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There is finally some movement on the long awaited development at Fremantle’s Burt Street, just up from the Fremantle Arts Centre.

The State Government has partnered with Edge Visionary Living in the $ 129 million project to build 265 residential apartments, some commercial spaces and six live-work artist’s studios.

There will be mainly two-bedroom or smaller apartments, with some premium three-bedroom ones, and some ‘compact studios’.

10-15 per cent of the apartments will be reserved for social housing.

The development will include six unique live-work artist rental studios and a maker space to inspire creative pursuits and help emerging artists to access affordable accommodation and workspace within the Fremantle area.

Local community input will inform the creation of amenities to complement the surrounding area including social gathering areas, active play zones, outdoor arts engagement, green spaces, walking and cycling pathways and a small portion of space for commercial uses.

The project will also explore ways to implement sustainable initiatives that can help reduce waste, and also reduce water and energy use.

The 1.4-hectare site will be developed in stages. Following a period of community consultation and development approvals, the first stage of works is expected to start in October 2021.

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I have never understood why it is so difficult for politicians to admit they were wrong and simply apologise.

Such is the case with WA Premier Mark McGowan yesterday accusing the Federal Government of not sending WA the relevant information about the Al Kuwait live sheep vessel that arrived in Fremantle Port with crew members who have the Covid-19 virus.

It turned out that the WA Health Department received information but decided to not take action because, according to the officer who spoke at the media conference with the Premier, they receive a lot of emails, and that of course is not good enough.

But McGowan today should just have admitted the stuff up was here in WA and he was not given all the facts, and apologise to the Federal Government. He looked very uncomfortable instead.

But WA Liberal opposition leader Liza Harvey is well out of her depth, accusing the Premier of a “stunt” that brought anxiety to the most vulnerable, when it was an unacceptable blunder of communication and lack of action by the Health Department.

Let’s not forget for one moment that only days ago Liza Harvey wanted Western Australian borders to be re-opened and the state government no longer be able to control who comes to WA. That is hypocrisy!

I have been in WA since September 1985, and we have had quite a few dud Premiers and leaders of the opposition, both Labor and Liberal, but Liza Harvey is one of the worst. The Libs should dump here as soon as possible.

And as for you, Mark McGowan, just say sorry. That is a sign of great leadership and personality. And kick arse at the Health Department, because these kind of failures could end up like the Ruby Princess disaster in NSW!


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I walked over to have a look at the progress of the High Street Upgrade project in the east of Fremantle yesterday. There is a lot of work going on there currently.

A large area of land has been cleared north of High Street with several houses removed, and also on the eastern side of Stirling Highway.

FERN is gone and so are the derelict houses south of High Street and many trees have been removed along the golf course. A long retaining wall will have to be built from Carrington Street to accommodate the new road.

The project is meant to make life easier for truck drivers who deliver freight to Fremantle Port, with a large raised roundabout allowing them to take the turn from High Street onto Stirling Highway faster and safer.

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A sobering fact from the WA Health Minister about the coronavirus pandemic.

It is not over! It is not the time to be complacent! It is not the time to relax the restrictions!

A Fremantle’s Monument Hill late this Friday afternoon I noticed a group of six people, probably in their early 30s plus a baby in a pram, having a picnic. Don’t they read social media, newspapers, watch TV or listen to the radio!

Do not risk your life or that of others!

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Message from WA Premier Mark McGowan.



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All is not lost for the owners of Fremantle Chart&Map Shop in Collie Street, who were evicted by their inconsiderate and selfish landlord.

I hear that the WA Minister for Small Business Paul Papalia has asked the Commissioner for Small Business to investigate this matter.

The Prime Minister announced a moratorium on evictions of tenants only a few days ago, so one has to see if the eviction is against those new regulations.

What is very disappointing here is that the property owner shows a serious lack of corporate responsibility and community spirit. It’s just not the Freo way to not support those who need a helping hand.

How can it possibly be better to get to the other end of the Covid-19 crisis with a vacant shop, instead of still having a tenant there who has been there for 25 years? The narrow-mindedness of the landlord’s decision is mind blowing.

Support the Chart&Map Shop! Contact your state and federal politicians!!

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The German MS ARTANIA cruise liner was allowed to berth at Victoria Quay in Fremantle Port after all, when a compromise was reached and the Federal Government arranged with the German government for three charter flights to take the over 800 passengers to Frankfurt.

The passengers will embark from the ship straight onto buses which will be escorted and go directly to the airport. They are only allowed to take one piece of luggage with them each.

Peter Hughes Drive to the Passenger Terminal has been closed, so no one can get near it who does not have to be there

Five passengers and two crew members who have Covid-19 symptoms will be treated here in Perth.

I believe this is a good outcome for all, with a mercy dash to Germany that won’t compromise the health of Western Australians.

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Fremantle Council will send a recommendation of approval to the Joint Development Assessment Panel(JDAP), after elected members on Wednesday evening approved the planning application for the Woolstores hotel and police station development by Silverleaf Investments.

The police station part of the development is still speculative at this point of time, as the State Government has put a purpose built new Fremantle police station out for tender, and other sites are being considered as well.

A new hotel just east of Kings Square in a run down part of Freo would be an enormous improvement, and the developers also want to put a childcare centre in the building.

It’s now up to JDAP to approve it, and hopefully the State Government will come on board and signs off on the new police station.

It feels nice to have good news in these awful times!

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It is my understanding that the Western Australian Statutory Planning Committee for the second time has refused to support the Fremantle Council decision to close the Pedestrian Access Way(PAW) between Kellow Place and Swanbourne Street.

That the Statutory Planning Committee resolves to:

  1. refuse the City of Fremantle’s request to permanently close the Pedestrian AccessWay (PAW) at Lot 55 Swanbourne Street, Fremantle; and
  2. note that further measures are available to improve the safety and security of the PAW including, the installation of lighting, maintenance of vegetation within and adjacent to the PAW as well as consideration of a ramp to make the PAW more accessible and footpath links in Kellow Place and Bolton Place, if considered necessary.

Fremantle Council decided about two years ago that it wanted to close the PAW, because some local residents claimed there was an increase in criminal and anti social activity in the area. Those allegations were rejected by other residents who said there was no proof of increased crime, and police statistics supported that, and subsequently the WAPC in May 2018 refused the application to close the PAW .

However, the prematurely closed PAW remained closed while Freo City officers were instructed to negotiate with the SPC and see if they would change their mind, but last Tuesday, March 10, the SPC again ruled that the closure of the PAW was not supported.

Now the City of Fremantle will have to reopen it asap, as the two year closure was a pretty bad and questionable move without approval from the state government.


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