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When it comes to the Fremantle Kings Square redevelopment project I am like a child waiting for my Christmas presents, so I wanted to see a bit more of what is happening and asked developer Sirona Capital for access to the site.

PROBUILD‘s Nick Croft showed me around on Wednesday afternoon, but unfortunately the photos I hoped to get, looking down into the big demolition site from the adjacent roofs, were not possible because of health&safety regulations. The hero shot from ground level was one taken prior to my visit by Nick on his mobile phone and I thank him for sharing it here on Freo’s View.

The roof of the former MYER building has now also come down, so that later on two new storeys can be added, and inside the building is stripped back to just its concrete skeleton.

The Queensgate building’s William Street facade is now also being pulled back and in about ten days the facade of the Myer building at Queen Street will come down.

I feel sorry for the traders who are negatively impacted by all this, but sometimes in life we need to acknowledge that the big picture has priority over individuals and individual businesses.

I just hope they can all hang in there and hopefully reap the benefits of a rejuvenated inner city in less than two years from now. Good luck to you all!!

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ks 4


Scaffolding at the Queensgate building along William Street will start coming down next week to allow for the demolition of the facade of the building.

After the Newman Court facade and large parts of the building are now demolished the facade at William Street will be pulled back next.

The Fremantle Kings Square project is well under way. It is exciting to watch the progress, with work also speeding up at the former Myer building.

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ks 4


The Newman Court facade of the Queensgate building at Fremantle’s Kings Square is almost demolished thanks to the dedicated crusher operator of the DELTA Group demolition team, who worked on the long weekend Saturday.

The crusher operator’s wife and daughters were watching dad at work because it is a special day. The teenage daughter was on the phone with daddy because it is her birthday today. Happy birthday!

There were a lot of people watching and taking photos, so it is a shame the black fences and trees obscure so much of what is going on.

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The ugly fences all around Kings Square have been made a little bit less on the eye with artist’s impressions of the future buildings.

The demolition is going fast and the facade of the Queensgate building is crumbling down daily.

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Kings Square


The Newman Court thoroughfare between Queen and William streets is now closed to allow for the demolition of the former  Queensgate building and part-facade only- demolition of the former Myer building. It was not deemed safe to keep the narrow passage way open.

For me personally it is disappointing that I have no longer access to take progress photos of the demolition work and later on of the construction of the new Kings Square Project buildings, because from Kings Square palm trees obscure the view and from William Street the plane trees.

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KS 2


Exciting to see that part of the facade of the Queensgate building has been demolished to make way for the Fremantle Kings Square Project.

Big machinery arrived and the demolition will progress fast from now on. I also heard a lot of noise from jackhammers in the former Myer/Many building.

Down the road in Henry Street demolition has also started on the former Fremantle Workers Club, to make way for a four-storey residential development in the historic West End.

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The City of Fremantle, Sirona Capital and Probuild held an information sessions for CBD traders about the Kings Square Project on the balcony of the Federal Hotel yesterday evening.

The big news was the closure of Newman Court for safety reasons because the two building sites-Civic Centre and Queensgate/Myer are expanding and getting too close together to allow safe pedestrian passage between them.

That’s commons sense, but it will no doubt affect the few traders left in the Fremantle Mall. New signage will be placed around Kings Square to try to encourage pedestrians to keep using Fremantle Mall as a thoroughfare.

There will also be new parking signs installed and the naming of carparks and that is important with the imminent closure of the Queensgate carpark and the opening of the new Stan Reilly carpark by the end of March.

Some traders were talking compensation for loss of trade, but not many came up with new ideas about what they themselves could do to attract business from the hundreds of construction and demolition workers and that is disappointing.

They really need to reach out in new, creative and different ways to potential customers and accept that for the next two years it won’t be business as usual.

This is an exciting, but challenging, time of transition for Fremantle that will soon see our city prosper again with so much development on the way and much more in the pipeline and soon to start.

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So good to see walls and roofs coming down on the Queensgate building at Fremantle’s Kings Square.

A huge crane in Henderson Street was lifting four portable offices  for PROBUILD onto the roof of the car park, while inside heavy machinery was demolishing the Queensgate building.

The long awaited new development by Sirona Capital will see the all new FOMO retail concept at Kings Square in less than two years.

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PROBUILD the builders for the Fremantle Kings Square Project have had a change of mind on how to proceed and the Queensgate carpark will now be closed for approximately four months straight after the Easter long weekend and Street Arts Festival.

After extensive structural testing of the concrete and steel reinforcement by the builders and specialist consultants for Sirona Capital it was decided that the work to remediate and protect the building is a lot more extensive than anticipated.

Removing redundant and corroded steelwork and applying protective poxy coatings will stop further degradation of the building, that also needs modern bigger lifts and improved accessibility, better lighting and security and modern equipment.

The closure is in the interest of public safety and the safety of workers.

A little compensation is the soon to open new carpark at the former Stan Reilly site which will offer 155 car bays in the city centre, plus the additional new street level parking next to the Point Street carpark.

As the old saying goes, there is no gain without pain.

There has been the perception of parking problems in Fremantle, but that ignores the fact that the multi-storey carparks in Fremantle are hardly used on weekdays, as I noticed again yesterday afternoon at 3.30 pm when Queensgate was almost empty.

There are over 5,000 car bays in Fremantle and there is one-hour free parking and all day parking for as little as $ 8.00 per day.

Residents with a permit can park for free before 11am and again after 3pm.

The only parking problem Fremantle has is on weekends of events and festivals when Freo is packed full with visitors, and that motorists want to park on the street straight in front of their destination, and that is an unrealistic expectation.

The carparks along Mews Road just across the railway line also have plenty of vacanct bays.

Roel Loopers


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I just received this media release from Sirona Capital so just want to keep everyone in the loop:

8 February 2018

Comment from Sirona Capital Managing Director Matthew McNeilly Re: Cooper and Oxley

Sirona Capital is being drawn into Cooper and Oxley’s current financial issues when it is widely known throughout the industry that their problems are associated with the construction of a new office/retail/hotel project, Subi XO, located at 500 Hay Street, Subiaco.

There are substantial inaccuracies and rewriting of history in Cooper and Oxley’s writ which will be detailed in our defence if this legal action proceeds.

Cooper and Oxley is a unit holder in the Kings Square Fremantle redevelopment, an investment position they took in 2011, and which represents less than three per cent of the overall $220m cost of the project.

This investment cannot be construed to be a loan. Cooper and Oxley is a sophisticated wholesale investor and are aware that real estate equity investments of this type can be, at times, illiquid.

Cooper and Oxley’s involvement in the Kings Square, Fremantle project is limited to their investment in the Trust. They were among several firms who tendered for the construction contract for Kings Square Fremantle. Their tender was unsuccessful. Tenders were assessed on several criteria including price, expertise, capability and financial stability.

After being approached by Cooper and Oxley, Sirona Capital has been assisting Cooper and Oxley’s investment by selling their units in the investment trust. This legal action may undermine the ability to achieve that outcome. To be clear, Cooper and Oxley have always had the ability to do this themselves at any time.

The decision by Cooper and Oxley to pursue a legal remedy and the claims it is making in relation to Sirona’s management of the investment fund will be defended vigorously.

The Kings Square Fremantle redevelopment is now underway. Since signing a 15-year lease with the State Government in late 2016, the pace of work has recently escalated to deliver the commercial component within the Government’s timeframes. Probuild has mobilised on site and significant work has already been undertaken to prepare the former Myer building and the Queensgate building for demolition works, which have begun.


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