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BRILLIANT art show. Oct 19


The Fremantle Arts Assemblage is holding another exhibition at the Fremantle Moores Gallery in Henry Street from October 19 to November 4, so make sure to go and have a look at it.

One of my favourite print makers Junko Kitamura is in the show, and so are Sharyn Egan, Alan Muller, Simon Gilby, Rebecca Dagnall, David Spencer, Fiona Gavino, Mark Welsh, Alessandra Rossi, and many others.

The them of the show is Undercurrent.

The show opens this Friday at 6pm with live music by the Brilliant Brothers and The Flukes.

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The beautiful mural artwork at 1 Stevens Street can stay at does not have to been removed, after the FPOL committee of Fremantle Council on Wednesday evening unanimously passed the officer’s recommendation of leaving the art in situ.

A local resident had complained to the City of Fremantle that the gorgeous mural of native birds is an eyesore, but the elected members did not agree with that. There was not even debate about it!

Great outcome for Freo, the city of arts and artists!!! Good taste prevailed.

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It’s a neo-soul double act this Sunday October 7.  Local festival favourites Demon Days (WA) and Your Girl Pho (WA) join forces to open the Sunday Music season at the Fremantle Arts Centre with two unique and energetic genre-melding sets.

Sunday Music is FAC’s free weekly live music program. Enjoy the best local and touring bands every weekend in the beautiful setting of FAC’s Front Garden. Bring a rug and picnic to this family friendly event, or enjoy wood fired pizzas and drinks from our bar. Some chairs provided.

Sunday Music is sponsored by Bendigo Bank – Fremantle Community Bank Branch. 2018-19 marks ten years of their tremendous support. Sunday Music runs every week from October to March.

For more information, click here –




The Fremantle Arts Centre Sunday Music courtyard concerts start again this coming Sunday October 7.

It starts with a double act of neo-soul by Demon Days and Your Girl Pho this Sunday.

The free concerts are on every Sunday during the summer season from 2-4pm. The bar, pizza bar and cafe are all open, as are the exhibitions.

Come sit under the trees for a very cosy afternoon with your Freo friends and community!

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I had no idea how big and impressive the new WA Museum at the Perth cultural centre was going to be until I saw the building site yesterday.

Museums, cultural centres and state galleries are such important places to tell our stories, so I hope he WA State Government will in the near future also make an investment in Fremantle and build a migrant museum on Victoria Quay and an Aboriginal Cultural Centre as well.

Fremantle Ports is creating two new websites, one for normal port business and the other specifically for Victoria Quay, so it looks like they might go ahead with development there after all, and connect the port better with Kings Square.



While in Perth, during one of my very rare visits to the big smoke, I also noticed the SKS Group building the Hilton Doubletree hotel at Elizabeth Quay, so now hoping they will prioritise the Fremantle one at Princess May Park as well.

And isn’t it nice to see that there are actually architects who design nicely curved and round buildings, instead of the boring and predictable rectangular ones. Yes, these buildings are too high for Freo, but I’d love to see some rounded corners at new developments.

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The last summer Fremantle Festival starts in a month as it will become a winter festival from next year.

10 NIGHTS IN PORT will run from  12-21 July 2019  when the Fremantle Festival returns to a ten-day immersive experience of wild art and hidden treasures in 2019.

Presenting works across contemporary music, theatre, visual arts, film and live performance, the program is designed to encourage discovery and celebration. Informed by a sense of place and the undeniable uniqueness of our port city. Full 2019 program will be announced April 2019.

This year’s festival starts on Friday October 26 with the Wardarnji Aboriginal Festival at the Fremantle Arts Centre, followed on Sunday with the Blessing of the Fleet procession through the inner city to the Fishing Boat Harbour.

On Saturday November 2 Bathers Beach will be set alight when Kraken lights up a big Black Swan and when Karla-k Koorling lights many fires to connect the people of Fremantle, each fire hosting a dance, songs, puppetry, performance or spoken word.

Stay tuned for more info closer to the festival!

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The event below is only going to happen at the end of November, but since it is a fundraiser for the Fremantle Roundhouse, WA’s oldest public building, I want to make you all aware of it now, so that you can book your tickets @ $ 30.00 from early.

Check out the Facebook page for details!

2018 is the 200th anniversary of Frankenstein and the birth of science fiction!

Come celebrate an important date in modern writing and global pop culture. Please join arts-music performers Genrefonix at the momentous Fremantle Roundhouse for a live multimedia show that will reanimate one of WA’s most historic sites. We’ll unearth amazing connections between this ‘panopticon’ style ex-prison and Mary Shelley’s gothic masterpiece, and have a rockin’ good time while we are at it! Come celebrate the amazing and forgotten heritage of WA’s most significant colonial landmark.

Frankenstone will begin in the relative serenity and abundant hospitality of the Old Custom’s House Atrium at 8 Phillimore Street (Fremantle), before leading audiences upward to the momentous Roundhouse to witness it’s many secrets unleashed through music and film.

Roundhouse architect and man of mystery Henry Reveley (1788-1875) is cast as key protagonist in a gothic tale so wild that only WA’s most infamous building could contain in it. Henry’s lifelong bonds with Mary, both emotional and intellectual, are exposed through a theatrical retelling and reimagining of the recorded facts, revealing a contorted sketch of a dark, talented genius mired in pathos and hellbent on reanimating the past.

Featuring a mix of new Frankenstein film sequences shot in the Roundhouse and rockin’ live music/sound effects Frankenstone will unchain the past. Pivotal historic bonds with Mary will be revealed, and their dramatic consequences rendered bare against stark walls of limestone.

The show is 45mins long, with audiences most welcome to enjoy the hospitality of Old Customs House before and after the show.

All proceeds from Frankenstone will go to the Fremantle Roundhouse to assist with upgrading event facilities, allowing the venue to live again for the people of WA.



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The annual Fremantle Print Award is on again at the Fremantle Arts Centre and well worth a visit. There are some outstanding works there.

The winner was announced on Thursday evening and it is Victorian artist Deanna Hitti for her book TOWLA, which is all about backgammon.

Of course I do have my own favourites and was very impressed with the moody Dexter and Sinister archival pigment print by Eva Fernandez.

I loved the feisty Daughter unique state print, as paste up wall art by Tammy Brennan of NSW. It is a huge print on the wall with a young girl giving us both barrels and exclaiming Girls are not toys.

And yellow art is lately quite connected to Fremantle, so WA’s Hiroshi Kobayashi’s acrylic on canvas Self portrait as yellow bricks made me smile.

Go and have a look!

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More than one hundred people attended a City of Fremantle forum this morning about How we can improve the relationship with the Aboriginal community.

Many Whadjuk Noongar people took part, as did Fremantle precincts representatives, many Councillors and the Mayor, people from support services, WA Police, Chamber of Commerce, Fremantle Prison, Education Department, City of Fremantle staff from a variety of departments, and other interested individuals.

It was pretty full on to get it all done in three hours but I believe it was a very worthwhile exercise that opened up opportunities for better communication, more respect and where the journey of reconciliation has been good and what can be improved.

What are effective ways to improve the relationship between Noongars and Wadjelas, and how can we improve doing it at grassroots level within our own suburbs and streets?

The Noongar people believe that local governments are leading the reconciliation process, and in Fremantle we are building it on an already strong foundation.

What forms of communication between the cultures works best and how can we improve it?

Reconciliation is an important process of understanding and acknowledgment of the past and of Aboriginal history and culture, and all together we are creating the future.

One of my laments is that many hundreds of school students a week do day excursions to Fremantle and visit the Fremantle Prison, Shipwrecks Museum and Maritime Museum, but leave our city without having engaged with Aboriginal history or culture. Only some schools engage the services of Greg Nannup of Indigenous WA to give them a tour about Aboriginal culture, but that is just not enough and the Education Department needs to be aware of the shortcoming.

It was a very positive and relaxed morning and so good to see Aboriginal and Wadjela people chatting and connecting with mutual respect.

Well done, City of Fremantle, now we need to do the next step and implement positive actions!

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High Tide hub


I found it kind of sad to see the lovely High Tide Biennale festival hub being taken apart at Arthur’s Head next to the Roundhouse today.

I really like the construction of the round circle by Harris Architects, that was used for story telling, yoga, concerts, art events,weddings, etc. and  it was also very popular as a playground for primary school students. It juxtaposed really well with the old Roundhouse next to it.

And while we all like to have a whinge sometimes here in Freo, including I, we should also give credit when due, so let me say that it was impressive to see City of Fremantle senior arts officer Corine van Hall lugging around with the heavy wooden pieces, as that is definitely not a part of her job description.

And High Tide Biennale curator Tom Mueller also deserves to be  thanked for physically doing the heavy work all day. Did anyone realise Mueller organised the HT Biennale for the love of art and Freo without getting a cent paid for it?

Well done all and thank you!!

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