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Clancys chili and bbq. Sept 24


There is always something new to keep the Fremantle community delighted, and this event is a very HOT one!

Clancy’s is organising the inaugural Smokin’ BBQ and Chilli Festival in Princess May Park this coming Saturday September 23 from 10am-11pm, and on Sunday the 24th from 11am-4 pm.

What better way to start the school holidays for the challenged parents than to partake in the chilli eating competition, and for all the family to learn how to have the best BBQ at home.

There will be food and other stalls, and knowing the Clancy’s mob there will no doubt be some live music and entertainment as well.

It’s a FREE event!

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I did not know that it is international PIRATE DAY until I walked in to CHALKYS cafe in Fremantle’s far West End.

Owner Danielle is flanked by baristas Elin and KiKI, who all dressed up for the day.

Freo BID is also having a pirate theme for school holidays with their Treasure Hunt. It runs from September 19 to October 8 and there are a lot of prizes to be won.


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I am always happy for our traders when I see a lot of visitors in Fremantle on weekends, because most week days are not very good for retailers and the food businesses in Freo.

Great to see the Fishing Boat Harbour Piazza and the Char Char Bull restaurant renovations now completed and open to the public.

Down the road at Little Creatures there is a Sunday art market, and at the Fremantle Markets there was the delightful buzz of every weekend.


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The rather optimistic prediction by Sirona Capital that the Kings Square Project innovative and exciting FOMO retail concept will double tourism in Fremantle made me think on how we can increase tourist numbers and offer a better tourism experience in the port city.

For reasons I cannot understand there is reluctance to sell the great brand of Fremantle in destination marketing, and our retail marketing is not anywhere good enough. Retail is hard to sell anyway, as Fremantle lacks variety in shopping.

There is lack of coordination between the major players, and I have the feeling there are a few egos in the way. The City’s marketing people don’t really believe BID is necessary and the Chamber of Commerce is also not a big fan of it, and the major players in town are often left out, so everyone does their own bit, instead of working together on major strategies.

There is an assumption of communication, simply because visitors to Fremantle can access the Fremantle Story on-line or go to different Facebook pages about festivals, etc.

Fact is though that there are many people who do not engage with social media and who can’t be bothered to do long searches to see what is available to them.

Why can’t a visitor to Fremantle, who is staying Tuesday and Wednesday night, find out where live music is on those nights, which pubs have got specials on, etc?

At the Roundhouse we are not supplied with information about events. Many of the volunteer guides don’t live in Fremantle, so they do not know what is going on. It should be a matter of routine that the City’s marketing department emails a list of events, etc. every Monday morning to the Maritime and Shipwreck museums, Fremantle Prison, the Roundhouse, etc. but that is not happening.

Every year we have to contact the City to beg for festival programs, flyers, even a small poster about the Winter, Beer, Chilli festivals, whatever, but it is not forthcoming.

The City of Fremantle does not see tourism as a priority and great opportunity to boost the retail and hospitality industries. If thousands more people come to Freo and stay longer they will shop, eat and drink and support our traders, but BID mainly does cutesy things for locals during school holidays and festivals, which already attract people, instead of being a conduit for all the major players, such as developers, Fishing Boat Harbour, museums, etc.etc. come together, and work on strategies for Freo’s tourism.

The majority of overseas visitors are looking for an indigenous experience, but can’t find it. There is an opportunity here for Fremantle, but we do tokenism better that high impact stuff. There is no big picture thinking on tourism.

We light up the Arthur Head cliff face at night, but close the Whalers Tunnel at 7 pm, so there is no direct access from High Street. Why?!

We should have substantial tourist promotion for Fremantle at the airport, in the Perth CBD, and in Kalgoorlie and Esperance for those who drive here, but we preach to the locals mainly.

The Roundhouse volunteers want to improve the displays, but the City is not pro-actively involved in supporting them, and appears quite happy to leave it to the mostly senior amateurs to sort something out, while they could do with good professional advise and financial support.

The City should lobby the Royal Australian Navy and ask them to reconsider putting the planned Sailor monument on the North Mole, and instead put it on Victoria Quay or in Pioneer Park, or even Kings Square, because tens of thousands of visitors to Fremantle will miss out on seeing it. The North Mole is too remote for people who don’t have a vehicle, and riding one’s bike there is a challenge with all the trucks in the area.

The City of Fremantle needs a think tank on tourism, something substantial and outcome based. We have plenty of talkfests and don’t even do those well, because they procrastinate into nothing.

Our traders deserve and demand support, and we need to have a more innovative approach on how we can sell brand Freo, because our promotion is stale, and Fremantle does not get much help from the Perth-centric state tourism promotions.

Many tourists to Fremantle comment on how different we are, and that Perth is just like other big cities, but we do not sell our heritage beauty well, or even our gorgeous High Street that ends up at Bathers Beach.

Fremantle needs creative people who are willing and able to think outside the box, and who don’t do same same every year, time and time again. Fremantle’s marketing is boring, uninspiring and not working!

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Traders in the lovely Fremantle Wray Avenue hub are hopeful that the planned new public car park on the Stan Reilly site will be a boost to their businesses, as some of them have seen a significant downturn in trade since the downgrading of Fremantle Hospital and the closure of the emergency ward.

The popular Lenny the OX cafe has closed, but renovations are under way for The MOD, the Modern Cafe that already has a new mural painted on the wall.

My friend Natalie at Luce Del Sol¬†can’t wait for warmer weather, in the hope the sales of swimwear will increase drastically as it has been pretty quiet recently.

I always like walking or driving past Frank’s the butcher and seeing all the signs in front of the shop, and love the atmosphere at Galati’s.

The Fremantle Oval Project will bring Wray Avenue a bit closer to the Cappuccino Strip and some street beautification between Parry Street and Wray Avenue would also help.


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Cafe Styles sunday lunch


BISTRO 21 at Fremantle’s South Beach is starting with Sunday music today, a welcome sign that the wet winter is over and we are moving toward warmer weather and outdoor concerts.

David Pensabene and Dave Johnson, who should call themselves the DD Duo, will do “Cafe Styles” from 12 to 2 pm.

Bistro 21 will in summer also do tapas and drinks afternoons from 5pm to 8 pm, so check them out.


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FD 1


I almost did not take this photo of the Fremantle Fishing Boat Harbour Father’s Day crowd, because just before I had fallen over a three-year-old who crossed my path on the deck at Bathers Beach.

My heavy Nikon D 700 camera with long heavy lens crashed to the ground, and so did I. Now I have a broken lens shade that will cost over $ 100 to replace and a very painful left-hand and wrist.

Just happy the little boy did not get hurt!


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I love the Sunday GROWERS GREEN FARMERS MARKET as much as I love Fremantle. It is a true community market with great atmosphere where Freo people meet friends and family, while shopping for fresh fruit and vegetables, bread, etc.

It was packed full with families today. It was amazing how many babies had the brilliant idea of taken dad out for Father’s Day to the Growers Green.

I only wanted to stay for an hour, but that became two hours because I bumped into so many people.

Had a long chat with the owner of the Fremantle Herald Andrew Smith, talked my birth lingo with Dutch friends from Treacle Treat and the Duyfken, said hello to Minister Simone McGurk and Councillor Hannah Fitzhardinge and election candidate Kathy Anketell, The Fib’s Robby Lang was there, as was architect Tobias Bush, and of course market manager Kylie Wheatley.

The GGFM is open every Sunday from 8 am till noon at Annie Street in Beaconsfield and raises funds for the South Fremantle Senior High School, so make the trip next Sunday!


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Growers Green

community-sept-3Hey kids, why not take your beautiful DAD to the Growers Green Farmers Market in Annie Street, Beaconsfield for breakfast tomorrow morning for his Father’s Day!

There are lots of food stalls with yummy things for DAD to choose from and there is also a big craft market where you can buy him a present.

And there will be a lot of greyhounds brought to the market to look for a new home for them by Greyhound Adoption WA.

Of course there will be live music, the animal touch farm of Farmer Damian, face painting and Fairy Sandy.

It is on from 8am till midday.

After that take your DAD to Fremantle Oval for the Community Cup AFL charity game between local musicians and the media.

It will be followed by a concert, and there are food stalls there to have lunch. It starts at midday!


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fbh 1


Good to see some dune restoration at Fremantle’s Bathers Beach.

The BB precinct is developing well with the new Piazza at the Fishing Boat Harbour, the extension to Char Char Bull restaurant and the recent opening of the new Han’s Cafe.

The dustbowl in front of Kidogo Arthouse will also be replaced with grass, so it is all good.

My wishes for the area are to extend the boardwalk all the way to J Shed and provide public toilets at Bathers Beach.

The Arthur Head area is such a gorgeous part of the inner city, but I believe it is under-valued and not treated as a tourism development potential.

What it needs is real appreciation of it’s historic significance, the lovely under-used beach, and what the Fishing Boat Harbour traders and artists provide.

What it does not need is a soul-destroying tavern and brewery.


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