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A photographic update of Fremantle’s Kings Square Redevelopment Project.

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Mayor Brad Pettitt was rightly nonplussed about an officer’s recommendation at the FPOL Committee on Wednesday to apply for a Metropolitan Regional Road Group grant to do road works alongĀ  Queen Street from Adelaide Street to Henderson Street.

The Mayor questioned the timing of it and said it should only be considered if it could be realigned with the Kings Square Redevelopment Project, because the last thing traders in the area would like to see is the completion of Kings Square followed straight up by road closures to do roadwork near our city square. Yep. No doubt about that at all!

Brad Pettitt said the roadworks needed to be consistent with the public realm work at Kings Square.

I believe the picture is even bigger than that because any Queen Street roadwork might also impact on the Woolstores hotel development and the Henderson Street Police Precinct work, so the timeline would have to be carefully coordinated.

On the Kings Square public realm paving plans. Why are Councillors and the public not given a proper aerial view of what is proposed instead of coloured sections with the numbers of the planned materials? Photos of the real pavers can be easily photoshopped in so we all can understand what it would actually look like!

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The first sod was turned for the construction of the new $ 41.3 million Fremantle Civic Centre at Kings Square on Tuesday morning.

Sean McGivern of Kerry Hill architects, Matthew McNeilly of Sirona Capital, George Allingame of Pindan, Member for Fremantle Minister Simone McGurk and Mayor Brad Pettitt grabbed a spate to show the work has started.

The Civic Centre development is part of the broader $ 41.3 million Kings Square Redevelopment Project the City of Fremantle is partnered in with Sirona Capital.

I was surprised to hear Sirona’s managing director say in his speech that the FOMO retail section will now only open next year, but when I asked Mr McNeilly about it he said that FOMO was never intended to open this year but always in April next year. Really?!

It was nice to see the former Fremantle CEO Graeme McKenzie attending the ceremony and also Minister Peter Tinley.

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Shacks 1

Shacks 2


The opportunity for two large Fremantle gateway developments are on offer with the two Shacks Holden properties at Queen Victoria being put up for sale.

The two properties on either sides of James Street are more than 11,000sqm, with one of them next to the Heirloom warehouse apartments and opposite the LIV Defence Housing residential building.

One site is 3,464sqm and the other 6,725sqm and offer fantastic opportunities to make a stunning entry statement to Fremantle.

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I missed the Blessing of the Fools today to celebrate April Fools Day, so I publish a golden oldie I took a few years ago at Fremantle’s St John’s church.

IĀ  also have to make a confession that my blog posts about the sale of the Hilton hotel site to Twiggy Forrest, the secret merger talks between Freo and East Freo councils, and the departure from Fremantle of Fremantle Society president John Dowson were all made up stories to celebrate the first day of April.

And I added the City of Fremantle’s funny April Fools about Freo Time and daylight saving.

It was all done in good fun, so I hope I fooled a few of you and that it gave you something to smile about!

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Manning 1


Work has started today on the awning along the Manning building in Fremantle’s Market Street to allow safe passage to pedestrians, while at the back in Paddy Troy Lane the part demolition of the additions of the building is still going on to make way for a tavern and micro brewery.

It is all part of the Silverleaf Investments development of the site.

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It is not official yet, but I was told last night that shock waves are going through the Fremantle Society with their president John Downson indicating that he will soon be relocating permanently to England.

Dowson is said to be deeply frustrated that the Society has been unable to make an impact on Fremantle planning matters and bad architecture, and he is outraged about what he calls the incompetent Fremantle Council, planning department and State’s JDAP and SAT, which approve in Dowson’s opinion inappropriate buildings in our city.

The Fremantle Society committee is very worried that they might not be able to find anyone to replace John Dowson because it has been very difficult over the past years to find members willing to put their hat in the ring and take on an official function, hence FS has now members on committee who don’t live anywhere near Fremantle.

Already during the last two years Dowson has ran FS partly from London, where he bought an apartment in a new upmarket subway station development, and from cruise ships on which he lectures about Fremantle’s history.

I see John Dowson’s departure from Fremantle as a good opportunity for the Fremantle Society to consider how to make the group relevant again and less political and council-bashing. It needs to go with the times and rejuvenate and redevelop itself and not be anti change and anti development. I hope the group won’t falter and collapse in a heap because of the departure of its powerful president.

If the Brits can cope with Brexit and Dowson is another thing, but good luck to John Dowson, who has been very controversial but with his heart in the right place for Freo.

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I am not sure if it is good or bad news for Fremantle that the Point Street carpark site, that was destined to become a Hilton Doubletree hotel has been sold by the SKS Group to Twiggy Forrest’s Minderoo Group for $ 7,3 million.

Andrew-Twiggy-Forrest’s companies already own the Orient Hotel and Spicers carpark site in Fremantle and have indicated they want to invest more in our city, which is a sign of confidence in Fremantle Council and our city’s future.

There has been considerable apprehension at the City of Fremantle if the SKS Group would go ahead with the Hilton Doubletree hotel project at all, so at least that uncertainty has now been removed and all we can hope for is that the new owners will do a great development of the site soon and build something special there.

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The rejection by the State Government of the proposed wave park in the City of Melville is a huge win for the community there and has a lot in common with the State’s rejection of the planned tavern at J Shed on Fremantle’s Bathers Beach.

It is quite intriguing to notice that both local councils approved the controversial plans against huge community opposition and outrage and that even the community votes at special electors meetings were ignored.

One has to wonder also about the proposed location of a wave park in Melville that is just a 20-minute drive to Fremantle beaches. From memory there has even been an application for a small wave park near Port Beach, which makes even less sense.

It is nice to notice that the planning approval process, that is often criticised, worked well in both instances and that inappropriate uses of crown land were rejected by the State.

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Heritage Minister David Templeman today announced nominations are being sought from experienced and qualified individuals to become members of the Heritage Council of Western Australia.

As the State Government’s expert body on heritage matters, the Heritage Council plays a key role in decisions on entries into the State Register of Heritage Places and the development of these places. It also determines State Heritage strategy and policies.

High calibre women and men from a diversity of fields and backgrounds with relevant skills and experience are strongly encouraged to express their interest in this rewarding opportunity.

The Heritage Act 2018 sets out criteria that must be met in terms of skills and expertise, moving away from the previous Act’s requirement that council members represent certain interests or groups.

The McGowan Government is committed to gender parity across government boards and committees.

More details on membership requirements and the process for nominating can be found on the Heritage Council’s website at

Application packages are also available through the Heritage Council’s website or by contacting the Department of Planning, Lands and Heritage on (08) 6551 8002.

Applications close on May 3, 2019.


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