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The very popular pop-up summer DOCK Bar at Victoria Quay in Fremantle Port has opened again for a month, so a perfect spot to watch the sunset and have a cold drink.

The logo above is Vicky.  She is the face of summer at Victoria Quay at Fremantle Port .

Throughout summer there will be terrific activities including maritime movies by the quay, food and merchant markets, Rock Rattle and Roll  Festival and heaps more.

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The first progress report by the WESTPORT Taskforce is an interesting read. It came out yesterday, so check it out on-line as it is quite substantial.

I had a quick look at the WHAT HAVE WE FOUND SO FAR report and there are two points I consider very important for Fremantle. The first one is that the report states that Fremantle Port would be capable of handling double the number of containers it does now, as long as improved road and rail access to deliver and pick up container freight is part of the development.

The second one is maybe even more important as it means that residential and other development along Victoria Quay does not have to be halted until the port stops accepting containers.

The reports states: However, the Fremantle Port buffer is a guideline rather than a State statutory and use planning instrument. It does not preclude planning for additional residential development, even in the area closest to the port, and is dependent on local governments to regulate.

This is really important, because so far any attempt at wanting to build residential or hotel accommodation at Victoria Quay has been dismissed as not being possible because of the buffer zone around the port. It might just need a different, less rigid, approach by the Fremantle Ports board and management.

And a few more snippets from the report:

Changing community expectations about what is shipped from the port should be recognised as a constraint to development in the Fremantle study area. With the relocation of some trades, the port could expand its container operations or alternatively, use the space for non-port purposes.

Changing land use within the port buffer could open opportunities for a range of recreation, commercial and residential activities around Victoria Quay and in North Fremantle.

Key considerations of future work will be to: determine how long Fremantle’s Inner Harbour can efficiently and safely operate alongside the increasingly urban environment of the City of Fremantle; assess the impacts that trucks and other traffic has on suburbs west of the Kwinana Freeway as well as on access to the port; identify opportunities to facilitate and grow trade; assess if and when any trades should be moved to a different port location; and plan for the infrastructure required to keep freight moving efficiently and the economy growing for decades to come.

Any change to Fremantle Port operation will be long-term and won’t be happening for many years. It is quite clear from this progress report that there is no immediate need to move all port operation to Kwinana or Bunbury, but that a long transitional period might be required to move some operations.

The Westport Taskforce will continue to work, explore and consult with all affected communities and stakeholders, and nothing will happen overnight, or next year.

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L 4

L 3


It is pretty spectacular to see all those young people high up on the mast of the STS Leeuwin II sailing ship in Fremantle port.

I took the photos on Monday afternoon when they were securing the sails after a trip out on the Indian Ocean.

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freo colours 1

freo colours 2


Here a couple of photos I took this morning of the colours of Fremantle.

The first one is of the umbrellas at Bathers Beach House, and the second one is a detail of a massive RoRo vessel that brings thousands of vehicles to Fremantle Port.

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The new shade structure in front of the Fremantle Port Passenger Terminal is nearing completion with workers putting the glass panels on top of the steel frame this morning.

The upgrade of the terminal was an important factor in Princess Cruises’ decision in making our port their home port this season.

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nh 5


The Nankeen Herons were out in force on the Fremantle South Mole early this morning in the hope to get a fish from a lonely angler.

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I love the Fremantle working port at any hour of the day and took this photo just before sunset yesterday, after I had taken some photos of the Foodtrucks Under the Bridge event at the East Street jetty.

I love the visual impact of all the cranes pulled together by the 200mm lens I used for the photo.

I added the golden oldie I took some time ago, as it is heating up this week. Summer is coming!

Next week the canopy will be put on top of the posts in front of the Passenger Terminal to improve the arrival for the thousands of cruise ship passengers who will visit Fremantle this summer season, so stay tuned for photos of that.

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The Fremantle Food Trucks Under the Bridge is back at the East Street jetty from 5pm today, so have a nice meal and watch the sun set behind the port.

There is live music as well and plenty of parking.

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Destination 2

Destination 1


The new Fremantle strategic Destination Marketing was launched on Tuesday evening by Minister Simone McGurk at the Bathers Beach House in front of a large number of people.

Josh Wilson MP was there, as were representatives of Fremantle Prison, Fremantle Ports, Chamber of Commerce, Esplanade Hotel, Fremantle Markets, National Hotel, Benny’s bar, Many 2.0, WA Tourism, Rottnest Island Authority, Fremantle Mayor, Councillors and staff, and many others.

Lovely Lucy Peach sang a few beautiful songs while the sun was setting over the Indian Ocean.

Linda Wayman, the chair of the Destination Marketing Working Group said that culture and arts contribute to Fremantle’s soul and that it was important to have a narrative and new brand for Fremantle.

Fremantle Mayor Dr Brad Pettitt said it was fair to say that we need to talk Fremantle up sometimes, but that the major developments that are happening will bring people back to Freo and that was extremely exciting!

The message needs to go out what Fremantle’s potential is and we need a really clear strategy on where we need to go as an organisation.

Minister, and Member for Fremantle, Simone McGurk said that there are opportunities to showcase Aboriginal tourism and that we all share a common passion for Fremantle, the place that has an amazing get together of natural environment, entertainment and heritage.

The colour brochure that was handed out states that the Fremantle Story marketing campaign had not been greatly successful as it failed to capture the exclusivity of Fremantle and its unique essence.

Fremantle is seen as a city that is vibrant, lively, fun, colourful, quirky, gritty and relaxed.

The Destination Marketing Working Group believes there is a significant opportunity to improve the way we promote the walkability of Freo, work together and collaborate with stakeholders, position Fremantle as a staycation destination, as opposed to day trips, collaborate with local businesses about marketing campaigns, support activation and events delivered by external groups, engage hotel operators and the Perth Convention Centre to attract conference and exhibition business to Fremantle, deliver highly engaging content via digital platforms, reach intrastate and interstate and international visitor markets through campaign activity, position Fremantle as the gateway to Rottnest Island, Swan River and WA, promote our niche experiences such as Fremantle Prison and the West End, seek investment from state and federal governments, etc.

One question I would have asked Tourism Minister Paul Papalia, who was to do the launch but could not attend because his mother died, is when will the WA Government invest more in Fremantle and become less Perth centric? What about giving Fremantle funding for a much needed Aboriginal Cultural Centre, maybe on Victoria Quay close to the Swan River. We want it in Fremantle, and overseas visitors want an Aboriginal experience, so let’s stop the procrastination and get on with it!

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The rejuvenation of Fremantle is extending to Fremantle Port as well, with the state government agency having created a new website. In fact there are now two new websites, one for the normal port information and the second one just for Victoria Quay.

Fremantle Ports also have a new manager External Affairs in Neil Stanbury, who replaces the highly motivated and dedicated Ainslie de Vos, who was at the port for over twenty years.

I hope the new manager will direct that Freo’s View will be included in their media releases, which is not happening at the moment, so that I can report more often about what goes on at the port. Send info to

The refurbishment of the Passenger Terminal is also in progress, albeit is very slowly. There is still no sign of the new shade structure in front of the old building, although Premier Mark McGowan announced early in March that $ 3 million would be spent on the ageing terminal. Eight months later, and with the cruise ships starting to arrive, there is still no sign of that structure, but there is new signage on the building that lights up at night.

Check out the two new high resolution live harbour cams. One from Monument Hill and the other an aerial view from the top of a mast behind B Shed. Amazing views!

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