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The Fremantle KRAKEN Festival is on at Bathers Beach all day this Saturday July 22.

Come enjoy a day of free community activities as the Bathers Beach Art Precinct comes to life for this winter warmer for the whole family.

What’s on at Kraken? 

1 pm – 6 pm  Acoustic music at Bathers Beach boardwalk gazebo

12 pm – 7 pm Fashion and craft markets on Bathers Beach boardwalk

3 pm Welcome to Country by Reverend Sealin Garlett (Bathers Beach Gazebo)

5.30 pm  Effigy burn on the beach at sunset accompanied by fire twirling and drumming

12 pm – 11 pm Food and theme camp activities at J-shed

12 pm – 7 pm Food trucks in front of Kidogo

3 pm – 6 pm Drinks at Kidogo

12 pm – 5.30 pm J Shed, Captain’s Lane and Mrs Trivett’s Lane artists open for business

12 pm – 9 pm Chill theme camps at the Round house

Plus roving entertainment and so much more!


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The Fremantle CAFE D FREO in Essex Street has received a very welcome facelift, as the interior design was pretty uninspiring up to now.

The modern furniture and outdoor benches look so much better and there is a great new mural by artist DESTROY on the right-hand wall.

Cafe D Freo specialises in Italian cuisine, and I have heard positive comments about it, so try it out one day soon.

They are next to the Istanbul Turkish restaurant, and there is plenty of parking in the vicinity for us lazy ones.

Roel Loopers


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The lovely Attic cafe and the tranquil Stable Hands cafe in Freo’s Bannister Street are now open at night on weekends, so be adventurous and give them a try tonight.

Roel Loopers


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The extension of the CHAR CHAR BULL restaurant in the Fremantle Fishing Boat Harbour is nearing completion.

The new piazza there has already been finished but is still fenced off because of the CCB construction work. It should not be long now!

Roel Loopers


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A 4


German supermarket giant ALDI opened today at the South Fremantle Marketplace on the corner of Douro and Hampton Road.

Parking bays were hard to find but it was quiet inside the supermarket when I went for a look at midday.

I bumped into a very excited English lady who gushed about cheap German beer for only $ 8.00 a six pack.

I was delighted to get a Dutch rookworst for only $ 2.99 when they are $ 9.00 at Woolies and bought fresh Australian salmon for about $ 4.00 less than I normally pay elsewhere.

I did not have too much of a look around but noticed a giant 58″ high definition TV for only $ 499.00.

Nice touch to have special close-by parking for those special parents with babies.

Roel Loopers


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The owners of the KIOSK at Fremantle Beach Street, opposite the East Street Jetty, can thank their good luck that Fremantle Council did not sign off on handing over the former DADAA building next door to become the new location for the Aboriginal Cultural Centre.

I doubt that under those circumstances the City of Fremantle would have agreed to change the popular cafe from cafe to tavern, as they requested, and will be debated at the FPOL Committee this Wednesday.

The KIOSK wants to expand their business and have applied for a variation in license from 240 sqm to approximately 418 sqm, and they want to apply for a tavern liquor license to accommodate small functions and groups that is up to now restricted to table service.

The City of Fremantle is at present liaising with Aboriginal elders and groups to find out what they want to achieve with a cultural centre and then find an appropriate building in Freo for our Noongar friends.

Roel Loopers


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The event A TASTE OF THE STATES at the Fremantle Moore&Moore Cafe I promoted earlier is a FREE EVENT, so no ticket buying required.

It is on from 5-10 pm but the beer bars were already serving at midday, so pop in!

Beer, cocktails, hotdogs, pies, sliders, music in a great historic building.

Roel Loopers


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Taste of the States July 9


Thank the Big G that there is more to the United States of America than that mad man Donald Trump.

Today from 5-10 pm the Moore&Moore cafe in Henry Street will show you some good bits in A TASTE OF THE STATES.

Hotdogs, sliders, pies, beer, cocktails. Entry fee is $ 25.00 and that includes a $ 10.00 token.

Roel Loopers


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Just a little Freo’s View free community service and promotion for two new businesses in Fremantle.

1991 Skateshop has opened shop at 7/2 Cantonment Street and is a core skateboard shop. Owned and run exclusively by skateboarders, 1991 Skateshop has a huge range of skateboard decks, hardware, shoes and apparel online and in store.

Check it out!

Little Polkadot Pantry  at 147 South Terrace is the home of Perth’s first artisan marshmallow salon located within The Coop @ The Corner Store.

It features a beautiful handmade marshmallow centric menu created by some of the most exciting pastry chefs in Perth. With a focus on local and small batch a carefully curated daily menu (inc sweet & savoury) features along with a pantry stocked with local artisan goodness.       

A fine selection of Seven Seas Tea & Karvan Coffee is available from “Betsy” the marshmallow pink Wega machine to compliment the artisan treats along with a healthy dose of good old fashioned service.

Support our local businesses. They are doing it tough!

Roel Loopers



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Aldi stilllife


Photographers are privileged people. We see beauty other people mostly miss out on.

There is beauty everywhere during our daily routine, when we keep an eye out for it, as this photo at the new ALDI in South Fremantle shows.

Just someone putting a light up, but the splashes of colour create a painterly image.

Roel Loopers

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