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The Under The Bridge Food Trucks are at the Fremantle East Street jetty from 5.30pm today, so make sure to go and enjoy this very popular community event.

It is great to sit at the Swan river, watch the dolphins(if you are lucky) and stunning sunsets behind the huge port cranes.

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The Under the Bridge Foodtrucks at the Fremantle East Street jetty on Mondays are very popular and a fantastic idea, that is now being emulated in Mosman Park, and from tomorrow on also on Thursdays at the John Tonkin Reserve in East Fremantle.

There were a lot of people young and old having a good time last night while a band was playing invigorating music.

If you haven’t experienced sitting at the Swan River, watching the sun set behind the port while having yummy food, go do it next Monday as summer is almost over!

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It is a brilliant day for the Fremantle FOOD TRUCKS UNDER THE BRIDGE today, so get on your bikes, walk or drive to the East Street Jetty from 5-9pm today for excellent food and great sunsets at the Swan River.


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Food truck events have become very popular in Australia and also here in Fremantle where we have two food truck events this evening.

The UNDER THE BRIDGE food trucks at the East Street jetty started last summer and do get a lot of visitors, but for those who live a bit more east the Hilton HILLTOP foodtrucks are also on in the carpark behind the cafe at Paget Street.

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cantonment hill

The Fremantle Sea Rescue at the Signal Station on historic Cantonment Hill in Fremantle will have an Open Day all weekend on Saturday and Sunday, November 11 and 12 between 1pm and 5 pm.

Great views from there over the port and Swan river and the city so make your way up the hill.

The Signal Station has no wheelchair access and the steps are quite steep, so consider that.

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The Monday night UNDER THE BRIDGE FREO FOOD TRUCKS at the Fremantle East Street jetty is becoming very popular with locals.

It is a very Freo setting at the Swan river with the sun setting behind the port, while eating delicious food in a relaxing environment.

Food from Flying Fallafels, Eat No Evil, and others, music, fresh air and views of the Rainbow artwork.

It is on every Monday during the summer months from 5pm till about 8.30, so go and check it out next week!


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Plympton Steps


It is just out of Fremantle, but I love walking and driving along Riverside Drive in East Fremantle.

It is great to see all the yachts, the pelicans, mums with prams, joggers, families, dog walkers as one goes along.

The Leeuwin Barracks development project will be a huge thing for the Town of East Fremantle, so I am looking forward to that starting next year some time.

I always end up on the top near Petra Street where one can look along the Swan River from above the yacht club and see the Perth highrise buildings in the distance.

On the way back there are great views to Fremantle Port.

The Plympton Steps have been completed and with the freshly-painted Tradeswind Hotel above it it looks very attractive.


Roel Loopers

Vote Roel for City Ward! (in Fremantle that is ; >)



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A beautiful friend of mine whom I like very much told me on Facebook yesterday that since she saw me last, about five months ago, I have become and ugly fat blob of a man. (Only joking! She said I looked good. ; >)

Being human I immediately reacted and blamed my poor health at the start of the year for my weight gain, because walking was not a great experience with a catheter inserted. I totally forgot to mention my liking for sweets, ice cream, pork belly, chips with mayo, pies, pizza, etc.

Anyway, my Pigmy penis was successfully amputated in a ten-second operation in May, so with the sky blue and the sun shining I no longer had an excuse this morning to stay on the couch and read books.

Off I went to Blackwall Reach, that really should be part of Freo. The Fremantle Tram used to run through there to Point Walter, so historically we have a claim.

If only the former State Government had not messed up the local government reform so badly, that beautiful part of the world would have been ours.

Talked to a lovely couple from Victoria who arrived yesterday and who are regrowing a rain forrest there near Mildura. She was picking up rubbish that people had left behind on the rocks.

Here some photos of my epic walk to show my now former friend whom I liked very much that I am trying to lose weight. ; >)


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I could not stop myself from going out again and take more photos of this morning’s fog in Fremantle.

I drove along the Swan river to Blackwall Reach and Point Walter to take these images.

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East Fremantle Deputy Mayor Michael McPhail is Australia’s youngest Deputy Mayor. His impressive presentation at the Fremantle Network of the vision plan for the East Freo Leeuwing Barracks and foreshore showed why he was elected by his peers to the position.

A lot of water will flow under the bridges before the plans will be realised as the Defence Department owns the land and will have the final say after all, but at least the Town of East Fremantle is pro-actively involved in what must be one of the most significant development projects for the town and greater Fremantle.

McPhail said this was Fremantle’s day and Fremantle’s time and that the area is an emerging area for opportunity thanks to Fremantle Council, and it needs a regional big picture view.

He said the two major future visions for river foreshore development in the Perth metro area are the Leeuwin Barracks and the South Quay project, and he showed East Fremantle’s Port to Point Vision, all the way from Fremantle Port to Point Walter. It is about how we reconnect Fremantle to its foreshore McPail said.

He rightly pointed out that the South Quay project is a long way away still, while the Leeuwin development is imminent with land sales starting later this year, and said the East Street jetty area could be beautified by Fremantle Council before that.

Riverside Drive is old and needs to be realligned to accommodate the vision plans and the huge Leeuwin development that would see some 1,400 new residents moving into new apartment buildings, a new hotel, shops and large green open spaces for residents and the wider community to enjoy.

The vision showed two major 15-storey towers on the 14 hectare site plus 4-8 storey buildings spread among the large public spaces that will connect to river boardwalks.

It will require careful planning by the Town of East Fremantle and Mainroads to accommodate the additional vehicle movement along Preston Point Road and Riverside Drive as the majority of the new residents and visitors will be driving cars.

Michael McPhail is right that he sees this as a huge opportunity for Greater Fremantle and I believe it is essential for the two local councils and State Government to work together on a vision plan for the foreshore area from the Fremantle railway station all the way to Point Walter.

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