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Hidden Treasures


The Fremantle HIDDEN TREASURES WINTER MUSIC FESTIVAL is on again this evening, so head to the historic West End for an evening of good music and fun at the National and Orient hotels, the Navy and Buffalo club, PS Art Space and the Fremantle Tram.

Enjoy the sound of Helen Shanahan, Big Orange, DJ Peter Bell, Thee Loose Hounds, The Shakeys, The Volcanics, Childsaint, Bats, FOAM, Day of The Dead, The Naptunes, Grievous Bodily Calm, Demon Days, Steve Parkin and more…

One $20 ticket grants a night’s entry to all six Hidden Treasures venues but get in early as some venues have limited capacity.

Door sales only.

For more information visit


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The Fremantle KRAKEN Festival is on at Bathers Beach all day this Saturday July 22.

Come enjoy a day of free community activities as the Bathers Beach Art Precinct comes to life for this winter warmer for the whole family.

What’s on at Kraken? 

1 pm – 6 pm  Acoustic music at Bathers Beach boardwalk gazebo

12 pm – 7 pm Fashion and craft markets on Bathers Beach boardwalk

3 pm Welcome to Country by Reverend Sealin Garlett (Bathers Beach Gazebo)

5.30 pm  Effigy burn on the beach at sunset accompanied by fire twirling and drumming

12 pm – 11 pm Food and theme camp activities at J-shed

12 pm – 7 pm Food trucks in front of Kidogo

3 pm – 6 pm Drinks at Kidogo

12 pm – 5.30 pm J Shed, Captain’s Lane and Mrs Trivett’s Lane artists open for business

12 pm – 9 pm Chill theme camps at the Round house

Plus roving entertainment and so much more!


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Aboriginal Flag


It is 46 years ago today that the Aboriginal Flag was flown for the very first time in Adelaide.

The flag designed by Harald Thomas has now become a real national symbol and is flown daily at many buildings, including the Fremantle Roundhouse.

Many of our First Nation people are still struggling, so we need greater awareness and a lot less judgement and racism.

Roel Loopers


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I have been thinking about this for many months, because I am confused, annoyed, flabbergasted and puzzled. I cannot believe that the same Fremantle Council which has done such tremendously good strategic and long-term planning work has messed up Arthur Head so badly.

It is beyond me that the Elected Members have created the Bathers Beach Art Precinct mess and J Shed debacle, when they were so good at future planning Fremantle in other areas.

The new Sunset Events proposal for a 400 patron tavern at J Shed should still be un-approvable because it is inappropriate for the heritage location and A Class Reserve, but why did Fremantle Council let it come this far in the first place,?

Let’s stop blaming Sunset Events, which has every right to pursue with the tavern idea after Fremantle Council signed a 21-year lease with them. Sunset Events at that time had the support of Fremantle Council for a 850 patron tavern and a 1,500 patron outdoor live music venue. Let’s not forget that!

Why that contract was ever signed, after severe public opposition and even a special electors meeting at the Townhall, is anyone’s guess. I believe it was the stubbornness of certain Councillors rather than common sense.

We now have a stalemate where Council and Sunset Events more or less have each other by the balls, so to speak, and no one can make a move without inflicting severe pain.

Council cannot rip up the contract and Sunset Events won’t get the size of venue that will be a financial success for them, but there is a legally-binding contract that neither can get out off.

The Bathers Beach Art Precinct has been a shambles that created a ghost town at night at Captain’s and Mrs Trivett Lane, where homeless people reside, shoot up and defecate.

The artist’s studios have done absolutely nothing to activate the area and attract more people, and the Walyalup Aboriginal Cultural Centre in a tiny old residential cottage was tokenism at its worst and failed dismally as well.

Only the highly professional Glen Cowan underwater photography gallery bravely battles on, but gets little to no support from the neighbouring cottages, that are mainly closed.

But no one at Fremantle Council wants to admit it was a failure and they keep telling the community and affected J Shed artists that it is a work in progress, when the rest of us know that train wrecks have no future, but for the scrap heap.

Council urgently needs to revisit and revise the Bathers Beach Art Precinct concept because it is not working. It also needs to realise that cutting off the connectivity between Victoria Quay and the Fishing Boat Harbour at the proposed J Shed tavern is bad for tourism, and unfair to the J Shed artists.

Everyone makes mistakes, and great people admit to them. It is time for Fremantle Council to show greatness and start from scratch!

And why are there still no signs on the Number One unit at J Shed that Sunset Events has applied for planning and liquor licensing approval?

Roel Loopers


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The delightful PAPER BIRD Children’s Books & Arts shop in Fremantle’s Henry Street is putting up a very special puppet show with mini workshop for children between the age of 3 and 7 years old.

The puppet show will be performed by the Five Elements Theatre.

It is on Monday July 10 from 10 am till 1 pm and ticket door sales are $ 25.00.

The shop is next to the Moores Building arts centre at 42 Henry Street and good coffee and food next door at the Moore&Moore cafe that also shares a nature playground with Paper Bird.

Roel Loopers



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Hidden Treasures


The very Freo HIDDEN TREASURE WINTER MUSIC FESTIVAL is on again in the historic and beautiful West End every Thursday evening in July.

It starts this Thursday so check out the performing bands on the Facebook page and

It is an absolute bargain that for only $ 20,00 one gets access to all six venues, and of course evening parking for Fremantle residents with a permit is free.

It starts at 7.30 pm and is High Street at the Buffalo Club and Navy Club, the National Hotel and Orient Hotel, and just around the corner at the gorgeous PS Art Space in Pakenham Street.

A very special event has been added with music on the Fremantle Tram and a drive out onto the South Mole. Hop on the Tram in High Street!

Suppor our local musicians and hospitality outlets!

Roel Loopers




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It’s the start of the annual NAIDOC Week and the City of Fremantle is hiolding an event from 1 pm this Sunday afternoon in the community centre in Paget Street in Hilton.

All are welcome to enjoy Aboriginal dance, music and food, so take the kids along to connect with our first nation people and learn about their culture!

Roel Loopers



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North Freo winter music festival

The Fremantle Winter Music Festival is on again this year in North Fremantle on Saturday June 17 from 7 pm in different venues.

It is the 11th year the festival is in the lovely North Freo hub and it will present 20 acts.

New Nausea, Black Stone, U-Nites, Demon Days, Catherine Traicos, Billie Rogers and the Country Gentlemen, etc. will be performing at Mojo’s, North Fremantle Bowls Club, Railway Hotel, Swan Lounge and Swan Basement.

Tickets and more info at

Roel Loopers



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Spare Parts


WA Culture and the Arts Minister David Templeman has announced a $ 400,000 upgrade of the Fremantle Spare Parts Puppet Theatre at Pioneer Park.

The upgrade is only exterior with a so-called exo-skeleton being wrapped around the back of the building to strengthen it, but I hear that there might be more extensive plans, which I can not disclose yet.

Spare Parts will temporarily move to the Dolphin Theatre at the University of Western Australia in July and August.

Shaun Tan’s The Arrival will be the first performance at the Dolphin Theatre from July 1-15.

More info and tickets:

Roel Loopers



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There are some interesting new exhibitions at the Fremantle Arts Centre, so don’t forget to visit!

My favourite one is by one of my favourite Freo artists Marcus Beilby. His photorealistic paintings are outstanding and alone worth the trip to the FAC for.

In the main gallery are four huge screens where Claire Robertson shows Far From Here, the remains of the abandoned mining camp her family lived at and the vast WA outback landscape.

Trevor Bly and Patrick Doherty are just One Street From Happiness with their urban art experimental prints.

Hex Nemesi is the first solo show in WA by Jess Johnson, where the gallery is transformed with wallpaper.

WARP left me wondering where the art is when an animated bikini-clad figure shoots herself in the head in different street locations. For me it was just distasteful.

Anyway, as I always say, art is a very personal experience, so what I like others might not and vice versa.

Roel Loopers


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