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Indigenous Tours WA


My mate Greg Nannup is doing indigenous tours in the Bathers Beach, Arthur Head area on Thursdays and Saturdays.

They are really good tours to learn more about the history and culture of the Wadjuk people who lived in the Walyalup area, as the Freo region is called by them.

Greg also does tours for school groups, so if your child’s school has not organised one, suggest it to them.

The tours run from 10.30 am to midday and start from the lawn at the Shipwreck Museum, corner Marine Terrace and Cliff Street.

It costs $ 35 for adults, $ 25 concession and $ 15 for a child.

You can book on or phone 0405 630606

Book a tour now!


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The visitors to Fremantle’s Round House traditional 1pm cannon fire got a nice extra attraction when three Orion planes flew low and slow over the Indian Ocean and past Arthur Head and the Maritime Museum.

My young Dutch friend Isa Bo fired the cannon today, under the watchful eyes of mum, and dad, and opa and oma who are visiting from the Netherlands, and will have to change her name to Isa Boom now. ; >)

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History is very important to me. It gives me a sense of belonging and comfort to know that many people worked so hard decades ago to leave beautiful Fremantle for future generations. It also puts the onus on us to leave a great place for the young ones, hence my nomination for the local government election.

Culture is very much part of that, as I was brought up in the Netherlands with the great art of Rembrandt, Vermeer, Van Gogh, etc.

So I love hanging out at Arthur Head, where the Roundhouse stands proud as the oldest public building in Western Australia, and where artists such as Greg James, Jenny Dawson, Janet Nixon, Jina Lee, Lesley Barrett, Peter Zuvela, Ross Porter and Glen Cowans have made an artistic home for themselves.

The PS Art Space people have put three cherry-pickers at Little High Street in preparation for the installation of an exciting new art show, so stay tuned for that.

Here some impressions of the historic art area at the Bathers Beach Art Precinct.

As I said at the City Ward candidate forum last Thursday, in the unlikely event that I’ll get elected on Fremantle Council I would like to revisit the BBAP as I believe it can and needs to be improved, because some parts of it are not working. It has great potential but needs creative thinking and real collaboration with the local artists.


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The number of interstate visitors to Perth is down, but international visitors’ numbers have increased, and the good news for Fremantle is that most people who visit do not travel far but stay in the metro area.

The main complaint is how expensive food, coffee and drinks are, and that is a concern. Backpackers even find our supermarkets expensive, they tell me when I am on volunteer tour guide duty at the Roundhouse.

The very good news is that just about everyone who visits loves Fremantle, and that brings up the question on how we can increase the tourism experience and get people to stay longer in the port city, and spend more time and money here.

If you don’t like history the Shipwreck and Maritime museums are not your cup of tea, and neither are Fremantle Prison and Roundhouse, so what else can people do in good old Freo? A tour about Whadjuk Noongar history along Bathers Beach with Greg Nannup will be different, but how many visitors do know the tours are available?

Sun baking on one of our beaches is also not everyone’s favourite, and going to Rotto is very expensive, and we’d like visitors to stay in Freo of course.

Unlike the east coast we don’t have theme parks, but for Adventure World, and that is a long way out of Freo, and we don’t have a Darling Harbour or Federation Square either.

We need some real creative and innovative thinking on how we can improve the Freo experience, and I have come up with two thought bubbles that might start some thinking about it in the business community and at Fremantle Council.

The first one is rather simple. Make the planned new playground at Kings Square a dual attraction by giving it an Aboriginal theme. Great for the kids, but it would also become a tourist attraction.

The second one would require a lot of planning, and even more money. Instead of a children’s Nature Play ground create one above and in the ocean at Bathers Bay over the summer period. Not just a floating platform to jump from, but climbing stuff, water sprays, fun for young and old that embraces our great climate and fun Freo lifestyle. Add BBQs, tables and chairs, shade structures in front of J Shed and make it THE destination for family fun in WA.

There should be no problem with charging an entry fee to cover all or part of the cost, and the sale of fish&chips would go through the roof, so the Fishing Boat Harbour traders might like to invest in it.

We need to learn to think big(ger)!

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Anne Frank Sept 13


The moving ANNE FRANK Let Me Be Myself touring exhibition starts today in Fremantle at the Woolstores Shopping Centre and should not be missed.

Anne Frank’s story is a very sad one about a young Jewish girl who had to hide with her family in a secret annex of a house in Amsterdam during Hitler’s nazi regime and German occupation of the Netherlands during Worldwar II.

While they were hiding Anne wrote a beautiful diary, but sadly after two years she and her family were discovered and deported to concentration camps. From the eight people only father Otto Frank survived.

Intolerance to other people’s religion, culture and race should never be accepted.

The exhibition is on till October 31 and open from 10 am to 5 pm.


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I noticed this colourful bus at Victoria Quay this morning, and since I did not know about Fremantle historic bus tours, I thought to share it with you.

According to their website:

From humble beginnings, selling newspapers in Fremantle after school to a full working history within the maritime industry, Peter called Fremantle his home port for a number of years. First, joining the Australian Merchant Navy sailing in and out of Fremantle on Merchant Cargo Ships. Later moving into tourism, Peter captained the Rottnest Island ferries, Swan River ferries and charter boat work. Peter also captained the ferries for whale watching during the humpback whale migration season.

So, join Peter and his crew on this informative 60-minute bus tour to explore Fremantle’s maritime history and early settlement convict days. Our sightseeing tour is created around a thoughtfully designed route within the iconic city of Fremantle. Our buses are climate/temperature controlled well known to comfortably accommodate passengers as we discover a city that goes back to the 18th Century. 

The more things we have in Fremantle for tourists to engage in, the longer they will stay in Fremantle, and the more they will support our local traders, so good luck to Peter!


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MB 1


Fremantle Mayor Brad Pettitt made a good point on his blog and here on Freo’s View about the Mailand Brown monument on the Esplanade, that tells both sides of the Langrange massacre that happened in the Kimberley in 1864.

This came in response to Councillor Sam Wainwright writing, a non council related article, that monuments of early explorers and settlers who committed crimes against Aboriginal people should be removed and street names changed.

The Lagrange history is controversial, as three explorers Frederick Panter, James Harding and William Goldwyer disappeared in the remote Kimberley, and a search party by Maitland Brown found them, allegedly speared and clubbed to death by Aborigines.

The alleged massacre saw some ten Aborigines killed by the search party.

Go and have a look yourself at the monument and read both sides of the story.

I wonder why the monument of Captain Fremantle that used to be on the Esplanade was removed some 20 years ago. There is controversial and contradicting history there as well.

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The Sunday Times reports today that Fremantle Councillor Sam Wainwright is calling for the removal of historic monuments of people who have committed atrocities against Aboriginal people in Australia.

Before anyone starts yelling, this is a personal opinion of Wainwright and has nothing to do with Fremantle Council!

I like Sam, but don’t agree with his views on this.

History is very complex, and times were very different when the first explorer went far away from their home countries to find new lands.

Racism was unfortunately the norm, rather than the exception in those times and was committed by the Dutch, French, Portuguese, English, Spaniards, etc.

Religion was very black&white and fanatic and there was little respect for people of different beliefs, cultures or skin colour.

The world has changed, and while there is still far too much racism in Australia and around the world, we are improving and have made substantial inroads.

We can not rewrite history and change what happened so many years ago, but we can learn from it.

Changing street names and removing historic monuments will achieve very little, and it also fails to recognise the incredible achievements of the early explorers. They were adventurous, brave, greedy and also racists, but they are also part of us, and they are the roots that helped us grow and learn.

We should make a bigger effort and learn from the mistakes of our past, no longer fight wars, have more respect for different cultures and beliefs, and grow into a tolerant nation. Changing the history books is not the solution, Sam.


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When will politicians finally stop making empty promises during election campaigns?

The West Australian article today on the start of Mayor Brad Pettitt’s campaign and the Fremantle local council election, reports that Mayoral candidate Ra Stewart has promised to restore the January 26 Australia Day events in the port city, should she get elected.

Neither Ra Stewart nor present Mayor Brad Pettitt have the power to make any changes on their own, as they will need at least half of the twelve elected members to vote with them to make any changes, or implement new policies.

The wannabe Mayor is just exhaling meaningless hot air, unless she wants to change Fremantle Council into a dictatorship where she on her own can decided what goes on in our city. I prefer democracy.

I wonder when she will start promising free steak knives to those who vote for her.


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Australia Day smoking ceremony in the Fremantle Roundhouse


According to a report in the West Australian today the Federal Assistant Minister for Immigration and Border Protection has written to all 547 local councils in Australia, and warned them that they will be stripped off their right to hold citizenship ceremonies, if there are politically motivated attacks on Australia Day.

Fremantle Council this year stopped the Australia Day firework on January 26 and instead had a One Day event on the Esplanade on the 28th.

The fireworks still went ahead and were paid for by the Fishing Boat Harbour traders.

I am not sure that I consider the now national discussion about a more appropriate date to celebrate Australia Day as political motivated. It is only genuine consideration for Australia’s indigenous people, who consider January 26 as invasion day.


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