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Fremantle’s Notre Dame University will have a dedicated Design Studio located on the University’s Campus in which students will participate in project-based learning that have social and environmental impact within the City.

Master of Architecture, will begin in Semester One next year with a two-year program open to graduates holding a bachelor degree in architecture, interior architecture or an equivalent qualification.

The program is designed specifically to allow students to work part time in the field while undertaking supervised placements with Notre Dame’s professional partners.

The Master of Architecture will benefit from the distinctive elements of the Notre Dame experience: small class sizes; research-led teaching, high employability through engagement with industry, professional skills development; and ethical, values-driven curriculum.

Many of the key challenges of contemporary society – such as sustainability, housing affordability, ageing-in-place and community building – will underpin the studios within the program.

A second, three-year program, the Master of Architecture (Extended), will be open to high-achieving graduates who hold a bachelor degree in another discipline area such as arts, planning, fine art, design, environmental science, archaeology or history.

Entry to both programs will be based on a portfolio interview.


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I was surprised to get a few negative comments about the mural artwork on the corner of Stevens and Brennan streets in Fremantle. I am yet to hear strong community protest against visual pollution such as signs all over the place, so what irks people about art along our streets?

Some people believe that individual home owners have no right to impose their art and taste on the community, and they argue that if people want these murals they should do it on the inside of the wall, or inside their house, but not where it is visible to the general public. I disagree with that.

Since humans started building structures others have had that imposed on them, be that bad architecture, ridiculous colour schemes, or garden gnomes, lions, etc.

And where would we stop if we legislated against murals and other art on private properties?  Should we ban businesses as well from beautifying their walls, and is it acceptable to have public art inflicted on us? What about bus shelters and railway stations?

Art, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder, but I believe that most people understand what crappy amateur art is, compared to good professional art, and the artwork in Brennan Street is the latter.

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I love it how the perspective changes when one takes photos with longer lenses, and the very old Nikon 80-200mm F 2.8 I took this photo with is my all time favourite lens. It’s heavy metal, but brilliant

I took the photo this morning when the early sun lit up the old buildings at Queen Victoria Street, the Rainbow container art and the port cranes, with the backdrop of dark clouds.

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g 6


About one hundred people, including Labor politicians Josh Wilson MP and Lisa O’Malley MLA, turned up at East Fremantle’s Locke Park on Saturday morning to attend the protest by the Friends of the Royal George agains the planned 20 storey high-rise at the Royal George Hotel in Duke Street.

Only East Freo artist Tony Jones questioned where the Friends of the Royal George had been during the last 20 years when the building was neglected, and that is probably a fair question.

It was a disappointingly lacklustre event though with no speeches or formal gathering, and when I asked one of the display and petition table attendants if we could get a group shot he replied that it was too difficult to get the small crowd together.

Many people just trundled off after a while as nothing was happening, so I suggest the East Freo “Friends” get some coaching from Fremantle groups on how to organise a proper protest rally.

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slavin 1


My friends at North Fremantle SLAVIN ARCHITECTS are getting showered with awards for the very creative Mediterranean Shipping Company building in Cliff Street.

They just received the 2018 Australian Steel Industry Award for Small Projects, and already were awarded with the 2017 WA Architecture Awards – Winner – Colorbond Steel Award for Innovation in Steel, 2017 WA Architecture Awards – Commendation – Sustainability, 2017 WA Heritage Awards – Finalist – Conservation or Adaptive Re-use, 2018 Australian Steel Institute – Winner – Steel Excellence (Small Buildings), and also van Diddens painters received 2016 Master Painters Awards – Winner – Historical Restoration and the 2016 Master Painters Awards – Winner – Industrial and Protective Coatings.

Make sure to consider our excellent Fremantle architects for your next building projects!

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Fremantle architect Ralph Hoare posted this photo on Facebook, so I’d like to share it with those of us, and I am one of them, who complain that Fremantle does not get enough high quality architecture at significant development projects.

The photo Ralph Hoare shared on FB is of an international hotel in the German port city of Hamburg, with on top of it the opera house. I think it is pretty impressive.

What about this for the Woolstores site, Silverleaf Investments? It is so iconic that even the Fremantle Society might just approve of it.  ; >)

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Kings Square


I check out the development progress at Fremantle’s Kings Square daily and took this photo on Sunday morning.

PROBUILD is well on the way with the building of the new Queensgate building and the redevelopment of the former MYER building for Sirona Capital.

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East Fremantle residents against the proposed development by Saracen Properties of an 19 storey highrise building behind the heritage-listed Royal George Hotel in Duke Street have lobbied the State Government by presenting an 1,800 signatures strong petition to the Member of Fremantle Simone McGurk.

East Fremantle Council has rejected the proposal, as the scheme amendment for the area only allows for buildings up to six storeys high, but now the State’s South West Joint Development Assessment Panel-JDAP will consider the development proposal.

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art 5


The initiative by the City of Fremantle and other local councils to introduce a percentage for the arts scheme has been good for WA artists and the public, but it comes with the risk that the lifespan of some of the artworks will be relatively short if they are attached to buildings.

Take the great Rick Vermey art within the LIV apartment building at Queen Victoria Street. Nowadays buildings are considered to last for about 50 years before being replaced by more modern structures, e.g. the Queensgate and Myer buidings at Kings Square. If the LIV buildings get demolished in 50 years that would also be the end of the Vermey artwork and that would be a real shame and a loss for future generations.

The same applies to the Lorenna Grant artwork on top of the Quest Hotel in Pakenham Street and the round artwork on the building on the corner of Bannister and Pakenham streets by Tom Mueller.

The percentage for the arts scheme states that the requirement for a public art contribution can be waived by the City of Fremantle where the same value of artwork is incorporated in the development, clearly visible to the general public.

It worries me that many outstanding new artworks in Fremantle, created as percentage for the arts, will not be preserved because they are incorporated in a development and not free standing in the public realm. We have a duty to share our cultural riches with future generations!

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All the scaffolding around the LIV apartment building in Fremantle’s Queen Victoria and Quarry streets have now come down, so I had another good look at the massive development.

I still do not like the monotonous long facade along Queen Victoria Street and also don’t like the design along Quarry Street very much.

Strangely, for this self-proclaimed architecture expert, the very modern south side of Queen Victoria Street, which overlooks Fremantle Park, works the best. The big and  high windows create a lightness that I would have liked to see duplicated at Quarry Street.

The Rick Vermey public artwork in the piazza is a stunning feature that will attract many art lovers.

The Defence Housing LIV is due to open this month, so check the media, or better even Freo’s View, for when it will be open to the public to have a look at.

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