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The Perth SWAN RIVER COMMUNITY MARKETS will be on again tomorrow from 8 am to 1 pm so come and support all the small traders and the Fremantle organisers of the event. It is straight behind the Belltower so why not drive to South Perth and hop on the ferry to add a bit more fun.

Young Freo legend muso Carus Thompson will be performing all morning and a new interactive artwork at the site has just been revealed and will keep children and adults entertained.

There are lots of art and craft, food and other stalls, an animal touch farm, face painting and fairies, so join the fun!

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East Fremantle Councillor Michael McPhail is one of those near perfect species on this planet. Not only is the very likeable, intelligent and handsome young man dedicated to his community, but he also turns out to be a great photographer.

He took this photo last night when the thunderstorm struck Fremantle and what a sensational pic it is! Thanks Michael!!

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Posted in fremantle, markets, perth by freoview on October 27, 2015

Here some more impressions of Saturday’s SWAN RIVER COMMUNITY MARKETS at Elizabeth Quay/Barrack Street jetty in Perth, that  is being organised by Fremantle’s Kylie Wheatley of Red Tent Events fame, and that I am also involved with.

The market has huge potential in my opinion once the Elizabeth Quay building site is finished. I believe the official opening of that will be around Christmas time this year, so only two months away. It is a very impressive development that could well become a major tourist attraction. Go and see for yourself.

The markets are on Saturdays from 8 am to 1pm.

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Since I am involved with the SWAN RIVER COMMUNITY MARKETS at the Perth Belltower I am going to promote it now and then here on Freo’s View in the hope to entice some of my readers to make the epic journey across the mighty Swan into the big smoke.

The markets is on again tomorrow from 8 am till 1 pm and there is also the inaugural Bonjour French festival in Langley Park, so you could combine both events and make it a day out.

It will also give you the opportunity to check out the quite spectacular Elizabeth Quay development!

Take the train from the Murdoch train station to the Esplanade or from the Fremantle train station to Perth, or for the more adventurous drive to South Perth and hop on the ferry to Barrack Street. It will be fun!

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Posted in fremantle, perth, swan river community markets by freoview on October 18, 2015

We do markets well in Fremantle, even when we do them in Perth. Freo’s Red Tent Events owner Kylie Wheatley, who also manages the Growers Green Farmers Markets in Beaconsfield, was contracted by the Metropolitan Redevelopment Authority to create the SWAN RIVER COMMUNITY MARKETS at Barrack Street on Elizabeth Quay.

The market is wedged between the Swan River ferry terminal and the Belltower and is rather special in that location. It has food stalls, fresh produce, arts and crafts, an animal touch farm, live music, Fairy Sandie and live music.

Leave your car at Murdoch and hop on the train to the Esplanade Station. The market is on on Saturdays from 8.30 am to 1 pm.

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Posted in fremantle, markets, perth by freoview on October 13, 2015

Swan River Community Markets

I don’t often promote things that are happening in Perth because Freo’s View is a Fremantle, blog but the new SWAN RIVER COMMUNITY MARKETS at the new Elizabeth Quay is managed by our own Freo’s Kylie Wheatley of Red Tent Events and I’ll be the supervisor, so come along and support us!

We are starting this Saturday October 17 from 8 am till 1 pm. Not ideal for me because it is Council election day, but that’s just the way it is.

Leave your car at Murdock station and hop on the train to the Esplanade station and you’ll be there, or take the train from Freo to Perth and walk 15 minutes from there to the Belltower.

And all of you from all over Perth, please do come and support the market as it is a six-week trial, so if you don’t turn up the market will not continue.

See you on Saturday! SHARE THIS POST PLEASE!

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winter break

These birds were having a break from the wet and enjoying the sunshine at Point Walter this morning.

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I was astounded to hear Western Australian Treasurer Mike Nahan arrogantly dismissing the objections against the Perth Freight Link on TV, stating that it would take at least twenty years to build a port at Kwinana, but giving no indication when the government will start budgeting and planning for the outer harbour port, in the knowledge that Fremantle port will reach capacity in around ten years from now.

I would support spending good money on fast solutions for the short term and get more freight on rail, and trucks off our roads, but certainly governments have a duty to plan and build for the long-term future and not just for the next 5-10 years. Building an outer harbour port does not, and should not, stop short-term improvement projects to deal with the ever increasing freight to the port that often makes driving along Leach Highway a nightmare and creates traffic jams in North Fremantle. It should go hand in hand.

Where did the Treasurer get advise from that building a new port in Cockburn Sound would take a mammoth twenty years and why has he not budgeted for it?

The short-sightedness and spin regarding the Perth Freight Link is serious mismanagement of our State’s affairs and looks more like stubbornness than good governance. To spend some two billion dollars on a road to a port that will not be able to grow much more is a waste of money and even more so when there are no concrete plans, and no money, to duplicate the Stirling Bridge. Fact is that the State does not have the financial capacity to build the bridge in the near future. That could mean a $ 2 billion road to nowhere that more or less stops at the Swan River, where a huge bottleneck would be created and a traffic nightmare for years to come.

Arrogance is not governance Mike Nahan and concentrating on short-term solution will only make matters far worse in the future. An outer harbour port is the best long-term strategy and needs to be prioritised!

Roel Loopers


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winter 1

Winter is not my favourite time of the year as I like it hot and sunny, but winter light is very different from summer and creates different images, as this one at the Swan river foreshore in Melville.

The very large grass area is always busy with people walking their dogs with the Perth skyline as backdrop.

The small dog exercise area suggested for Fremantle’s Stevens Reserve at Swanbourne Street is on the Council agenda this Wednesday but the officer does not recommend it because of community opposition to it.

It will be interesting to see if Fremantle Council will not implement something that sensibly protects small dogs and give them a safe area to run around in because other users of the reserve object to it. If council is consistent it ignores the community input, as it has done on far bigger and more controversial issues such as the tavern at J Shed on Bathers Beach.

Talking about Bathers Beach, there are no indications the toilets at Kidogo Arthouse will be built and the Kelp Bar resurrected. I’ve got the feeling that owner Joanna Robinson has realised it is not going to be such a goldmine and that the location, weather and council restrictions might make a bar there  not financially viable and just bloody hard work for little return.

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Posted in development, east fremantle, local government by freoview on June 4, 2015

The Department of Defence today announced they will be selling the Leeuwin Barracks in East Fremantle, so it is highly likely this prime location will be developed into residential and that would have to be done with great sensitivity. It would be cheap money to stick highrise buildings along the Swan river and sell as many river view apartments and penthouses as one can get up there, but traffic issues along Riverside Drive and Preston Point Road could become a problem, as would the views of those who built their homes north of the Leeuwin site.

I think there is probably Buckley’s chance to get a lot of affordable housing there as the site cries rich, rich, rich and is probably worth tens of millions of dollars.

How can the Town of East Fremantle protect its interests and the amenity of the area? How can it influence developers who are going to throw big money at it, and the federal government will just wash its hands off it and  not dictate what can and can’t be done with the site. Can this be contractually done at all, one wonders?

A sensitive and beautiful low to medium density residential project could enhance the area and should include a large public open space, but I fear that the site will be sold for less than market value and developers will try to suck every last cent out of it to the detriment of the locale. Be pro-active on this East Freo or you might get hurt!

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