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I noticed this on Facebook, so check out the page for Hamilton Hill Community Group.

It’s a great project that deserves to be supported!

Hi Hamilton Hill!
We are working on some public art, which will incorporate images of our suburb’s architectural heritage!
πŸšοΈπŸ›οΈπŸšοΈπŸ πŸ‘πŸ«πŸ­β›©οΈπŸ€πŸŸοΈ

And we need your help:
Send us an image of a house in Hamilton Hill that best captures the heritage or aspirations of houses in our suburb. It could be old, new, traditional, modern, big or small.
It could be your own house or any other house in Hamilton Hill you admire.

We need your suggestions by next Monday, 28th August! Contact:Β
Happy snapping!


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Photographer Gnangarra Lake is not very happy with Fremantle mayoral election candidate Ra Stewart’s use of his dingo flour mill photo as the header for her campaign Facebook page. He wrote:

Gnangarra Lake I love to see businesses, potential Politicians, and their staff supporting local artists they can start by respecting the copyright holders and licensing conditions of the images they use, just like that lovely photograph of mine of Dingo Flour you have been using as the banner of your facebook page for the last 6 weeks, who shall I invoice for its use contrary to its publish copyright license, for which you have by uploading it facebook you also granted others the right to use that image without paying any royalties. Artists have a right to respected, as well as appreciated.

Stewart posted a photo about the City of Melville annual art award, saying she “would love to see an annual arts award happening in the City of Fremantle” and Gnangarra Lake posted his comments there.

The mayoral candidate does not seem to appreciate that there is already a City of Fremantle annual national FAC Print Award that is very highly regarded. It has been held for over 40 years and is the richest and most prestigious print award in Australia, with a first prize of $ 16,000 and second prize of $ 6,000. It is held at the Fremantle Arts Centre, as the name suggests.

The Fremantle print award is distinctly different from the often mediocre art awards many councils put up every year, because it is of a much higher standard than that of most councils, with the exception of a few.

The internet has caused a lot of copyright abuse and people using other people’s creative images for their own often unauthorised use, so my sympathy is with Gnangarra Lake. Photographers, artists, designers, musicians, etc. have a right and need to get paid and credited for their work, as it is their profession and income source.

The photo is on Wikimedia with following conditions:

Attribution: Photographs by Gnangarra…
You are free:

  • to share – to copy, distribute and transmit the work
  • to remix – to adapt the work
Under the following conditions:

  • attribution – You must attribute the work in the manner specified by the author or licensor (but not in any way that suggests that they endorse you or your use of the work).



I just received this comment to my blog from Gnangarra Lake at 3.38 pm so in fairness to Ra Stewart I’ll publish it here as readers might otherwise not see it:

The issue was resolved Ra has given credit as per the licensing terms on the image on Wikipedia. Ra has also graciously acknowledge the error and is making a donation to a charity


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rain 1


rain 2


Good Saturday morning Freo!

A lot of very heavy showers kept me awake overnight, but I do have an early start on Saturdays anyway for 7am coffee with my good friend Henty.

I took these photos just after 8 am in Fremantle port and the High Street mall.


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Melissa Parke 1


Delightful and beautiful former federal Labor MP Melissa Parke has done a fashion shoot for Fremantle Velvet Sushi, and she looks great.

Melissa has been wearing the lovely fashion of Freo designer Deborah McKendrick for years, and agreed to do the photo shoot with photographer David Woolley and hair stylist Pink Nakia, while Deborah art directed the shoot.

Velvet Sushi recently relocated from William Street to 5 Bannister Street, opposite the Stablehands cafe. It is a very cosy small boutique, so all you gorgeous women out there, go and check it out!


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Notre Dame reflection


Here a happy photo to start the Friday with. A Notre Dame University building in Fremantle’s West End reflected in some of the university’s posters.

I took it yesterday afternoon when the sun was shining.


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eain 1


Rain patterns on the car windscreen make for an arty image of the lighthouse on the Fremantle South Mole.

It’s very wet and windy out there and the Indian Ocean looked so beautifully wild when I drove along the coast. Go check it out!


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generations 1

generations 2


In between showers yesterday it was quite pleasant in Fremantle and father and son took advantage of it, feeding the seagulls in the Fishing Boat Harbour.

It something the traders there don’t like, hence the signs, Don’t feed the seagulls or they’ll S.O.Y (Shit On You).

Walking around town I noticed these three generations of bicycles parked at Phillimore Street and thought they looked cute.

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steps 1


Stepping up for one’s community can be challenging, but it is often a beautiful experience.

Steps at Little Creatures in the Fremantle Fishing Boat Harbour. All that beauty in the ordinary, hey! ; >)

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High Street 1


I just love Freo! I love being part of this great community and this unique city.

Took this photo a couple of hours ago from the Roundhouse steps.

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rope art 2

rope art 1


There is beauty in everything, and in the eye of the beholder, so here some arty rope photos taking in the Freo Fishing Boat Harbour today.

Roel Loopers


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