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Posted in art, bec juniper, exhibition, fremantle by freoview on April 21, 2015

Fremantle artist BEC JUNIPER‘s latest exhibition Strange Passion will open today in Perth at the Linton&Kay Gallery in the Old Perth Technical School at 137 St George’s Terrace.

This is what Bec has to say about her show:

I’m always amazed that Australia is a couple of Billion Years old and at any point while you’re out there in the field you could be walking on ground that has seen that amount of time pass by. In this exhibition I’ll be looking at ancient living rivers formed sometime before the continent separated from Antarctica, and places such as the sedimentary basins of the Murray, Gippsland and the Eucla. I’m thinking about rivers flowing backwards into the land, and the cretaceous period where Australia was divided by inland seas.

These things I explore with materials mimicking the water, the erosion constructing and deconstructing to resemble the event itself.

‘Strange passion’ is about my ongoing obsession with the landscape. It’s also framed by the paradox of being in such a young colony surrounded by unrivalled antiquity in the landscape, and viewing my place here in consideration of the original inhabitants.

Some confusion lies in the harshness and challenges to live in parts of this country, as experienced from the point of white settlement, the strangeness, the mystery, the dust, the bones and the ghosts. And one is easily bewildered through the warping of time and scale collectively etched into the landscape and memories of all who have ventured out there.


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