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Belly Dance, Nov 18


It could be a wet Saturday so why not heat up a bit at the BELLYDANCE OASIS at Fremantle’s Victoria Hall.

The show starts at 8pm and tickets are $ 35 pre-sale or $ 40 on the door.

Book at


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Another public artwork of the High Tide biennale has been completed on the Liebler wall in Fremantle’s Cliff Street.

The colourful ARCADE work by Zora Kreuzer, on what is better known as the wedding wall, is part of the Fremantle Festival.

Tonight the projection show SHIPS IN THE NIGHT  by Jo Darbyshire on the Fremantle Port building will start after sunset, so check it out. There is also UPRISING inside the Roundhouse by Tom Mueller after dark, so easy to combine the two.

The Little Italy by the Sea event starts at 11 today in front of the Shipwreck Museum and will also run on Sunday when the Blessing of the Fleet procession snakes through the city centre from 1pm.

The weather is improving so come and enjoy our Freo festival!


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The fear that Australia is being swamped by a tsunami of Muslims has been proven unfounded by the latest CENSUS 2016 statistics, which shows that Buddhists are closing in on the only 2.6% of Australian residents who claim to be Muslims, while 2.4% are Buddhist.

In general people who claim to have no religion increased to 29.6% in 2016, compared to 0,8% in 1966.

The good news for us blokes is that there is a small majority of females with just over 50 %.

There have been 1.3 million new immigrants to Australia since 2011 and the most common countries they came from were China and India.

And the Turnbull government does not have to worry too much about the language skills of migrants with 72.7%  of CENSUS participants stating that they speak English at home.

The most important thing we should not underestimate is the enormous contribution immigrants to Australia are making. Without them we would not be the great multicultural and tolerant community we are!

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Just three days before ANZAC Day racist fools have plastered offensive posters around the Fremantle Bathers Beach area proclaiming  we should be proud to be white Australians.

It would do these ignorant idiots a whole lot of good if they read a bit about the history of Australia and the immense contribution people from all races, cultures and skin colours made to this country and help make it the great multicultural society we now are.

I am grateful to those people who scratched and removed some of the posters, so if you are around the area, bring something sharp to scratch this rubbish off. They are on the Esplanade and at Bathers.

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It’s Easter and the wattle is starting to blossom in Fremantle. It’s a brilliant morning that does not deserve or require negativity and it is a special and important day for Christians, so let us celebrate life instead of finding an excuse for attacking our Muslim brothers and sisters, as a columnist in the Sunday Times today does.

Religions are important and valuable for those who believe in their gods and who gain strength from it and it is not up to anyone to judge people because of their religion.

It is so irrelevant if some Muslim women don’t shake hands with men as culture, tradition and religions are all different. I have been to countries where I was told not to touch children on their head because of culture or religion. No big deal.

When I arrived in Australia 35 years ago it was the norm for men to shake hands with men but not with women. I never embraced that practice because I was brought up in the Dutch culture of shaking hands with men and women, but it never was a big deal, just different and for me slightly awkward to observe.

Many religious traditions have over hundreds of years become more cultural traditions with people often not knowing what it is we celebrate. How many of us will reflect today on the biblical Christian belief that Easter is about the resurrection of Jesus Christ who was nailed to a cross? This is very meaningful to all Christians but pretty meaningless to other religions and non-believers. No big deal.

Easter eggs and Easter bunnies have probably very little to do with Jesus Christ, but that is not a big deal either, as long as we all try to live peacefully and with mutual respect for each other.

This weekend is perfect to celebrate our great Australian multiculturalism and the acceptance of all different religions, cultures and traditions. When you walk around the Fremantle International Street Arts Festival the next two days that is what you will be witnessing; people living together in near perfect harmony.

Have a great Easter!

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The media reports that Reclaim Australia want to hold a rally in Fremantle on Australia Day, and as someone who migrated from Europe to Australia 35 years ago I have been wondering what Reclaim Australia actually want to reclaim and whom from.

Australia has become the great nation it is because of everyone who came here, including our first nation people, who also wandered into this part of the world some 50,000 years ago.

Why is there a fear of foreigners when foreigners have helped to make Australia great? Why is there a fear of non Christians when people of other religions have lived peacefully here for hundreds of years?

Muslims from Asia traded with Aborigines long before British settlement of this continent and Muslim Afghan cameleers came to Melbourne in 1890 and were reported to be in Western Australia even earlier.

Wander through Northbridge and witness the hive of activity and the enormous success of Chinese, Vietnamese, Malaysian, Indonesian and Japanese immigrants.

Visit Fremantle and see how this city prospered because of the Italians, Greeks and Croats. Our fishing industry would not exist without them.

Look at these statistics: Nearly 50 per cent of Australians were either born overseas or have a parent who was born overseas. Two hundred languages are spoken in Australia, including 48 indigenous one, so who are the real Australians according to those who want to reclaim Australia?

Less than 3 per cent of the Australian population is Muslim and of those people 99.9 per cent are peaceful, law-abiding citizens who positively contribute to our nation. I am lucky to have made many friends with Muslim market stall holders in Fremantle, all hard-working decent family people who don’t pose a threat to anyone.

Are ‘real Australians’ only white Christian Anglo-Saxons and where does that leave our Aboriginal people and all immigrants who have been here for many generations? Are children who are born here not considered to be ‘real Australians’ when they are not white and not Christian?

What about Australia the country of freedom, tolerance and fair go for all, why does that no longer apply to those from different cultures or religions. Surely the colour of one’s skin does not affect one’s ability to be a contributing member to our society, and neither does it matter what clothes people wear.

The City of Fremantle has not cancelled Australia Day, only the fireworks. There is a citizenship ceremony on the 26th where we welcome many new Australians from all over the world and from all different cultures and religions.

It is not political correctness gone mad by some left wing loonies that many of us want to debate if a different date for Australia Day would be more appropriate for all states and territories and more respectful to our indigenous history. January 26 has only historic significance for NSW where the First Fleet arrived at Sydney Cove on that day, but it means very little to other parts of the country.

Australia only became a nation on the day of federation which is January 1, so why not have a mature debate about the issue. It does not deny anyone to celebrate Australia and it is not disrespectful to any part of our history.

Moving forward and looking to the future does not mean we should belittle the wrongs of the past, but acknowledge that we can improve and become and even better society.

Freedom is all about tolerance, acceptance and the willingness to share with everyone on earth, so instead of judging and condemning difference we should embrace the diversity and multiculturalism and be grateful for the contribution immigrants have made to Australia.

Giving EVERYONE a Fair Go is what Australia Day should be all about!

Roel Loopers


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Fremantle will have a fantastic celebration of Australia Day next years and we can enjoy it over the long weekend.

The Esplanade Reserve will host performances by John Butler, Dan Sultan and Mama Kin during ONE DAY IN FREMANTLE, and families will have the opportunity to enjoy and take part in a range of fun arts and cultural activities.

The celebrations will be hosted by multi-award-winning singer-songwriter Gina Williams and include a Welcome to Country by Marie Taylor and Dr. Richard Walley OAM. A citizenship ceremony will welcome new Australians from around the world.

To help shape future celebrations in Fremantle, a series of conversations hosted by locals and guests will encourage people to share their ideas and what they love about celebrating Australia.

“This family-friendly event will contribute to the nationwide conversation on celebrating our country and its people. Fremantle is offering Australians another day to celebrate – together,” said Dr Pettitt.
Everyone is encouraged to bring a picnic and enjoy the stellar line-up whilst embracing the diversity of modern-day Australia.Celebrate Australia in the heart of Fremantle – one day when everyone is welcome.

One Day in Fremantle is a free, family-friendly event that will be held at the Esplanade Reserve in Fremantle on Saturday 28 of January, 2.00–8.00 pm. For more information, visit

Of course the Cracker Night fireworks will also be on the 26th organised by the Fishing Boat Harbour traders.

I am looking forward to it!

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The traditional and very lovely Blessing of the Fleet was held in Fremantle again today, so don’t get a fright when the fireworks go off at  4pm and 8pm today.

The Blessing was held for the first time in Freo in 1948, the year I was born, so it is pretty old. Unlike me though it is still vibrant with many young people joining in the parade to the Fishing Boat Harbour, where they board the fishing boats for a ride through the harbour.

I love the tradition of the blessing as it has become so much more than a religious event and is now a true showcase of Freo’s fantastic multiculturalism.

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The Fremantle Festival starts this weekend so make sure to get a printed program or check it out on-line and Facebook because there is a lot on that you don’t want to miss!

It is less than a week to go until Little Italy by the Sea is on at Bathers Beach, Fremantle.

The Italian community is bringing you a weekend of food, drinks, entertainment, and fun on 29 and 30 October, so come and enjoy traditional and modern Italian cuisine from an array of food vendors at one of the piazzas!

Check out the website for more information

Taste yummy food from: Black Pearl Oyster Shucking, Dal Pizzaiolo / Domenico Catering, La Pizzeria Mobile, Mondo Butchers – Mondo Di Carne (World of Meat), Parlapa, Piadina Bar, The Mattarello, The Pasta Truck, Eataly Fine Foods, Piadina nonna Pina, That Little Gelato Cart, Cold Matter Cold Brew Coffee, Roasting Depot, Rubra Coffee, Dolce & Salato, Miss Tartufo, Woolworths Supermarkets WA, Juice Day Events, Fremantle Sardine Company, Gelato Amico, Fremantle’s Family Cookbook, Cas in the Kitchen, Tarzan’s Chilli Oils…and Little Italy by the Sea’s Mambo Italiano Bar and Bambino Panini Bar, with the Campari Aperitivo Bar on Sunday 30 October.

On Sunday from 2 pm is also the Blessing of the Fleet and 8 pm fireworks, so come enjoy this lovely tradition. It starts at the Basilica at Adelaide Street and winds through the West End to the Fishing Boat Harbour.

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Buon giorno!

Fremantle will host another festival this summer on the weekend of October 29 and 30, in conjunction with the Blessing of the Fleet. The Little Italy by the Sea festival will be held at Bathers Beach and the Fishing Boat Harbour and will also be the venue for the Australian Specialty Coffee Championships 2016.

The weekend will be a celebration of Italian culture, food, coffee, art, dance and music, while “Piazza Italia” will be a bustling cafe strip. Belissima!

I am only hoping now there won’t be many business people complaining and saying these kind of events take business away from those who pay rent in the inner city, as the piazza is basically a market with stalls.

I love Freo’s summer of festivals and events and hope the entire community and people from all over Perth will embrace and enjoy it. Uno double Espresso per favore!

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