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The demolition of the City of Fremantle’s old administration building in Kings Square is now complete, as the photo above shows, with 95 per cent of the building’s materials recovered for recycling.

A total of 6443 tonnes of material was removed from the site, including 5841 tonnes of bricks and concrete, 294 tonnes of steel and 83 tonnes of general waste.

The bricks and concrete from the old building will be crushed and recycled as road base or drainage materials, while the steel will be recycled and used in the manufacture of new steel products.

The demolition of the old administration building was carried out by experienced demolition contractor Delta Pty Ltd.

While the bulk of the project was carried out using heavy machinery, sections of the building connected to the historic Fremantle Town Hall were taken down by hand.

Scaffolding was erected to protect the Town Hall during demolition and noise, dust and vibration monitoring was conducted throughout the demolition process.

The project also included the removal of 224 tonnes of asbestos. Strict environmental management controls, including airborne control sampling, were in place during the asbestos removal.

The new building, designed by the world-renowned Kerry Hill Architects, is a key component of the broader $270 million Kings Square Renewal project – a joint initiative between the City and Sirona Capital.

Last month Pindan Constructions was selected as the City’s preferred contractor for the project, with the awarding of the contract now subject to final negotiations.

If those negotiations are successfully concluded construction is expected to start early next year.

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A few news snippets from the City of Fremantle:

  • Fremantle ratepayers will fork out $ 1,013,086 for the roll out of the new third bin FOGO recycling next year.
  • ENKEL will finally receive the keys for the former Naval Stores at Cantonment Hill, after a very lengthy delay, so it will be interesting to watch if they will manage to activate the area considerably.
  • The height of the balustrade of the beautiful Fremantle Townhall balcony needs to be raised as the current height is no longer to Australian standards.
  • Unless there is strong demand from the Fremantle community there will not be live streaming of Council and Council committee meetings in the new civic centre. I just hope they’ll improve the sound system in the chamber.
  • Council approved the transfer of ownership for the Spicer site from Sirona Capital to Forrest Family Investments.
  • Two hour parking restrictions on the east side of Marine Terrace and the west of Mews Road will be implemented on weekdays from 8am to 5pm.
  • Four hour time restrictions will apply at the South Beach car park north of the kiosk.
  • A $ 3.50 per day parking fee will apply on the west side of Marine Terrace and the east side of Mews Road.

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coffee planet


There will be a lot of wastage over the Christmas period and most of it will end up in landfill, so do the right thing for planet earth and buy some keep cups as presents for your friends and family members.

Millions of non-recycable take-away containers are dumped each year and we all can make the very small effort of reducing our own waste by reducing the use of take-away coffee cups.

At Chalkys cafe in Fremantle West End you’ll even get a free coffee when you buy a keep cup! It’s the last cafe in High Street, close to the historic Roundhouse.

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timber building


The WEST AUSTRALIAN reports in its property section today about exciting plans by the Yolk Property Group to build a six-storey commercial timber building in Fremantle on the corner of Josehpson and High Street, just opposite from historic Victoria Hall.

If approved by Fremantle Council the building would use photovoltaic and renewable power battery storage systems and an operable facade to allow cool air into the building and release warm air from it. There would also be grey and storm water collection, and a recycling system for shower and handbasin water to be used to reticulate the green facade.

The ground-level would be built using concrete but the levels above that would use mass timber and cross-laminated timber.

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Garage Sale


Australia’s biggest ever weekend of treasure hunting will come to Freo when the City of Fremantle and Town of East Fremantle host a massive Garage Sale Trail this  Saturday.

The Fremantle event at the City of Fremantle’s recycling centre on Montreal Street will have 30 stallholders selling goods ranging from kitchen items and furniture to pot plants, vinyl records and second-hand clothes.

It’s the first time in Garage Sale Trail history that two councils have pulled together to host a sale.

The Garage Sale Trail will see more than 400,000 people rummaging through over 2 million items for sale at around 15,000 garage sales across the country.

There will also be the Eat No Evil food truck, a coffee van, Buster It’s All About Play and expert advice from our Parks and Landscape team on creating your own verge garden.

Garage Sale Trail is a run by Australian not-for-profit social enterprise Garage Sale Trail Foundation in partnership with over 140 councils around the country.
Garage Sale Trail seeks to educate Australians on the importance of reuse, and the need to take individual responsibility for the waste we generate, while also building stronger, more connected and more resilient communities

The City of Fremantle’s Garage Sale Trail event is on Saturday October 20 from 8am – 2pm.
For more information visit the City’s page on the Garage Sale Trail website.




FOGO bins


The City of Fremantle will have an information stall about the FOGO three-bin rubbish collection at the GROWERS GREEN FARMERS MARKET this Sunday.

The markets at Fremantle College on Lefroy Road will be open from 8am till midday, so check out the FOGO system while you do your fruit&vegies, bread, eggs, etc. shopping.

Of course great breakfasts and coffees available as well as take away food for lunch and dinner.

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Three bins CoF


The City of Fremantle is moving towards the introduction of a new three bin system for household waste and recycling.

If introduced the new three bin system will include:

Weekly collection of a new 240 litre FOGO bin (with a lime green lid)

Fortnightly collection of the existing 240 litre co-mingled recycling bin (yellow lid)

Fortnightly collection of a new 140 litre general waste bin (red lid)

The City of Fremantle is part of the larger Southern Metropolitan Regional Council (SMRC), where local governments in southern Perth work together to provide waste and recycling services for our residents.

Since 2016 CoF have been working closely with the other member councils to assess the merits of the three bin system, including a trial with 7000 homes in the City of Melville.

The results from the trial so far have been better than expected, with the bins being used correctly and less contamination of the FOGO bins than anticipated.

Subject to final approval, the three bin system will be introduced to more than 13,000 residential households in Fremantle in July and August next year.

The roll-out will include high-profile education program to let people know what to put in each bin and how the system will work.

Because of issues with access and space the roll-out will not include high-density areas like the city centre and some town houses, commercial properties or residential complexes with more than four units, although this will be subject to review over time.

The new system will mean the City will need to carry out an additional 400,000 bin lifts per year.

The capital cost of setting up the system – including purchasing the new bins – will be around $1.2 million, while additional ongoing operational costs will be between $250,000 and $350,000 per year.


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There is not much news to report in good old Freo as Council is only returning to meetings from next Wednesday on, so here a few recycled arty photos I have taken over the years.

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There have been comments about the fact that the photos appear to show that there is not much recycling going on at the Stan Reilly demolition, but that is not the case.

This from the City of Fremantle: We’ve received a few comments on the Stan Reilly demolition regarding whether or not the materials are being recycled.

For the record, around about 98 per cent of the demolition materials will be recycled.

Metals like steel, aluminium and copper were stripped out prior to demolition starting, with colourbond gates and fence panels, aluminium screens and roof vents sent to St Pats for reuse and the rest to be sold off as second hand materials.

Once the demolition is complete the rubble will be sorted into other streams, with steel and timber separated out for further processing and recycling, roof tiles will be taken for crushing and concrete floors, paving and asphalt will be crushed and blended for recycling as road base.

All above ground vegetation will be lopped and tree stumps will be ground out and recycled as mulch.

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The local council election is over and Fremantle Mayor Brad Pettitt is very much into recycling and looking after the environment, so it is no surprise that this election poster was recycled and the back of it used to indicate the Fremantle Festival bar at Kings Square.

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