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kings square


It is interesting to see how the top level addition to the former MYER building at Kings Square makes the building look less bulky.

Probuild are hard at work for Sirona Capital to finish the Kings Square Redevelopment Project by the end of this year.

The new City of Fremantle Civic Centre building should also start soon and be completed by mid next year.

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j shed


The City of Fremantle is seeking applications from groups, organisations or individuals for the use of Unit 1 and 4, J Shed.

Unit 1 and 4, J Shed are located within the Bathers Beach Art Precinct (BBAP) and is ideal as an individual or shared studio space.

BBAP is a dynamic, innovative and authentic art and culture area and applicants will need to showcase how their proposal will benefit the area.

Applications close Friday 1 February 2019.

On-site viewings

By appointment only on:

  • Wednesday 23 January 3–4pm.
  • Tuesday 29 January 10–11am.


More information

Contact Senior Project Officer Arts & Culture, Mandy Hawkhead on


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Some traders in Fremantle’s popular Wray Avenue claim that the City of Fremantle fails to clean their street regularly.

Calls to send the street sweeper have been ignored they say, while one shop owner sent me a photo of a gutter full with leaves when the City had stated that the street sweeper had been through there.

Down in Beaconsfield a home owner has been asking for a replacement rubbish bin for over ten days but nothing has happened and the damaged bin is still out on the street.

At the same time Fremantle Council has signed off on spending over a million dollars to introduce a third-FOGO– bin.

Maybe best to do the basics first hey!

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The integrity of the West Australian newspaper is on the line with yet again another claim of exclusivity when in fact the article reports absolutely nothing new.

It has been well known in Fremantle for months that former Mayor Peter Tagliaferri has taken a writ out against the City of Fremantle and wants $ 50,000 to repair and repaint the facade of his building on the corner of High and Cliff streets for the removal of the yellow foil of the Felice Varini artwork.

But that has not stopped the only daily newspaper in Perth from claiming today that the article is exclusive. Bull….!

In the meantime painters are working hard to remedy the damage and the first three buildings they have almost done look pretty good to a layman like me.

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clouds 1

clouds 2


Interesting clouds over Fremantle this morning and a chance of a shower tomorrow, according to BOM.

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Fremantle Council will sign off on a new strategic Advocacy Policy at Wednesday’s FPOL Committee meeting.

The advocacy will be aimed at State and Federal Governments for projects, funding, services, infrastructure outside of the City’s capacity.

Advocacy is the process of influencing others to create change.

An Internal Reference Group will be established chaired by the CEO and with the Mayor, Deputy Mayor and 2-3 Councillors.

The City has identified four priorities for its advocacy policy:

  • Improving public transport
  • Furthering Fremantle’s position as a tourism gateway
  • Creating local jobs around a seven-day per week economy
  • Connectivity, roads, rail/light rail, traffic bridge and bicycles
  • Investment in Fremantle

The City of Fremantle 2015–25 Strategic Community Plan is the overarching document
that sets out the Council vision for achieving the key priorities and commitments on
issues that matter to our community.
The Freo 2029 Transformational Moves document was prepared to support the
Fremantle Activity Centre Structure Plan and illustrates how five key ‘moves’ will help to
rejuvenate and revitalise the city as it approaches its 200th birthday.
Both the strategic community plan and the Freo 2029 Transformational Moves document
are products of a major community visioning project conducted during 2013–14 that set
the blueprint for Fremantle’s future growth and direction.

Fremantle has been the Cinderella for government funding, investment and tourism promotion for far too long because it is deemed a safe Labor seat that does not warrant investing in by both major parties and that needs to change.

Our city needs and deserves major investment from the State and Federal Governments, more prominence in the Perth-centric tourism promotions and a new traffic bridge, as well as the development of Victoria Quay, and that’s just the start.

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I had a walk around the old town this morning and decided to take photos of some of the gorgeous facades of heritage buildings.

It is what makes Fremantle such a very special and beautiful place to live in and visit.

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Now that the fences have come down around the paving trial at Kings Square I went to have another look at what is considered for the new paving of our city square once the new Civic Centre has been built.

It is going to be hard for Councillors and the public to imagine what any of the suggestions will look like on a much larger scale, so that is going to be a challenge. Once some options have been shortlisted it would be good to get some renders done on what the entire square would look like.

My impression is that some much larger and square paving options have not been included and that many of the suggestions have far too small individual pavers for such a large area, and most of the suggestions are rectangular. It is rather disappointing and uninspiring what is on offer.

For me personally not one suggestion stands out that I think would be great, so maybe other options need to be considered by the officers and more homework to be done on the internet to see what other council have come up with in major city square. It might be a good idea to also ask the Civic Centre architects to make suggestions about the paving.

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beach soccer


It was officially 39 degrees when I took the photo of the Beach Football at Fremantle’s Bathers Beach today. It was probably hotter with the reflective heat of the sand, but that did not deter the male soccer players today, and the female ones played yesterday.

It is dead quiet in town and about a million vacant parking bays, so take advantage of it. ; > )

It is hot but very dry with little humidity so perfect weather for me.

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While there is no doubt that beggars and homeless people do create problems in Fremantle it is unfair to blame Fremantle Council for it, as the tabloid emotive article by Josh Zimmerman in the Sunday Times does today.

The headline screams that business furious at council inaction, and further in the article it is claimed that Fremantle has the reputation as a soft-touch on anti-social behaviour.

Beggars increase in numbers during the summer months in Fremantle and there is no doubt there are heaps of them around at the moment, many of them with mental health issues.

The Community Safety Officers of the City are on the beat every day from early till late, but they don’t have move-on power like the WA Police does, and anyway, that just shifts the problem elsewhere.

There have been several community safety forums held by the CoF which are attended by police and support services, but the frustration is always evident that there is little they can do about homeless people.

Homelessness is not a crime, but public drunkenness, drug dealing and anti-social behaviour are, and that needs to be addressed more consistently, because there are a few too many who behave aggressively  on our streets who make people feel uncomfortable and unsafe.

There is no doubt in my mind that the fact that there are many support services in Fremantle attract homeless people to our city, because there is always a free meal, a new blanket, the Freo Street Doctor, etc. to help them out. Services they can’t get in most other suburbs in the Perth metro area.

Fremantle Council can’t be blamed for that however. We are yet again getting more CCTV cameras which are live monitored 24/7 and we have more Community Safety Officers on the streets as well. Law&order issues are State Government responsibility and not in the power of local councils.

It is an annoying and frustrating problem for which there are no easy solutions unfortunately, but the blame game in tabloid newspapers is not helpful either.

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