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March 23. Harmony Day


Enjoy a vigorous session of drumming tomorrow Saturday March 23 in Fremantle’s Princess May Park to celebrate Harmony Day.

Freo Beats is on from 10am till 12 noon in the little park behind Clancy’s, opposite the Basilica on Adelaide Street.

All are welcome for this free event.

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Harmony Day


It is HARMONY DAY today, so let’s make a start and make Australia that tolerant and change-embracing country again.

Let us all stop politicians from using race, religion and culture for fear mongering and political gain and tell them we are better than that.

We live in a peaceful multicultural society and should not fear new migrants or claim they take jobs away from those who have lived here longer.

The contributions migrants have made to Australia is enormous. The Ghan, Indian Pacific railway lines and other major projects would not have been built without the Afghan camel caravans. Muslims have lived in Australia peacefully since the 1830s!

We live in a good country full of freedom and opportunities and we should by now have enough self-esteem to no longer fear those who come from foreign countries. Hatred, racism and ignorance are the enemies, not different cultures and religions.

Today is a day to smile and look back at our achievements and how all of us together made Australia the great country it is!

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rooftop bar


It is St Patrick’s Day today where all that is Irish comes together for music, dance, fun and drinking Guinness and wear green.

We used to have a St Patrick’s Day parade through Fremantle, but unfortunately that was moved to another part of Perth, but many of our pubs will have something special on today, so go for a wander and check them out.

One great spot to go is the new rooftop bar at the National Hotel with fantastic views to the port and over the historic West End.

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The long-hair dude is me in 1982 and the short-hair one is me now, so just a bit of nostalgia and history

Today on March 13, 1982, 37 long years ago, I arrived as a new migrant in Sydney, after having lived as a migrant in Germany for 13 years as well.

My life has been an amazing adventure and I loved every city I lived in; first The Hague in the Netherlands, then Nuremberg in Germany, then Sydney and from September 1985 it was WA. Our first house in Como, the move to Swanbourne, and when I became single after twenty years I moved to Fremantle and discovered this is the place I really love.

I have seen many changes in my 25+ years in Freo, some good, some bad, but I fear I am running out of time to see an Aboriginal Cultural Centre purpose-built here, and new interpretive displays at the Roundhouse.

I am 70-years-old so I am worried that there might not be much time left for me and that I could not be here for the opening of the new Civic Centre, and to see if Fremantle Council’s decision about the Kings Square Redevelopment Project was the right one and created all the inner city activation so desperately needed.

Will urban infill kill Freo, as some critics claim, or will it help to create vitality and rejuvenation of a tired city? Will I ever find out?

Whatever the outcome and different opinions about it, I love good old Freo. It is a very special place that has so much to offer to so many people. It has given me a home where I have a very strong sense of belonging to a caring community with many great people. I feel blessed. Thank you all!

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franks oz day 1


This is a pretty impressive multicultural celebration of Australia Day at Franks, the Italian butcher in Wray Avenue, Fremantle.

Moroccan, Italian, German, Thai, American, Spanish, Aussie, Chines and Portuguese, and probably food inspired by foreign cuisines.

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One Day



The line-up for Fremantle’s ONE DAY event on January 27 has been finalised.Talented young Indigenous singer Emily Wurramara, local band The Hunting Birds and indie-pop rockers The Spring Peaks will be joining headliner Montaigne and Adrian Eagle on the Esplanade stage.

20-year-old Wurramara, originally from Groote Eylandt off the coast of the Northern Territory, sings in both English and her first language Anindilyakwa.

She was nominated for the 2018 ARIA Award for Best Blues and Roots Album for her album Milyakburra.

Fremantle folk/rock five-piece The Hunting Birds have appeared at major festivals including Falls Festival Downtown and Bluesfest Byron Bay, plus support slots with folk heavyweights The Lumineers and English singer-songwriter Newton Faulkner. Last year they released their debut EP In Its Nature.

Perth band The Spring Peaks have previously shared a stage with artists including End of Fashion and Birds of Tokyo. Their next single is set to be released in early 2019 which will be the title track of their forthcoming EP.

Headline act Montaigne said she was very proud to be part of One Day.

“I like that there’s an event in the country where we can celebrate Australia without alienating the descendants of its first people,” the Sydney-based singer songwriter said.

WA Music Industry Award winning Noongar singer Gina Williams will return to MC and perform at One Day for the third time, with Dr Richard Walley OAM and Marie Taylor delivering the Welcome to Country for the event.

One Day in Fremantle on 27 January will begin with a smoking ceremony at Bathers Beach at 8am, followed by a host of Aboriginal cultural workshops and activities at Kidogo Arthouse for everyone to enjoy.

At 2pm the focus will shift to the Esplanade Reserve for the One Day concert. In addition to the performers on the main stage there will also be activities, entertainment and food trucks.

For more information visit the One Day in Fremantle page on the City of Fremantle website and Facebook.

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St Pats Clancys

I am sure many in Fremantle are just waiting for St Patrick’s Day, so here a couple of pubs that got something special on this Saturday.

It’s the day that starts off with people wearing green but at the end of the day many of them will look pretty green as well. Oh yes that delicious good old Guinness!

Lots of music at Clancy’s and specials at The Federal, so enjoy the day. The forecast its for Irish weather. Rain.

St Pats March 17



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There has been an amazing interest for this blog post on Facebook, which I published a few weeks ago.

All my Freo’s View blog articles are automatically shared on Facebook and Twitter, but this one about the Muslim Perth Homeless Run has created the most response I have had on FB with 268 LIKEs so far and 88 people sharing the post.

For those who missed it here is a re-run.

Perth Homeless Run

I finally caught up today with six handsome Muslim men from the Perth Homeless Run. I have noticed them for several months on Sundays when they come to Fremantle to offer food, cold drinks, and today even icecream to the homeless people around town. They also do it in Northbridge on Friday night they told me.

With all the negativity about Muslims supposedly not integrating it is important to show that the reality is quite different and that Australian Muslims make a very positive contribution to society. Well done gentlemen!

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FENIANS festival events calendar


Here a message from Kidogo owner Joanna Robinson about the FENIANS FESTIVAL that will be held from January 4 to 14.

You are all invited to the Exhibition Opening of our Fenians show “89 Days…” and the “Soft Opening” of the “Irish Festival Hub Beach Bar @ Kidogo Arthouse” this Thursday 4th Jan from 4pm onwards. All your friends are welcome!

We are delighted that Martin Hayes & Dennis Cahill will be over for the Festival and playing the following eve at JCCA in Fremantle – we have an amazing line up of events in store for you over the following 10 days!! (

A bit of history: The frigate Hougoumont was the last ship to bring convicts to Fremantle on January 9, 1868.

It had 262 convicts on board, including 62 Irish Fenian political prisoners.

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Horoscopes are for the true believers who are convinced the stars tell our future, but others are extremely sceptical about the predictions for the New Year, so here my readings for Fremantle for 2018, which I found in the rings left on the table by red wine glasses. Believe it or not!

  • Fremantle Council will apply to the State Government for a special tourist exemption to keep shops open on Christmas Day. Freo Council argues that we are not only a multicultural community but also an interfaith one that should consider the non-Christians in our society and visitors to Fremantle from Muslim neighbouring countries Malaysia and Indonesia.

Tourists from non-Christian countries are totally flabbergasted to find all shops and most cafes and restaurants in Fremantle closed on Christmas Day, as well as the tourist destinations.

  • After successfully getting single-use plastic bags banned the Greenies on Freo Council want to ban the sale of paper towels and napkins to protect the environment, but most Councillors are unwilling to vote for Sam Wainwright’s amendment to include toilet tissue.

Wainwright, who is a big fan of Sri Lanka, argues that people in those countries clean up by hand and with water, and that toilet tissue is an unnecessary capitalist luxury.

  • Developers Silverleaf will be asking Freo Council for a planning scheme amendment that will lower the maximum heights in the CBD. Siverleaf say the existing maximum heights in the inner city under PSA 49 put pressure on developers to build higher than they want to.
  • Notre Dame University agrees to open up their courtyards during the summer break for pop-up bars and music venues. They will also start a summer school to help activate the dormant West End.
  • Fremantle Mayor Brad Pettitt will be parachuted into the leadership of the WA Liberal party to take over from Mike-No Hope-Nahan.
  • Two-time local council election loser Loopy nominates for the South Fremantle Ward by-election, because he believes that he’ll be third time lucky, and he hopes that voters in South Freo will be more sophisticated than those in City and Beacy ward, who rejected him.
  • Sunset Events wants $ 5 million compensation from the City of Fremantle for not allowing them to build the tavern they signed a 19-year lease for with the city.

Fremantle’s stars for the future are very bright, but my red rings call for patience, tolerance and less negativity.


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