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The Fremantle WA DAY fireworks were not very spectacular and the crowds stayed away as well for the ten-minute explosions of colours, but funds were limited so it was a good effort to organise it by the Fishing Boat Harbour traders.

Festivities with live music continue today at our most popular fish&chips destination, so head out before the big storm arrives late today.

Here some photos I took from the gundeck at the Roundhouse.

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WA DAY June 3-4


The WA DAY long weekend is on with lots of activities today and tomorrow in the Fremantle Fishing Boat Harbour. See details below.

Sunday 3 June 2018

Noon, Mews Park Smoking Ceremony, Smoking Ceremony and Welcome to Country presented by Neville Collard & Festival opening “We are Australian” James Webb and Monique Fitzgerald

12.00- 4.00pm, Piazza Suitcase Art Markets

12.00-2.00pm, Little Creatures Mermaid & Pirate Sandpit Storytelling

12.00-5.00pm, Shipwreck Gallery Museum Grounds, Pirate Craft activities

12.30pm-1pm, Mews Park Wadumbah Dance Group

1.00-1.15pm, Mews Park Children’s Fashion Parade featuring Australian made clothing

1.30-1.45pm , Mews Park Children’s Fashion Parade featuring Australian made clothing

1.00- 3.00pm, Mews Park Little Italy by the Sea Italian and Greek Dance Ensemble

3.00pm – 4.00pm, Roving Entertainment Chung Wah Lion Dance Troupe

4.00pm – 7.00pm, Mews Park Cuba de Son Latin Band

4.30- 7.30pm, Creatures NextDoor Live Jazz with Jazzco

5.00pm – 7.00pm, Roving Magnifico Mariachis Trio

6.00pm FIREWORKS over Fishing Boat Harbour

Firewoks Fishing Boat Harbour


Monday 4 June 2018

11.00- 3.00pm, Mews Park Cicerello’s Bouncy Castle

12.00- 4.00pm, Piazza Suitcase Art Markets

12.00-2.00pm, Little Creatures Fairy Facepainting (Free)

4.30- 7.30pm, Creatures NextDoor Live Music with ‘Basskong’

5.00- 8.00pm, Mews Park Live Music with ‘The Good Things’




Those who missed the Fremantle fireworks on Australia Day will be delighted that the Fishing Boat Harbour traders have organised fireworks on WA DAY, June 3 from 6 pm.

The early 6pm time will be good for families with very young children, so it’s a win win.

The move by Fremantle Council to scrap the fireworks and Australia Day events and replace them with the ONE DAY concert have ben very controversial, but also been followed by other councils in Australia.

Holding fireworks on WA Dy is probably a much better idea and will be a lot less upsetting for our indigenous people, but for me personally I find fireworks a huge waste of money and would rather see a laser and projections show.

Anyway, folks, Fremantle fireworks are back!

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Here some Fremantle fireworks you can look at all year.

Use them as your screen saver or your desktop background. Enjoy!

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The application by the Fremantle Harbour Traders Community to put on their own fireworks on Australia Day will be a big dilemma for the City of Fremantle. On one hand the City will want to accommodate and appease the irate traders in the port city, but on the other hand they can’t claim to have stopped the City’s fireworks for culturally sensitive reasons and then let business people do it anyway. That would be hypocritical.

There is no doubt that the Fishing Boat Harbour traders are the ones who get the most business out of the Australia Day fireworks. It is most likely their busiest day of the year and bring in tens of thousands of dollars when thousands of people sit at Bathers Beach and the Esplanade, many consuming take away fish and chips and others sitting in one of the alfresco areas of the restaurants and the harbour.

The push is on and Fremantle Councillors will have to make a very difficult and challenging decision.

I believe the whole issue has been very badly and naively handled by the City of Fremantle which should engage external Public Relation consultants to spread these kind of controversial messages to the community. To make it an Aboriginal issue was always going to be highly divisive with a negative backlash.

Had the City come out and said they want to celebrate Australia Day in a different form than other councils and spread it over 2-3 days while stopping the fireworks it could have been a more palatable message. It could also have considered putting on alternative fireworks on the last Sunday of the Fremantle Festival, or team up with the Blessing of the Fleet and make that traditional fireworks bigger and better and promote it more.

It’s a real shame that such a fantastic city as Fremantle has so many controversies and so much negativity.

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I am disappointed, but not surprised, that there is such heated debate about the cancellation of the Fremantle Australia Day fireworks, and sad people see the need for name-calling.

The Chamber of Commerce talks about the triple bottom line for retailers. Fair enough, but I have heard for very many years from retailers that big events in Freo don’t do much for their business, and most retailers and cafes close well before the fireworks are on anyway.

But let’s be realistic and use facts, not hype. The City of Fremantle has not cancelled Australia Day celebrations, only the fireworks in the evening. Instead they are proposing to celebrate the whole long weekend with events, so a short evening event becomes a three day one. Surely that benefits shops and cafes that open during daytime hours.

Fremantle has more events than most other WA cities and the new Falls Festival at Kings Square in January, with pass outs! will have a big impact on CBD businesses one would hope. The Street Art Festival is a huge event for three days over the long Easter weekend, and the Festival Parade and Blessing of the Fleet are also big, to name just some.

There is also a building boom in central Freo that will hopefully see a lot more tourists staying overnight, more office workers and more residents, so that too should be good for our traders.

I have never liked the fireworks because of what it does to the environment and the poor dogs who get frightened, and I believe shooting $ 150,000 in the air in 15-20 minutes is an absolute waste of money.

That money will now be spent on entertainment, so hopefully local musicians, performers, dancers, etc. will receive the benefit and for three long days people can buy fish&chips, sit at the Fishing Boat Harbour, wander through the CBD, shop, eat, drink, have fun and enjoy what Freo really is about, not just the hype of very expensive big bangs.

I believe it is not a “politically correct” issue but what is morally and environmentally right, and the triple bottom business line will probably do better out of it, because very many people only drove into town just before the fireworks started and left straight after they finished, without spending a cent in Freo.

Everyone has their own opinion, but there is no need for name-calling. We just agree to disagree on this, so let’s move on and celebrate life and Freo for the very special place it is!

Have a great weekend and stay dry!

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I have been contemplating what a good alternative date would be for Australians to celebrate Australia Day. March 26 is very divisive because the arrival of the First Fleet at Sydney Cove is considered Invasion Day by our indigenous people.

On our west coast January 26 is pretty meaningless as W.A. had not been settled by the British when Cook took over what is now New South Wales.

Tonight’s Fremantle Council debate on the possible cancellation of Australia Day fireworks should consider another date if we want to continue wasting a lot of money on shooting stuff up in the sky and polluting the environment, to accommodate local traders who believe they’ll miss out on business. Why not do it on Federation Day on January 1, which would at the same time ring in the new year. (Australia became a federation on January 1, 1901). That day should also become our new date for Australia Day!

Alternatively we could end the Fremantle Festival with a nice medium size firework on the last Sunday and celebrate our city’s diversity and multiculturalism.

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The City of Fremantle’s Finance, Policy, Operations and Legislation Committee will this coming Wednesday debate if it will make a change to the traditional Australia Day fireworks.

The officers propose to run events over the long weekend, starting with the new citizen ceremony and a lunch on Thursday January 26, followed on Saturday the 28th with a multicultural Australia Concert from 4-7 pm at the Esplanade, with as highlight the Pigram Brothers from Broome playing at sunset.

That would be followed on Sunday the 29th with an indigenous afternoon from 2-4 pm at the Fremantle Arts Centre.

The fireworks in Fremantle cost $ 145,000 and of that the City of Cockburn paid $ 25,000.

I am all for going away from the fireworks as I consider it a huge waste of money that millions of dollars are shot in the sky all over Australia on January 26, polluting the oceans and rivers and frightening the hell out of dogs.

The suggestions by the officers are pretty much been there done that though and not very creative. I would like to see a laser show in the sky over Fremantle, floating pontoons at Bathers Bay with colourful projections and music, a floating stage with dancers dressed in fairy lights and fluorescent clothing, just after the sun has set, not just a stage with bands on it.

Fremantle has a lot of music events, so an Esplanade concert would have to be very different and really embrace our diversity and multiculturalism, Indian music and dancing, Afro, soul, rock, Italian, Noongar, etc.

Let’s see what our Elected Members have to say about it.

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I don’t want to be a party pooper, but when you watch the Australia Day fireworks today live in Fremantle or Perth, or on the TV from around the nation, think about how much better we could have spent the money instead of blowing up explosives in the sky. How often do we hear local governments tell us they don’t have funding for maintenance or new infrastructure and whilst acknowledging the history of the beginning of British settlement is appropriate, I wonder if we are not getting over the top with it and should use the money we spend on fireworks on something more worthwhile, e.g. a memorial on Rottnest Island for the indigenous people who were inhumanely treated there with hundreds of them dying on the island.

It is quite amazing that the carbon neutral, One Planet and ever so environmentally conscious City of Fremantle would organise fireworks because it creates pollution in the ocean and in the air we breath, and it scares the hell out of dogs.

Fireworks, according to experts, create smoke and dust that contains heavy metals, sulphur-coal and compounds and noxious chemicals. Barium creates intense green colours but is poisonous and radioactive, copper gives the brilliant blue colours but contains dioxin which is linked to cancer.

Cadmium, lithium,antimony,rubidum,strontium,lead,potassium nitrate are also commonly used for different fireworks effects.

I wonder what amount the City of Fremantle spent on today’s fireworks and the Council party they always have on the waterfront. Happy Australia Day!

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