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I received new information about the rumour that the Fly by Night club might be leaving Fremantle.

My informant told me that City of Fremantle officers will recommend to Council to terminate the Fly’s lease for Victoria Hall, so it will be a Council decision to keep the live music venue going or let is die.

Money is probably the issue here, so we will have to wait and see if Fremantle Council is willing to financially support the Fly by Night club again, or let them go.

Before the Fly moved into Victoria Hall Clancy’s offered to manage the heritage building as a live music venue and run the bar and daytime cafe, but that offer was not taken up by Fremantle Council.

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The Fawlty Towers approach to governance by Fremantle Council on the proposed J Shed tavern development continued at the Planning Committee on Wednesday evening and will be repeated again at full Ordinary Council next week.

The Bathers Beach saga has been going on since November 2012 when the City asked for Expressions Of Interest (EOI) for a bar/cafe/gallery for the No 1 unit at J Shed on historic Arthur’s Head.

With stars in their eyes the naive Council then decided to sign the ‘applicant driven’ 21 year lease for an 850 patron tavern and 1,500 patron outdoor live music venue, against the express and loud wishes of local residents and heritage groups, Fremantle Ports and neighbouring J Shed artists, as well as Noongar representatives.

But when Sunset Events finally put their planning proposal in Councillors got cold feet and rejected the application, which subsequently was also rejected by the WA Planning Commission, which is the deciding authority.

Since then the proposal has been watered down a few times and is now only for a 300 patron tavern on a reduced parcel of the A Class Reserve and no outdoor live music events. If that is actually financially viable for the proponent is very questionable, and according to a CoF director I spoke to this afternoon Sunset Events will need to find a financial partner for the around $ 1 million development to be able to realise it.

The WAPC rejected the proposal because it was inappropriate in use, bulk and scale for the area and Councillor Jeff McDonald passionately reminded his fellow Councillors of that.

McDonald said that the land is of regional significance, the parking requirements are not addressed, that it is not a low profile development, and it is not at all similar to Rottnest Island!

Mayor Brad Pettitt however believed that the proposal for a tavern is a real opportunity to activate the West End and Arthur’s Head and that the plans were now close to where the Council initially wanted to go. One has to wonder then why Council signed a 21 year lease for an large 850 patron tavern and an even bigger 1,500 patron music venue in the first place, when all they wanted was a small bar. Yes Minister!

The process has been unfair to everyone! Sunset Events had every reason to believe in good faith that Council would support the tavern and music venue when they signed the long lease, but the same elected members who approved the lease keep stuffing the proponents around until the proposal is close to no longer being viable.

The J Shed artists had to live with the anxiety of not knowing what is going to happen with their work spaces, studios and galleries and if the impact of the proposal might mean they will have to move elsewhere.

The heritage groups are of course concerned about the negative impact on one of the most significant historic areas in Western Australia and how that might impact also on tourism.

The inner city residents are rightly concerned about drunks, anti social behaviour, littering of Bathers Beach and parking issues. One can just imagine that at night time clever motorists will find that Mrs Trivett and Captain’s Lane, as well as Fleet Street are just fine for illegal parking and maybe having a quick wee in the dark. With the Whalers Tunnel closed at night it is a long walk around Arthur’s Head in the dark to the Little High Street and Victoria Quay carparks.

The fact that there are no plans for building a proper toilet block should also be a concern as portaloos are unsightly and smelly.

Councillor Jenny Archibald summed up pretty well what I have been saying for years. Arthur’s Head and the Bathers Beach Arts Precinct need a more cohesive approach from Council. She said it was disappointing Council is willing to compromise so much and that the original EOI was interesting. May I remind the Mayor that he agreed before the October election at an event in the National Hotel that the Bathers Beach Art Precinct needed to be revisited by Council because it was not working!

Councillor Adin Lang said it was unlikely a cafe could afford to spend $ 1 million on infrastructure.

Don’t waste your time folks watching a satirical program on TV, come attend Fremantle Council instead when they debate the J Shed proposal and you’ll get a mix of Yes Minister and Fawlty Towers all on the same night and free to hot air. If it wasn’t so sad to watch the incompetence it would be a good laugh.

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Freo Social Hall


While the controversial proposal for a tavern at J Shed on Bathers Beach will come before the City of Fremantle Planning Committee tomorrow evening, at the other end of town Sunset Events appear to be progressing well with converting the former Drillhall and former home of the Fly by Night Club into the FREO SOCIAL HALL music venue.

Sunset Events signed a lease with the National Trust to bring back the heritage building to its former glory and has been working on it for years. The new music venue is opening later this year.

A new large music venue will be very welcome in Fremantle, but it will be serious competition for the struggling Fly by Night in Victoria Hall, so time will tell if the two venues can survive in the same town.

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I just picked this up on Facebook from WA Premier Mark McGowan, so Fremantle musicians take advantage of it and try to get your fair share of government funding and support!

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Congratulations to Fremantle’s Clancy’s Fish Pub which is celebrating its 30th birthday!

During my good old drinking days I spent many hours a week at Clancy’s drinking Guinness and wine and eating lots of fish&chips, whitebait and fried mice.

I danced to exhaustion on the great music of the Zydecats almost every Sunday night and attended many festivals Clancy’s organised in Princess May Park.

The Clancy’s crew are the best people and the family atmosphere in the pub makes sure there are very few occasions of the odd bad drunk.

Melbourne Cup at Clancy’s was a really day out where I caught up with friends at 11am to stagger home early evening.

Clancy’s is a truly Freo icon that looks after children as well as it looks after grown ups.

Happy birthday Fisher brothers and all the staff and thanks for all the good times!

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For lover of the late BON SCOTT and AC/DC music, the Fremantle BONFEST is in full swing. See the poster above for details of events.


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It’s a perfect Fremantle Sunday to do lots of things and connect with our community.

Start the day with our own Growers Green Farmers Market at Fremantle College on Lefroy Road from 8am till midday.

From there up to Princess May Park where Clancy’s has put up Smoking in the Port with lots of BBQs, smokers, food tips and samples, chilli, etc. Starts at 11 am.

From 2-4 pm Bongziwe Mabandla will perform at the free Fremantle Arts Centre concert.

The South African has created a truly unmatched Afro-folk sound. Singing in both Xhosa and English, Mabandla fuses elements of hip-hop and dub with soul and traditional Xhosa music. With hypnotic vocals, heartfelt lyrics and beat-heavy grooves, he has the ability to move from melancholic melodies to crowd-surfing riot.

And from 5 to 9pm you can enjoy yourselves with the Harbour Sounds on the deck of the Maritime Museum on Victoria Quay. Free entry.

Harbour Sounds at the Maritime Museum

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February 2018 marks the 38th Anniversary of the passing of rock legend, AC/DC lead vocalist and Fremantle local hero, Bon Scott. It is also the 10th anniversary of the Bon Scott Statue installation.

To mark the occasion, Bonfest Freo – A Giant Dose Of Rock ‘n’ Roll, will bring together musicians and music fans across the globe in a four-day weekend celebration (February 15 – 18, 2018). Taking place in beautiful Fremantle, Western Australia – the resting place of Bon Scott.

The festival features 13 events across 19 days in February 2018, giving rock music fans a giant dose of rock ‘n’ roll.

The Bonfest Freo festival culminates in the main event – the Jailbreak Concert – Whole Lotta Pipers – at Fremantle Prison.

AC/DC and Bon Scott fans – tick some big items off your bucket list (visit the Bon Scott statue, Bon Scott’s resting place in Fremantle Cemetery and go on a Highway to Hell tour of other iconic Fremantle landmarks) and get along to Bonfest Freo – A Giant Dose Of Rock.




The Fremantle Network at the National Hotel last night debated the unacceptable high instances of sexual attacks on women in clubs, pubs and during music events.

Rebecca Snedden and Will MacDonald of Safer Venues WA spoke about the need to raise awareness, collaborate with venues, the alarming statistics of prevalence of harassment on women, and what kind of harassment it is and what causes it.

Safer Venues WA did an online survey in which 80% of female participants reported harassment, unsolicited sexual comments, verbal harassment, non consensual touching, and intimidation by men in venues in Perth and Fremantle.

Of the women who participated in the survey 42% had left a venue because of harassment, but most of them had not reported it to the venue management.

Steps are being taken to address this in venues with better staff and security staff training, signage in venues, that victims coming forward will be believed, better gender balance of security people, musicians calling out from stage to respect women, etc.

It is also important for other people to call out unacceptable behaviour. It just takes one to step between a woman who is harassed and the perpetrator and to take her away from him.

Community lawyer Kate Davis said that only 15% of sexual attacks are reported to police and from that only 10% make it to court. Australia has an incredibly low rate of convictions for sexual assault, to the point that it has become a concern for the United Nations.

Often women who have complained about sexual assault are character assassinated in court and hence most don’t bother to report the crime because of the humiliation they face.

Western Australia has the highest rate of domestic violence in Australia and it has been growing alarmingly I read a couple of weeks ago, which is a clear indication that far too many men do not respect women and don’t treat them as equals. That is not on.

Here my message to men who don’t know how to behave toward women:

It is not manly, macho or blokey to assault women physically or verbally. It’s what cowards do, and it is a criminal offence!

Women don’t ask for it because they are dressed sexy, and you have no reason whatsoever to believe that they dress up for you to touch them, attack them, or insult them.

When you buy a women a drink you don’t buy the right to her body.

To make absolutely sure there are no confusing messages, let the woman take the initiative. If she wants to get to know you better and more intimately she will let you know in no uncertain terms. But even when she kisses and cuddles you she might still not want to have sex with you, so chill, relax and treat her with respect!

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fac 5


The Fremantle Arts Centre courtyard was jam packed full on Sunday afternoon when hundreds of people came to listen to upcoming star Stella Donnelly.

The eery doomsday light, created by the Mundaring bushfire, created a moody ambience that went well with the excellent songs and singing of the delightful young singer song writer.

It is fantastic to hear such outstanding local talent, who will no doubt have a great future in Australia and beyond.

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