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The preferred option for the WA Government for the final stage of the Perth Freight Link is a bridge, or actually a couple of bridges.

The idea is to duplicate the Stirling Bridge and to also build a new freight rail bridge over the Swan River to get freight into Fremantle Port by rail and road.

It would mean we would have five bridges in a short distance from each other and somehow North Fremantle’s Tydeman Road and Stirling Highway are supposed to cope with it.

I can’t see the logic in this madness as the present rail line can’t handle double stacking, so a new bridge will not necessarily mean that more freight can go to Fremantle Port by rail. The transport through the West End is also being criticised by locals who complain about the noise.

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I took advantage of the beautiful sunny Monday morning and went for a nice walk from Rule Street in North Fremantle to Mosman Park along the lovely path above the Swan River.

It is a great walk to also learn about nature and history while exercising at there are a lot of information signs.

I found out about the State Implement and Engineering Works that used to be there, that held the patent for the revolutionary stump jump plough. It also produced the keel of Australia II that won the America’s Cup in 1983.

The first WA land grand was given along the path in 1839 to the ‘Billy Goat Farm’ and there was a limestone quarry and Colonial Sugar.

The Wadjuk Noongar people used the area for camping and fishing and tools were found at Minim Cove that date back 9,930 years. The local indigenous people knew that when the paper bark flowered the mullet would run, so a great spot for fishing.

I walked for just a bit over an hour, but one can venture further into Mosman Park. Great views back to Fremantle and some interesting and very expensive houses north of the path.

There is a good car parking spot at the end of Rule Street, or take the train to North Fremantle, or hop on your bike.

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Blackwall Reach is one of my favourite walks in the Fremantle area. The other one is the walk from Rule Street in North Fremantle to Mosman Park just above the river.

I had a walk along the former today and sat soaking up the sun for half an hour listening to the birds. It was very quiet and I only saw three people, but on weekends there are a whole lot more and also many cyclists.

A tram from Fremantle ran through the Blackwall Reach reserve to Point Walter from 1915 to 1940. Point Walter was a very popular holiday destination for city slickers then.

I took some happy snaps along the way and am happy to announce that spring is in the air.

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WA Police continued their search for more evidence at the old Fremantle traffic bridge today to find more clues to the murder of a woman whose body was found stuffed in a suitcase in the Swan River on the weekend.

Specific tiles that were found in the suitcase were also found yesterday near the traffic bridge.

The Asian woman was approximately 35-45 years old. If you did see her before the weekend or know who she is or where she lived please do contact Crime Stoppers.

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Police have released this photo of the poor woman who was found murdered and stuffed in a suitcase  in the Swan River at East Fremantle on the weekend.

The woman is between 35 and 45 years of age Police believe, and was 158cm tall and weighed 59kg. She was wearing a Tokyo Disneyland shirt and Kathmandu vest.

If you know who this woman is please do call Crime Stoppers!

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A very early start to do some blogging this morning, but then I could not get on line, so went for a drive through Fremantle and beyond instead to feel the autumn rain.

I am not much of a nature photographer but took this moody shot just before sunrise at Point Walter.

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Good news for motorists, cyclists and pedestrians! Mainroads has issued a statement saying that after a final inspection this evening the old Fremantle traffic bridge will reopen tomorrow.

Workers today braced the wooden piles that are holding up the bridge by tying steel ties around them to prevent movement of the piles.

The bridge was suddenly closed on Friday night when erosion was discovered at one of the piers.

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There was already a huge traffic jam on Sunday at 1 o’clock at the Fremantle traffic bridges because the old one was suddenly closed on Friday by the Mainroads Department, so one can just imagine the chaos this morning during rush hour and again tonight.

We have to ask why there needed to be an emergency closure of the bridge when workers have been there for nearly a year. Why was it discovered only now that one of the foundation piers has erosion and is damaged to the point that it endangers life? Should the bridges not be checked regularly for that? Water, salt and wind, so erosion surely is something to be expected and is not at all unusual.

It sounds pretty incompetent to me that we have a sudden closure and emergency repairs, because if it is this serious Mainroads has been neglecent  in their duties and quite clearly not done regular inspections of the foundations. That is not acceptable when thousands of vehicles and people cross that bridge daily.

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The heritage listed restored Fremantle Gunners Cottages Married Quarters at Cantonment Hill were officially unveiled yesterday by Defence Housing Australia, and it is a delight to see the old cottages looking all great again and ready to be occupied by Defence personnel after they were vacant for many years and left to deteriorate badly.

The cottages have all been given names of s0ldiers who served and died in wars, with signs behind the buildings explaining who these soldiers were. The one big disappointment for me is the use of colourbond fences at the pathway steps that show blatant disrespect for the historic significance of the site.

It took a lot of pressure and lobbying from the City of Fremantle, Melissa Parke MP and the Femantle Society to finally get some action from the Defence Department, who have added a few more houses to the ten old cottages which have great views over the harbour and are an easy fifteen-minute-walk to the Freo CBD.

Once the Cantonment Hill masterplan gets implemented the cottages will be at a prime location next to Fremantle’s most stunning park that has sensational ocean and river views and promises to become THE spot to be to watch the sunset.

It is fantastic and long overdue to see significant heritage restoration in Fremantle with the Warders Cottages in Henderson Street also under way and the City of Fremantle ready to spend around $ 2 million on fully restoring the dilapidated Townhall.

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Under the Bridge foodtrucks


The UNDER THE BRIDGE food trucks are at the Fremantle East Street jetty from 5 to 8.30 pm today so check it out. It’s a great day and a lovely way to finish Labour Day, so get out there and support the small local traders.

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