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Genrefonix is back in Fremante with another amazing show in February, after four sold-out Frankestone shows in the Roundhouse late last year.

Ghosts is back at Fremantle Prison on February 9 after sellout Fringe shows in 2018.

Join the outstanding actors and musicians in the atmospheric Fremantle Prison Theatre for a fictional multimedia show featuring original horror music and soundscapes. All performed live alongside compelling imagery of Fremantle’s architecture and its ghosts.

See some of WA’s most haunted buildings brought to life through emotive tunes, eerie sound effects and imaginative ghost portraits.

The original theatre screen used for prisoners will fire up once again, bringing history and imagination to life. Each ghost has a story, each building a unique ambiance. Share in the power and passion of the supernatural landscape of Fremantle. Spooky fun! Rockin’ tunes!

There are three shows on February 9, at 7pm, 8.15pm and 9.30pm so don’t miss out!

Tickets can be booked on the Fringeworld website.

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So what is the fuss about again about Australia Day? It was all over the news yesterday but there is very little new in what ScoMo and other politicians said, besides a new dress code for those who receive the citizenship certificate, which is soooooo un-Australian.

Already last year local councils were told by the Federal Government that citizenship ceremonies had to be held on January 26 and the City of Fremantle obliged, but also held the One Day event two days later on Sunday the 28th.

This year again we will have the very good One Day event on Sunday the 27th in Fremantle and the citizenship ceremony at Fremantle Oval on the 26th, and then we have the Australia Day Monday to do whatever we like.

And after we heard all the political stuff about how sacrosanct Australia Day supposedly is, it turned out that the ScoMo government only wants to introduce the changes in 2020, when they are most likely no longer in power. What a waste of time!

And just for the sake of the argument, why isn’t the Australian of the Year announcement on Australia Day, but the day before, and what actually is Australian Citizenship Day on September 17 for?

Personally I am looking forward to being at the citizenship ceremony in Freo because as a migrant myself I know how special and important that is, and I am very much looking forward to the Smoking Ceremony on Bathers Beach at 8am and the all day One Day event on the 28th. There is something for everyone. It is inclusive and it should not offend anyone to celebrate that way together!

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cy o'connor


Yesterday, January 11, was the birthday of CY O’Connor, who no doubt was one of Freo’s and Western Australia’s greatest pioneers.

Charles Yelverton O’Connor built the Fremantle harbour and also the 530km long water pipeline from Perth to Kalgoorlie, but sadly he received a lot of criticism from politicians and the Sunday Times and became quite depressed. He killed himself at South Beach on March 10, 1902. A sculpture in the Indian Ocean by Tony Jones reminds us of CY’s sad ending.

CY O’Connor was born in Gravelmouth, Castletown, County Westmead in the Republic of Ireland on January 11, 1843 and migrated to New Zealand as a 21 year-old.

He became Engineer-in-Chief of Western Australia in 1891.

I very often tell the remarkable and sad story of Charles Yelverton to tourists at the Roundhouse, because I consider him to be one of the great pioneers of our state and Fremantle.

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A new artwork of cut-out figures of convicts and prison wardens walking up to Fremantle Prison has been installed along the wall of Fremantle Oval.

It looks great, so go and have a look at it, and also at the prison entry building lit up in different colours at night. The kids will love it!

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One Day


Sydney-based singer-songwriter Montaigne will be the headline act at the One Day in Fremantle event on January 27, held on the Esplanade from 2-7.30pm.

The 23-year-old won an ARIA award in 2016 for best breakthrough artist following the success of her debut album Glorious Heights, which featured the singles ‘Because I Love You’ and ‘In the Dark’.

The Triple J favourite also featured on the Hilltop Hoods hit ‘1955’.

She recently released a new single ‘For Your Love’ and will be returning to Fremantle in April next year as part of a national tour.

Montaigne will be joined on stage by up-and-coming South Australian soul singer Adrian Eagle, fresh off his European tour supporting the Hilltop Hoods earlier this year.

More artists will be announced in the coming weeks.

The One Day event will start at 8am on Bathers Beach with a Whadjuk Noongar smoking ceremony, followed by Aborignal cultural activities at Kidogo Arthouse all morning.

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ESCAPEHUNT in Fremantle have got an exciting new outdoor game on offer, so go and check it out during the holidays.

ClueChase is an outdoor Escape room/treasure hunt experience in which teams of 2-6 people embark on a mission across the city of Fremantle, during which participants must complete a series of challenging puzzles and mysteries spread across the many historical sights and landmarks within Fremantle.

To complete all the task before time runs out participants must use the provided iPad and action pack to solve anything that gets thrown your way. But you must not forget; TIME IS RUNNING OUT

There are two great games!

Mindfall In Operation Mindfall you and your team of high level operatives are tasked with a top secret mission; to foil a sinister plot in which Spider plans to poison and control the minds of the local populace. You only have one and a half hours to complete your assignment or all will be lost.

Magic Portal The Magic Portals have been opened! You and your team have to race against time to close the remaining portals before its too late; before the monsters from the other side over run our world. Its estimated that you only have an hour before its too late so make sure you’re prepared to race against the clock.

Valued customers of Escape Hunt are offered the opportunity to get a discount and be among the first to experience ClueChase. If you use code C25 at checkout at you will get a 25% discount or call 0490539229.



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RH 3

RH 2

RH 1


It’s lucky I had a very quiet start of the day volunteering at the Roundhouse yesterday, as I browsed through some of the information displays on the wall and discovered that the Fremantle Volunteer Heritage Guides, who look after WA’s oldest public building, were established 20 years ago in 1998.

I am no doubt a bit biased, as one of the volunteers, but I still believe it is significant that a small group of mainly seniors for twenty years have opened the Roundhouse every day of the year, but for Good Friday and Christmas Day, for visitors from all over the world, and fire the cannon every day as well.

I have been volunteering for eight years now and loving it, but there are quite a few who have been there much longer. One of them is my good old mate Nan Jackson. I often tell visitors that Nan actually built the old jail. She is the one in the photo close up at the stocks

Happy anniversary FVHG and thank you to everyone who participated in the last two decades. It would not have been possible without you!

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The FRANKENSTONE production by Genrefonix in the Fremantle Roundhouse last night was brilliant! I was expecting it to be good because the team had spent so much time on it, but I did not expect it to be so professional.

The setting in Western Australia’s oldest public building was perfect for it, especially the old-style Black&White silent movie, that also features Fremantle Mayor Brad Pettitt. Very good cinema-photography!

Great music and acting. I am so glad I saw it.

What a great place the under-utilised Roundhouse is in the evening for plays, events, projections, concerts, functions, etc. This is how we can help activate Arthur’s Head, Fremantle Council!

There are still two shows on this Saturday at 7.15 and 8.15pm and they start at the Old Custom House building from where everyone walks over to the Roundhouse following the bagpipe piper.

It is a fundraising event for the Fremantle Roundhouse, which had four volunteer guides present on the night.

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The day has finally arrived! FRANKENSTONE is on tonight and tomorrow night in the Fremantle Roundhouse. There are two shows each night, so only four in total, so don’t miss it!

Expect the unexpected, along with fresh Freo-Frankstein film sequences, rocking live music, chilling soundscapes, true facts and reimagined fiction, and much over the top theatrics!

In the show Roundhouse architect Henry Reveley (1788-1875) is cast as key protagonist in a gothic tale so wild that only WA’s most infamous building could contain in it. Henry’s lifelong bonds with Frankenstein author Mary Shelley, both emotional and intellectual, are exposed through a theatrical retelling of the recorded facts, revealing a contorted sketch of a dark, talented genius – presented, tongue in cheek, as WA’s own Dr Frankenstein……

Henry not only brought the spirit of Shelley’s “novel of ideas” with him from Europe to the Swan River Colony, he co-owned it. He drank from the deep reservoir of radical thinking that Mary’s circle had created through her influential father, mother, husband, friends and acquaintances. He lived, loved and worked in their vortex, his soul trapped, his actions untempered. Like Mary he too was stalked by family secrets, death, sadness and financial worries. Henry escaped however, to establish a remote outpost down under where his program of public works could conceal his true passion for natural philosophy and investigations into animal electricity.

‘Frankenstone’ presents an engaging patchwork of influential thinkers and historical figures, morbidly stitched together to deliver compelling conclusions for the true heritage of Western Australia. WA’s Netflix generation will be thoroughly comforted in the knowledge that a real gothic touchstone lies hidden in plain sight in Fremantle’s West End.

The show begins in the relative serenity and abundant hospitality of the Old Custom’s House Atrium, at 9 Phillimore Street Fremantle, before the audience is led up to the imposing Roundhouse to witness its many secrets unleashed through music and film. At the show’s dramatic conclusion audiences can once again seek refuge in the Atrium and raise a glass to our fallen romantic heroes and villains.

The event is a fundraiser written and produced by Genrefonix in partnership with the Fremantle Volunteer Heritage Guides Association. All proceeds from ‘Frankenstone’ will go to the Fremantle Roundhouse to assist with developing special event resources to bring the venue to life once more.

Date: Friday 30 November and Saturday 1 December

Shows: 7.15pm and 8.30pm

Location: Meet at Old Customs House Atrium, 8 Phillimore Street Fremantle

Tickets: Eventbrite




Fremantle Councillors last night expressed their dismay about neighbours East Fremantle pulling out of the library services and stopping their $ 200,000 a year contribution to the Fremantle Library at the end of this financial year.

Councillor Andrew Sullivan, who sits on the joint Library Committee, said the members were gobsmacked when it was announced by the Town of East Fremantle, and when the two East Fremantle members of the committee simply no longer turned up to debate it.

“We were hoping East Fremantle Council would recognise it is morally wrong and change their mind”

Sullivan said it was not relevant how many East Fremantle people used Fremantle, Melville or Cockburn libraries. “In Fremantle we just celebrate that people are using the library and are not counting the numbers of which councils they come from” Sullivan said. “I won’t be as polite to them next time I see East Fremantle Councillors”

Councillors Doug Thompson and Bryn Jones pointed out that the Town of East Fremantle is one of the wealthiest councils in the metropolitan area and would be the only one that would not financially contribute to library services.

Councillor Rachel Pemberton said that after the last failed council amalgamation attempts she believed councils would work closer together, but instead the divide is getting wider. “No one from East Fremantle turned up at the last three Library Committees!”

The CEO confirmed that even if they stopped paying their contribution East Fremantle still could send two representatives to the Library Committee who would be allowed to vote. It would take Fremantle Council to change the local law to change that officially.

Mayor Brad Pettitt said he had the impression that the East Fremantle Mayor wanted to bring the issue back to his Council and reconsider their position.

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