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Bradley Woods, the CEO of the Australian Hotel Association has a whinge about Bed&Breakfasts and the unfairness of it all in the West Australian today.

There is no doubt that some regulation needs to be in place for B&Bs, which are already required to have a registration here in Fremantle, but B&Bs are here to stay no matter how much the AHA is against them.

The reality the AHA will have to deal with is that hotels are expensive for families and large groups, in comparison to B&Bs, so what is the AHA going to do about that?

Hotels are also not very family and children friendly, so when are we going to see secure playgrounds and play spaces in hotels? Maybe new hotels could even include community kitchens so that families don’t have to go and eat out three times a day, which is very costly and prohibitive for many. It is one of the reasons people book a B&B, where they can do most of the cooking in house, and the kids might even have a garden they can play in.

While serviced apartments, such as Quest in Pakenham Street at least have a kitchen where one can prepare a meal or two, they still lack facilities for children and families.

I hope some of the new planned hotels in Fremantle will make an effort to cater better for families, to combat the trend toward B&Bs and away from hotel accommodation.


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One of only two agenda items for the Strategic Planning and Transport Committee on Wednesday will be the community consultation paper put out by the WA Planning Commission-WAPC about noise in entertainment areas such as Northbridge, and the question if Fremantle Council should consider asking the WAPC to include the Fremantle CBD in the trial.

Medium and high density urban infill has seen a rise in complaints in recent years from residents who are not happy with the noise from entertainment venues and transport, but the entertainment industry believes it is not fair that the onus should only be on them and that it should be shared with developers of new residential buildings, which should be required to put better noise insulation measures, such as double glazing and thicker glass in their developments.

I remember many years ago that when the new apartments opposite Clancy’s were built that it only took one week before the first complaint was made about live music there, although the tavern had been having regular live concerts for many many years.

In Fremantle where we are going to see a glut of new residential apartments and hotel rooms, combined with new taverns and bars, it is essential to also protect the livelihood of the hospitality industry and demand new buildings that have better noise protection for their users.

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The purpose of this report is to present to Council the City of Fremantle Destination Marketing Strategic Plan 2019 – 2020 and seek the adoption of the plan and associated 2018/19 Annual Implementation Plan. The Strategy has been developed by the Destination Marketing Working Group (DMWG) in line with the DMWG Terms of Reference (TOR). This report recommends that Council adopt the strategic plan and the annual implementation plan.

When the FPOL Committee of Fremantle Council on Wednesday deals with the agenda item above the public will be none the wiser about what the new Fremantle Destination Marketing strategy will be, since council has made the report confidential. Why?!

The City of Fremantle established a committee of marketing experts to advise council on what the destination marketing priorities and ideas should be, but the community and ratepayers are not to know the outcome of those deliberations? Why not? What can possibly be secret about this process that should be open and transparent. After all, it is paid for by Fremantle traders, who pay an additional deferential rate, that was supposed to be for BID, but Council abandoned that.

So please, Fremantle Council, make the Destination Marketing attachments of the FPOL meeting available to the public.

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There is an application for a liquor license on the former Kulcha building on Fremantle’s Cappuccino Strip, so it looks like the new lessees will soon start with their restaurant and live music venue above the Dome cafe in the gorgeous building.

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I always feel like a tourist in my own town when I walk along Bathers Beach and the Fishing Boat Harbour. Once the sun is out people love to sit under the Norfolk Island pine trees and umbrellas at the Bathers Beach House and Sweetlips and watch the Indian Ocean.

When it gets a wee bit warmer the sun lounges straight on the little beach are very popular as well.

Explore Freo! The gorgeous city has got so much to offer and so many hidden treasures to discover, even for those of us who have lived here for a long time.

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This is not an advertorial! This blog is a free community service.



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Very good news for Fremantle inner city traders and motorists! The reopening of Queensgate car park is on track for later this month.

Up to 500 bays will be available with some further work required until the entire carpark is reopened.

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Market Bar


The Fremantle Market Bar is back! But it is not at the markets but in Essex Lane opposite the Luna on SX cinema.

I really like the cosy bar and undercover alfresco area, and it will be great for functions and parties as well, so go and support a new local business.

In the beginning they just open Thursdays to Sundays but that might change once it becomes more known and popular.

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Brilliant idea!

Fremantle will become strawberry central this Sunday in a show of support for WA strawberry growers.

25,000 punnets of local strawberries will be delivered to restaurants and cafes along the Cappuccino Strip, who will be encouraged to create strawberry-inspired dishes and give away strawberries to customers.

Fremantle-based strawberry distributor John Da Silva said Strawberry Sunday was a way for people to show their support for local growers affected by the strawberry contamination scare.

“We’ve got 20 tonnes of strawberries that have been donated from local growers to make this event happen,” Mr Da Silva said.

“Getting lots of people down to Freo on Sunday to enjoy our beautiful WA strawberries would be a fantastic demonstration of confidence in our local industry and a real boost for the growers who are doing it tough at the moment.”

Mayor Brad Pettitt said the City of Fremantle was happy to support Strawberry Sunday.

“Fremantle is famous for its fabulous restaurants and cafes, and I’m sure they’ll be able to come up with some amazing new recipes using fresh WA strawberries,” Mayor Pettitt said.

“Everyone is welcome to come down to Freo for Strawberry Sunday to show the world that WA strawberries are not only safe to eat, they’re also absolutely delicious!”

The City is also planning a range of family-friendly activities, including face painting, live music and more.

Strawberry Sunday is on this Sunday from 12 noon until 3pm.

For more information visit Strawberry Sunday on the What’s On page on the City of Fremantle website.


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A new family friendly concept for foodies will open at Fremantle’s Beach Street next to The Mantle. Sunshine Harvester Works will have a brewery/distillery run by anchor tenant Union Brewery, a cafe, fresh produce market stalls, a butcher, greengrocer, florist, etc.

Celebrity chef Iain Lawless is involved in the exciting project that will add to the revitalisation of Fremantle’s east end.

There will be 800 sqm of pop-up and stall-based offerings for foodies and families.

It sounds great, so I can’t wait to see it!

It is so good to see so many new projects happening in Freo and this one is just around the corner from the recently opened LIV apartments and Heirloom.

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The hospitality grapevine in Fremantle is abuzz today with the yet unconfirmed rumours that Silverleaf Investments has bought the Newport Hotel on the Cappuccino Strip.

The Newport back entrance comes out onto Paddy Troy Lane and is adjacent to the Manning Building, which Silverleaf will be developing into a tavern, micro brewery, retail, etc., so it makes sense for the company to try to control that rundown part of town and improve it.

Sad news to hear that the Miss Chats bar in historic High Street has closed. It appeared to be doing well, so it’s a shame a small bar in the West End has disappeared.

But work has already started on the Republic of Fremantle tavern and gin distillery just up the road at Pakenham Street, so that will help activate the area during the evenings. It is due to open late this year.

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