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The Fremantle Fishing Boat Harbour will get more diversity with Asian restaurant Han’s opening ist 13th franchise outlet there.

Han’s signed a ten-year lease for the 240sqm space that once occupied the Mussel Bar.

Let’s hope number 13 is a lucky number for them and for Fremantle.

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Another gorgeous day in Fremantle paradise, so don’t forget to visit the BIG Growers Green Markets this morning between 8 am and midday.

Not only will there be great fresh produce and many organic fruits and vegies for sale, but there will also be art and craft and other stalls where you can find a lovely Mothers Day present.

And of course there will be yummy breakfast and coffee on offer as well and live music by local Freo musos.

Great atmosphere, so head down to Annie Street at the back of the South Fremantle Senior High School.

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I hear that the Carriage Cafe on the Fremantle Esplanade has been sold and that the new owners have an understanding with the City of Fremantle that they can stay there for several years, and don’t have to move or demolish the building to make way for the Esplanade masterplan development.

This is probably due to Freo City not being in the financial position to build the planned new hospitality venue near the ferris wheel that was to become a burger bar.

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It’s another perfect autumn day in beautiful Fremantle so ideal to enjoy the school holidays.

There are lots of families and young people wandering around Freo and many are sampling the seafood delights in the Fishing Boat Harbour.

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The lovely BARQUE restaurant in George Street, East Fremantle has closed its doors just days after receiving a very good review from feared West Australian food critic Rob Broadfield.

I had a very memorable birthday there years ago, of which I remember very little, but the food was great and the wine too plentiful. ; >(

I hear a famous WA chef will return from the Eastern States and start the Cook&Mason restaurant there.

Roel Loopers

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The lovely little dove Duyfken replica is back in the Fremantle Fishing Boat Harbour and will have Pirate Days during the Easter school holidays, so go visit it while you are here for the International Street Arts Festival on the very long weekend!

It is at berth at the back of Little Creatures so easy to find from the Esplanade.

The work on the new Piazza in the Fishing Boat Harbour is also progressing well and will create another nice location to watch the sunset and enjoy fish&chips.

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Don’t forget to go and visit the new MANY 2.0 that relocated from Kings Square to the former Spotlight building at Adelaide Street next to Target in Fremantle.

This retail incubator is full of great surprises and gifts and has so many eclectic wares to choose from.

It is a real pleasure to browse through the large but cosy space and check out all they have on sale. There is also a hairdresser and a cafe, and if that is not enough why not try out the fantastic Thai food at The Loft cafe on the corner of Point Street, just down the road from MANY 2.0.

And there is an Opening Party this Saturday from 5-9 pm!

Roel Loopers

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Fremantle’s Bathers Beach is more and more becoming a leisure destination for locals and tourists and it showed on Sunday afternoon when many were basking in the gorgeous warm golden glow of the setting sun.

Work is also well under way at the new piazza in the Fishing Boat Harbour that no doubt will become another attraction.

I am very confident that Freo is turning it all around and that we’ll have an invigorated and vibrant city in the very near future!

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It is going to be a nice warm autumn Saturday so enjoy the sunshine before winter arrives.

The Manning Park Food and Craft Market is on this morning till 12.30, the last of the great South Beach Sunset Food Market for this season is on from 5-9 pm and of course tomorrow morning the Growers Green farmers market is also open till midday. Enter from Annie Street  for the new location due to construction work!

I love this time of the year with crisp mornings, cool evenings and balmy days, so have fun in Freo!

Roel Loopers



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There was such an air of negativity at the Sunset Events community information session about new plans for J Shed at Bathers Beach that I left before the questions started, as the interruptions were annoying.

I walked away asking how one can create trust between parties when there is so much negativity. Honesty helps to achieve that, so why did Sunset Events director David Chitty in his presentation omitted to mention plans for a brewery, as well as the tavern, restaurant and picnic area he mentioned?

That is so silly and tactically so unwise because now the people who are already against it will think SE have got more to hide and other controversial plans they don’t want to mention.

That was really disappointing because I quite like the concept of an affordable family restaurant, with function space(s), a cultural program and creative director to implement it and a nice picnic area on the grass in front of the artists’ studios.

A 400 patron venue is not huge but is a tavern appropriate for the A-Class reserve? Not according to the state’s DAP and SAT.

I liked that David Chitty admitted the trial period had shown that what they initially wanted did not work for them and the community, and that could have been the start of positively moving forward together but PLEASE cut the bullshit!

The restaurant is going to serve female friendly meals that are not too blokey? You must be kidding! Are sausages phallic symbols?

Australian BBQ, local fresh produce and seafood, yes please. Generous serves to assist obesity, no thank you!

Fostering a progressive cultural program is paramount to the project. I don’t think so as a pub environment is just not suited for it. Film nights are great, especially outdoors but the northern end of Bathers Beach is very bloody windy, as we found out when we ran the Bathers Beach Sunset Food Market there. Ask the Kelp Bar how they struggle with the Freo Doctor.

I want something special at that end of Bathers Beach but am not sure that bookend pubs are the go, but I do actually like the idea of something like COAST at Port Beach that could well work at BB and I believe David Chitty could pull that off with the right chef and leaving all the bullshit and brewery stuff behind.

Roel Loopers

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