even cover our wages.”

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Barefoot Renovations and Bauen Projects have moved into the historic Fremantle High Street building, where the World of Renovations used to be.

More than twenty top-quality building, renovation, and home-design businesses will be working from the building. There will be a display room, design studio and a range of products. There is also a very nice cafe at the back with a lovely courtyard, and the space is available for functions.

The opening is due on November 6.

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Fremantle vet and leader in animal health wellbeing and technology Dr Garnett Hall of the Fremantle Animal Hospital has been awarded the THIS IS FREMANTLE Aspire Award 2021.

In partnership with Business Events Perth, the THIS IS FREMANTLE Aspire Award provides a $5000 scholarship to assist the winner’s personal and professional development through the attendance at an overseas conference of their choice when international travel resumes.

This year’s winner is a veterinary surgeon with 15 years of experience with small animals, dairy, beef and horses. Along with his wife Dr Sally Hall, Dr Hall owns the Fremantle Animal Hospital in Ellen Street.

In July 2021, Dr Hall launched the ‘Pet Friendly Freo’ campaign that saw over 100 local businesses sign up to improve the social inclusion of pets in Fremantle.

In February 2021, he led a major disaster response veterinary team that fought to save animals caught in the Wooroloo bushfires. Last year, he also travelled to Kangaroo Island to provide emergency care for hundreds of injured animals caught in fires.

Back in 2019, he founded the Perth-based start-up VetChip that developed implantable biosensors for animals, working to commercialise the world’s first implantable health monitors for dogs.

Dr Hall said he would be using this award to attend the Singapore Vet Show, the largest annual veterinary conference in the Southern Hemisphere, offering attendees up to 55 hours of Continuing Professional Education (CPE).

Fremantle Mayor Hannah Fitzhardinge said the Aspire Award was a great way to showcase Fremantle innovators.

“This award is a fantastic way for us to support our star local professionals to not only continue their professional development, but also to showcase the innovative work taking place in Fremantle,” Mayor Fitzhardinge said.

The THIS IS FREMANTLE Aspire Award covers travel, accommodation and event registration expenses.

Entry is open to all not-for-profit incorporated association members in the mining and resources, health, education, science and technology, business, environment and heritage, retail, and arts and culture industries, who either work or reside in the City of Fremantle.

For more information about the Aspire Awards visit

To find out more about Dr Hall’s work watch this video – 2021 THIS IS FREMANTLE Aspire Award Winner Dr Garnett Hall – YouTube.


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The 4th Abraham Day was held at the Fremantle Notre Dame University on Tuesday afternoon and was as always thought provoking, at times even inspiring. Hope in Unsettling Times was the theme of the afternoon, that had three spiritual leaders on the panel.

Bishop Donald Sproxton, Rabbi Daniel Lieberman and Sheikh Muhammad Agherdien all presented for five minutes and then took questions from the audience.

What I will do is write down my personal impressions and what I got out of the afternoon, so it will come from someone who is skeptical about the dogmatism of many of the religions, or should I say of the teachings and the way spiritual leaders interpret their scriptures. I was Christened a Protestant as a child and went to a Christian school, so maybe my intention to be respectful, courteous and tolerant might well have been inspired by those early years.

What I don’t like, and why I moved away from my faith, is that there are too many God-fearing people doing godawful things, including some of our political and business leaders. And we have people who insult and defame Allah by calling out his name when murdering innocent people. Zealots have no place in religions that all teach tolerance!

Notre Dame Chancellor Chris Ellison said that we live in a time of diminishing tolerance and accepting other people’s views, in a culture that turns away from dialogue. The recent nasty local government election proves that, I believe.

Bishop Sproxton said that Covid is not the only reason we are feeling unsettled and that catastrophes can be a threshold moment in life. Covid has given us the chance to dream and think big, and has exposed the lie that we are self-sufficient, he said. The pandemic is a reminder that our lives are at risk and it has been a learning curve to want a better future. We need to work on a new world of inclusion!

Rabbi Lieberman said that no matter what happened in the past the Jews never stopped searching for the truth. We are always looking for hope-bound by hope, we are looking for guidance, and we have to be honest with ourselves and our friends. In a time of uncertainty we have to come together and instill hope into society.

Abraham is about the commonalities of our different religions and as a community we have to come together to do something about the challenges we face and create hope.

At the Q&A someone said that human beings are endangering life on earth to which Sheikh Agherdien replied that Muslims see the entire world as their mosque and that it is our responsibility to look after nature.

In response to a question about mental illness Rabbi Lieberman said there is no shame in mental illness, or any other illness, and that we need to reach out as a community to those in need.

Sheikh Agherdien said that people with mental health issues should not be ostracised and that the crisis for people often begins when they feel isolated, so we need to bring them along.

Bishop Sproxton said when reading the Bible we need to find where I find myself in that story. That of course applies to all of us. Where do we belong in the bigger picture, how do we engage with our community, how can we protect our individuality without becoming isolated from others? As Sheikh Agherdien said, we need to talk to people and ask why they do things. We are all human!

The most important message of the day for me personally came from Sheikh Agherdien who said that we live in a world that is moving so fast that we do not get the serenity we are after. Where is that moment of stillness in a world that is so fast? We need moments of reflection to understand the world we live in, and that is very hard when we are bombarded with information and negativity. “We need light that shines in the darkness, but the darkness can’t see the light.”

It was a thoughtful and respectful afternoon, on which I no doubt will reflect more in the future.

Vice Chancellor Francis Campbell showed there is hope, because there is change, when saying that 35 years ago it would have been extremely controversial for a Catholic university to have and event like Abraham Day. To invite a Rabbi and Sheikh to speak on Notre Dame University campus shows that we are becoming more accepting and more tolerant.

I hope that this will be a lesson for the Fremantle community as well. Our differences should not make us enemies, but people keen to engage in respectful dialogue about how we can move forward together and make this great city even better.

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The State Government has announced that St Patrick’s Community Support Centre (St Pat’s) will take over property and tenancy management at a key Fremantle lodging house under a new five-year lease agreement with the Department of Communities. 

The lodging house located at 100 Hampton Road in Fremantle provides accommodation to low-income earners and people who may otherwise be at risk of homelessness.

St Pat’s will take over management of the complex from Foundation Housing, a community housing organisation that has managed it since 2009.

As a registered community housing organisation managing 140 tenancies, St Pat’s has extensive experience in managing lodging house accommodation in the South Metropolitan Region, and is a specialist homelessness provider delivering a range of support services to vulnerable Western Australians –  often in partnership with Aboriginal Community Controlled Organisations (ACCOs).

St Pat’s already has experience working at 100 Hampton Road, having managed and supported the tenancy of 20 additional occupants that have been accommodated under a sublease arrangement with Foundation Housing on the site.

The Department of Communities will work with Foundation Housing and St Pat’s to ensure a smooth transition of the management of the complex.

The Hampton Road facility was built in the 1960’s as nurses’ quarters for the Health Department and was purchased by Communities in 2008 for $15.5 million.

As well as single and double rooms, the complex provides several communal facilities, including a commercial kitchen.

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There appears to be uncertainty about an IGA supermarket opening at the FOMO hub at Fremantle’s Walyalup Koort. A local architect told me IGA is ‘playing hardball’ with property owners Sirona Capital, while a person involved with the retail fit outs at FOMO mentioned to me that IGA needs a larger loading bay for the big delivery trucks.

I went and had a look at the current loading bay in Queen Street this morning, and it is indeed not big enough for what a supermarket needs, and loading bay on the street would create traffic issues.

Let’s hope Sirona Capital will find a solution for the problem. I contacted their managing director yesterday morning about this, but he has not responded to me email.

Groceries shopping is a challenge for inner city residents without transport since Coles at the Woolstores closed on the 17th of this month, but I hear the City of Fremantle is compiling a list where in the inner city we can buy food.

I took the train to Claremont on Saturday and shopped at Coles there, but there is also the option to take the bus to the former Stammers site, that is home to a Woolworths, at Canning Highway. The South Fremantle Douro Road option is also available but a bit more cumbersome with bus transport, as is the IGA on Hampton Road in South Fremantle.

For low income earners small bakeries, butchers, etc. are not an option, because they can’t afford the higher prices unfortunately. Check out the weekly specials at Galatis on Wray Avenue for fruit&vegies though!

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UPDATE!!!!! Just received an email from Matthew McNeilly, the managing director of Sirona Urban, who confirmed IGA will open at FOMO in March next year, and that the changes to the loading bay was always part of the plans.

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