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Customers of the Port City Roasters in South Fremantle can expect some potent strong coffee in the next few weeks.

The company roasted just a little bit too much this morning and set the chimney on fire. No major damage was done and it was trading as usual on the corner of South Terrace and Little Lefroy Road.

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International and interstate tourism visits to Western Australia  are down and so are the retail figures. Forecast about the latter is that these figures will come down even further

Fremantle is in a transition period with significant new development in the CBD and that also has a negative impact on some traders, so what can we as a community do to help?

Shopping and buying local is a must and so is going to local cafes, restaurants and bars. There are plenty of places that must be unknown to you, so make an effort to discover a new cafe every week.

Support Freo and our businesses on social media. Share positive posts on Facebook and Twitter, post lovely photos of Fremantle on Instagram, Snapchat, etc. Whatever you do, don’t talk our city down!

I made the effort over some years to write 32 reviews about Fremantle businesses and attractions for TripAdvisor and last month 14,759 people read one or more of my reviews, so hopefully that will entice some people to visit Freo and the businesses I wrote about.

It does not take a lot of effort to say good things about Fremantle when one has an open mind and that message needs to get out more and more.

Some of our traders will be struggling for the next couple of years while the Kings Square project is developed, and there is more development due soon that will greatly rejuvenate and reactivate our inner city, but there is no gain without pain, so we all need to do our best to help the traders pull through.

Here are some statistics about social media use from Social Media Perth:

84% of Australians access the internet daily

56% of Australians will access the internet more than 5 times per day

79% of the Australian population use mobile phones

67% of smartphone owners in Australia will access the internet 5+ times per day

16 million Australians are active on social media

68% use mobile apps to access social networking platforms

36% of webpages in Australia are served to mobile phones, the global average is 50%

Use of social media by business has dropped to 60% in Australia

24% of consumers in Australia follow a brand or businesses on social

60% of Australians have bought something online in the past month

Australian e-commerce consumers spend an annual average of US$815

Support the city we love and smile!

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The Beatles at Fremantle Oval. I’d like to see that!

It’s on this Friday at the South Fremantle Football Club where the Fab Four will no doubt entertain the crowd with all the old hits.

Tickets at the door at $ 25.00 or pre-sell for $ 20.00.


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Fremantle’s Silverleaf Investments have applied for building approval for the former Henderson Street Police and Justice complex and Warders Cottages which they bought last year.

The plans will go before the City of Fremantle’s Planning Committee this coming Wednesday at 6pm.

The proposal is for a five-storey hotel, tavern, restaurant, shops and offices development.

The decision making authority is the WA Joined Development Assessment Panel-JDAP.

I was under the impression that the planning scheme only allows for four storey in that historically very significant precinct just a stone’s throw for the World Heritage listed Fremantle Prison, but the Officer’s Recommendation is for approval.

If the additional fifth storey is discretionary height is should be refused because the hotel building is bland and shows no connection to the heritage surroundings.

There are concerns in the report about the neighbouring Drillhall, which will be opened by Sunset Events as a full-time live music venue in November this year, so the recommendation is for 10mm thick glass in the hotel windows. Consultants for the Drillhall believe they glass should be even thicker to keep the concert noise out of the hotel rooms.

Check out the architect impressions on the City of Fremantle website. They are in the separate agenda attachments, but my Acrobat Reader is playing up this morning so I can’t copy any images to show you here. Sorry! ; >(


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The City of Fremantle, Sirona Capital and Probuild held an information sessions for CBD traders about the Kings Square Project on the balcony of the Federal Hotel yesterday evening.

The big news was the closure of Newman Court for safety reasons because the two building sites-Civic Centre and Queensgate/Myer are expanding and getting too close together to allow safe pedestrian passage between them.

That’s commons sense, but it will no doubt affect the few traders left in the Fremantle Mall. New signage will be placed around Kings Square to try to encourage pedestrians to keep using Fremantle Mall as a thoroughfare.

There will also be new parking signs installed and the naming of carparks and that is important with the imminent closure of the Queensgate carpark and the opening of the new Stan Reilly carpark by the end of March.

Some traders were talking compensation for loss of trade, but not many came up with new ideas about what they themselves could do to attract business from the hundreds of construction and demolition workers and that is disappointing.

They really need to reach out in new, creative and different ways to potential customers and accept that for the next two years it won’t be business as usual.

This is an exciting, but challenging, time of transition for Fremantle that will soon see our city prosper again with so much development on the way and much more in the pipeline and soon to start.

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The Under The Bridge Food Trucks are at the Fremantle East Street jetty from 5.30pm today, so make sure to go and enjoy this very popular community event.

It is great to sit at the Swan river, watch the dolphins(if you are lucky) and stunning sunsets behind the huge port cranes.

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A comment to this blog accused me of receiving kick-backs from the MATCH Group because I published a post yesterday about their new development in South Fremantle.

I have previously also reported on Match’s Heirloom and Energy Museum developments, as I have reported the development plans of Silverleaf Investments, Sirona Capital and others.

Fact is that I try to report on anything that happens in Fremantle, be that development, the opening of new shops, bars, cafes, art exhibitions, events and concerts, etc. that are happening. If I know about it I will report it. It’s as simple as that.

I do the same on Facebook and Trip Advisor and try to support local traders, but I have never asked for, expected, or received payment from businesses I have reported about.

I do not get free coffees or meals in cafes, free tickets to events, or brown paper bags filled with cash from developers.

My own integrity and the integrity of this blog is extremely important to me, that’s why you don’t see advertising on Freo’s View, although God knows how much I could do with some additional income above the meagre $ 730 a fortnight old age pension I receive.

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Some people will say that the Fremantle CBD needs new cafes like a hole in the head, but here the announcement of yet another caffeine provider to open on Monday.

COS BABY will open on the corner of Pakenham and Bannister streets and also has a parklet, which makes it the fourth parklet in Pakenham Street.

It looks nice and uncluttered inside, so check it out when you walk by.

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The FPOL-Finance, Policy, Operations and Legislation Committee of the City of Fremantle met in North Fremantle last evening.

The Dog Exercise and Prohibited Area Policy item on the agenda attracted many speakers who walk their dog in Frederick Samson Park and who were not at all happy with the proposed restrictions, with one of them saying that council was barking up the wrong tree.

Councillor Rachel Pemberton, who has a very cute little dog herself, said that maybe the policy was heavy handed. There are Bush Forever sites that allow dogs on a leash and we need more clarity on how we handle the bush and how we handle the walkers, with or without a dog, she said.

It was decided that a site visit by some Councilors and workshopping was needed before the Elected Members could make a proper decision, and the item was deferred.

The lease of the Evan Davies building upper level above the Dome cafe for bar and restaurant will have to be confirmed by full council. Mayor Brad Pettitt said he had expected a more cultural kind of outcome, but was assured by Director Tom Griffiths that live music events were planned.

The request for special parking permits for residents of the Warders Cottages is also still unresolved with Councillors being worried about setting a precedent for future residential development which does not supply parking, so officers will need to consider all the implications first.

The idea is that residents could be offered a yearly parking permit for CoF carparks at 50% discount.

It is probably prudent to check how much commercial carparks like Queensgate are charging annually for long-term parking, and also to consider if small business owners in Fremantle should also be offered the same courtesy, because quite a few of them park their car all day while they are attending their shop.

It is disturbing to hear from one Warders Cottage resident, who contacted me, that the State Heritage Office in a letter to prospective buyers of the cottages had suggested that the City of Fremantle might supply them with parking permits,

Just before the FPOL meeting was the Library Committee meeting, so interesting to hear that the Toy Library has now been made available to Cockburn and Melville residents as well.

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I wonder what rules apply to making agenda items of the City of Fremantle ‘confidential’.

On Wednesday at the FPOL Committee there are two agenda items that deal with the lease of CoF properties. The one about the lease of the Evan Davies buildings is all out in the open and for the public to read, but the one about the lease of Victoria Hall is considered confidential and not open to the public.

We know the Fly by Night club has been struggling in Victoria Hall, so if this is about yet another bail-out Fremantle residents and ratepayers should know about it.

Commercial confidentially can’t be a reason as the lease of the former KULCHA space would also come under that consideration.

It appears that different rules apply at Fremantle Council and that is not good.

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