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It is a very busy day at Fremantle Port this Friday with ten vessels at berth.

At Victoria Quay there are three cruise liners, the delayed Regatta that was supposed to sail out last evening, the Astor, and the Silver Shadow, which arrived just after 1 pm.

There is also a RoRo vessel and two supply ships at Victoria Quay.

At North Quay there are three container ships and one scrap metal vessel.

Lots of pleasure boats also passing through the port plus the Rottnest Island ferries.

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tug 2


Those mighty little tugboats dwarfed by the big container ships always impress me in Fremantle Port, so I had to take a photo of this one this morning pulling strongly.

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crane 1 crane 2


I love Freo’s working port, so had a look around Rous Head today and took these two interesting photos.

A report in today’s Fremantle Gazette about the increase of container freight to the port by rail was revealing as the company in charge of the rail terminal stated it handles on average 12-14 trains per week. That is not even 2 per day, so why is rail not used more often I wonder?

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There is a protest meeting on Saturday April 2 at 2 pm at the South Beach lawn near the Sailing Club where people want to start a petition to stop freight train movement to and from Fremantle Port between 11 pm and 7 am. I find the notion utterly ridiculous as Femantle has had a 24/7 working port for as long as I know.

What is next, demanding the trains don’t run on weekends and public holidays either so that those who bought apartments and houses near the railway line have their peace of mind?

This is the same mentality as people who buy property near a pub and then complain about music noise and patrons leaving. I am aware Fremantle Ports have received complaints from people who bought apartments in new buildings in North Fremantle and who demanded port operations stop at 7 pm.

I lived for two and a half years next to the Roundhouse in one of the old Pilots Cottages there and never had an issue with the trains passing by, and I also heard noise from the port but that did not bother me either, because I knew when I moved in that I was only a few metres from the railway line and a few hundred metres from the port.

The call for action on Facebook mentions the name of Member for Fremantle Simone McGurk and I am very surprised she would want to get involved in this as the Maritime Union of Australia will start kicking ass, and rightly so.

The annoying wheel squeal of the trains can be solved with water spray, so why not suggest that this will be installed instead of the totally unrealistic demand for trains to only run between 7 am and 11 pm. Do people even realise how many thousands of dollars it costs to keep a ship in port?

Move to the east of Fremantle where you can start complaining about traffic noise that goes on 24 hours a day!

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port 10


The planned sale/50 year lease by the WA State Government of Fremantle Port appears to be all over now that the National Party coalition partners have announced they will not support it.

Not only does this leave Premier Colin Barnett with egg on his face again, but questions now need to be asked how much money has already been wasted on the proposed long-term lease.

At the last Victoria Quay working group I attended late last year we were told that Fremantle Ports was spending huge amounts of money on expert consultants from lawyers to maritime, international, trade, transport, etc. This must have grown into millions of dollars of taxpayers money the government squandered on another failed project.

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The planned State Government $1,1 billion fire sale of Fremantle Port is in jeopardy as the National Party has indicated they might block the sale because of fear that farmers will be slugged with much higher fees for live exports.

After the controversial sale of the Darwin port to a Chinese company the Federal government has also indicated they want stricter controls to make sure there are no national security risks.

Time will tell if the Nationals will support the sale and if a buyer can be found, and also if that all can happen before next year’s State election. It is doubtful a Labor government would go ahead with the asset sales, but they will be struggling to implement Maxrail and likely other major election promises because W.A. is deep in the red.

Here a few photos I have taken over many years on assignments for Fremantle Ports.

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Fremantle Port is tidying up for the planned sale/50 year lease with a new carpark and light poles near the old police station and a paint job and new fences for the lighthouses on the south and north mole.

It will only be a matter of time I assume till they do what real estate agents recommend when selling property and that is to get the smell of coffee and flowers throughout the port.

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I took these photos yesterday afternoon at Fremantle Port. There is not a day that I don’t visit the working port to see what is going on. It’s never the same and it’s never boring with international ships coming and going, and I often see dolphins playing in the water, which is an added bonus. Love the Port!

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After last week’s Thinking Allowed in the Fremantle Herald about the Perth Freight Link by Fremantle Deputy Mayor Josh Wilson, this week commercial advisor to the energy industry Martin Lee writes down his thoughts in the Chook. Both opinion pieces are well worth reading, as it is essential to try to have a mature debate about it and ideally leave political grandstanding behind.

I for one believe it is very good that premier Colin Barnett does not want to commit-yet-to stage 2 and 3, but one would then have to question the value of Roe 8. I believe the government jumped the gun by announcing the PFL far too early and before the proper planning and environmental processes had been finalised. But it is better to now hold back and see if a good outcome can be found instead of stubbornly continuing with the road to nowhere.

It is of course wrong to believe that an outer harbour would solve the freight traffic problems to the Fremantle port inner harbour, because Kwinana would only be an overflow port. It will also take up to 20 years to construct a port in Cockburn Sound, so the truck traffic problems to Fremantle port will only get worse.

Freight on rail by all means, but the reality, according to experts, is that it is unlikely to get to the desired 30%, which means more than 70% of freight to the port will still come by road. Truck traffic will dramatically increase over the next years and that means worse traffic problems in North Fremantle and along Leach Highway.

The outer harbour would also create serious environmental issues and threatens the sea grass in Cockburn Sound and traffic in that area would significantly increase and another wetlands threatened. The CUSP supported Latitude 32 requires the construction of a new freeway from Tonkin Highway to Kwinana, so what damage to the environment and communities would result from that?

It would probably also require new legislation to force trucking companies to install GPS systems to see if they use the proposed toll road and one could also question if that can be done or contravenes privacy and civic liberty laws.

There are simply far too many questions and unresolved issues to rush into building the Perth Freight Link. A priority should be to see how we can increase freight on rail and how we can get containers into the inner harbour at Fremantle without messing up North and East Freo, and it is essential to seriously start planning an outer harbour.

It is in my opinion prudent that the Premier just wants to sit on this untill all problems have been addressed professionally without hype and spin and hot air. For me this is not about which political party will have bragging rights and claims a win because the PFL is or isn’t constructed, but it is what is best for Fremantle and the affected areas.

It’s time to chill, relax, stop the political power muscling and just deal with the facts. There will be no great outcome one way or the other so huge compromises will have to be made. Freo port won’t close in a hurry so we need to address the traffic problems, create incentives for trucking companies to travel at night, etc. This is huge, so let’s not pretend anyone has the answers!

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Freo’s View has been publishing a lot of comments about the Perth Freight Link and sadly it has all gone negative again with people trying to get political mileage out of it.

I have no idea why the opposition against the Perth Freight Link is considered to be political. That might apply to media stuff from the Labor, Liberal and Greens parties, but certainly not from the community groups and councils who are against it. This is not Barnett bashing but trying to find proper solutions for what is a real difficult problem to solve.

Even the Premier admitted at a North Fremantle community forum that there are no elegant solutions to get from Stirling Highway into the port, and that is his realistic assessment, which Curtin University Professor Peter Newman agreed with. Mainroads told a meeting at Fremantle Ports that there are no final plans, no timeline and no budget to build stage 2 and 3, so let’s stop the nonsense of attacking all and sundry and try instead to help solve the problem and find solutions.

An outer harbour has not been budgeted for and there is no money in the State coffers, and even if there was, it will take up to ten years to build the outer harbour and it will have severe environmental impact on Cockburn Sound and traffic issues in the area.

More freight on rail would be great but the present line will never accommodate the desired but unrealistic 30%, so a lot of money is needed to build a new line that can accommodate double-stacking. It is not fair to believe the present line through the west of Fremantle should handle more trains as it already negatively impacts on people living along it.

Let’s have a rational, mature and constructive debate about the issue and stop bashing people who have different views on how to solve the problem. I am sick and tired of the relentless negative comments on this blog!


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