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Sea Princess


The Sea Princess, the first cruiseliner of the summer season, arrived in Fremantle at 5.30am this morning on an overcast day, with 1,800 passengers on board. She will depart at 11pm this evening.

Princess Cruises announced earlier this year that it has 141-day deployment in Fremantle this season with a total of 29 cruise ships carrying 64,000 passengers.

The cruise industry contributes $ 276 million to the Western Australian economy.

Welcome to Freo Sea Princess passengers and crew!

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Fremantle’s Rottnest Express ferry service has taken a massive $ 26.7 million dive since Sealink also started a ferry service to the Quokka island 15 months ago.

Financial results published by Journey Beyond, which purchase Rottnest Express in 2016 states that competitor business impacted on the performance of Rottnest Express.

From my own observations it has been very busy at the Victoria Quay B Shed ferry terminal, but Sealink initially struggled to gain ground.

Competition has shown to be good though for passengers as there are more specials on offer since the second ferry service was established.

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The cruiseliner Amsterdam was in Fremantle Port for a day, so we had many of her passengers visiting the Roundhouse yesterday. They were mainly American and Canadian, but there were a few Dutchies and Germans as well, so really nice to have a long chat with some of them.

The overall feedback was that they all love Fremantle and many want to come back to stay longer, and they talk about how friendly we are in Freo and how amazing the weather and the blue sky is.

The Amsterdam departed at 5.15 pm on Thursday on her way to Bali, so bon voyage and come back soon!

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Visitors’ numbers to Rottnest Island are increasing, with last year being a record with nearly 665,000 visitors.

December and January saw a 16 per cent increase compared to the previous year and I have no doubt that is due to ferry competition and reduced ticket prices to go to Rotto.

Since Sealink became a Rottnest ferry operator the Rottnest Express have slashed their prices and now run hourly morning ferries to the holiday island. Sealink offers free children fares, so that is all good for those who complained in the past that ferry fares were ridiculously high.

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It is a very busy day at Fremantle Port this Friday with ten vessels at berth.

At Victoria Quay there are three cruise liners, the delayed Regatta that was supposed to sail out last evening, the Astor, and the Silver Shadow, which arrived just after 1 pm.

There is also a RoRo vessel and two supply ships at Victoria Quay.

At North Quay there are three container ships and one scrap metal vessel.

Lots of pleasure boats also passing through the port plus the Rottnest Island ferries.

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port 2

port 1


There is something invigorating for me to watch the buzz at the B Shed Rottnest Island ferry terminal in Fremantle port early in the morning.

People are excited and the cafe is pumping out hundreds of cups of good coffee, while commercial ships enter or leave the port.

It was kind off reassuring to see that I am not the only one who has aged in the last eight years, but that my former Sri Lankan lover Indira’s stunningly beautiful face now also has a few wrinkles. She was on her way to Rotto.

(We oldies keep telling everyone it’s the youthful attitude that counts, not the years we have been battling to survive on this planet. ; >)

The cafes and shops are open, the beaches clean and the weather a pleasant 27 degrees, so enjoy Freo today and support our local traders!!

….. and for the couch potatoes and sports fanatics there is the Boxing Day cricket test match and the Sydney to Hobart sailing spectacle on TV. I love those traditions.


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Rottnest Express


Having early morning coffee at the B Shed ferry terminal on Fremantle’s Victoria Quay is like being on holiday.

There is a real buzz around when people arrive on foot or on their bike and queue up to get on board one of the ferries to Rottnest Island.

It will be interesting to observe how long it will take new operator Sealink to grab a good share of the ferry market, because the Rottnest Express brand is clearly very strong.

I have on several occasions observed that the early Sealink ferry departs with only a handful of passengers, while the Rottnest Express one half an hour later gets many more people on board.

I hear that prices for the trip to Rotto have come down considerably and that Rottnest Express is now departing hourly from Freo in the mornings.

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FREO’S VIEW readers can’t question the dedication of this decrepit old blogger. Who else would get up at 5.30am to photograph the arrival in Fremantle of a cruiseliner on this very chilly early morning.

The Ovation of the Seas, the world’s fifth largest cruise ship,  passed between the North and South moles of Fremantle Port at 6.45am this morning, carrying some 4,000 passengers. She will be leaving at 5pm this afternoon.

The cruise ship industry is worth millions of dollars to the Fremantle economy each year, so say G’Day when you see our visitors on the streets of Freo today.

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The announcement by Australia’s largest cruiseship company Carnival Cruises that it no longer will use Fremantle Port as a home port for their cruises is a disaster for Fremantle and will come at a high cost to the local economy.

No P&O superliners will be based in Fremantle any more and that means that the number of cruises out of Fremantle will go down from 60 cruises during the 2016/17 season to only 17 during the 2018/19 season.

This will no doubt have a negative impact on retailers and the hospitality industry in Fremantle and that is hugely disappointing.

Carnival Cruises say that issues with WA Ports such as Geraldton, Broome and Exmouth are to blame and new WA Tourism Minister Paula Papalia says that outdated facilities at the Fremantle Passenger Terminal are also responsible for the pull out.

Passengers arriving or boarding in Fremantle have to pull their luggage for miles on either side of the railway line, rain or shine, to and from the railway station or inner city accommodation.

Now before anyone starts bleating and blame Fremantle Council for this, it has nothing to do with them but with State Governments of the past not being pro-active enough to relocate the passenger terminal closer to B Shed and the railway station.

Fremantle Council has suggested improvements for many years and does have significant plans for development of Victoria Quay with their South Quay Project, but it needs to be supported by the WA government and Fremantle Port, and that has not been forthcoming.

Mayor Brad Pettitt said: “It would be a serious blow to Fremantle retailers if we were to see a decline in the number of cruise ships coming to Fremantle. They play an important role in bringing more tourists not only to Fremantle but the whole of Perth.

While I understand a lot of the concerns are facilities in Broome, Geraldton and Exmouth, there is also a legitimate concern as to the experience passengers have when they arrive in Fremantle. Arriving in the middle of giant car park and a sea of cars is hardly inviting and I know many of us cringe when we see often elderly people pulling suitcases in the hot sun towards the Fremantle CBD.

But as they say where there is a crisis there is an opportunity. This will hopefully see a stronger focus on improvements to South Quay. The new ALP State Government have pleasingly made this one of their election commitments and I am looking forward to bring this to reality as soon as possible.”

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The Be. serviced apartments in Fremantle Challenger Harbour are adding more units to the tourist accommodation, so just what Freo needs to attract more visitors and enable them to stay overnight instead of having to commute to Perth.

All the older apartments at Be. have been refurbished recently and are considered to be four and a half star quality accommodation.

They have great views to Bathers Bay and historic Arthur Head or the Fishing Boat Harbour, so keep them in mind when friends are coming over to visit WA.

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This is a community service, not a paid advertorial! 


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