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Gypsy Tapas


The very Freo mobile barista at Gypsy Tapas in Queen Street might no longer be needed when we are going to near normal stage from midnight tonight where hospitality venues are allowed to have 100 customers, and the bigger ones up to 300 if they can create separate areas.

The National Hotel will have live music all weekend, Char Char  and Cicerello’s are open again and Kailis in the Fishing Boat Harbour will also re-open from tomorrow.

Little Creatures announced that as soon as they have found solutions to keep staff and patrons safe and can adhere to the Covid-19 social distancing requirements they will also reopen.

I am expecting, and hoping for, a very busy weekend in Fremantle, one that our traders have been hanging out for for months, so be patient when there is more traffic on the road, parking spots harder to find and a lot of people walking around.

When visiting pubs be aware that only table service will be available, so it might take a wee bit longer to get a drink or a meal, but after waiting for so long that should not be an issue. Staff will try their very best to be fast and efficient, so relax, chill, be nice and enjoy the moment, and remember that the pandemic is not over by a long shot, so keep your distance, wash your hands!

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Slip Street


Slip Street at Fremantle Port is one of my favourite little streets in town.  I believe it has huge potential to one day become a real attraction with bars, restaurants, etc. once TAFE moves on and the development of Victoria Quay becomes a reality.

The old buildings are getting a facelift by replacing the corrugated walls and roofs and it already looks a whole lot better.

Slip Street is a great backdrop for wedding photos and family portraits.

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I bumped into Ruth and Nigel Goodman of Bitches Brew framers, printers and artspace in High Street, and Ruth came up with this great idea to get activity going and bring shoppers back into Fremantle.

She suggested we should do a Christmas in July, with street stalls selling hot chocolate, mulled wine, window displays, Father Christmas, etc. and I believe that should be supported by the City of Fremantle and Chamber of Commerce, who could coordinate and promote the event, maybe on a weekend, starting Friday night?

Let’s get out there and support our local traders, now that we are getting a semblance of normality back!

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It was good to see the ferris Tourist Wheel turning again, on my late afternoon walk yesterday, and that Cicerello’s has also has started trading.

Passing by some places it looked as if the maximum of 20 patrons had already been ignored, probably in the knowledge that from coming Saturday on they are allowed to have 100 people in the hospitality venues with only 2 sqm per person.

At Victoria Quay families were trying to take advantage of the rain to catch a feed of fish, while there was a mist coming from the Indian Ocean.


I love walking around out beautiful Fremantle while trying to find interesting photos, such as the painterly reflection in the Fishing Boat Harbour.

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It is not only us humans hanging out for pubs and restaurants to open again, the poor seagulls in the Fishing Boat Harbour are also keen for a feed of fish&chips.

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I am happy that from June 6 on cafes can accommodate about double the number of customers than they can currently, under the Covid-19 social distancing restrictions.

When winter weather is there no one wants to sit out in the open, so the seats inside are taken fast, as was the case this morning at my favourite Freo cafe. That was disappointing. I want my local cafe back to normal! ;>))

This man decided to at least read the newspaper without getting wet.

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Good news for the struggling Fremantle hospitality industry with WA Premier Mark McGowan today announcing the relaxation of some Covid-19 restrictions.

From Saturday June 6 hospitality venues are allowed to have only 2sqm per customer, which doubles the current capacity.

Larger venues which can split into self-contained section are allowed to have up to 100 people per section, with a maximum of 300 patrons per venue.

Alcohol can be served without meals, but patrons will need to be seated at all times, which means table service only.

Phase 3 of the COVID-19 WA roadmap allows for:

  • indoor and outdoor gatherings of up to 100 people at any one time, per single undivided space, applying the revised two square metre per person capacity rule for WA venues
  • for venues that can fully re-open under stage 3, up to 300 patrons in total at the venue, but with no more than 100 patrons in a single undivided space at any one time (referred to as 100/300 rule) and applying the revised two square metre per patron capacity rule for WA venues.
  • food businesses and licensed premises may operate with seated service
  • alcohol may be served without a meal (patrons must be seated)
  • food courts can reopen with a seated service
  • businesses that provide beauty therapy and personal care services (including tanning, waxing, massages, nails services, tattooing and piercing) to reopen in line with the requirements for hairdressers and barbers
  • saunas, bath houses, float centres and wellness centres to reopen
  • galleries, museums, theatres, auditoriums, cinemas and concert venues can reopen (during any performance, the patrons must be seated)
  • Rottnest Island to open (Rottnest ferries are considered public transport)
  • The Perth Zoo to open with no patron limit for the whole venue (the 100/300 rule applies to indoor spaces and cafés/restaurants)
  • wildlife and amusement parks can reopen
  • arcades (including pool/snooker, ten pin bowling, Timezone), skate rinks and indoor play centres to reopen
  • auction houses and real estate auctions can reopen
  • TAB and other gaming venues (other than the Casino which is being considered separately) are permitted to reopen
  • contact sport and training is now permitted
  • playgrounds, skate parks and outdoor gym equipment is permitted to be used
  • gyms, health clubs, indoor sports centres can open and will be able to offer the normal range of activities provided staff are present, including use of all gym equipment
  • travel permitted throughout all of Western Australia (excluding entry into remote Aboriginal communities).

Everyone is encouraged to continue to practice physical distancing and good personal hygiene at all times.

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A cool and wet day in Freo, so starting it off with a bit of colour from the Henderson Street carpark, which is part of the Kings Square Redevelopment Project by Sirona Capital.

I must admit that in the current climate and Covid-19 economy I am anxious about the FOMO retail concept planned for our city square.

While there is some optimism about Fremantle’s future and the revitalisation of the CBD through residential, commercial, hospitality and tourism development, the pandemic will no doubt delay some of those projects and I just hope that FOMO will still start before Christmas this year, once the Walyalup Civic Centre is completed.

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C 1


I asked Fremantle Mayor Brad Pettitt this morning how council would support cafes and other hospitality venues and allow them to extend their alfresco areas, so that they can accommodate more people, while the Covid-19 social distancing rules are in place.

I received following reply and encourage all those who need a bit more space to put tables out to contact the City of Fremantle.

The City of Fremantle will provide as much flexibility as possible to enable cafes and restaurants to make the most of the easing of social distancing restrictions.

With the State Government expected to make further announcements increasing the number of people permitted to ‘eat in’ at local venues, Mayor Brad Pettitt said the City would do what it could to help businesses maximise their trading footprint.

Most notably, this could include temporarily expanding alfresco areas beyond usual boundaries provided they remained safe for pedestrians and did not impede other businesses.

“Obviously as things start to open up we want to encourage business operators to make the most of the opportunity to increase trade,” Mayor Pettitt said.

“Sitting outside for a coffee or meal on a sunny winter day is always a pleasure in Freo and we are keen to do whatever we can to support this to happen.”

Business operators looking to temporarily expand their alfresco areas are encouraged to contact the City’s Environmental Health Team on 1300 MY FREO (1300 693 736) for advice and support.

For example Chalkys cafe, which I frequent often, could put tables east of their present alfresco area, or move them around the corner in Little High Street. When Premier Mark McGowan announces that more people will be allowed into the hospitality premises it is good to know they can expand and that Freo City will be supporting them!

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Although it sometimes feels as if life is standing still because of Covid-19 there is still development going on in the Fremantle CBD.

I took this photo of the tavern and boutique hotel development between the Warders Cottages and the Fremantle Markets. Less than 200 metres from there the National Hotel will develop the former police and justice complex into a hospitality venue.

Just north of that the Walyalup Civic Centre development at Kings Square is in the finishing stages, and a bit further north from there the former Spotlight building at Adelaide Street is almost demolished and the Yolk Property group tells me they will get into construction of the eight-storey residential Little Lane development soon after that.

Life is never perfect and often a huge challenge, but we are very lucky to live in beautiful Freo!

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